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Tuesday, March 13th, 2012
A Tale of Coffee (and not the stupid, blasted dragons)

Once Broken Leg Boy was mobile enough, I began taking him with me to meet Biker Witch at Starbucks.

BLB has developed a taste for Starbucks that has left a serious dent in my wallet.

Then a couple weeks ago, when we went to BLB’s house to pick up Bailey, BLB vanished into his bedroom. I was chatting with my other son and didn’t pay attention.  A bit later, BLB came out and handed me a STACK of Starbucks gift cards.   “Hey Mom, now we can get Starbucks and use these.”

He had $60.00 bucks worth of gift cards. And he wanted to buy my coffee. I was touched.

Even better? There’s a Starbucks right around the corner from Physical Therapy and we stop there on the way home. Both of us enjoy that.

Last week, BLB ended up with a hot coffee when he wanted a Frappuccino (no idea how to spell that). All the way home, he was channeling his Inner Coffee Snob and blaming Starbucks.  He’s kidding around to get a laugh from me, telling me how he can’t be responsible for his own mistake, it must be Starbucks’s fault.  And then he’s laying out his plan to finish college and open his own coffee shop that will draw away all the customers from Starbucks to his shop.

Then he says, “All the coffee in my shop will be served iced.”  When I didn’t respond fast enough (Hello? Driving here!), he demanded that I ask him why.

Rolling my eyes, I said, “Why?”

“Because revenge is best served cold.”

Sadly, I cracked up.  I also noticed that he drank all the hot coffee that he ordered. Oh and next time we went to Starbucks, he ordered the right drink.

We still have one and a half gift cards left, then I guess I have to start paying again.  But the kid is worth it. Especially since he’s not a REAL coffee snob but just plays one for my entertainment.

And this is my long winded way of NOT talking about the dragon proposal. I’d rather talk about anything else.

Monday, March 12th, 2012
Weekend Roundup

Saturday was great! Went out shopping with Biker Witch (my sister) and oddly enough, we didn’t get into any trouble.  I bought a couple pairs of jeans and shoes, a shirt, earring and some stuff for the house. Biker witch picked up a few things too. Then we went to lunch and split a brownie Sundae.

Sunday, I cleaned two bags of clothes out of my closet. That’s a start. I still need a lot more, but I’m making progress.

Then I got some notes back from Laura Wright on my dragon proposal heroine, tried to dive into revising and basically made an unholy mess of it. Finally, I realized it was time to walk away. I watched a movie with Broken Leg Boy, then later realized how I could fix the mess.  I’ll be doing that today.

The next two to three weeks are brutal with physical therapy appts, dr. appts, etc.  If I’m not answering comments or miss a post, that’s why.  I’m fighting hard to find any time to write. But I’ll do my best to stay on top of it all.

How was your weekend?

Thursday, March 8th, 2012
Random Musing

More physical therapy today.  I’m going to sit in the lobby and work on my laptop I think.

I’ve sent off Ram’s novella to the copy editor, and now I’m trying to focus on revising the dragons. It’s Cheyenne Quay, my heroine, giving me problems. So after dealing with hospital/insurance issues and assorted crap yesterday, I had three hours to work yesterday. I concentrated, I thought, I plotted…

…and got nowhere.

Then I took BLB to his girlfriend’s house, and on the ten minute ride back when I was by myself, I had an idea.

I don’t know why it works that way. But it just does. I can’t force the solutions. But we’ll see if it’s a workable solution.

What are you guys up to today?

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012
Crafty Witch

Are you a crafty witch?

By crafts, I mean stuff like crocheting, quilting, stamping, scrap-booking…all that kind of stuff.

I’ve never made any secret of my sad lack of talent in the craft arts.  And frankly, I’m the impatient sort–if I want something, I go to the store and buy it. Or even better, Wizard goes to the store and buys it for me. The only thing close to crafts I’ve ever done was cake decorating. I took one class and had a blast.

However, BLB wanted to go into Michael’s store to look at some craft wood. I don’t even know what that is, or what he planned do with it. But I was game. So we walked (well, he hobbled on his crutches) into the store and I was immediately sidetracked.

Did you all know that you could make jewelry? I knew this on a vague level. But then I saw the rows of all the pretty jewelry I was in instant lust! Pendants and charms, and chains and …WOW! It was so much fun to just to look. I started making all these grand plans about taking a class, and learning how to make jewelry.  Naturally I was thinking about making book thongs too (a kind of bookmark). How cool would that be?

Sadly, by the time I got home, I remembered my lack of time, and my lack of will. I have a serious lack of follow through on anything craft-like. Bummer. Weird because I have a decent follow through with going to the gym.

Anyway, I’ll probably just stick to writing books. But tell me, do you all do crafts? What do you enjoy doing?

Monday, March 5th, 2012
Weekend Roundup

I had a great weekend! First, I finished revising FORBIDDEN MAGIC, and now I’m just doing straight editing before sending it off to the copy editor. That freed up my weekend for some fun.

My idea of fun often includes chocolate.  So on Saturday Broken Leg Boy and I made these cupcakes. They are low fat, and so awesome! Okay maybe even more awesome because I cheated and added some chocolate chunks, but even without those, they are really good. I don’t think they even need the icing.

Wizard and BLB both agree, the cupcakes are a hit.

Saturday night, BLB was bugging about something, I can’t remember what.  Responding in my usual mature mom way, I threatened to take his crutches away.

A few minutes later I was quietly reading and not bothering anyone, when I get a text from Biker Witch (she’s my sister and BLB’s aunt) YELLING at me for threatening to take away BLB’s crutches.

Obviously I should have taken away BLB’s  phone so he couldn’t text Biker Witch, and the two of them gang up on me!

On Sunday, BLB and I went to have coffee with Biker Witch, where they continued to pick on me, but I managed to courageously  endure it. Then we hit a few stores and ended up at–where else? A book store!

Mostly it was a fun, easy going weekend. And since this next month is going to be super busy, I really appreciated it.

How was your weekend?

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