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Tuesday, November 29th, 2011
The Color of the Season

Wizard actually agreed to go to Wal Mart and look at new tree ornaments with me.  So off we went, then we got into a heated discussion as I chose blue and silver.

He wanted bright colors. Reds, greens, even purple.

Uh no. This year, I’ve decided Christmas is blue and silver.

Wizard says Christmas is always red and green, and other bright colors.

So we are debating this when we run into one of my son’s girlfriend and her mother. I had back up! I knew it! They are women, so…they’d see the beauty of a tree dripping with silver and blue. So we took a vote.

Wizard lost.

Of course, I won with my usual grace, meaning I was laughing at him.

He rolled his eyes, then gave in with surprising ease. Hmm…

Then, after we’d paid for them and I was all smug with visions of my first pretty adult Christmas tree, we were driving home. He casually mentioned that all three of our sons are going to agree with him. Which means the four of them will torment me endlessly on Christmas.

Okay he gets points for that. But I still got the colors I wanted! Christmas is blue and silver…unless I change my mind.



Monday, November 28th, 2011
Weekend Roundup

I missed you all! Thanksgiving turned out great, and was so much fun.  Bailey loved his new toy, and much to my amusement, persuaded Wizard to play with him. Wizard looked up at me and said, “Why does he keep doing that sad look? I can’t stop if he’s going to look so sad.”

Bailey’s no dummy :-)

Oh and while we were cleaning and getting ready, Wizard told me to “move my skinny ass out of the way.”  Isn’t that romantic? Even after all these years!

Oh, the pies Biker Witch brought were delicious, and the Kahlua Chocolate Cake I made (for the first time) was a hit.  When Biker Witch and I throw a party, guests can always count on dessert! It’s funny that I was way more worried about the cake than the turkey.  I can usually count on my bag-method of cooking turkey. It’s never failed me yet.

How was your holiday weekend? And if you’re outside the US, then how was your weekend?




Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011
Am I Invisible?

You know what’s really annoying? Running around doing errands, and deciding I’ll risk leaving milk waiting in the car to run into PetCo. Because Bailey should have a new toy for Thanksgiving right? And it’s not really hot.  A few minutes in the car shouldn’t spoil the milk.

So I trotted in and looked around. Finally I settled on two small toys and went up front to pay. It was a ghost town. No one there. I tried to find someone to help, but they were all busy or refusing to acknowledge that I was there.

Wait, it just occurred to me! Maybe I was invisible? Hey, what if I have the super power of invisibility and don’t even know it!

But I just realized the flaw in that theory–another customer saw me and even talked to me as we both tried to find someone, anyone, to take our money.  Bummer.

To spare you an even longer story, I’ll cut to the end.  I set the toys on the counter and walked out to rescue my milk.  The milk held up fine, but then I came home and managed to ruin some chicken I was trying to defrost in the microwave.  Something I can usually do with my eyes closed. Sigh.

At that point, I gave up trying to function in the real world and  escaped back into my fiction world.  No one ignores me there!

Monday, November 21st, 2011
Weekend Roundup

My weekend was good and busy. Despite my very best efforts to stall the holidays by employing my Denial Spell…the holidays are here. And therefore, I had to clean seeing as how 20 or so people will show up on Thursday for Thanksgiving.  I imagine they expect food and stuff.  (Wizard is rolling his eyes at that comment–he knows I have the food all planned out and a schedule to cook it).

And Thanksgiving inevitably will kick off my desperate shopping days. At some point, I will fall to my knees in one of the malls across America and beg the shopping gods for an idea, just a clue of what to get a couple people on my shopping list.

On the upside, I get to buy Bailey dog gifts! Bailey is easy, he wants his present to either squeak and be eatable.  And if it’s cold out, he likes warm blankets.  I love shopping for Bailey!

I’m also working slowly on buying new clothes in a size that actually fits. However, I just know that once I invest enough money, all the weight I lost will come back. I’m trying to do this slowly and under the radar, so the fat fairy doesn’t slip in one night, tap me with a chocolate chip cookie, and I wake up 20 pounds heavier.

So how was your weekend?

Thursday, November 17th, 2011
Where I Am Today & Reading

I’m over at Vampires, Werewolves & Fairies, Oh My! today if you’d like to drop by.  It’s a great site, so if you have a chance, stop by and take a look!

Okay, so yesterday I finished the draft of my newest proposal. I was rather stunned. It needs a some revision and a lot of polishing, but I have to say it’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed writing this much.

Sometimes we just need a change of pace.

But once I’m done I’m going back to the dragons, which my agent is now calling “our dragons.” That really cracked me up.  I’ve been with my agent a long time for a reason :D

Okay on reading. I finally broke down and bought NEW YORK TO DALLAS by JD Robb on my Kindle. I don’t like to spend $14.99 on my Kindle–I guess because it’s not a physical book.  But I am glad I did! I really enjoyed the book. There is something deeply comforting and sexy in the way Eve and Roark’s relationship has evolved over a bazillion books (or however many books JD aka Nora has written).

But I’m at a loss of what to read next. I’m just…pickier these days, I guess.

Okay tell me what book you’re reading, or you know, just chat about anything you want.



Tuesday, November 15th, 2011
Tired Witch

I’m hoping that tomorrow, when this posts, I will be more rested. It’s just stress and my constantly waking at night. It’ll pass.

The proposal I’m working has had me super energized until I hit this tired wall thing. Then I am fighting some ugly doubts.  And when I do that, I start looking at something that makes me feel better.  Like this picture of a puppy:

Look at those ears! That amused me.

Wizard–not so much. He saw me looking, and turned pale.  Then he said, “We need Bailey (my son’s dog) to come over, stat!”

I laughed. “I’m not looking to get a puppy. Just distracting the voices in my head.”

He rolled his eyes. “Yeah, that’s so much better.”

I’m not sure what cheered me up more, the puppy picture or Wizard.

Sunday, November 13th, 2011
Scrabble Scramble!

Sponsored by Book Monster Reviews and LITERAL ADDICTION.

Are you ready to Scrabble Scramble?  Here’s the link to my website where you’ll find the answer to today’s question with a little sleuthing.  Have fun!

I should also note that this contest originates on LITERAL ADDICTION so be sure to post your answer there.

(Note: This page will stay on top of my blog through November 20th. Any new posts from me will be below this)



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