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Wednesday, April 30th, 2014
I’m Back! And Wednesday Worthy!

Whew, that was NOT fun. A week with major internet problems, and making my way though the customer service roadblocks to get a technician out here to help.  We got it back up and running Monday night…fingers crossed that it holds.  Enough of that, we really don’t want to relive it :-)

But I missed you all! I hope everyone is safe after those tornadoes.

Wizard was home on Monday, after a long day we decided to take a break (escaped the madness!) and go to the movies. We saw THE OTHER WOMAN, and it was hilarious. Toward the end, I laughed so hard, I lost my breath. If you like women getting revenge on cheating guy humor, see this movie! 

I lost writing time with all the issues, but I’m on track…mostly. It didn’t help that BLB and Bailey showed up unexpectedly to stay the weekend (Bailey belongs to Middle Son–but Middle Son was traveling so asked his brother to help –this is too convoluted to even explain, LOL!)  The CPA and Special K came over after they did a Mud Run thing…and it was pretty much a full house. I love the kids hanging out, so I can’t complain about that.

Now let’s move onto out candidate for Wednesday Worthy–maybe  a guy who can do some heavy lifting around here:

Back Of Muscular Construction Worker Shirtless In Building Site

So what do you think? And how’ve you been while I was MIA?


Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014
Wednesday Worthy

After dealing with some tough business decisions, and having a few more to make in the coming week, I need something FUN. So let’s invite a Hunk Candidate out to play. Here he is: I chose him because of his smile (mostly–well at least I noticed his smile!).

Sexy smiling shirtless male model with muscular body and abs aga

So what do you think? Is he worthy?


Monday, April 21st, 2014
Weekend Roundup!

Okay I said on Friday we were having CPA Boy’s birthday on Sunday but that was a clever lie to deceive him. Special K threw him a surprise party on Saturday and it rocked!  While Special K distracted CPA Boy away from the house, Wizard and I went out there and set up. Both Middle Son, his Amazing G/F and CPA’s best friend and his Awesome G/F, arrived early and helped. Since they are ALL taller than me, that means they hung most of the decorations while I stood around pretending I was useful. Then once all the guests arrived, I sent the secret code text to Special K (“Everyone is here” LOL) and she brought home CPA Boy.

CPA Boy was surprised :-) He knew something was up, but not what it was. Special K really pulled it off! We had so much fun, I ended up with a sore throat from talking and laughing so much.  Days like that are such a gift.  

In other news, it all took three long weeks, but Wizard is finally completely over his sinus infection! Which made this weekend even better. Friday night we went to the movies to see DRAFT DAY (it was okay) and then stopped to grab some dinner where I had a close up view of a poor little girl get sick.  Ugh! Man I felt so sorry for her and her mom. I felt sorry for me too, but WAY more sorry for them.  I suspect it was going to be a very long night for them.

Sunday I worked then took a break to hang out in the Jacuzzi with Wizard for a while. I’m also proof-listening to chapters of POSSESSION as Ryan gets then done.  That’s always interesting. It’s much easier for me to write these scenes, then listen to them :-)

So how was your weekend?  And just out of curiosity, are you a fan of surprise parties?

Friday, April 18th, 2014
Weekend Roundup

The other night Wizard says, “You’re almost done with this book, right?”


“But you’ve been working on it since–”

I held up a hand.  “I know how long, thank you. I’m making progress but I screwed up, okay? I didn’t take the time to outline properly and I’ve chased my own tail from here to Alaska and back. Along the way I took like six side trips and got lost seven times. By the way, that Mustang I was going to buy you? I lost it on one of my side trips, I think if Vegas.  So don’t ask me if I’m almost done, what chapter I’m on or have many pages I’ve written. Anything else?”

Wizard thought about that. “Can I have a brownie?”

Stumped, I said, “Since when do you ask if you can have a brownies?”

He tilted his head. “Since you became the Mayor of Crazy Town.”

