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Thursday, January 12th, 2012
Already late! And Reading

Shoot, I already am late posting after only one day back! I’m afraid it’s just going to be like this for awhile. I can’t get caught up on anything. I’m desperately trying to get a solid routine going, but it’s a challenge.

I mentioned on my FB page that I read Rachel Vincent’s Soul Screamer Series. There are five books so far, and i really enjoyed them. I also just finished Laura Wrights e-special (novella) ETERNAL BLOOD, that was a quick, sexy and dramatic read.

I had planned to do more reading this year, but I don’t know. I’m spending a lot of time watching TV with Broken Leg Boy. We’ll see.

What are you guys reading? What are your reading goals this year?

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012
I’m Back! And Catching Up!

I’m back, finally! Wow, what a crazy ass start to the New Year. First my son’s broken leg, then the server my website is on gets hacked. My web goddess worked and worked to restore everything, but it was a never-ending battle.  Yesterday I had her move my site to a new server.

And here we are! I missed you all so much!

My son is improving every day.  It will be a long process to fully recover with some challenges and possibly more surgery,  but he has his parents stubborn streak, so he will recover.  Thank you all for the continued good wishes, it helps so much when going through something like this.

I could write a month’s worth of blogs about the heroes and villains we encountered in the hospital with his four day and four night stay. But I’ve decided to be grateful for the good people who truly helped him, and us, when we needed it.  They have my everlasting thanks.

And OMG, Bailey Dog! He has been here visiting whenever one of my other two sons can bring him by. That little dog has cheered up my son and us. He’s doesn’t like my son on crutches and actually cried the first couple times. The wheelchair is fine if Bailey is stretched out across his lap. When we make him get down, he sits directly under the chair.  And of course, how can love like that not make my son (and us!) feel better?

Okay to catch up up on what I’m doing when not caring for Broken Leg Boy.  First, I’ve resigned from Murder She Writes blog. I absolutely love all the ladies there and already miss them with a constant ache. But it was time for me to leave, I was just running out of steam.  They have brought in a new member, Josie Brown, and she’s already rocking the house with her first blog.

Also, I’m back to work writing Ram’s e-novella.  Ram will eventually have his own full length book if the self publishing venture goes well.  But things get very complicated in that hunter’s life, so he needs more than one book.  Can I just say that this novella may be saving my sanity? I have always loved Ram,  always known that his path would be more twisted and difficult than most. It has to be–Ram is probably the most stable of the hunters and if he had a straightforward story,  it would be too easy for him.  And I know he’s capable of handling all the challenges I’m going to throw at him.

I just might need to go into hiding though. He can be a little scary when he lets himself get pissed

Alrighty, I think I’ve rambled on enough now. Time for you all to chime in and tell me what is going on with you! Let’s catch up!



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