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Wednesday, March 13th, 2013
Hunk Worthiness!

I got the nicest email yesterday from me editor telling me THE BABY BARGAIN  is doing well. Both that book and THE PROPOSITION are holding their own and I’m humbled by it because I’m not doing it by myself and I know it.  I want to thank all of you so much  for helping spread the word!

Now a quick bit of business (then I promise, onto Wednesday Worthiness!)



I’m giving away THREE $10.00 Gift Cards over at my Jennifer Apodaca Page for posting a review of THE BABY BARGAIN . Click the link below to see how to enter. Giveaway is open until midnight on March 22.

Ok that’s done. Now onto the image I bought (paid too much, but this captured the troubled side of him and so, I ponied up the bucks) to represent Adam from THE BABY BARGAIN:

Adam iStock_000020478491Small


So what do you guys think? Worthy? No?

P.S. I have a routine doctor appt and probably won’t get to answer comments for awhile.

Monday, March 11th, 2013
The Baby Bargain Released!

First THE BABY BARGAIN written Jennifer Apodaca is here! All pretty and released! More on that in a minute

I had a great time at the meeting on Saturday. Doing Ask An Author is always fun, I always love chatting about writing and reading :-) Kate (Carlisle) and I went to lunch and tried to get all caught up. Why is it we just don’t see our friends enough?

And speaking of friends, a huge shout to Susan Mallery  for giving me the cover quote for THE BABY BARGAIN! We were all hanging out at RWA Conference this summer and she offered to do it. I was stunned and very grateful. Susan is like that though, very generous to everyone around her. She truly tires to help other writers succeed. Here is the cover with Susan’s quote:

TheBabyBargain_900px 3

These should be the buy links Amazon KindlesB&N NOOK 

And the blurb:

Seeing Adam Waters is the last thing veterinarian Megan Young expects. Ex-Marine. Ex-boyfriend. And still extremely dangerous territory. But Adam doesn’t know the secret Megan has been keeping from him. The secret that was created three years ago, after their last night together…

Adam returns to Raven’s Cove to sell his home in a final break with the town and memories that haunt him. The problem is that his attraction to Megan is as blazing hot as it ever was. But when a vicious smear campaign against Megan turns ugly, Adam learns the truth he never knew—he has a son. Now the only way Megan can protect her child is to strike a bargain with Adam.

And it’s a bargain that looks a lot like blackmail…

So how was your weekend?

Friday, March 8th, 2013
Happy Friday!

You know, I often amaze myself at my incredible ability to screw up.  If only I would use that amazing talent for good…

Please note this is MY fault. No one else’s, but 100% mine.

So yesterday morning, I got up and checked the day’s blog tour stop at Under the Covers Book Blog.  I saw the blog was up and went on with my morning.

An hour or two later, I checked again, actually READING the first line this time and realized it was THE WRONG FREAKING BLOG.

Okay, but how bad could it be?

Sigh…it was the draft of a blog I wrote for B. E.’s blog–unfinished, unedited and (I thought) discarded because it sucked big fat hairy donkey…toes. Let’s just say toes. I mean it was bad. It gives me hot flashes of gut-churning humiliation to even think about it getting out into public.

First I panicked. I started emailing Carla — my awesome assistant who set it all up through her Book Monster Promotions. But Carla wasn’t answering me because sometimes she actually has a life. I mean at least five minutes went by which is a life time when you’re dying of panic.

Then I thought… Text her you freaking moron. 

Carla texted right back, then she contacted the Under the Cover Book Blog folks and they immediately fixed my massively embarrassing screw up.

So to be clear, Carla and Under the Cover Book Blog are the heroes and I am the too-stupid-too-live-author who is supremely grateful.

Sigh…if only I could use my ability to screw things up to foil terrorists or something.

Tomorrow I’m going to my local RWA meeting.  That should be fun as long as I manage not to humiliate myself.

What are your plans?

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

I’m so close to being able to announce something, but not quite there yet. Don’t you hate that?

