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Monday, April 13th, 2015
Weekend Roundup

It’s been pretty quiet here. I’m finally back to working and trying to get the revision done on CAGED MAGIC.  It’s going okay, just been slow with Wizard’s surgery (he’s fine now) and mine (I’m healing great) and various things. I should have this done and back to the editor next week.

By the way, in the few days I was recovering, I read three books! So cool to get a chance to read like that! And in between all that reading, I started thinking about doughnuts. I’m pretty sure it’s because I was so freaking limited on what I could eat, LOL! But I remembered I have this doughnut pan:

donut pan

And haven’t used it yet! So now I’m looking for baked doughnut recipes and trying to decide what I want to make. Wizard is beside himself with happiness at the very idea of doughnuts .  A really evil wife might just be teasing him about making doughnuts after he sat there in front of me and ate jelly beans right after my oral surgery and every single day since then.

But would I be that evil??? Oh I totally would, but now I actually want to make donuts so we’ll see which side of me wins: The evil side or the fat side :-)

So how was your weekend?

Friday, April 10th, 2015
Oops! I forgot :-)

Hi guys, I just wanted to let everyone know I’m fine after the oral surgery.  Just healing at a normal pace instead of the superwoman pace I was hoping to achieve :-) I forgot to post a blog until about 11:00 pm last night which I attribute to pain pills. I spent two days sitting around and reading mostly because Wizard took my phone away threatened to be mad at me if I didn’t follow directions.

I hate when he’s mad. He’s rarely ever truly mad at me so the threat worked. And before anyone talks about what a great husband he is, after he got me home, he went to pick up my prescriptions. (I had to go on antipbiotics because of course, I had an infection. Long story — but I couldn’t get the first dentist I saw to understand the problem, you woulnd’t even belived me if I told you that story. It was unread and pretty funny now). So anyway, Wizard ran off to get all that for me and came home with…


Which he ate in front of me for two days. I love jelly beans. See? He’s mean! There I am, sprawled on the couch, packed with gauze, holding ice on my face and he’s eating jelly beans. And even worse, it made me laugh and that hurt :-) Wizard owes me jelly beans when this whole thing is over!

Today I’m getting back to work and still wishing I was superwoman.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015
Wednesday Worthy & The Domino Effect

When I was little, I was alone a lot so I played a lot of different games to keep myself entertained. So one day I found a set of dominoes. I’d spent hours carefully standing up one domino on it’s side, then another and another, building a complicated domino trail with multiple twists and turns.  One of the reasons it took so long was because I kept REVISING my plan. I’d get part way into the masterpiece, and think, OH! I HAVE A BETTER IDEA, THE TRAIL SHOULD TURN LEFT NOT RIGHT! So I’d picked up one domino to change directions and inadvertently knock over the next dominio…

That set off the chain reaction of all my dominoes tumbling down in a horrifyingly beautiful wave until the last domino fell.

Or if I managed to build some design I liked, one of my brothers would come home and say, “Hey! You don’t need this first piece, take it out.” Then they’d move that domino, and ta-da the entire creation would collapse in that unstoppable wave knows as The Domino Effect.


This is exactly what happens when trying to revise the beginning of a book. No matter how simple the fix, we are still moving a domino and that almost always causes The Domino Effect.

And that’s why I’m changing the title of CAGED MAGIC to The Domino Effect.

Nah, just kidding :-)  I’m not changing the name, and I still love the characters as much if not more than ever. But that’s exactly what I’m dealing with in this round of revisions. Truthfully I spent too much time trying to figure out fixes that would avoid The Domino Effect, but that’s foolish. It’s better to just do the work no matter how intense or challenging. Because these characters and my readers absolutely deserve my effort, no matter how long it takes, or how arduous it is to accomplish.

But today, I get to do something even more fun <insert sarcasm here> and go to the oral surgeon to finally extract the baby tooth that has decided we are no longer BFF’s. I can’t wait <double dose of sarcasm>. Wizard is teasing the heck out of me about this because I’ve suddenly turned into a big whiny baby. He and Biker Witch both find this hysterically funny. I have chosen to ignore them because all other alternatives are frowned upon by all forms of law enforcement. Ironically, when I finally talked my self into doing this by promising I can have all the coffee ice cream I want — which Wizard bought me to keep me motivated – I’ve been hit by the allergy attack from hell. However, I’m about 90% sure I can get it under control enough to get the stupid tooth dealt with.

