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Friday, August 29th, 2014
Happy Friday!

It’s Friday again! Being out from under that deadline has been awesome. I promised Wizard I’d take a real break from writing, and I am–sort of.  Okay maybe I’m plotting–a lot. The new series needs serious attention before I even get started. And after been fairly quiet for a while, Linc and all the Wing Slayers (Ram, Eli, Ginny and more!) are suddenly demanding I finish their stories. So much so that Linc woke me up at 3:30 am to discuss it, LOL! Weird how our brains work :-) But I’m not stressed, it’ll work out one way or another. Right now, I’m so grateful to have a chance to catch my breath and think about these things.

Tomorrow I’m meeting a friend at the mall for lunch and shopping.  Wizard will be home for the long weekend, so that should be fun. He can help with me plot the new series too since he’s the one that pointed out the flaw I had in my original plot (good plot, wrong timing as one thread was too close to Kat’s character.)

What are you guys doing for the weekend?

And now, since I’ve been thinking about Linc and the Wing Slayer Hunters, let’s do a cage fight for old time’s sake!

Contestant #1 This could be Linc (rich, charming gambler, has  a proclivity for knives and doesn’t trust emotion–everything is a deal to him.)



Contestant #2 This could be Eli (watch out, he’s vicious with his whip, a bit quiet but extremely alpha, will do anything to save his sister Ginny and to find his soul mirror.)

Sexy muscular model.

Who do you think would win?

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014
Wednesday Worthy

So…I’m just barely beginning the outlining stage of a brand new series of full length books AND trying to plan my writing schedule.  I’m excited about the new book but not going to say anything else about it yet–except that I’ve been desperate to write this first story for months now. I’m also trying to see where I can fit in a Wing Slayer book and wishing I had some magic to help me write faster!

Let’s change the subject to Wednesday Worthy!

Strong Athletic Man Fitness Model Torso Showing Six Pack Abs.What do you think? Is he worthy?


Monday, August 25th, 2014
My ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

An extra blog to see me scream, LOL!! Okay I’m happy to accept the ALS Ice Bucket challenge from Laura Wright I’ve made my donation and now here is the video of my husband (Wizard) dumping ice water on me! I’ve nominated Rebecca Zanetti, Karin Tabke, Kathy Apodaca, Allie Mason and Ashley McKinney to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. If any of you would like to donate go to

Jen’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Hopefully the video embedded for those of you who want to see. If it didn’t, here’s a direct link on FB

Have a great day!


Monday, August 25th, 2014
Weekend Roundup

Wizard is WAY too happy right now! Okay before I get to that, I had a good weekend and I’m getting lazy :-) This weekend I’m going to start outlining my next book.

Now back to why Wizard is happy: Laura Wright nominated me for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (see Laura’s video here), and since Wizard is off work –he’s going to dump ice water on me today.  On video. And if we can get it to work, we’ll upload it on FB for everyone else to laugh at. We’re also making a donation to ALS.  It’s a win-win for Wizard; first we both strongly support ALS research AND he gets to dumped ice on me.

Did I mention his happiness? Joy? Stupid Ass Grin plastered to his face with occasional snickering? Now if he can’t get the tripod set up–there’s a chance that I’ll have to dump the water on myself, but he’s really hoping he can do it. Then he threatened to get the hose and keep spraying me, chasing me around the pool until I fell in — all on tape.

See? He’s having in WAY TOO MUCH FUN.

For anyone who might worry, he’s teasing about the hose. The ONLY reason I know that is he’s a total dictator about safety around the pool.  But dumping ice water on me? Yeah, he’s all over that!

Okay in all seriousness, I’m happy to do it, I think this has been a really fun way to raise awareness about ALS and support the effort to discover better treatments and find a cure. To all those enduring the condition, and to the friends and loved ones, while a lot of us are having fun with this challenge, I want you all to know that we truly care. While our methods of bringing awareness to ALS might be fun, our desired to sincerity help is real and heartfelt.

Okay your turn. How was your weekend?

Friday, August 22nd, 2014
Happy Friday!

