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Thursday, September 30th, 2010
Do We Need More Hot, Sexy Wizards?

Okay, it’s Thursday, it’s been brutally hot here, and I’ve spent so much time playing with Bailey instead of working that I feel guilty. So what the heck, lets do some promo!

I stumbled onto a quick review of REDEEMING THE WIZARD from THE BEAST WTIHIN ANTHOLOGY here, This is what it said:

Redeeming the Wizard – Jennifer Lyon – I have to say this story made the book for me. I loved it. Gage and Mira lit the pages on fire and I found the details Lyon put into the plot just added to the overall feel of the world she created. Gage with his totally sexy mantling was a major draw and Mira with her indomitable spirit kept me reading. The secondary suspense plot was somewhat transparent but it did not curtail my enjoyment of the story overall. I am hoping this becomes a series because I find I can’t wait for more sexy wizards.

I have two things to say; first I love positive reviews, LOL! (I have zero problems with things like saying the secondary suspense plot was somewhat transparent–it was).

Second, I would LOVE to develop this into a series! But the chances of that happening aren’t huge for many reasons. Still…I love this reviewer for saying it!

So anyone out there think there’s a need for more sexy wizards???

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010
Bailey and What Are You Reading Next?

Bailey is chewing on a rawhide bone while I do this blog.  The dog is wearing me out! LOLOL!!! He’s a bundle of fun, and I have zero discipline! Plus I am walking WAY more than I should on my bad ankle AND I was too busy playing with Bailey yesterday to pick up my meds for the stupid ankle :-)

Hmm, I guess those are checks in the Wizard column (reason’s not to get a dog) on our Dog Wars.

I did manage to finish the draft of my synopsis. I still need a few days to rewrite and refine it, but I got the basic story down EASIER than usual. As if…Bailey sparks my creativity.

Hmm, check in the Witch column (reasons to get a dog!)

Okay so far it’s a draw…

Next I’m going to read FAERIE FIRE by Silver James–I’m thinking I’ll start it tonight. Really looking forward to that book! What book have you been waiting to read?

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Once again, I barely worked this weekend. I could really get used to this! Plus, I am Bailey-sitting! So far, so good.  We’ll see what happens. But as I type this blog right now–guess whose lap Bailey is sitting on? Not mine…

WIZARD’S LAP! Wizard, you are so busted! Admit it, you like Bailey!

This weekend, Wizard and I went to see the movie WALL STREET.  I thought it was weak, particularly in characterization. First I have to say, that Michael Douglas commands any scene he is in. He truly has “screen presence.” But for me, I could never believe, or in some cases, figure out motivation of the characters. In particular, Shia LaBeouf as Jake Moore.  To me, he just came off as weak. And the ending made me grind my teeth. But maybe I was just cranky.

I read Larissa Ione’s PLEASURE UNLEASHED, Wraith’s book. Now I’m going to get pelted with tomatoes but while I thought it was good, I wasn’t as riveted by that book as some of the others.  Don’t get me wrong, it was good, but Lore, Shade, Sin…I couldn’t put those books down.

I’m writing a synopsis to see if there will be any more Wing Slayer books after Key–my goal is to finish that this week. If I can just stop playing with Bailey long enough to work!

So how was your weekend? What’s your plan this week?

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010
What TV Show Are You?

One of Wizard’s favorite TV shows right now is RULES OF ENGAGEMENT. He says that we are like the lead characters Jeff and Audrey.  He says this like it’s a compliment to us.

I roll my eyes.

Wizard defends himself. “No really, you’re witty like Audrey on the show.”

Okay, now this is TOO easy. Wizard just set a trap from himself. “But do I LOOK like her?”

Wizard is standing in front of the fireplace looking at a magazine or something while we’re talking.  He looks up in wide eyed panic. “You’re funny! She’s funny! See the resemblance?”

I narrow my eyes at the evasive desperation in his voice and go for the kill.  “But am I as hot as her?”

The light finally dawns. “That was a trap!”

I laugh.  “Jeff would have seen that trap coming. You’re slipping, Wizard.”  And I walk away, all smug and stuff except…

He could have LIED and said I was as hot or hotter.  Damn it, now Wizard is ruining my smug moment! So not fair!

So what TV show resembles you?

Thursday, September 16th, 2010
Who’s Your Secret-Book-Boyfriend???

Shhh…don’t tell Wizard! We’re going to talk about boyfriends today. Come on, you know you want to! It’ll be our little secret.

I’ll start. First on my list Roarke from JD Robb’s In Death serious. He’s hot, he’s dangerous and once I find a way to kill off that pesky Eve, he will fall madly, passionately in love with me.

WRATH, from Dark Lover, the first book in JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series.  The fact that he’s blind and still so hot, strong, sexy…and he takes his place as the king. Love him, YUM! Wish I’d never given that book away, darn it.

SHADE and CON  from Larissa Ione’s Demonica Series (probably more once I read them!)

Okay, your turn!

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010
Whatcha Reading?

From recommendations on my Facebook page, I went out and bought SIN UNDONE by Larissa Ione.

I loved it. My favorite scene is when Con shows Sin what real lovemaking is. That scene is so perfect, revealing the difference between sex and making love with some measure of caring.

Ione does an incredible job of stripping back the emotional layers of her characters until the are completely vulnerable and exposed–then putting them in situations that demand an impossible choice.

Right now, I’m reading WICKED BECOMES YOU by Meredith Duran.

What about you all? What are your reading? What’s your favorite scene?

Monday, September 13th, 2010
Monday Round Up!

It was another working weekend, but I have make big progress! I’m so happy! I finished all the heavy revising and now I just need to add a few things then get the whole thing cleaned up.  The way I cut, paste, rewrite, then move scenes again, it’s bound to be a mess. But still, the end is in sight!

YAY! And right now, I’m feeling decent about the it. This is Key’s book SINFUL MAGIC. We’ll see what my editor says when I send it to her in a week or so.

Now let’s talk about my weekend distractions. First on Saturday my middle son and Bailey Dog came for a visit. Middle son and Wizard, so Bailey stayed with me.  I knew I had to work, so I took Bailey for a walk to tire him out. Here he is after our walk:

But then he got lonely. He looked up at me with his big brown puppy eyes that pleaded,  “Can I sit with you?”

But I was at my desk using my slide out key board. Very firmly, I said, “No Bailey, I have to work.”

He looked even sadder. “Please?”

“No.” I was serious. I had to get this book written!

Well you can see how well Bailey listens:

That’s  my big hips and thighs Bailey’s making himself comfortable on. He slept there while I toiled away.

On Sunday, Wizard lured me away from the computer and into the pool and jacuzzi…there may have been a bribery in the form of a gin-and-tonic. Wizard is evil like that.  It’s a miracle I get any work done at all!

How was your weekend?

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