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Thursday, August 12th, 2010
Working Class Hero?

By now you all probably know the story of the Jet Blue Flight Attendant, Steven Slater, who lost it and quit dramatically.  The original story is here if you haven’t seen it. Basically,  the story is that he allegedly had to deal with a very rude passenger who hit him in the head with luggage, swore at him, and refused to apologize.  Slater then got on the PA system and swore and the comes my favorite part:

Slater is alleged to have then activated the plane’s inflatable emergency slide, grabbed two beers from the galley, then slid down the chute…

The guy knows how to make an exit! I love that he grabbed two beers first, the man clearly has his priorities!  Now people are calling him a “Working Class Hero,” because who hasn’t thought of quitting in big way like that?

In some of my jobs I sure did! But while this story amuses me,  I think Working Class Hero is going a little far. Although I might feel differently if I was a flight attendant!

So what do you think?

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010
What are you reading?

The last two books I read were ENEMY LOVER by Karin Harlow–I really liked that book! It came across as fresh and Karin’s voice is unique.  I think it might be more Urban Fantasy than Paranormal–if any of you have read it, what do you think? I’m looking forward to future books from her to see what she does with the world-building.  I loved the way the book opened with the heroine as a disgraced cop going to prison for murder…and then her world is dramatically shifted.

The second book is Maureen Child’s CLAIMING HER BILLION DOLLAR BIRTHRIGHT. It was utterly perfect for my stressed and tired mood! Just want I needed to unwind!

Now I have to go through my stack to choose what to read next.  I’m kind of in the mood for a really erotic read and I don’t see that in my stack :-) But I’m sure I’ll find something else equally engrossing!

I am determined to carve out more reading time! It seems like it’s getting harder and harder to find the time.

What about you all? What are you reading? And how do you pick your next book from your pile?

And lastly, I want you all to know that I valiantly refrained from another endless rant about my frustration with McAfee and what they laughing calling their Customer Service/Tech Support. I deserve and appletini for that!

Monday, August 9th, 2010
Mondays Are Unacceptable

We should do something about Mondays.  I already know that today is going to be a challenge.

This was me, on my birthday last week…

Sure I have thick legs and pool hair ( you probably can see how wavy/funky it really is). But I apprear semi-normal, yes?

This is me after dealing with computer problems Sunday, and knowing I have to call MacAfee today…

Sigh.  Monday’s suck.

Other than that,  my weekend has been pretty good.  I’ve gotten started on my revisions for Key’s book  SINFUL MAGIC. For a week, I’ve sort of been frozen, not sure how to begin, but I finally slapped myself (Wizard volunteered for the job of slapping me, but I turned him down)  and got to work.

And speaking of Wizard, he is still coming up with possible Alternate Endings from my latest Dumb Witch Story of going in the wrong restroom.  One of his favorites is seeing my picture flashed on America’s Most Wanted.  Every night he treats me to a new scenario. And much laughter. At my expense.

So how was your weekend?

Thursday, August 5th, 2010
The Cover!

And here it is, the cover for NIGHT MAGIC (on sale date, March 22, 2011):

What do you think???

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010
Dumb Witch Story

I didn’t sleep much in Orlando, but I didn’t much care as I was having so much fun!  Even on the day I had to leave, I got up early, made myself presentable and met Silver for breakfast before doing a publisher signing.

By the way–the publisher signings rock! What could possibly beat giving away free books? People wait in long lines to get into these signings.  We all get settled, then someone yells out a warning that they are opening the doors, and people pour in. I think at least 10 people told me they loved witches and were excited my books were about witches. It really was fun.

Then I got to hang out with Silver for a bit longer, and my agent came over and joined us.

But alas it was time to go home.  So I packed, checked out, waited for the shuttle and made it to the airport two hours before takeoff.  I breezed through the lines getting my boarding pass, my luggage checked and security. Things were going great. The plane took off on time.  We landed fine in Houston where I had another two hour layover.  No problem. I was impressed that in spite of too much fun and not enough sleep, I seemed to be in control.

So I went to the restroom.  And when I came out of the stall I began to realize…umm, was that  man? In the women’s resteroom?


Then I saw another man. A pilot. In the women’s…

Uh oh…


Horrified, I hauled my chubby butt out of there!! I was soooo mortified! I must have turned fourteen shades of red.

Finally, I make my connection and got home.  Wizard picked me up, and on the way home I told him about “the incident.”

He laughed so hard, I think he was crying.  When he could breathe again, he said “You have to put that on your blog.”

I sank back in my seat, still mortified. “Maybe. If I can bring myself to tell anyone…oh crap, you’re going to tell people, aren’t you?”

“Oh yeah. Hell yes!” Then he broke into laughter again.

Sigh…so yes, I am that dumb. I went in the men’s bathroom. I didn’t even see the urinals when I walked in. I am a dumb witch.

So anyone else dumb enough to go in the men’s bathroom? Anyone????

Monday, August 2nd, 2010
Jet Lag Monday!

I’m back from RWA Conference, and WOW! What an experience! There was so much more I wanted to do there! Next time, I will clone myself :-)

First the great news! I got to meet Silver in person! Silver is on the right.

And I was able to wear the shoes…

To the National Readers Choice Awards Party where BLOOD MAGIC won for the Paranormal/Fantasy/Futuristic/Time Travel Division. I was stunned and honored! Here I am with the Tombstone Award:

I’m in a different outfit because I’d changed to go out and celebrate.  How did we celebrate? With Ice Cream Sundays! (I know it should have been Appletinis…but ice cream Sundays are always good too!) And yes, I looked THAT tired the entire conference.

I’d like to say a public THANK YOU to the Oklahoma Romance Writers of America Chapter! They’ve been doing this contest for 17 years, I think and it’s one of the most recognized and prestigious contests out there. A big thank you to the contest coordinators, the judges and to Silver who chaired the contest.  I had a wonderful time at the party too! A heartfelt thank you to the chapter and each of you who worked so hard to make this contest a success!

There’s so much more I can’t even begin to cover it all.

Tomorrow, I will tell you my Dumb Witch Moment.  I think. If I can bring myself to do it.  Wizard says I should…

Oh and speaking of Wizard. My editor, the associate publisher, my agent and a TON of romance writers at the conference all now know about the Puppy Wars between me and Wizard! People were whipping out pictures of their dogs to show me and giving me strategy ideas to win the war. It was so funny! Poor Wizard, he doesn’t stand a chance!

Okay, guys, your turn! What did you all do while I was in Orlando?

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