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Monday, May 9th, 2011
Brownie and Dragon Hangover

I made brownies for myself for Mother’s Day yesterday and ate too much! Had a great Mother’s Day though–and hope everyone else did as well!

And I read Thea Harrison’s DRAGON BOUND. I LOVED THAT BOOK! It’s was so good, I couldn’t bring myself to start reading another book after it. I knew nothing else would compare for a while…do you guys ever feel like that?

Oh and Wizard is telling me Every Single Day how good the flowers I planted last week look :-)

So how was your weekend?

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

I’ve been reading more! I just finished Patricia Briggs first book in her Feral series, DESIRE UNTAMED. I enjoyed it. It’s not a 5 star read for me, but I know people love, love, love the books and I see why!

Right now, I’m reading Silver James (**waves madly at Silver!**) PROMISES PROMISES.  I just shy of half way through and totally loving it! I’m even a little surprised because novella length books are a hard sell for me. I just don’t always love them, but his book is hitting all the right buttons to draw me in and have me rooting, and rooting hard, for the heroine Kelly.  I’ll let you all know what I think when I’m finished!

So far, I haven’t been called in for jury duty. I’ve had all week fairly free, but Friday I have a hair appt I don’t want to miss. I’m going to be peeved if I get called in on Friday! Just warning you all so you can take cover :-)

Okay, what are you all reading?

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011
Witch, Wizard and Flowers

I didn’t get called into Jury Duty today.  So I’m going to plant flowers! Right after I go grocery shopping, I’m going to head down to Home Depot and pick out some flower and plant them.

All by myself.

I told Wizard my plan. His response was:

“You? By yourself? No magic? No help?”

Me,  “Hey!I can buy and plant flowers, I’ve done it before.”

Smirking, Wizard asked, “When was the last time you planted flowers without my help?”

Frowning, I thought about it.  “I don’t know, maybe last time you were in England?”

Raised eyebrows. “That was like five years ago. Wasn’t that the year they all died?”

Had they died? I didn’t remember. “You’re lying!” Cause he does lie just to torment me.

He grinned. “You realize you will have to dig in the dirt.” He paused dramatically and added,  “There might be worms.”

Trying not to gag, I said, “I’m not afraid of worms.” As long as they don’t touch me. And damn it, did he have to say worms while I’m cooking spaghetti?

“Right. Sure. I believe you, Witch. So you’re really going to do this? By yourself?”

What choice do I have now? “Oh yeah, I’m doing this. And you’d better be impressed when you get home. You hear me, Wizard? No helpful suggestions or critiques. You. Will. Be. Impressed.” Oh yeah, I am that tough.

He grinned. “Impressed. Entertained. It’s all the same to me, Witch.” He laughed and walked out.

I’m so going to buy and plant those flowers. And they will live. Hmm, maybe I should buy fake flowers instead?




Monday, May 2nd, 2011
Weekend Roundup!

My weekend was pretty calm.  I didn’t do anything too exciting. I finally am getting to read! One of the books I bought is our own Silver Jame’s book,  Promises, Promises from Amazon Kindle and can’t wait to read that one! I’m thinking that will be next.

It’s been nice to finally have a quiet weekend!

I got a nice surprised when I opened my email and found a new review for SINFUL MAGIC from Joyfully Reviewed, and found out that they chose it as one of their May’s Recommended Reads! So cool! C lip of the review is:

Sinful Magic is wrought with suspense, sex, and sweethearts.  Ms. Lyon’s suave style makes Sinful Magic standout in the paranormal genre.   I’m definitely Joyfully Recommending Sinful MagicSinful Magic is a fantastic paranormal with a rich story overflowing with passion, action and intrigue.

You can read the entire thing here if you are so inclined.

This week I am on call for jury duty.  It’s a good week to have that for the most part, so I can’t whine.

How was your weekend?

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