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Thursday, October 6th, 2011
Bike Witch…Exposed!

So yesterday my sister and I went shopping and had lunch.  We had a blast! And we split a ginormous piece of chocolate cake.

You just can’t have a bad day with chocolate cake.

So we begin the day with me picking her up, and I’m driving, in the pouring rain, on the freeway. She’s telling me a story about going for a ride with her husband on a new motorcycle.  I’m listening but concentrating on driving.

Oh and she was talking about her clothes getting loser because she’s been working out and losing weight ( and looks great!)

But evidently, she didn’t realized HOW  loose they were getting.

So she describes how she hops on the bike behind hubby, and they roar off for a fun ride. They hit the freeway and get up to speed.  They are going fast.

And boy is it windy on the back of that bike.  Biker witch notices that her t-shirt is billowing.

At this point, I’m nodding, but watching the idiot CA drivers in the rain.  They take a good 60% of my focus.

Biker witch goes on that her she’s now feeling air on the stomach. So she looks down as they are racing along the freeway, and her entire shirt flies up, covering her head and exposing her bra and stomach to the everyone around her.

I nod…and then it hits me what she said.  “WHAT?” I snap my head around and stare at her.

She repeats this to me.

I busted into laughter.  I don’t even know how I controlled the car at that point! For YEARS Biker Witch has tortured me about the time my buttons of a silk blouse opened and exposed my bra while I was on stage. That was bad enough.

But doing it on a motorcycle on a California Freeway? PRICELESS!!!!

Once again, Biker Witch outdoes me!  And can I just say that a day out with Biker Witch is never boring!

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011
What’s Your Upcoming Must-Read

Happy Release Day to Regan Hastings ! The second book in her Awakening Series,  VISIONS OF SKYFIRE is out today! Full disclosure: Regan is the pen name of a good friend of mine, Maureen Child. I still remember the day Maureen told me about her new idea–a world of witches awakening and the society that feared them.

I got chills. I loved it! And I continued to love it as she wrote the first book, VISIONS OF MAGIC. If you haven’t read the first book, go read the excerpt here. And you can read the excerpt to the second book, VISIONS OF SKYFIRE,  here.

Another upcoming read I’m excited about is Laura Wright‘s (another friend)  ETERNAL CAPTIVE,  but that’s not out until February 2012, darn it!

Okay, now tell me, what upcoming book are you excited about?



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