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Monday, February 28th, 2011
Monday Roundup!

How many of you watched the Oscars? I’m writing this blog right before the Ocsars, but planned to watch them.

So question: Do you dress for the Oscars? I plan to begin the evening in jeans and a long sleeved Tee, then change into sleep shorts, a tank and the all import wrap–my afghan. What about you?

My weekend was great! Wizard took Friday off and we went on a spending spree.  For us, that means going out and finally buying the two TV’s that we’ve been planning to buy for about three years.  Oh! And my latte maker broke a couple weeks ago.  Wizard got annoyed with my hemming and hawing about not really needing it, so he went out and bought me a new one.

Don’t laugh, but I think having my beloved latte maker helped me finally scale the wall I’ve been struggling with in my writing!

Even more exciting, I got one copy of NIGHT MAGIC Fed Exed so I could see it.  Its’ very pretty! I meant to take a picture but didn’t get around to it.

So tell me about your weekend.

Thursday, February 24th, 2011
Lightbulb Moments

I’ve had two lightbulb moments yesterday:

1) The crock pot works better if I turn it on. Fortunately, this lightbulb moment struck before the contents had time to go bad.  Nice save on my part!

2) Night Magic is coming out in less than a month–March 22nd. Finally! After waiting sooooo long!And Sinful Magic is just 3 months away.

But I didn’t get the lightbulb moment I desperately need. I’m plotting the next three Wing Slayer Hunter books, sort of like a trilogy (I don’t have any release dates,  sorry!), and I am stuck, as in  S.T.U.C.K., on the middle book.  I know some of it, but can’t figure out this one key part. It’s making me cranky. Sigh.

So those are my lightbulb moments, what are yours?

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011
Stalked by a Personal Trainer

Yesterday morning, I dragged myself to the gym around 7 O’WayTooEarly A. M. I got to the front desk, scanned my card and noticed a guy hanging around behind the desk.

Young. Buff. Good looking. A wee bit too good looking…and I start to panic,  a big red warning blinking in my head:  PERSONAL TRAINER ON THE PROWL FOR NEW, PAYING  CLIENTS! I thought frantically, Please don’t notice me.

He noticed me.  His dark brown eyes lit up and he said,  “Morning! So you’re really fit!”

I actually turned around, because I thought he must have noticed someone BEHIND me.  But there was no one there.  The man was actually saying that to me. And he apparently  thought I’d believe he  was sincere.  I muttered something about not being fit and hurried away. I went upstairs to the cardio area, climb up on the *grumble grumble* stair stepper and fiddled with my iPod, looking for some music that will make this torture bearable.


I look up to see the toned, too perky trainer had followed me up the stairs.  “I can’t believe you said your not fit!”  He calls out. This then quickly turned into a pitch to train me because I have a “great frame.”

Yeah, my three kids, middle aged,  chocolate-and-wine drenched,  overweight, great frame. Sure. I believe you.

What I should have done was told him this true story:  A while back, Wizard offered to help me tone up a few places and told me to do 8 million or so reps on this leg press thing.  I did what he told me ONCE. Then I got off the machine, and once I could feel my legs again, I walked over to him and said, “Just so you know, I hate you.”

He laughed.

I narrowed my eyes and said, “I know ways to end your life, Wizard.”

Still laughing, he answered, “If I’m dead who will put gas in your car, Witch?”

Damn. I had to let him live.

That’s what I should have told the trainer, but instead I said I was under a doctor’s care and didn’t have medical clearance for a personal trainer. Boring but effective!

What would you have said?

Thursday, February 17th, 2011
Score One For Wizard

Wizard cracks himself up all the time.  One of his favorite jokes when I ask him to take out the trash is to say, “I took you out last week.”  And then laughs.

So yesterday we were emailing, and this is actual text I copied and pasted:

Me: Blue trashcan keeps blowing over, I trudge out and pick it up…hoping it’ll be upright when the last trash truck comes by.

Wizard: Why don’t you just stand by the trash can until they come?

Me:  But…what if they think I’m trash and take me away?

Wizard: Then I wont have to take the trash out anymore!

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

I haven’t been reading paranormals lately and I REALLY miss it! I’ve been doing reading for a contest, and a lot of market-research reading. And then a friend gave me THE ACCIDENTAL BESTSELLER by Wendy Wax and told me I should read it, how could I resist? I’m reading it now. It’s really good, and if you are at all interesting in what publishing is really like, read this book! It’s a women’s fiction that follows the careers of four friends who met while unpublished, then all published. One of them has a major crises…and well, you have to read it.

But as soon as I can I’m going to do some serious paranormal reading!

So what are you guys reading, and what are you NOT reading that you wish you were?

Thursday, February 10th, 2011
First Reviews!

It’s just under six weeks until the release of NIGHT MAGIC on March 22nd! I’m starting to get the reviews now…the first two came this week.

This first one came from A snippet of the review:

Spine-chilling fighting sequences abound in this breathtaking sequel to the WING SLAYER series. Jennifer Lyons writes with sheer genius, never divulging too much until the very explosive end. The characterization is brilliant, the dialogue is witty with a sharp edge to it, and the storyline is well plotted out from beginning to end. NIGHT MAGIC, jam-packed with panache so rare, delivers a wicked punch with deadly accuracy.

And the second one is from Romantic Times (April 2011 Issue) rated the book 4 stars HOT .  A snippet of that review:

For Lyon’s third in the Wing Slayer Hunters series, she places her heroine between a rock and a hard place. Drama and gut-wrenching emotion fill Lyon’s stories, making the action intense. Readers are in luck, for this world keeps on getting richer, and thankfully there are more sexy witch hunters to be explored!

I’m really happy that these reviewers liked the book.  I love this book so much, and just hope it resonates with readers!

Is it time for Appletinis? I need something to get through these next weeks! And then SINFUL MAGIC is out just two months after NIGHT MAGIC.  Appletinis are good for nerves, right?

Monday, February 7th, 2011
Monday Roundup

I finished the page proofs from SINFUL MAGIC and will send those off today! I really hope you all like the next two books.  But enough of my writer-insecurity.

So my weekend was great. I’m writing on a project that’s totally out of my norm, which is fun. I got to finally finish read the book KISS AT YOUR OWN RISK and it was awesome! I’m reading ONE SEASON OF SUNSHINE by Julia London and it’s pretty good. Not my usual type of book, yet I like it more than I thought I would.

Wizard watched the Super Bowl while I wrote a blog for Murder She Writes–since I’m actually writing this blog on Sunday before the Super Bowl, it’s very weird saying that. But that’s my plan at the moment. I’m not a football fan, but I know a lot of you are!

So question: Do you like watching the Super Bowl commercials? And as long as I’m asking questions,  how was your weekend?

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