Jennifer Lyon
Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009
Addiction and A Commercial…

So the Wizard and I were watching TV and some character said everyone has an addiction. Wizard turns to me and asks… “What’s your addiction?”

Umm, hello? Coffee!!!

He laughed, because he knew he was just getting me to admit it. Sneaky wizard! Yes I KNOW I’m addicted to coffee, thank you.

Seriously, are all husbands this helpful?


Anyone else want to confess and addiction?

Okay onto the Commercial Section of the blog!

Today,  the very talent Angie Fox interviewed me for Something Wicked Blog, come by and say howdy!

And here’s a question, are you interested in entering a contest to win a $50.00 gift card?  Here’s the info for that!

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She will be giving away a $50.00 Gift Card! Open to readers worldwide.

RSVP below and get 25 entries to the contest when you show up on the day of the event. If you don’t show up and mention your RSVP AND ask a question, you won’t be entered into the contest.

Check out Jennifer’s website here and get your questions ready for Wednesday.

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Monday, November 2nd, 2009
Monday Mania

cat-makes-evil-plansSee the picture? That’s what I’ve been saying! It’s a lot of work to come up with evil plans!

And now I’m completely slammed with work. Hey…evil plans and books don’t come up with themselves…

And how the neck did November sneak up on me?

Anyway, I might be scarce for a while.

But don’t leave me alone! Please!

For starters, tell me how your weekend was,  I really want to hear!

My weekend was fine.  Halloween night was a light turnout.  The rest of the weekend I was either working or fretting about working!

Okay you’re turn!

Thursday, October 29th, 2009
Costume Party!

My love for witches and dogs appears to be getting out! These trick or treaters are knocking at the door of the Lair. So what do you think? Who gets a treat and who gets a trick?

1) H witch costume dog 22)H witch costume dog 33)H witch costume dog 4

4)H witch costume dog 5

5)H witch costume dog 66)H witch costume dog 87)H witch costume dog 7Who gets the trick and who gets the treats?

I’ll be handing out candy (and obviously doggie treats) this year, probably won’t dress up. What about you all? What are your Halloween plans?

P.S. I guest blogging over at Embrace the Shadows today! Another chance to win a book!

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009
Release Day!

You guys are so incredibly awesome, I just want to say a big THANK YOU! The last year has been wild. Seriously. Huge ups and downs.  And through it all, you guys have kept me smiling. Whatever happens with SOUL MAGIC now, at least I’m hanging out with friends :-)

How I want to share a picture that made me happy dance! Wild Witchlady from Facebook, known as Wildwitchca on Twitter, a bookseller in Canada sent me this pic of Soul Magic as her Staff Pick

Soul  Magic Staff Pick

You can see her review of the book here

Don’t you think that’s worth blowing off work and having appletinis all day? (If my editors read this, I’m just kidding! Really!)

Monday, October 26th, 2009
One More Day!

Soul Magic is out tomorrow!

Over the weekend, a bookseller (wildwitchca) read SOUL MAGIC and commented on TWITTER.  She loved it, but it was quite an experience for me, checking Twitter to  see what she thought as she progressed through the story.  At one point, she said she only had about 90 pages to go when I signed off in the evening.

Did I actually get up in the middle of the night to check and see if she finished?

Almost. I woke up and thought about it, but then I knew that if I did it, I’d never sleep.  If she hated it, I ‘d be crushed. If she loved it, I’d be excited. If there was no comment,  my imagination would go into overdrive!

I waited until morning and was thrilled that she loved it and said she was going to make SOUL MAGIC a Staff Pick in her store.  So cool! I’m Appletini-Happy!

I believe my guest blog is will go up at RR&H Novel Thoughts today if you’d like to hop over. I scheduled these a while ago,  so I’m gong by my calendar.

Still VERY slow in reading–one book this week. SILVER FALLS by Anne Stuart.  I have to say, I found the actions of the heroine uneven and often baffling, BUT the plot caught me. I love the good brother/bad brother dynamics. All in all, it was an interesting read.

Your turn! How was your weekend?

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009
Answers! Winners!

This was fun for me :-)

The correct answers to Tuesday’s questions are:

1) Sutton

2) Axel

3) Axel

4) Sutton

5) Sutton

6) Axel

The winners (assuming I checked answer correctly) are:





The winners can choose a book from my BRAVA backlist written as Jennifer Apodaca. The titles are:

Wicked Women Whodunit Anthology

The Sex on the Beach Book Club

Sun, Sand, Sex Anthology

Extremely Hot.

Winners, email me your choice of book and address at email hidden; JavaScript is required. And if I missed a winner, let me know!

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009
Sutton or Axel?

Just for fun, I’ve posted random lines of dialogue from a random scene of BLOOD MAGIC.  For fun, take a shot at telling who said each line, Axel or Sutton? They are mixed up.

1) “Can you have sex with her and not kill her?”

2) “She won’t know how to remove the curse, I’m so screwed.”

3) “Yes, but she’s in me now.”

4) “We know that sex with more women helps us control the compulsion. Find out if same goes with a witch.”

5) “Is she still alive?”

6) “Felt it. She’s a witch. But does she know she’s a witch.”

I’ll post the answer on Thursday (assuming I remember!)