Okay enough of all that, here’s a Wednesday Worthy Candidate. We’ve seen him before (I think…my mind is on coffee ice cream, not hunks today) but let’s take another look:



So what do you think?

Also, not sure when I’ll be able to answer comments, it all depends on how it goes at the oral surgeon.

Monday, April 6th, 2015
Weekend Roundup

Wow another run around weekend! Bailey has been here and we had fun, but I think we’re having a little too much fun and then he gets sore. Getting older isn’t for sissies :-)

Oh and here’s the cake for Wizard’s birthday.

Wizard's birthday cake

It’s plain chocolate layer cake with just a sprinkling of chocolate chips on the top. That’s what Wizard likes.

So Easter Sunday,  BLB (youngest son) came over with his girlfriend and they wanted cake. BLB stares at his piece. “There’s not enough chocolate chips.”

“Oh,” I said, “I can fix that.” I went to the cupboard, got out the remainder of the chips and upended the bag over his piece, then handed it back to him.

His girlfriend cracked up. And for once, BLB was so surprised, he had nothing else to say, LOL!  And, he ate it all :-)

Now it’s back to work for me. I have a really solid fix in place for CAGED MAGIC and need to keep going to getting it done and back to the editor.

How was your weekend and Easter?


Friday, April 3rd, 2015
Happy Friday!

Bailey is here! I wish I had a good picture of him, but we were too busy playing. First I walked him down to the local park and there were two bunnies playing in the grass. They took off into the bushes (smart bunnies!) and Bailey spent the next half hour sniffing out their trail. Then we came home and he chased lizards in the back yard. After that, he took a nap while I worked.

Bailey sleeping on chair.

For Bailey, life just doesn’t get any better.

I, however, need more time to work. Saturday is Wizard’s birthday and Sunday is Easter. We’re going over to wizard’s brother’s house.

What are your plans for the weekend and Easter?

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015
Wednesday Worthy and Rita Chatter!

The Wednesday Worthy Hunk is at the bottom if you want to scroll down to skip my chatter.

I’m so excited, it looks like I’m going to New York for the RWA Conference, and the RITA® Awards as a Finalist.  The RWA office staff has been awesome in helping me make this work, and I really want to give them a shout out for that.

Now I just have to win Lotto, LOL!

So, I was going over the costs with Wizard: “The conference is XX much.”

He didn’t even look up from whatever he was doing on his computer. “Do it.”

Yeah, I knew he’d say that. But we always do this run down of expenses before doing anything.  I went on, “Okay, well, the hotel is XX much.”

He waved a hand at me. “It’s the conference hotel, less walking for you. Book it.” And went back to typing.

So far so good. “Um, okay the flight is XX much.”

Now he looked up. “Witch, I want you to fly first class.” Then he turned his computer to show me the flights he’d found and the price.

My response

shocked face


Wizard frowned at my response. “It’d be easier on you to fly first class.”

“Not if I have a heart attack from sticker shock. That’s more than the hotel!” Okay, truth time here, I already feel guilty spending this money so I just shook my head. I can’t do it. I can fly the cheap seats just fine. Wizard’s the one who has trouble because of his back and neck, I do fine.

Wizard grumbled but gave up (for now).

Then I added the last thing. “Also, I’ll need a Rita dress.”

Wizard looked like this:



“But you have dresses. What do you need another on for?”

I burst out laughing. “Seriously, this is your line? You’re trying to get me to pay DOUBLE to fly first class (which is not happening) but you think a new dress is unnecessary?”

He refused to answer me on the grounds that I will make fun of him on my blog. LOL! Too late, I’m totally telling you all! And I will buy a new dress :-)

Now I need to work on revisions of CAGED MAGIC. I made big progress on one troublesome scene and need tackle the next one. Those two scenes will make everything else I need to do flow easier. But all this excitement and trying to make arrangements has been a total time suck!

Now for our Wednesday Worthy Hunk

Golden toned fine art portrait of a beautiful muscular young manWhat do you think, is he worthy?


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