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Thursday, April 12th, 2012
Want To Share With You All…

I spent all afternoon yesterday uploading FORBIDDEN MAGIC to the various sites; Kindle, Nook and Smashwords. It’s now in the “approval” stages.  It all looked correct in the previews I checked. Let’s hope the final versions are right.

I’ll give you guys links  to buy them tomorrow (Friday) if the novella is approved and up. And then on Sunday I plan to send out another newsletter with links, as well as the announcement I”m making here (below). If you haven’t already, you can join my newsletter if you like. There should be a spot to join “News from the Lyon’s Lair” on the right sidebar of this blog.

And this is what I wanted to share with you all first. I’m pricing the FORBIDDEN MAGIC E-Novella at 0.99 cents until May 1st. I’m doing that as a a thank you to all the readers who have hung in there with me, supported me and never lost faith.

Many of my advisers (I know, that sounds vaguely arrogant, but I went to a lot of people for advise on this venture!)  have strongly advised against this, they say I’m under-valuing my work. But they are missing the point, I do value my work, but I also value my readers. A lot.  I bounced this off Wizard, and he agreed with me.

So that’s the plan, the novella will be priced at .99 cents until May 1st.

Now all I need is a spell to make this novella sell tons!

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012
Tuesday’s Confession and Chit Chat

Okay I’ll admit it.

After I said I wouldn’t, I bought the second book in the 50 shades of Gray Series, SHADES OF DECEPTION.  I can’t figure out the allure either. In this book, they have sex all the time, and I skim those scenes, yet I keep reading. I don’t even know why.



There are so many other books I could be reading!

Oh well, that’s my confession for the day.

Otherwise, Monday was exhausting. BLB’s new surgeon reiterated that his injury is “a bad one.” He’s ordering an MRI to see what’s going on in there, particularly behind the knee, before he decides what to do next. In the meantime he needs to continue with physical therapy–something BLB is determined to do anyway so we’re all on the same page. Our goal is to get him mobile enough to return to school in the fall.

It still astonishes me how fast life changes in a single heartbeat like that. Just a freak accident.

But I did get the last pass of proofreading done on FORBIDDEN MAGIC and sent it off to the formatter. Carla and I are putting out a minor fire on our little secret project, but that will hopefully be resolved today.  I’m really excited to see so many things happening.

Okay that’s it for me, do you have any confessions to share today? Or any chit chat?

Monday, April 9th, 2012
Sugar High Weekend Roundup!

ONE MORE WEEK! I should get FORBIDDEN MAGIC up by Sunday, April 15th! Friday night, I got the edits back from the copy editor I hired.  I spent all day Saturday doing those, and now I’m doing the final proofing before sending it to the formatter.

So far, we’re on track! I’m very excited.

By the way, have you “liked” the Wing Slayer Hunter Fan Page on Facebook? Carla (my assistant) often has fun things going on there. And Carla just designed a new banner for my FB author page .

And lastly, you can go see the FORBIDDEN MAGIC reviews we have so far on Goodreads here, if you like.

That all consumed a lot of my weekend, but yesterday, all the boys were home. We had a blast, just hanging out in the hot tub, playing with Bailey and eating.

Oh. The. Eating!

We ended up having turkey by default. Then we had brownies and ice cream. Plus all the Easter Candy. My self control took a vacation this last week, and I want her back right now! Hopefully I’ll get back to my boring eating today. But yesterday was a great day!

Today Wizard and I are going with Broken Leg Boy to the new surgeon and see what he says.  Overall, BLB is doing better and better, so even if he does have the next surgery soon, he’s strong and ready, I think.

That was my weekend, now lets here about yours!


Thursday, April 5th, 2012
Sorry! And Where I Am Today

Sorry! I didn’t get a chance to write and set up a post yesterday. It’s all Wizard’s fault because it was his birthday :-)

Today I’m over at Vampires Werewolves & Fairies, Oh My! We’re giving away a signed copy of NIGHT MAGIC and SINFUL MAGIC and an e-copy of FORBIDDEN MAGIC to different winners. Come on over and say hello!

Here’s Bailey–he’s packing up his carrot to come over and visit today. Broken Leg Boy is going to drive out and pick him up after physical therapy today. Bailey’s excited, can you tell? (The first time I posted this, I forgot the picture–just added it, and this is what happens when I try to post a blog before I have coffee!)

Hope you all have a great day and so sorry for being late!

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012
My Reading Soapbox

The book I read over the weekend is FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY.  You know, the book everyone is talking about. I initially had zero interest in reading it.  But then I downloaded sample chapters and I was hooked. I’m completely surprised by this. But I found this book totally compelling and intense. I could see a young woman falling in love with this damaged man, and struggling with her decision.

Although I’m not sure I would have liked the book had I not known that it did not have a traditional happy ending.

A good friend of mine tried twice and could NOT get into the book.  Different tastes, right?

And as much as I enjoyed this book, I doubt I’ll read the next two in the trilogy. I think this book was enough for me.

But here’s what I want to talk about:  Male “professionals,” like the doctors with TV shows, who look at a runaway bestseller of FIFTY SHADES and analyze why we women read it. One doctor type I heard theorized that women have a secret desire to be dominated and controlled by men.

Please see me rolling my eyes here.  I just hate that condescending attitude.

Here’s the truth for me: I was fascinated by a world I don’t understand or live in. For instance, some of this book covered negotiating the dom/sub contract. Something I know nothing about.  I was interested. It’s just that simple.

And by the way, I told Wizard about that theory of women secretly wanting to be dominated, controlled…he laughed. Hard. Then he spent the rest of the day trying to order me around.  He then proclaimed me a total failure as a submissive.

Yeah, that wasn’t news to him, LOL!

Here’s the thing–this book isn’t for everyone. Few books are. But I really, really don’t need so called professionals trying to make judgements about me from my reading choices.

Okay I’m off my soapbox!

Monday, April 2nd, 2012
Weekend Round Up

In good news, BLB is driving. I am so happy. He was able to go back to his house for a couple days over the weekend. This is huge for us. He’s coming back today, and back to physical therapy. Next week, we see the new surgeon.

More good news — I now have an assistant. Her name is Carla (her email is on my home page if anyone needs it)Carla is doing my scheduling, keeping my calendar and getting reviews. I can’t tell you have much this helps me! She’s already doing a kick ass job.

Friday, I thought I took Linc’s book/files with me to BLB’s physical therapy to begin working on it. However it wasn’t on my flashdrive when I looked. I was sort of…nonplussed. I’ve been moving files back and forth without a hitch throughout all this. But the files just weren’t there.

What’s a witch to do?

READ! I shut down my laptop, picked up my Kindle, downloaded a book and started reading. I felt guilty that I wasn’t working for about five minutes. Then the next thing I knew, BLB was standing there, looking at me. I didn’t even hear him. Which, of course, made him laugh at me.

I’ll talk about the book I read tomorrow.

That’s enough about me. How was your weekend?



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