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Monday, December 31st, 2012
Happy New Year!

I was going to write some kind of clever, sweet or inspiriting post.

Really. I was.

Then yesterday afternoon, when I normally write my posts, Wizard had an idea. It was freezing cold, so he lit a fire, put on a movie and poured wine for us.

So…um…what was I going to write about? I have no idea.

I blame Wizard!

This I do remember, I want to each of you how much  you mean to me. You guys hung with me through a really tough year, particularly the first half of the year in dealing with BLB’s injury/recovery.  I appreciate your support and all the laughs we shared. It truly kept me, BLB and Wizard going when we were all just so tired, and each day was an uphill struggle. Then I would write a post, trying to find something amusing to talk about, and suddenly it wasn’t all so grim.  That is a gift from each of you that I will always remember. Thank you for being there. I truly mean that.

Let’s all raise a glass…

…to good friends who hold our hands through the dark days,  wildly celebrate our bright days and are there every single day in between!

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 28th, 2012
Super Awesome Present!

I got a huge surprise gift from Stephanie, one of our “witches” here on the the blog. I’m just amazed at her talent. She’s one of our younger witches, never had a class, and yet she immortalized Axel and Darcy in a sculpture.

Wizard used his new camera to take some pictures:


Ignore how tired I look here–I was battling insomnia and losing big time :-)



I love this statue! Thank you so much Stephanie!

Changing subjects here, last night I told Wizard, “I’m full.”

Wizard says, “Stop eating cookies and candy.”

Um, duh. So I replied nicely,  “They are getting old anyway. I’m going to throw them all out tonight.”

“NO!!!” Wizard actually yelled, as if I had said I was going to kick a puppy.  “You can’t throw them away. My witch made those for me.  Step away from my cookies!”

Sigh…what am I supposed to do? Wizard just isn’t being reasonable.  I haven’t gained much, but I need to get rid of the junk food!

And lastly, Happy Friday! The weekend is here! My plan is hang out a bit with Biker Witch, work on THE PROPOSITION edits and take down the Christmas tree and decorations. I figure I’ll back vacuuming up the pine needles until Valentine’s day.

What are you doing this weekend?

(FYI, I’m planning to blog on Monday, New Year’s Eve.)

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012
Holiday Hangover!

This is Bailey last night (Christmas), totally worn out.

Our holiday was great, but somehow it’s always exhausting.  All the boys were home, and of course, Bailey Dog with his new hoodie sweat shirt.  It’s pretty cold here so Bailey was happy to wear it. He got a new cow-toy that he loves. He refused to put it down except when Wizard and the boys flew remote control helicopters all over the house.

Bailey HATED those helicopters.  He jumped up and snatched one mid-flight, but let it go before damaging it.  Bailey really is one of the boys :-)

Wizard only works a couple days this week, but I need to get back to work and finish my last revisions/line edits on THE PROPOSAL. First, though, I need to get to the gym! And stop eating junk food!

How was your holiday?

Monday, December 24th, 2012
Happy Holidays!

All My Friends,

Wizard and I wish each of you a holiday filled with Love, Laughter and Magic…

And lets all get ready to make 2013 rock!

Friday, December 21st, 2012
Happy Friday!

I miss writing so much! Seriously!

Yesterday was a frenzy of cookie making; Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate-Raspberry thumbprint,  Orange cookies dipped in chocolate and almonds. I also finished making some chocolate Kahlua truffles.

And BLB came over! So great to see him. He’s doing well. Just finished his semester at college. He looks good. He taste-tested the cookies and the peanut butter balls I made the other day :-)

Today, I’m baking Star Bites (short bread cookies, cut into small stars with a ganache filling), Raspberry hearts (short bread cookies with a raspberry filling), mocha cookies, tea cakes and lemon cookies. I also need to make a layered lemon-cheesecake to take to a party on Saturday.

Biker Witch is coming  over to help in the afternoon.  By then, I’ll be exhausted, and she and Wizard will probably gang up on me and tease me. But it’ll be fun.

We have a family Christmas party on Sat.

What are you all doing? Is everyone getting worn down or do the holidays energize you?

(I’m hoping to get back here Monday to wish you all a Merry Christmas!)


Wednesday, December 19th, 2012
Wing Slayer Worthy

I’m nearly done shopping! Just picking up a couple little things today.  I even got a lot of the gifts wrapped :-)

So…for Wing Slayer Worthy, I’m a slacker. I’m using one of the pics I have on hand.  So here he is:


So what do you think? Wing Slayer Worthy?

Monday, December 17th, 2012
Weekend Roundup

Good weekend!  Taking time off is a strange feeling. I’m never “completely” off, but it’s odd not thinking about my work in progress every second.  Saturday,  I mostly sat around a read a book.  While I’m feeling better, the end of the cold was bugging me, so I kicked back. Sunday we did more shopping etc.

I’m not baking until later this week. I’m going to give some cookie-gifts at a Saturday party, and I want them to be fresh as possible.  I realize now that I’m going to be pushing a bit do make that many different types of cookies in a couple days–poor planning on my part. But I’ll figure it out, and enjoy doing it.

After the horrible tragedy in Connecticut last week, all this other stuff just isn’t very important.  My thoughts are with all the families and friends devastated by the violence that I simply can’t, and won’t ever be able to, comprehend.  If I truly had any magic, I would focus it all on giving each and every heart suffering from that tragedy comfort and peace.  I’ll leave my comments at that.

Back to baking, every day Wizard asks me, “Are you starting yet?” He cracks me up. I had six recipes I found online, and I only needed a couple. He was going through them with me, saying, “Ohhh, do that one! No that one! Can you make them all?”  I think we settled on orange dipped cookie and  a mocha cookies to add to what I already had.  He always inspires me :-)

How was your weekend?

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