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Tuesday, October 13th, 2009
Excerpt from SOUL MAGIC

This is a moody excerpt,  deep in Sutton’s head.  It’s a partial scene, just a clip, and it’s one of my favorite scenes with Sutton.  It’s unedited, right from my manuscript.  Carla is inside Sutton’s house, doing something he considers dangerous, and he’s outside, trying to stay as far away from her, while making sure she’s safe.


Copyright Jennifer Lyon 2009.

In Stores October 27, 2009

He’d been alone since he was seventeen.

He watched as another wave swelled and lifted higher and higher, then broke. Like the curse inside him that was swelling and unfurling more each day.

When would he break?

His uncle had been thirty-one when he broke. His dad had been thirty-seven when he knew he was on the verge of breaking and ended his own life in a fiery plane crash.

Sutton was thirty-two.

He closed his eyes, trying to draw in the tang of the ocean and wash out his memories.

Instead she filled his mind. Carla. Long white-blond hair, searing eyes with the colors of green, yellow and brown, her incredible body…it was an unendurable torture to want her so badly and know he couldn’t have her.

He dreamed of making love to her, of bringing her to his bed, stripping her of her clothes, looking, touching and tasting his fill. Then filling her with his cock, joining with her as deep as she could take him. Her sweet moans making his balls ache…

Then her screams ripped the dream into a nightmare. He saw the silver knife stabbing her, butchering her.

It was his knife, Sutton was sure of it. He was going rogue, inch by inch, day by day. The nightmare of killing her was becoming more frequent, more violent, until he’d awoken, covered in sweat and the gut cramping fear that he’d killed her.

His dad had known when he’d broken, when the curse had him, and he’d done the right thing.

Sutton knew Carla was the witch who could break him.

How much longer before he broke completely? Not yet, not today, he decided. Not as long as he still cared that she was putting herself in danger from the rogues by hypnotizing the woman who’d shot him.

Not today, but tomorrow? He didn’t know.

Monday, October 12th, 2009
Weekend Roundup

Two weeks until SOUL MAGIC is out! Heck I might even do some promoting on the blog…it could happen!

My weekend was okay.  Saturday was a sad time for a friend so lets just skip that.   Although the wizard and I went to dinner so the day ended nice.

Sunday, I wrote, working both on my current chapter and some blogs I needed to get done.

For half the week, I wasn’t reading at all. Finally I picked up a book by a NYT bestseller than my sister gave me.  It started out with a sex scene in which the author kept stopping the action to lecture on BSMD.

I. Am. Not. Kidding.

I wanted to laugh because it was really bondage-light to begin with.  I read the whole book. I don’t know why. It never got better. Yet people love this author, so it’s just a matter of taste.

That was pretty much my weekend! How was yours?

Thursday, October 8th, 2009
Dear John and Kate

Dear John and Kate,

john and katePlease go away. Please. I’m begging you. I’m so sick of you two chasing cameras and making dramatic accusations while your kids suffer. You two are worse than ambulance chasing lawyers, worse than politicians even.

Seriously. Try yoga, mediation, read a self help book, dig deep and try to find a shred of dignity. And here’s a thought, parent your eight kids.

Get help. Not from Dr. Phil, either.

Just. Go. Away.

Thank you,

Jen Lyon

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009
Revenge of the Wackadoodle

What’s a wackadoodle you might ask? Well, I’m here to tell you!

In Texas, a woman and her boyfriend broke up. The boyfriend had given the woman some jewelry during while they were dating, then took the jewelry back.

The women demanded that he return the jewelry to her. He refuse. So the woman broke into his apartment and stole his goldfish.

With me so far?

CRAZYWOMANNow normal witches are thinking, “She’s going to hold his goldfish hostage until he returns the jewelry, right?”

Wrong.  No this Wackadoodle isn’t thinking hostage negotaitons or blackmail, she’s thinking revenge.  She fries the goldfish and eats them. According to this story, she when the police arrive to rescue the gold fish, she had already eaten three of the goldfish.

Revenge of the WACKADOODLE!

My advice to men who men: Protect your goldfish and don’t date Wackadoodles!

Monday, October 5th, 2009
Weekend Roundup

puppies 4 car Last week started off bad with the news of Kate Duffy, my Kensington editor’s, passing, and ended worse, with a dear friend losing a beloved family member.   So to cheer up a bit…how cute are these puppies?

And I want to thank you all–you guys made the week bearable by repeatedly cracking me up with your comments!

And this week will be better.

Now for my weekend, did you all know that my sister is a biker witch? I had her over for dinner on Saturday and she showed up on a motorcycle. So it’s true…my sister is a biker witch! I should have taken pictures!  Okay, she was on the back of the motorcycle, her husband was driving.  But she’s still a biker witch!

I finished the book ACHERON a couple days ago.  Amazing! I could never have written a book like that, I’m just blown away.  Kenyon is amazing.  For me, the first two thirds of the story was the strongest. I’m pretty sure that’s because no heroine is ever going to be good enough for my beloved Ash :-)   I haven’t started reading another book yet.

Okay, your turn! How was your weekend? What are you reading?

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