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Wednesday, March 12th, 2014
Wednesday Worthy

Oh man, I saw the two covers for the German version of The Plus One Chronicles, and I’m dying to share them. I love them so much! But they’ve asked me to hold off for a couple weeks. Its killing me! It finally feels real though! The German version will be released in two books instead of three, and it will be in both print and electronic versions. When I first set out to write that story, and self publish it, I never imaged this would happen. Sometimes, writing the book of your heart really does work out in ways we can’t even fathom.

Now I’m in a race against time to get Exposing The Heiress done. The story is emerging…just not fast enough. It takes time to get it right, but time is in short supply.

Okay moving on to Wednesday Worthy. This is a hunk who has visited us a few times, let’s see if he’s still worthy!



What do you think?


Monday, March 10th, 2014
Weekend Roundup

This weekend was another blur! Middle Son brought Bailey over Thursday night, and we took him home last night. Bailey was good as gold, here he is once again waiting for me to get done working so we can play:

Bailey thinks work is stupid

Bailey’s absolute favorite thing now is Lizard Hunting.  This time, he actually caught two of them.  The first time, I was stunned. Bailey snatched up the lizard, turned to me–and I swear–SMILED with a lizard in his mouth.

Ugh. So I yelled, “Bailey drop it.”

He dropped it, then picked it back up and showed me again. Double Ugh. “Drop it Bailey!”

We repeated the same routine until I finally picked up Bailey and the lizard ran off. For whatever reason, Bailey wasn’t really trying to hurt him, he just wanted to play.  I’ve seen Bailey rip through a hard plastic fence with his teeth once–his teeth are brutal if he chooses. So I’m assuming he just wanted to play.

The second time Bailey caught a lizard (seriously this NEVER happens, so I’m not sure why he happened to catch two this weekend), Wizard was with me and bellowed, “It’s in his mouth. He’s got it in his mouth!”

Now I’m trying to tell Bailey to drop it while laughing at Wizard’s reaction.  I’d told Wizard about the first lizard Bailey caught so how exactly did he think Bailey caught it–with a net? Anyway, Bailey dropped the lizard and I made him go in the house to give the lizards a chance to regroup.

Saturday, I went to my RWA meeting and had a great time seeing old friends. I’m so glad I went! As usually happens, I got a lot of ideas that are helping me with my book.

Sunday BLB (youngest son) came out to hang with Bailey. Then BLB had some homework to do and I found him in MY upstairs office using MY special chair:

In my office chair


Okay that’s not really BLB, that’s Frank.  BLB is much bigger than Frank :-) I found Frank when I was cleaning out closets. But that is my chair that I love so much. It’s perfect and BLB loved it too, and even tried to talk me into giving it to him. Not happening!

I managed to get some writing done. But these next three weeks are going to be a major writing marathon for me.

So how was your weekend?


Friday, March 7th, 2014
Happy Friday!

It’s already Friday again! So hard to believe. I’m expecting a good weekend because Bailey is coming tonight (I’m writing this blog on Thursday night) to stay the weekend, and I’m going to my local RWA chapter meeting on Saturday. Wizard says he and Bailey will hang out and do serious male bonding :-)

Also, I approved the audio for THE PROPOSITION so hopefully that will be up in a couple weeks. I’m so impressed with Ryan as a narrator/producer that I’ve contracted with him for the next two books, POSSESSION and OBSESSION.

I have to make time to write this weekend too!

What are your weekend plans?

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014
Wednesday Worthy

Yesterday I was grocery shopping when I remembered that Bailey Dog is supposed to be coming over this weekend. So I ended up on the pet food aisle where I chose two kinds of treats for Bailey. I tossed them in my basket and resumed shopping when it dawned on me: I’d bought treats for Bailey but not Wizard.


So I doubled back and bought Wizard some ice cream and some cheesecake treats. (Neither of which I care for, but he loves.)

At dinner that night, I described my decision making process to Wizard.

He stared at me. “Let me see if I understand this correctly, you were compelled to buy me the same amount of treats that you bought a dog?”


Wizard nodded. “Man I love that dog! I get Neapolitan ice cream and strawberry cheesecake dessert cups! Bailey rules.”

See? I’m NOT the only crazy one in this house.

Here’s our candidate for today:

Handsome Young Muscle Man Standing In Water PondWhat do you think, is he worthy?


Monday, March 3rd, 2014
Late! Weekend Roundup

I’m juggling too many things and dropped getting the blog posted, sorry! My weekend was good, although my lunch with my friend was cancelled. Hopefully we’ll get another chance to do lunch.

After some technical glitches, the first tracks of the audio book for THE PROPOSITION are done! I’m listening for tweaks or corrections and once we do that, it should be ready to go. I think it takes a couple of weeks to go live. I’ve listened to 10 out of 13 chapters, and WOW I’m impressed!

And I broke through on EXPOSING THE HEIRESS. After all this time, I’ve found Alyssa and Hunt’s story. I just need to write a gazillion words in a month, easy LOLOLOL!!!

Now I’m off to the gym, then work. How was your weekend?

OH!! And Middle Son called and asked if we can babysit Bailey Dog next weekend. Any guesses what my answer was?

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