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Friday, August 15th, 2014
Happy Friday!

The book is in! I sent it in yesterday afternoon. Whew, such a relief! This book took me twice as long to write as it should have. But it’s done until I get revisions. Now I’m going to catch up on a bunch of stuff, I need to do some paperwork for my German publisher, I have a phone convo with a Google rep next week after I put them off for a while, I have three months of expenses I need to get straightened out, I need to listen and edit the audio version of OBSESSION…it’s a really LONG list.  And I’ll start planning my next books.

This weekend I’m seeing Biker Witch (my sister), yay! I’m really looking forward to that.

So Wizard got home a little early yesterday, coincidentally about five minutes after I sent the book in. I told Wizard I was done until revisions. That’s ALL I said, yet he stared at me and said, “You always think the book is bad when you send it in. But it turns out to be fine.”

I’m biting my tongue, desperately trying NOT to say that. I mean I have DOUBTS and WORRIES boiling in me but I’m not going to say it. No one believes me anymore. So I’m biting my tongue, determined to act positive and confident.

And Wizard burst out laughing at me. “It’s killing you not to say it.”

I finally crack like an overripe watermelon. “It’s not fine this time, you’ll see. First, I’m not sure the publisher will like that the heroine…” And I’m off, spilling out about a fifth of my concerns. Until Wizard returns and hands me a glass of wine. “Suck it up, Witch. The book will be good.”

“But it–”

“Drink the wine. Breathe. Rinse and repeat.”

Fine. I drank the wine. And maybe it helped a little bit :-)  Maybe Wizard’s ridiculous faith in me helps too, but I’ll worry anyway. (Seriously, there’s a good chance I’ll have massive revisions. I took a few risks…plus…never mind. Drink wine, breathe, rinse and repeat.)

Now let’s talk about one of my favorite subjects, Bailey Dog! This is the latest picture Middle Son sent me of Bailey this week.

Bailey the beach dog

This is Bailey’s life now–daily walks on the beach. That dog is so spoiled! Wizard and I think it’s time he’s comes to visit us and chase lizards.

So do you have plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014
Wednesday Worthy

I’m back! Kind of…the book will go in Thursday or Friday so I’m still working. I have it completed (it’s been a marathon!!!), but I’m going back through taking out my internal notes, fixing the timeline, smoothing out the writing, etc.  There will be revisions in my future, but that’s okay. In my experience, revisions always strengthen a book :-)

I’m hoping to be fully back on Friday to chat a bit more.

In the meantime, I have a Wednesday Worthy for you:


Handsome Man Posing

So what do you think, is he worthy?


Monday, August 4th, 2014
Blog Break

Hey guys! Okay this book is due a week from today (Monday August 4th). So I’m going to take the week off blogging, and then I’ll be back the following Wednesday, I think that’s August 13th.  I will checking in on FB here as  I can do that pretty quick and return to writing.

Hope you guys have a great week and we’ll catch up then!

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