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Monday, January 10th, 2011
Raw Sneak Peek of NIGHT MAGIC!

Note:This is also posted on MurderSheWrites today.

This sneak peek is  straight from my files, before copy edits and final tweaking.  NIGHT MAGIC is out March 22nd, but I thought it’d be fun to tease a little bit.

The Birth of a Siren

Twenty Three Years, Eleven Months and Two Weeks Ago

The phoenix soared across the sky, his blue and purple wings sweeping up and down. He was waiting.

Then he heard it, the Siren’s cry that signaled the first breath of life in the newborn. It was a sound of such aching beauty it drenched his eyes with tears, and reverberated down his feathers, muscles and bones until it filled his soul.

It was too much. Each time, it was always too much.

He erupted into flames, the heat bursting from his very cells in an agonizing explosion. The fire snapped and roared, eating his feathers, melting his muscles and pulverizing his bones in endless torture.

Ending only when he was reduced to ash, burned and gone.

Until he was called by the siren to rise from the flames once more.

Chapter One

Days Remaining on Handfast Contract: Fourteen

Ailish Donovan was home for the family reunion from hell.

She stood at the French doors of the small house she’d rented as the sun sank into the horizon. It had been nearly eight years since she’d seen a sunset, or anything else. As a witch she was connected to the earth elements that fed her powers, so she could feel the day slipping away and the long fingers of darkness spreading across Glassbreakers, California. The darkness fed her mood, her tightly controlled anger, her determination.

Lifting her right hand, she touched the binding around her left wrist. It was about an inch wide with a rounded shape that felt like a snug plastic bracelet but it was indestructible. Once it had been plain rope that had been twisted by dark magic into a handfast binding. Nothing broke through it, no magic, no knife, no bolt cutters, not even fire. She’d tried every possible way, but nothing worked.

Thanks to her mother betraying and tricking her, she was handfasted to the demon Asmodeus. If the handfast was completed, Ailish would become a demon witch. Asmodeus would own her soul in exchange for dark powers. No way was she giving her soul to a demon. She had no intention of spending eternity in the Underworld as a demon minion.

All this added up to Ailish being one pissed off witch. But she’d learned how to channel her anger into action and she’d trained her body into a weapon. She was one of the top professional women kickboxers in the country. Being blind got her noticed, but her skills, speed and power won her titles.

And now she’d come home, back to where it all started eight years ago, to win the most crucial battle of her life…

Thursday, January 6th, 2011
My Late Excuse, and A Question!

My Internet was down last night, so I couldn’t get on to post a blog.  The Internet worked fine while Wizard was online playing around.

Trolls are out to get me!

Anyway while Wizard was playing I was WORKING on copy edits for SINFUL MAGIC. These are the strangest set of copy edits I’ve ever had. On the upside, they are very light and therefore pretty easy.  But some of the queries make me laugh.

Which brings me to a question: Do you think the first time the hero and heroine make love, it should be in a bed? Or does it matter?

Okay, I have to down a cauldron of coffee and get to work!

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011
Random Stuff

I’m still fight the Demon Cold and really tired of it. I am getting better, but it’s slowwwww!

I’ve been reading a lot on my new Kindle, love it! The three books I’ve really enjoyed are:

ROOM by Emma Donoghue, a very different book.

And two free on Kindle books:

A DOG NAMED SLUGGER by Leigh Brill. It’s about a service dog, and I really enjoyed it.

ROMEO, ROMEO by Robin Kaye. It’s a contemporary romance, a book I had zero expectations for but fell in love with from the first sentence.

On the writing front–don’t ask. I’m struggling to start a project, and I just can’t seem to do it. It’s painful. However my copy edits for SINFUL MAGIC are coming today and those must be done in less than a week so that will have all my attention.

So what are you all up to?

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