I’m on the last pages of Silver’s book BRIDE’S MOON.  Finally getting a chance to read! But mostly I’m trying to setting back into writing POSSESSION. I love this book, but right now, it’s a huge mess. That’s okay though, that’s just how I work.  And it’d be great is Sloane would stop bugging me at 2 am. I’m telling you, the man does not sleep so he’s decided I shouldn’t sleep either.

Oh but when I’m at the computer and begging for inspiration? Sloane is either training or in a meeting. Talk about annoying!

Now for a dog tail tale. On my animal shelter site, I found this super cool adult German shepherd. He’s trained, etc. But I was so slammed with work that by the time Wizard got home, I forgot to show him.

Saturday night I finally remembered.  Wizard stomped over to the computer, complaining that the didn’t want to see a stupid dog. Then he saw him.

“He’s a cool dog. What’s wrong with him?”

“Nothing, his family had to move into an apartment.”

“Really? And he’s trained?” Wizard asked.

“That’s what they said. But they are closed tomorrow.”

“Probably for the best,” he said and wandered off.  So I’m left kicking myself for not showing Wizard sooner.

Monday, after a crazy morning, I finally remembered to look. The dog had been adopted. I figured that was probably for the best. Right? But no…Wizard comes home, “You know, witch, I’ve been thinking about that dog you showed me…”

Sigh… I told him the dog had been adopted. It probably is for the best but I’m still pouting a little bit.  However, there are always dogs that need homes if we ever seriously decide to do it.

I put this guy on my FB page this week. What do you guys think?


Is he worthy enough for you?

Monday, March 4th, 2013
Weekend Roundup

Sorry this is late, I accidentally scheduled it for the 14th instead of the 4th.

I’m bad. Pizza-and-brownies bad.

Well the pizza was completely Wizard’s fault. But the brownies are mind,  I just had to try a hazelnut mocha brownies. So I worked Sat and half of Sunday then baked. Here’s a crummy picture


So I ate pizza, then brownies.  And then suffered massive regret! I need to get rid of the brownies. Or at least no eat anymore.

Otherwise I did a ton of grunt work over the weekend, trying to get as much done as possible. Today, after I go to the gym, I’m writing!

Today I’m at B.E.’s blog The Unpublished Writer  Come by and say hi! You don’t have to read the whole blog :-) We just want to support B.E.! And for the blog tour, I should be at UNITED BY BOOKS.

So how was your weekend?

Friday, March 1st, 2013
Happy Friday!

Holy Cow! I just realized that today is March 1st.  Time is flying!

Today I’m at Book Lovin’ Mama’s for day four of THE PROPOSITION Blog Tour if you’d like to stop by.

I really, really miss Bailey. So does Wizard. He keeps bugging me to go get him for a few days. But the thing is, without any of the boys here, Bailey will miss them and then I feel bad.

And the REAL problem would be this:

Bailey while I work 2

I can’t work with that cute little face watching me, waiting for me to finish so we can play!

So in good news, I’m not as tired :-) I’ve managed to sleep a bit more and that’s so helpful. Plus I’m getting a handle on my work load ( I think!).

In less than good news the release for THE BABY BARGAIN has been pushed back a week to March 13th.

And in fun news, THE PROPOSITION seems to be doing pretty well for the first week out. Because this is a little different direction for me, it’s going to take time to build. But so far, so good. And thank you to all of you for helping spread the word! Word of mouth is still the most powerful tool we have to getting books into the hands of readers.  I hope you know I appreciate it and never take you all for grated!

And speaking of books, I’ve had our own Silver Jame’s BRIDE’S MOON on my Kindle for a little while now and still am trying to carve out time to read it! I’m frustrated by that, but I will get it read this weekend so I can review it. About all I’ve had time to read is headlines, but that should slow down now.

On Monday i think I’ll be on B.E.’s blog, but I’ll let you guys know for sure that day.

In the mean time, what are you all doing this weekend?


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