Jennifer Lyon
Monday, May 11th, 2009
Oddest Book You’ve Read?

worm-readI had insomnia Friday night, so I got up at 1:30 am and figured I’d read.  I picked up MONSTER: The Autobiography of an L.A Gang Member.

Not my usual choice of reading.  Not a book I’d ever buy for myself.  The book was about a Crip Gang Banger, taking us through getting into the gang around 12 and into his 20’s.  I only read the book because one of my (adult) sons read it and wanted me to read it.  It’ s not light reading, often depressing and frustrating.

Surprisingly I am glad I read it. I’ve always read a variety of books. I’ve read FBI profiler books, cop books, and sometimes it’s interesting to get the “other side” point of view.  As a writer, I find it useful. I don’t want a steady diet of this kind of reading though!

What about you guys? What unusual (for you) books have you read?

Friday, May 8th, 2009

Happy Friday! And now, let’s raise our glasses to moms everywhere…

mothersdaysupermomDid you ever think your mom was a Superhero? I sure didn’t while growing up.   I do remember thinking my big brother must be a superhero because he could break boards with his hands and/or feet and was a black belt in karate. Years later, I learned their was  technique to it, LOL!

But I’m off the track.

After I grew up and had my own kids, I started to understand that any woman who survives raising her kids is a superhero!  But my mom–she rocked because she believed in me each and every day of all the long years I struggled to publish. Then I got the call and she was truly over the moon. She told EVERYONE she could find. Unfortunately, she passed away before the book came out, but still, that first time I held my book in my hands–I knew she was there.

So what about you all? Is your mom a superhero to you?

Have a great weekend! Happy Mother’s Day!

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009
Sneaky Witches

Okay, witches, I’ve been looking in my crystal ball and we have trouble!

See these witches?


Now I can’t be sure,  but I think they are up to no good.  I’m thinking that they heard we have invited Hugh “Wolverine” Jackman to a Witch Shindig and are trying to horn in on our action!

What do you think? And what are we going to do about it?

Monday, May 4th, 2009
Pondering Witch

witch-cuteHope you all had a great weekend! Mine wasn’t bad.  But I had time to think…

Sometimes I was even sober… (you all will be so disappointed when you meet me in person and find out how little I really drink!)

It started with the movies. The husband and I went to the movies. We saw Obsession, which I really liked. The critics, evidently, didn’t like it so much. One review I read called it,  “A Lifetime Flick.”  And so I have to ponder…if there are several channels devoted to theses kinds of movies, what does that tell you? That people watch them! Holy Witches, people, get down off your snobby broomsticks and ENJOY it. Stop pining for meaning in movies.

Then there is the  premise of the movie–the totally innocent married man is targeted by this totally hot blond. I mean she is AFTER this guy, and he’s such a stellar dude, he resits. (Of course, I suspend disbelief when watching movies, LOL!)  And I have to ponder: How many men in America thinks there’s a chance this will actually happen to him in real life?  Never mind, I read romance novels and 100% believe that the really hot man is falling in love with the plain girl and will be true to her until death and beyond. So I guess I better not ponder how many men think some young blond babe is going to want them and want them bad!

Let’s ponder something else. I went to buy some jeans. And do you know that for over TWO DECADES I have worn the same size? Which is really interesting since I am NOT the same size. Who does the manufacturers think they are fooling?

And another thing I ponder is why it’s okay to torment people like Kirstie Alley over her weight. Yes I know she was the spokesperson for Jenny Craig, but the level of meaness turns my stomach. It just doesn’t seem like the thing to judge people on.

Hmm, now I’m starting to wonder if I’m spelling “pondering” wrong. Maybe it is spelled, “procrastinating?”

Thursday, April 30th, 2009
Reviews…Is It Just Me?

I’m going to have to spend some time planning some better blogs! But for today, I have a question.

Do you read reviews?

lover-avengedI just went to Amazon to glance at the reviews for JR Ward’s LOVER AVENGED.  A friend and I were talking about the book, and I wanted to see if this one was more character driven than the last one since that’s the type of book I like to read.

Then I remembered that I really don’t like reading reviews before I read the book, so I didn’t really bother looking at them.  I’ll wait for my friend’s verdict!

However…after I read a book, then I often like to go to the online bookstores and read the reviews to see if people agreed with me.  I can spend a half hour looking at reviews then. But I’ve already bought and read the book!

Is that weird?

Has anyone read LOVER AVENGED yet?

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009
How To Tame a Witch

Yesterday was a long day, and there promises to be many more long days as I write this next book, BLIND MAGIC (title not final yet).

So my husband came home from work and said, “You look tired.”

“Yeah well, this book is a mess. I don’t know how I’ll do it.”

He laughed and said, “You always say that.”

“This time I mean it.”

“You mean it every time.”

“I mean it MORE this time. The book is not working. And by the way, I don’t care how dangerous it is,  no one can live in a vacuum. Everyone talks to someone. No one can’t not talk to someone!”

My husband nodded like that sentence actually made sense.  Then you know what he did? He bought me this:


It was delicious!

Monday, April 27th, 2009
Muse Taken Hostage

My weekend was fine….except my book has taken my muse hostage and refuses to negotiate. So I’ve hired this guy…

die-hard…to free my muse so I can finally write this next scene and get the book moving again!  Do you think it’ll work?

How was your weekend?