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Friday, February 27th, 2009
Wanna See Some Magic?

I’ll take this cute baby cowboy…









And turn him into THIS COWBOY!





















So…do approve of my magic?

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 26th, 2009
Dear Jen Lyon

Someone thought it would be a good idea to let that cranky witch, Jen Lyon, answer letters again.  Sigh…

Letter Number One



Dear Lyon,

 Where do you keep all those men whose pictures you post on the blog? Just curious!


Inquiring Libido


Dear Inquiring Libido,

 I have my eye on you! I know what you’re after, but better witches than you have tried to steal my men! Okay, sure, Mel and Silver might have conspired to get me a little tipsy and “borrowed” a couple men while I was sipping an appletini or five, but I got them back…eventually.

 Wait, what was the question?

 Oh, anyway, the men are all kept deep in my Lyon’s Lair where they can’t escape…uh, I mean come to any harm!

 Drat, where is that cowboy with my appletini?

 Roaringly yours,

Jen Lyon

Letter Number Two


flying-monkey-hat Dear Lyon,

 I have a great idea for a book! I’d be willing to split the millions of dollars we’d make on this idea if you write the book. I know we’d make a great team! Let me know when you want to get started!


Lazy A. Dreamer

 Dear Lazy A. Dreamer,

 Thank you so much for your letter. I laughed so hard, I coughed up a hairball. Then I had to brew up a batch of appletinis (shaken, not stirred) just to answer this. So draw up a chair and listen carefully: Unless you are famous or infamous, or you have slept with someone famous or infamous, no one is going to pay you millions in publishing.

Maybe you should catch the next broom stick back to reality. 

Seriously, where is that cowboy with my appletini!

Roaringly yours,

Jen Lyon

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009
Grand Prize Winner

First, I’d like to thank you all for making the Cyber Launch Party for BLOOD MAGIC so much fun! I wish I had a necklace for all of you, but alas, I only have one to give away.  And this was HARD! So I stuck to the plan, and randomly chose a winner from all the comments.

And the winner of …









The Grand Prize Necklace is…




Congratulations Margaret! Please email me your mailing address to

Monday, February 23rd, 2009
One More Day…

 One more day until the official release of BLOOD MAGIC!The book may already be in some stores–these “drop dates” can be a bit flexible.  I just can’t believe it’s here! But the waiting has actually been fun…because of you all! You guys have been a blast! I really hope you all keep hanging around even after the Cyber Launch Party is over.  Which brings me to the next point, tomorrow, February 24th, I draw the Grand Prize!

This is an ENLARGED picture of the necklace:









The actual size is  30 by 46 mm.  You can find out more at Silver Enchantments where I ordered the necklace.  All the comments from the last five weeks and today, will go into the Glittering Purple Hat where the random witch generate will select one winner.



Now, let’s all give a big shout out to our friend, KATE CARLISLE!

Kate’s book HOMICICDE IN HARDCOVER hit #34 the New York Times Times List!

Let’s all raise up our appletinis (no spilling!)  and dance a jig for Kate!



Question of the Day:  On a scale of one to five appletinis (five being the best), how much does it rock when our friends achieve their dreams like Kate?

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

ninjafaceI had a very special guest to help me draw the winners…

This is Ninja Face. He was my son’s cat when he was in college, and then my son had to move leaving him with a roommate. (Ninja Face is fine, happy and fat, except for the Really Stupid Name. My son named him Ninja Face. I can’t explain it…perhaps I had too many appletinis when he was a baby and dropped my son on his head?)

Still Ninja Face agreed to help me choose the winners…when he gets around to it.

Have you ever noticed that Cat Time is way different from Human Time?


 Finally I got him to get off the couch to saunter over to the Big Purple Hat.

And the winners are:



MEL K is the winner of the autographed book from Nalini Singh! Congrats Mel! Email Nalini at
and let her know which of her Psy/Changeling books you’d like, and your mailing address.

REBECCA wins the CHARMED third season DVD set. Congrats Rebecca! Email me at Jenniferlyonbooks@gmail.comwith your mailing address.

Thursday, February 19th, 2009
Guest Blogger: Nalini Singh

It’s week five of the Cyber Launch Party!  The prize is the DVD of the third season of CHARMED, and I’ll pick the random winner from this week’s comments.  



I’m so excited about our guest blogger today! Last year, I picked up New York Times and USA Today bestseller Nalini Singh’s book HOSTAGE TO PLEASURE and became an instant fan girl. Nalini’s Psy/Changeling world fascinated me. And now, she’s embarking on an exciting new series with the release of ANGELS’ BLOOD March 3rd. Romantic Times chose ANGELS’ BLOOD as a Top Pick, calling it “Tremendous!”, while Night Owl Reviews called it one “heck of a ride.” Join me in welcoming Nalini Singh!





 Location, location, location!

Nalini Singh


First up, thank you to Jennifer for inviting me to guest on her blog. I thought it might be fun to talk about story locations today. 

angels-bloodMy March release, Angels’ Blood, kicks off the Guild Hunter series. Angels’ Blood is set in New York City. I had to change the geography of the buildings a little bit to insert Archangel Tower and a few other things, but the physical geography remains the same. So does the technology, as the book is set in the present day.


I didn’t consciously sit down and choose NY as the setting for Angels’ Blood. I simply knew as soon as I started writing it, that there was no other place it could be set. The city is urban, beautiful, and yes, it has a dark side. All those elements tied in perfectly into the story.  


But more, it was the feel, the beat of the city that was important, because the angels and vampires in Angels’ Blood aren’t reclusive or hidden. They’re very much active in the present, very much part of the world. We see the city through their eyes, and New York’s mix of sophistication and hard edges suits them far better than a “softer” city ever could.

I think setting can play an important part in a book, whether it’s described in depth, or mentioned in passing. As a reader, I often don’t pay attention to a setting consciously-sometimes, it’s only after I close the book that I realize how much it helped shape the story.

 How about you? Is setting important to you? Are there any settings, whether present day or historical, that you particularly enjoy?

 Everyone who leaves a comment goes into a draw to win a signed copy of a book from my Psy/Changeling backlist (i.e. published before 2009). Prize will be posted out in March.

 You can read excerpts at my website: http://


Tuesday, February 17th, 2009
What Are You reading?

It’s week five of the Cyber Launch Party!  The prize is the DVD of the third season of CHARMED, and I’ll pick the random winner from this week’s comments.  

witchfrogThis witch gets a little cranky when she doesn’t have a book to read!

I feel the same way.  For a couple weeks, I haven’t been reading, just concentrating on revising SOUL MAGIC (the second book in the Wing Slayer Hunter Series).  I’m nearly finished, and so this weekend, I read a book. Lora Leigh’s COYOTE’S MATE.  This was my first book by this author.

I have Kate Carlisle HOMICIDE IN HARDCOVER  and Maureen Child’s VANISHED waiting for me as soon as I send my revisions off!

So how about you? What are you reading?

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