Wow it’s Friday again! I really wish we were going away for the weekend or something. But I didn’t make any plans, so that’s my fault :-(  In Oct, I’m going to the NINC (Novelist Inc) Conference in Florida–that will be fun. Wizard is staying home (his choice).  I’m going with a couple of friends and REALLY looking forward to a break from the daily routine.

Oh and I finally got my writing tips blog done. I did it on “Tips to Raise the Emotional Stakes in Your Book.” I’ll link it for any of you interested when it’s posted in September.

You know what’s interesting is the more I *try* to take a break from writing the more ideas that form in my brain. Figures! On the other hand, writing is much better than cleaning. I started vacuuming blinds–ugh. We have a ton of windows with blinds so I have to do it in batches to give my hands a break.

So tell me, do you have any plans for the weekend? And if you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go?

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014
Wednesday Worthy

I’m methodically whittling down my to-do list of all the stuff I put off while I finished writing the book.  Yesterday afternoon, I sat down to write a blog on writing tips that I agreed to do a while ago, and I have to say, after my massive battle with the last book that strikes me as pretty funny. I screwed that book up about six times before I finally finished it. Still, I agreed to do a blog on writing tips so I just have to think of something I really want to talk about.

I also have to get back to the gym and start making some better choices. Amazing how much easier it is to get REALLY out of shape, than into shape.  But let’s move on. First, my apologies if our Wednesday Worthy candidate is overdressed :-) But he caught my eye, so here he is:

Handsome Man PosingWhat do you think?

And here’s our Bonus Pic–Bailey Dog! Here he’s on “guard duty” looking out the front window while Middle Son is watching football.

Bailey on guard duty


Monday, August 18th, 2014
Weekend Roundup!

I had a great weekend! This is the first weekend I wasn’t up at 5am working and stressing. I was having a little trouble relaxing but spending some quality time with Wizard and a margarita in the Jacuzzi on Saturday did the trick. Okay so the way this happened, I’m laying in the raft on the pool and I mused out loud, “You know I feel like having margarita.” Wizard thought I was a freaking genius. So I trotted in the house and put everything in the blender.

Wizard was supervising. “Put in more tequila.”

I frowned at him, all stern like. “Last time you wanted less.” That was on my birthday

Wizard said, “The (adult!) kids were here then and they had to drive home later. Now it’s just us and we’re not going anywhere.”

Ha! I know what he’s doing. “You’re trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me.”

He laughed in my face. “As if I need to get you drunk.”

Huh, I had no answer to that since he had a point. For the record, I didn’t get drunk but I did relax :-)

Then Sunday Biker Witch and I went to lunch at the mall–that was so much fun! I’m like a kid finally released from  time out–so happy to be free again for a while. We ate, and shopped and she bought me stuff (for my birthday and because I’m an awesome sister, LOL) life is good. We didn’t get into too much trouble, although I did walk into a wall. We were heading into the woman’s restroom, I turned to say something to her and slammed my shoulder into a wall. It’s impressive the way I can multitask, don’t you think? I’m perfectly fine, while she’s probably still laughing, but whatever.

And since it was gently pointed out to me that I keep posting pics of Bailey Dog when I have two other grand puppies, here are some Cookie and Corky pics. I must have a hundred of them on my phone from text messages, but can I find them what I want them? Of course not! Anyway here’s a few. Cookie is the super smart athletic one while Corky is a die hard fan of treats and naps.

Corky (left) and Cookie (right) go to work with CPA Boy

Corky and Cookie go to work


Cookie has a new sweater–she’s really a gorgeous girl. You have to see her eyes in person–so pretty and intelligent. She’s adores Special K since Special K rescued her as a  homeless, starving, underweight puppy. She’s the energizer bunny when she plays too–she will run as long as she can get someone to throw a toy for her.


Cookie has a new sweater


Corky–CPA boy texted me with this pic and said Corky’s getting fat. CPA Boy is a big meanie. Corky is perfect. He’s truly a sweetheart. If he wants his tummy rubbed, he’s sit next to you on the couch and taps you with his paw. No one can resist him.


Corky CPA Boy called him fat!


I have a new pic of Bailey too, but resisted posting it!

Okay your turn, how was your weekend?

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