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Monday, April 7th, 2014
Weekend Roundup

What a weekend!

On Saturday, we had Wizard’s birthday. Poor Wizard was still sick, but it tuned out great anyway. Wizard wanted to keep it small so it was just our three sons and their awesome wife/girlfriends. Wizard and I love these girls! So Middle Son’s girlfriend is the cook in the family and I asked her to “prep” the ground meat for hamburger.

Wizard, however, likes plain ground meat, not “prepped and seasoned” meat. This was hilarious. Middle Son’s girlfriend had all the meat in a bowl and kept waiting for something to distract Wizard to add more ingredients. I’m dying laughing at the antics of her and Wizard. Finally I shooed Wizard out of the kitchen proclaiming. ‘My girls are helping me cook. I’ve waiting years for girls. Out. They are mine!” So Wizard goes out back and looked in through the kitchen widow, begging her to stop “prepping.”

Seriously I think I was crying laughing my then.  The hamburgers were delicious!

Plus the three boys and their girls surprised Wizard with a new BBQ for his birthday. Wizard loves it.  The day turned out special for him. (It was a special birthday and we want him to know what he means to us).

And Bailey is with us for a week!

So late Sunday afternoon, Bailey was out back playing, I was on the laptop looking at houses (also playing), and Wizard went into the kitchen to pour some wine for us, when he said, “Oh crap!” A pause then,  “Holy *S#@t”

Uh oh, this can’t be good. So I get up and ran to the sliding glass door  and stopped in shock. Bailey had chased a lizard…

And by lizard, I mean and MONSTER lizard that is eighteen inches long!

…up the screen of the sliding glass door. And as we’re standing there, Bailey leaps up and grabs his tail, dragging him down.

Apparently, I told Bailey to “Drop it.” And Bailey did–I have no memory of doing that though but Wizard said it happened and I believe him.  I also opened the screen door and ran out to grab Bailey. I barely remember that.

Then the MONSTER LIZARD burrowed in the track between the screen door and the slider and we were terrified it’s going to get into the freaking house. And the thing is HISSING at Wizard.

Long crazy story short , Wizard was able to get the MONSTER LIZARD out of our yard.

Okay, so we know those things are up in our ice plant on our hill, but they never come down, Never bother us. What we “think” happened is that Bailey was up in the ice plant, saw it and chased it down. Wizard said he chased that sucker all the way across the patio. Wizard thinks Bailey was picking it up, then dropping it and chasing it again.

Let me tell you, that little dog is fearless.  Wizard is seriously impressed.

But man, I hope that’s our big adventure for the week. I’m telling you, that thing was BIG! And I don’t want it in my house!

Wizard however gave Bailey a treat and told him he’s Super Awesome Dog.

How was your weekend?



Friday, April 4th, 2014
Happy Friday!


So on Wednesday, Wizard went to the doctor after I  nagged him into doing it. He came home and said, “No infection, just severe congestion.”

I’m like…hmmm…  But what can I say? He went to a doctor that I know is very good. So…maybe I’m wrong and he just has a bad cold.

Then, after dinner Wednesday night, he went to pick up the prescription the doctor had called in for him, but it wasn’t ready. Wizard was annoyed and left instead of waiting. I was going to go pick it up for him later that night, but he told me not to, that it was  just nose spray and could wait until the next day.  So I waited because I’m not feeling a 100% myself.

Then last night, this was our conversation at dinner after I’d picked up what turned out to be TWO prescriptions.

Me: “I don’t understand why the doctor gave you antibiotics if you just have a cold. You told me you don’t have an infection.”

Wizard: “Oh, yeah, what he said was I don’t have an ear infection, but I have a sinus infection. That means severe congestion, right?”

Picture me banging my head on the dinner table. Finally I told him, “No, a sinus infection can be serious and is always miserable. That’s why it’s called AN INFECTION. Why didn’t you tell me this YESTERDAY so I could pick up the antibiotics?”

At this point Wizard leaned back in his chair, like I was yelling or something. “Um…I didn’t know he was giving me the antibiotics until I got to the pharmacy and it wasn’t ready. I didn’t think it was any big deal.”

This is my fault for not making my very-smart-in-so-many-things-but-THIS-husband tell me EXACTLY what the doctor said.  But the good news is that Wizard’s on antibiotics and will be feeling better soon!  We’re going to celebrate his birthday one way or another this weekend.  And there will be chocolate cake, which everyone knows is good for sinus infections :-)

During all this sickness  drama and trying to get ready for Wizard’s birthday I’m working, actually writing pages which I’m thrilled about.

What are your plans this weekend?

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014
Wednesday Worthy

Poor Wizard is really sick with this cold.  That sucks even more as his birthday is this weekend. I’m hoping he gets better by then so he can enjoy spending Saturday with the kids and Bailey Dog.  (I think Bailey will be staying with us for a week–that will make Wizard feel better!)

Here’s our candidate for today.

athletic young man outdoorWhat do you think, is he worthy?


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