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Friday, August 31st, 2012
Beware of Moody Witch

Another Friday…I don’t know where time has gone.  I’m in a strange mood.

Partly because BLB moved back to his house.  I am very happy for him. He started the new job at work and is very positive. He also started back to college with a full load. He is adapting and changing to his new reality with incredible fortitude and grace.

Wizard happened to be walking across the street the other day, and he said he looked down at the little blue dot in the road–it’s a small plastic square that marks where the fire hydrant is.

So little.

Been there since we bought this house about 15 years ago.

Who knew that one Christmas Eve, on a day that was picture perfect right up until that moment, BLB would hit that dot on a motorized scooter and everything would change.

A freak accident.

One that most likely cost BLB his dream job that he has been working toward since  he was nineteen years old.  I can’t share the actual job, but it’s very hard to achieve. He found out he was one of the select few six weeks after he broke his leg.

Who knows, it could still happen, but doubtful. However they do want him if it’s at all possible, which is a good thing for him to know.

I admire the hell out of him.  And now, I’m looking back at that long road, and realizing that in the midst of all that hardship and pain, I got an incredible gift. I’ve always been pretty close with my kids. We’re a tight family.

But while BLB recovered, we grew closer. We had a lot of fun and laughs.  We stayed up late together because he couldn’t sleep. Or when we went out with Biker Witch, who made BLB feel both special and normal, even while still in the wheelchair.  The truth is that Wizard and I had moments with our son we’d never have had otherwise.  Sometimes his humor got us through the moment.

We saw exactly how amazing our other two sons were when called upon.  I had no idea what they were capable of until their brother was hurt. I learned there was an unbreakable bond there, one that assures me if Wizard and I are gone, they will be okay. And they have been there for Wizard and I whenever it got to be too much for us.

But now it’s time to let go. This is as vital as anything else we did to help BLB’s recovery.  He’s fine. He can do this. He will only need us for little things now as he learns to fly on his own again. He  will have setbacks and bad days, and we’ll be there. But he’s in charge of his own life. As it should be.

It just leaves me with a small lump in my throat. And tremendous pride and love in my heart.

Letting go. The hardest, and best, thing we ever do.

On the upside, though, this let’s me turn my full attention to Linc. He wanted my attention, now he has it. Bwahahaha!! CAGE MAGIC is gong to get written one way or another and Linc had better just suck it up and deal with the challenge!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012
Wing Slayer Worthy

I hate waiting. Just thought you all should know that. Hate it.

And on another subject, so you know that for-freaking-ever Linc drove me crazy wanting me to tell his story, right? Okay I’m doing it, trying to work on his book.  But Now he’s working up to good and pissed over the way his story is going. Sigh…men. There is just no pleasing them.

And seriously Linc, you’re the one that insisted you were going to win your witch in a bet. I gave you that much.


Let’s not talk about Linc, okay? He’s giving me indigestion. And don’t even get my started on Ram, Shayla and Ginny…

Okay we need to get to an entirely different subject.  What do you all this of this guy?

So…is he Wing Slayer Worthy?

Monday, August 27th, 2012
Weekend Roundup

I drove by a  house selling German Shepherd puppies AND they had the puppies in the front yard in a pen. So adorable!!

Man, that was a test of my willpower. The only reason I didn’t stop was that I had a piece of strawberry cheesecake in the car I had bought for Wizard.

Stupid Wizard ruins all my fun. Sure he didn’t ask for the cheesecake, or have any idea I was getting it for him, but still, I blame him.

Then late yesterday afternoon, Wizard and I were running errands, and in the shopping center, there was a huge plastic container with a sign that says Cutest Puppies. Wizard kept on driving.

Mean Wizard! If I had been driving, things would have been much different!

So overall we had a good weekend except for work. I had planned on working Sunday but surprise guests threw that plan off.  Today I’m working all day after the gym.  Oh and my lunch with a friend on Saturday was great.  I felt much better by then and really enjoyed it.

So how was your weekend?

Friday, August 24th, 2012
Late! Sorry!

My apologies for being late. I was a bit ill last night, but all better now! Naturally I had an early morning appointment too, so I’m dead tired, but still feeling much better.

This has been kind of a wild week, and therefore I’m not getting as much writing done as I need to. However, I am getting to know Linc and Risa so much better. I love them, and I really hope I can do their story justice in CAGE MAGIC.  This picture is close to them in the tone, but not exact on the looks:


Linc has longer hair, with lighter shades, and Risa is never so polished, but the look in their eyes…yeah. That troubled look, and the way they are pulling together is dead on.

Enough about that. Tomorrow I’m going to lunch with a friend and really looking forward to it. How about you guys? Any plans?

Whatever you do, have a great weekend! And stay well!