I nodded. “Fair enough, but as Mayor of Crazy Town, I expect you to bring me a brownie too.”

He actually did bring me a brownie.  But I think he hid all the knives.

And I *am* making progress. Really! I sort of know what I’m doing now AND I didn’t really lose Wizard’s Mustang because I never actually bought him a Mustang. (The Mustang is on ongoing joke between us.)

So this weekend I’m working on Saturday, then Sunday we’re going to CPA Boy’s to celebrate his birthday. I’m bringing the food, so I should get on that :-)

What are you doing this weekend?

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014
Wednesday Worthy

Yesterday I made some homemade brownies using this recipe, I omitted the walnuts and added English toffee bits I had on hand. They are killer!

Then I ate too many. Bad idea–very bad idea. The brownies are very rich, I advise moderation :-)

What I need to do is channel my compulsion to bake when I’m worried/tired/stressed over the book into a compulsion to exercise and clean my house. Now that would be awesome and very unlikely, LOL!

And on a different subject, I was searching Bigstock for a photo to post today, I landed in a section of black belts in Karate doing jump kicks on the beach. That took me back years to when my oldest brother (he was 13 years older than me), a black belt in Karate used to compete, and later owned his own Karate studio. As a kid watching that I was AWED by the absolute power and skill level it takes to do the  things he could do. Anyone who ever wondered how variations of martial arts ended up in my books, that’s the reason. I grew up around it. My brother passed away many years ago, and maybe creating characters with an interest in martial arts is a way for me to keep my best memories of my brother alive.

And after that little trip down memory lane,  I didn’t find any hunk pictures in the Karate section. So you all get this one:

confident fighter on dark backgroundIs he worthy?


Monday, April 14th, 2014
Weekend Roundup

We took Bailey home yesterday and had lunch on the beach with Middle Son had his girlfriend. Wizard and I forgot how much we love the beach, so we came home, got online and looked at house on the beach, and the prices.

Yeah…we laughed too. A lot. We’re still laughing because unless we win the lottery, that’s hot happening. But it’s fun and cheap to dream :-)

We had Bailey for just over a week this time, and we’re really going to miss him.  But I will get more writing done this week. Bailey was a huge distraction, plus I had two work-related surprises come in, one frustrating and one good if it comes through, but both required a serious time investment.  Additionally, Wizard is still fighting this sinus infection–it’s been aggravating for him.

Right now, however, Hunt and Alyssa (from EXPOSING THE HEIRESS, book 3 in the Once A Marine Series)  need me. Although I do have to take a break this week to get Middle Son’s college diploma framed. He pouted at lunch because neither I or his girlfriend have done it yet and somehow I ended up taking it home to get it done for him. So…he can earn a B.A. but can’t figure out how to frame his diploma…

Or he’s mastered those sad eyes just like his dog Bailey :-) How was your weekend?

Friday, April 11th, 2014
Happy Friday!

I missed Wednesday’s post. Everything is okay, it’s just been a little hectic. Wizard had to go back to the doctor for his sinus infection, and Bailey’s here (distracting me!) until sometime this weekend, and a whole of other stuff.

I’m writing too and making  slow but steady progress.

I want to talk about BLB (youngest son) for a minute. A week or so ago he was offered and internship with a CPA/Financial Planning business. Wizard and I are insanely proud of him. He’s still finishing his degree, but this is a great opportunity for him and will look solid on his resume.  I’m even more proud because he earned this internship. He was working a few hours a week, helping out during tax seasons, and impressed them so much they offered him the coveted internship. And he did all this while holding down another job.

This for my boy whose dreams  crashed two-and-a-half-years ago when he had the freak accident that seriously injured his leg. BLB lives with pain and limitations but he has accepted his new reality, set new goals, and he’s achieving them.  In a lot of ways, he’s my hero.

Changing the subject, here is Bailey right after I took him for a LONG walk:

Bailey after long walkI wore the little guy out!

I’ll be working this weekend, and maybe cleaning. What are your plans?


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