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Tuesday, May 5th, 2009
Sneaky Witches

Okay, witches, I’ve been looking in my crystal ball and we have trouble!

See these witches?


Now I can’t be sure,  but I think they are up to no good.  I’m thinking that they heard we have invited Hugh “Wolverine” Jackman to a Witch Shindig and are trying to horn in on our action!

What do you think? And what are we going to do about it?

Monday, May 4th, 2009
Pondering Witch

witch-cuteHope you all had a great weekend! Mine wasn’t bad.  But I had time to think…

Sometimes I was even sober… (you all will be so disappointed when you meet me in person and find out how little I really drink!)

It started with the movies. The husband and I went to the movies. We saw Obsession, which I really liked. The critics, evidently, didn’t like it so much. One review I read called it,  “A Lifetime Flick.”  And so I have to ponder…if there are several channels devoted to theses kinds of movies, what does that tell you? That people watch them! Holy Witches, people, get down off your snobby broomsticks and ENJOY it. Stop pining for meaning in movies.

Then there is the  premise of the movie–the totally innocent married man is targeted by this totally hot blond. I mean she is AFTER this guy, and he’s such a stellar dude, he resits. (Of course, I suspend disbelief when watching movies, LOL!)  And I have to ponder: How many men in America thinks there’s a chance this will actually happen to him in real life?  Never mind, I read romance novels and 100% believe that the really hot man is falling in love with the plain girl and will be true to her until death and beyond. So I guess I better not ponder how many men think some young blond babe is going to want them and want them bad!

Let’s ponder something else. I went to buy some jeans. And do you know that for over TWO DECADES I have worn the same size? Which is really interesting since I am NOT the same size. Who does the manufacturers think they are fooling?

And another thing I ponder is why it’s okay to torment people like Kirstie Alley over her weight. Yes I know she was the spokesperson for Jenny Craig, but the level of meaness turns my stomach. It just doesn’t seem like the thing to judge people on.

Hmm, now I’m starting to wonder if I’m spelling “pondering” wrong. Maybe it is spelled, “procrastinating?”

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