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Thursday, March 4th, 2010

According to Pop Eater, Lindsay Lohan is working on a Tell-All Memoir

That is exactly what the world needs…That’s all I’m saying…

Although at least Lindsay Lohan has done some acting. Can anyone tell me why the Kardashians are famous?  I have tried a couple times to watch their reality show, however I develop this eye-rolling twitch that gives me a headache.  What is the allure? The fascination?

Okay, yeah, I’m in a mood :-) How about you all? What’s your mood?

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010
Another Tale of Witch and Wizard

One day, while making dinner, (with no magic, mind you,) Witch asked Wizard, “Would you like cheese bread with your dinner?”

wizard robedWizard, reading on of his heavy tomes on Alchemy and Radio Control Car Racing, looked up and smiled. “Sound wonderful.”

Witch pulled out the sourdough bread and frowned. “Hmm.”

“Problem,” Wizard asked, as he fancies himself a master problem solver.

Witch began preparing the bread, two pieces for wizard, one for herself (her magic wasn’t keeping her as svelte as she’d like). Spreading butter, then sprinkling with parmesan and paprika, Witch answered, “No problem. Two pieces are slightly smashed.” Then with an evil grin, she added, “Those are yours.”

Wizard, sensing a challenge, dropped his tome and approached Witch’s workspace. “I want that one,” he pointed to the perfectly shaped bread on the pan, ignoring the two smashed piece.

“That one is mine!” Witch proclaimed. “You get the two pieces, so yours smashed.”witch fire

“I want that one!” Wizard proclaimed once more in a voice a Supreme Authority.

Much bickering ensured until Witch decided to end the debate.  She cleverly picked up the perfectly shaped slice and licked it. “There now it’s mine!”

Wizard narrowed his eyes, snatched the bread from her and licked the other side. “No it’s mine!”

At this point Witch and Wizard fell into unstoppable and quite undignified laughter. Witch eventually won only because her magic has dominance over the kitchen.

Sadly, this is a true story. While Witch and Wizard CLAIM to be adults, most people in the magical kingdom (that would be their three sons and Bailey Dog) secretly believe they are emotionally stunted at about twelve years old.

What do you think?

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