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012
Wing Slayer Worthy

Bailey came over Monday and he’s going home today. So I decided to take a picture of him to show you all.

Bailey doesn’t like his picture taken. First he tried kisses, then sitting next to me and facing away. We went through a progression of shots until I ended up with these:


Here I think he actually rolled his eyes:

Giving up until I stop bugging him:

Once I stopped, he played like the nutball he is. I should have taken pictures outside when he was playing and chasing lizards or BLB and I put him in the pool.

Okay onto the candidate for today:

This is another one I bought rights to at Bigstock. What do you think, Wing Slayer Worthy?

Monday, August 20th, 2012
Weekend Roundup

My weekend, the short version: Saturday sucked, Sunday rocked :-) Nothing went right on Saturday.  I screwed up brownies,  my son cancelled coming out for a swim day, which meant we didn’t get to see Bailey either, I couldn’t work, went swimming and had some sort of a allergic reaction to chlorine Wizard put into the pool due to all the humidity. It was just one of those days.  By the end of the day–sniffling, swollen, runny eyes, frizzed out pool hair and glasses, hobbling on a bad ankle (it’s fine, just a minor thing),  I think I heard Wizard cough the words  “Walking Disaster.”

Sunday I felt much, much better. Got a lot of work done, I nearly have something ready that someone wants…how’s that for vague? LOL Sorry! Wizard and I hung out in the hot tub and cooked dinner together,  just really enjoyed our day.  We’re both going to get super busy here, so we really try and focus on some time together.

Wizard is dropping “little suggestions” that we should take Bailey for a week. He misses Bailey! Can’t admit it, but says he thinks *I* need Bailey time. Uh huh, we all believe you Wizard!

So that’s my weekend. Today I’m going to the gym, and then back to work.

How was your weekend?

Friday, August 17th, 2012
Happy Friday!

You know what’s frustrating? Knowing something I can’t share…


Man I hate that. So let’s talk about the night I decided I should give myself a pedicure. Sometimes, I get lucky, and it turns out okay.

This was not one of those nights.

So I go upstairs, do all the pre work, then gather up my stuff and sit on the floor in front of the TV. And I start polishing.

Wizard, and I don’t know how he does it, will sense when I have been rendered a “captive audience.” It’s freaky how finely tuned this sense of this is. He had been out in his garage for a while, not bothering me. But once I have polish on and can’t move until it dries?

Wizard appears in the room. “What are you doing Witch?”

I narrow my eyes and say,  “I’m mixing chemicals that will kill you. Run while you can.”

He’s not the least bit worried.  He tilts his head. “Why don’t you just go get a pedicure?”

“Shut up.” I can soooo do this. I can. Really. I used to decorate cakes, damn it. Okay not professionally, but still, I wasn’t embarrassed by my cakes. I can do this!

Wizard totally ignores my outburst and goes on, “Are you making yourself pretty?” Then he starts walking around the room singing “Prettyyyy Girrllls” in the creepiest Wizard voice possible.

I cave in and do the worst possible thing.  I laugh. I can’t help it. Wizard is so not creepy, and when he does that voice, it sends me into fits of giggles every freaking time.

But then he starts to leave, and I sigh in relief. He’s done and I can have some peace.

And then he spots this:

It’s sitting on my upstairs desk. I have no clue what it is–but Biker Witch gave it to me.  Probably because she’s in cohoots with Wizard to DRIVE ME INSANE.


Well Wizard’s face lit up when he sees this. He picks it up, them LOOMS over me.  “Say, Whoo Hoo.”

“No. Leave me alone. I want to watch TV.”

“You have to say Woo Hoo. Then I throw this to you. That’s the game, I saw it on a TV show.”

I swear to you I Am Not Making This Up. I can’t get up and escape because…hello, wet toes. Dark grape polish. Light carpet. I am trapped.

So I say Woo Hoo.  And he throws that weird ass thing at me. I catch it before it attacks me.

Then he stands there sing-songing Woo Hoo! And won’t leave until I throw it back.

I seriously had to play this game while trapped on the floor with wet toes until he was done torturing me.

Finally, he puts the stupid ass thing down and said,  “Fork out the money for a pedicure you cheap witch,” and leaves, laughing all the way down the stairs. Why? Why does this amuse him so much?And he’s wrong, because I can so do a pedicure if I try!

So finally my toes dry, I go downstairs and he’s like totally NORMAL for awhile. Then I look at my toes and … I stomp upstairs totally pissed because my toes aren’t right at all and I take off the stupid polish.

I’ll probably pay for a pedicure as soon as I’m done sulking.  I can’t even blame Wizard, he didn’t touch my toes. He’s totally responsible for making me insane, but not the poor polish job. Heck, he didn’t even say “I told you so.”

If you actually made it through this story–all true because yes, we are that boring–have a great weekend everyone!

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