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Wednesday, October 31st, 2012
Wing Slayer Worthy

I had planned to talk about my secret project today, but there is just too much suffering out there in the aftermath of Mega-Storm Sandy right now. So many people’s lives have been seriously disrupted, or in some cases, shattered.  My thoughts are with all of them.

And now, let’s lighten the mood here. For your viewing pleasure, here is today’s candidate (who portrays Axel on the Wing Slayer Hunter trading cards!):

So what do you think? Is he Wing Slayer Worthy?

Monday, October 29th, 2012
Weekend Roundup

Bailey has a new sweater:

It’s a bit of a crappy cell phone pic–but I don’t get to see Bailey much anymore so I take what I can get. To make  a long story short, for years all three of my sons lived together in one house. Now middle son has moved into a condo, and Bailey went with him. This cuts my visits down by a third since all three boys each brought Bailey with them when they came out of visit. But Bailey is happy in his new home!

Oldest son and BLB  are still living together, and of course they can see Bailey time they like.  They can take him for visits too.  So Bailey has gone from two homes to three :-)

In other news, Wizard and I were chatting with neighbors across the street.  The woman asked me if I wrote books.  (They haven’t lived there long). So the conversation went like this:

Me, “I better get back to work.”

Neighbor, “You write books?”

Me, “Yep. It keeps me busy.”  (I usually don’t say much because reactions can be range from nice to weird to annoying).

Neighbor, “What do you write, children’s books?”

At which point Wizard bursts out laughing and decides to jump in with,  “No, she writes, sexy, trashy, dirty books.” And then he laughed again.

I’m rolling my eyes, but Neighbor perks up and starts talking about trashy, sexy, dirty books she loves. My neighbor’s a keeper…not so sure about Wizard. (And okay, I *might* have laughed at his description, it was kind of funny!)

But why does everyone thing I write children’s book? I always get that question. Weird.

So how was your weekend?


Friday, October 26th, 2012
Happy Friday!

I’m revising secret project and it’s taking longer than I thought.  Plus next week the revisions for the Entangled book that is supposed to be out in March should be coming.  FYI–I plan to announce secret project next week :-) All I’ve been waiting for is getting the revisions on the Entangled book so I can figure out my writing schedule.  I have the feeling I’m going to have to push back my release date on secret project.

Speaking of the Entangled book–it’s a category length contemporary with the potential to become a series.  So with that in mind, I had my Jennifer Apodaca webpage redesigned. The content is the same, but the design is new. Go take a look if you like!

I’m hoping to work this weekend. What are your plans?  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012
Wing Slayer Worthy

While waiting for a very small payment so I can buy more pictures, I”m using my some of my stock photos I’ve purchased but don’t think I’ve used yet.

I’m also dying to tell you more about the secret project…soon! It’s killing me! You guys are the ones I want to tell first.

Oops I wasn’ t supposed to stay that. Sorry. Back on track here. I must stay focused! Okay here’s the candidate I have on hand:

Okay what do you think? Wing Slayer Worthy?



Monday, October 22nd, 2012
Weekend Roundup

We had a blast Saturday night at Wizard’s reunion. I thought I’d have pictures but I ended up leaving Siri (my iPhone) in car, so I didn’t take pictures. I did that because I was carrying a really small purse and didn’t want to mess with my cell phone.

Wizard insists that Sami (his Samsung cell phone) make Siri cry and she HID in the car.  NOT TRUE! Siri is a smart phone that can do everything but make coffee and Sami is so dumb, he can’t do anything but text and make calls.

Back to the reunion.  We really did have fun, but it was the worst food ever. And I had to eat because Wizard started off the night by getting me a Gin and Tonic. I am a lightweight drinker, and was starved. So I ate…I’m not sure what it was…lasagna maybe? Mostly I ate a mystery pasta salad that tasted a lot like the stable clothes and green salad.

Then I spotted the dessert table.  Which I pointed out to Wizard and we strolled over there.  “Dessert” was a bunch of store bought, economy-sized cookies piled on a plate.

I was not a happy witch about that. However, seeing everyone Wizard grew up with more than made up for the awful food.  Such a great night, then we got home late and we were wiped out Sunday. I read part of Wolf Moon (Silvers latest release!) and sort of just hung around thinking about all the things I should be doing.

In other news, I’m having trouble getting started on the next installment of my secret project. So…I’ve turned my attention to the house much to Wizard’s distress. First, on Friday, I offered to go with him to the Home Depot, and he ended up spending the rest of the day replacing towel racks in the guest bathroom and touch up painting. Saturday morning I cajoled him into going furniture shopping, but we couldn’t find anything. So I showed him granite counter tops and new back splash  I want in the kitchen…

Then Sunday I mentioned how if we keep all the old stuff in the house this is the time to try getting a dog again…

Now he’s begging me to please, PLEASE, go back to writing.  Bwhahaha!!

How was your weekend?

Friday, October 19th, 2012
Happy Friday!

I must stop baking! Or this will be me:

See I’ve been researching bakeries (secret project!!), then I keep finding these recipes…like the lemon cookies I made last Friday that are now all gone.  You can find the recipe here

Wizard is NO HELP! He would rather I bake than keep the weight off.  All these years, he has never once said a word about my weight…

Oh wait, that’s a total lie. When I was pregnant with our first son and we were driving on the freeway, he offered to stop at the truck scale so I could weight myself.  Then laughed himself sick.

Think I held a grudge for that one long enough? Bhahahaha!!!

But otherwise, nope, he never says a word about my weight.  But I am trying ignore all the fat and carbs once more.  For a while there I got a little thinner than I intended with BLB, but this month or six weeks, I’m slacking off too much. I’m going back to the gym next week! My back/side issue better just suck it up :-)

This weekend we have an small reunion thing to go to for Wizard.  Otherwise, it’ll be business as usual. I’ll be trying really hard NOT to think about the pastries stuffed with ricotta cheese and lemon curd I saw on a TV show called Unique Sweets. I so bet I could make those…

I. Must. Resist!

Do you have any big weekend plans? Have a great one!!!

P.S. If you haven’t done it yet, be sure to check out our own Silver James’s latest release, Wolf Moon. I have it on my Kindle!

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012
Wing Slayer Worthy

I’m going to the dentist today to get a tiny cavity filled.  Because the dentist is so far away from us, it’s a half day process at least. It’s really time to find one closer to home.

In a change of topics, I really don’t care for the book I’m reading. Don’t you hate that? I’m not going to name  the book, it’s just not for me. And hello–three points of view in FIRST PERSON can be a little crazy annoying confusing pointless and freaking exhausting daunting to read.

Let’s move on before I slide into a full blown rant, shall we? For the record, I demanded suggested to today’s candidate that he take his shirt off in order to give all the witches a better view.

All I got in response was a smirk.  Whatever, he’s the one being judged, not me!

So what do you think? Wing Slayer Worthy?

I’ll probably be even later than usual commenting since I’ll be at the dentists and doing random errands while I’m out.

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