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Monday, July 2nd, 2012
Weekend Roundup

One evening last week, me, Wizard BLB and Bailey were sitting around watching TV. Bailey jumped on Wizard’s lap.  Wizard was petting him when he looked up and said, “This is the longest Bailey has ever been here. When is he going home?”

“He is home. He lives here now,” I said.

Wizard frowned, looked at BLB then me, and said, “You’re lying.”

“You sure? I mean look around,”  I waved my hand at the family room filled with dog toys and assorted stuff. It looked like a pet store threw up in there.

Wizard stared at me.  “He can’t live here, witch.”

I shrugged. “Looks like he is. But feel free to take him back to the boys’ house. He can visit them for awhile.”

Wizard heaved a big sigh. “Why do you mess with me?”

Because it’s so much fun! However, yesterday, BLB and I took Bailey home to his other house.  Now I’m home writing this blog and missing Bailey! And I know once Wizard gets home, he’s going to grumble about missing “the stupid dog” too.

Otherwise, my weekend has been fine. I’m starting the revising process on my manuscript. I’ve learned that I apparently like torturing heroes whether they are in the paranormal or contemporary genre. That may not be part of my personality I want to brag about, LOL!

Today (Monday) I’m taking BLB to get his stitches out. I suspect he’ll be cleared to drive. But now reality is setting in, and it’s coming time for some hard decisions to help BLB secure a future.  However, at least he has a future so there is a lot to be grateful for.

How was your weekend?

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