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Wednesday, September 30th, 2015
Wednesday Worthy

Wizard and I went to see The Intern yesterday — I liked it. Anyone seen it yet?  I thought Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway did a good job.

On the work front, I’m writing! It’s slow and crazy-making as I write a scene, then find I only like one-third of the scene. So I dismantle the scene, keep the third I like and toss out the rest, and rewrite the scene around the part I kept. Then I write another scene and realize  I need to move change two things in the first scene, so I go back and fix that…and somehow out of this insanity a book will emerge…eventually. But I have learned to trust my writer instincts.

Plus this is fun! Seriously, I get to meet these new people and play in their world :-)

Now for our candidate. I chose this guy because as I was scrolling past all the options, I saw him and he reminded me a little of Hugh Jackman. Then when I looked closer I didn’t see it as much. But you decide.


Close up Handsome Thoughtful Athletic Man with No Shirt


So what do you think? Is he worthy?

And be sure to come back Friday for a Guest Blog/Interview with Niki Daninger (aka Ban).

Monday, September 28th, 2015
Weekend Roundup!

Okay, so Wizard is trying to convince me that if I drink beer — which I don’t like — I can lower my risk of heart disease by 30%. He heard that in some “study” on TV:

“Witch, did you hear that? You can lower your risk of heart disease by drinking beer!”

Me, “I don’t like beer.” I don’t care that he drinks it, I just can’t do it. Ugh.

“But you’d look so sexy.”  (Okay I can’t help his weird fixation on this. Sorry!)

Me, “Not happening.”

“But it’s good for you.”

Me, “I’ll take my chances. Besides the red wine I’m drinking occasionally–” I frowned at the loud choking sound coming from Wizard. I glared at him. “Did you want to say something?”

“ You only drink wine every night…uh occasionally.”

I wisely let that go. “Anyway, I’ll take my chances on heart disease. I’m not drinking beer.”

He tried another tactic. “I’ll eat broccoli if you try beer.”

I fixed another glare on him. “You’ll eat your broccoli anyway.” I stopped negotiating on vegetables a long time ago and just put them on his plate. He eats them unless they are something he truly hates like Brussel sprouts or lima beans. Otherwise, he eats them because I want him healthy and he knows it. But I wasn’t done. “It’s a stupid study anyway.”

That got his attention. “What about the study saying red wine is good for you?”

What the hell kind of logic is this? Wine obviously trumps beer in any study. Seriously I sometimes wonder how Wizard accumulated all those degrees. But I explained it slowly. “The wine study is a true medical breakthrough. The beer one is stupid college kids making up an excuse to drink and play beer pong.”

He gave me a look as if he had me cornered. “How do you know that?”

I considered that for a moment. “Same way I know that if you keep harping on this, you’ll be having lima beans for dinner tomorrow night.”

He made a hilarious face of disgust.  “I’m done talking to you.”

LOLOL!! I won! I’d totally have done the happy dance, but the last time I tried to dance, I managed to (mildly) tear my Achilles so I settled for gloating :-)

Otherwise, I had a great weekend. Saturday I went to lunch and shopping with my sister, Biker Witch And we may have indulged in some incredible cheesecake <g> Sunday I wrote, getting to know my characters and really loving just letting myself work on a the early part of a book without too much external pressure. Then last night, Wizard and I had some wine and made steak and lobster.

How was your weekend?

And just a reminder:

7 days until release

Friday, September 25th, 2015
Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

Every few weeks, Wizard goes to get his hair cut early in the morning.  The night before we always end up with some version of this conversation:

Wizard will announce. “Witch, tomorrow after my haircut I’m going to buy a dozen donuts.”

Me. “No.”


At this point, I look up from whatever I’m doing. “Veto. The kids aren’t here, we can’t eat that many donuts and you’ll get sick. I’m using my Veto Power.”

Wizard smirked. “Who gave you Veto Power?”

“Who bought a dozen donuts while I was in NY and posted it on the internet?”

His smirk dimmed. He actually did that, which a message that went something like, “When Jen’s away, I get all the donuts I want!”

“Busted.” I told him and may have cackled,  laughed.

“Fine,” Wizard says, “I’ll get two. Jelly for me. And that stupid one you like. Uh…”

Of all the freaking things Wizard remembers, including how many years we’ve been married when I can’t recall, he can’t remember this one donut I love but haven’t had in YEARS. “Chocolate Buttermilk.”

“Right, that. I’ll get it tomorrow after I get my hair cut.”

That’s how the conversation goes. But it doesn’t happen! He comes home without donuts. Last time he got his hair cut this happened, and I said, “Don’t talk to me about donuts again. It’s like the Jelly Bean Torture.”

He’s completely baffled. “What?”

“You know, when I had to have the tooth extracted (a baby tooth, I never had an adult tooth there — weird) and that same day, you bought a bag of jelly beans and ate them in front of me? Then these promises of donuts and you don’t deliver? That torture. Don’t talk to me about donuts. (Ok, full disclosure here, he doesn’t bring home the donuts, because I’m usually trying not to eat a lot of junk, but still…he should know when I mean that and when I really want a donut, right?? He’s a Wizard–he should be able to read my mind!)

So last night, Wizard says, “Tell me again what kind of donut you want. I’ll get it. Really. This time I will.”

I politely told him, “Chocolate Buttermilk.”

Then I left pictures of it on my computer and around the house.

chocolate buttermilk donut

If he doesn’t bring me that donut this morning…there’s going to be trouble :-)

So what are your weekend plans?

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015
Wednesday Worthy

At this very moment, I am on top of the Wing Slayer Hunters! The electronic versions are all done, final files uploaded! The print version are getting final tweaks and things are moving along.

Finally! I’m so happy.

Now if I can just NOT think about Primal Magic (Eli and Savi’s book) until I write this current contemporary, I would be golden.

Okay enough of that, let’s  talk Wednesday Worthy! This guy dropped by for a little chat and volunteered to be our candidate.

Handsome Muscular Shirtless Hunk Man Outdoor in City Setting. Showing Healthy Body While Looking At Camera ** Note: Visible grain at 100%, best at smaller sizes

So what do you think? Is he worthy?

Monday, September 21st, 2015

It was a good weekend here! First up, Bailey and his Dragonfly. When gets a new toy, he LOVES it.

He played with it the whole weekend. Here he’s giving my “Please Eyes” because he wants to play tug of war.

Bailey dragonfly 3

I play with him.

Bailey dragonfly 4 tug of war

Bailey wins! Bailey always wins :-)

Bailey dragonfly 2

This has pretty much become Bailey’s chair in my office. He hangs out there when I’m working.

Bailey dragonfly in his chair

In other news, did you all see that Jackie Collin’s passed away? I met her when I was co-president of Orange County Chapter of Romance Writers of America, and she came to speak for our group. It was such a great experience. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but she was lovely and kind. She had a wicked case of stage fright before before going on stage. I know this because our program director was out in the car (limo) with her, helping her settle down. Then my co-president and I went out to greet her, and Jackie told us exactly how nervous she was, and asked if we’d walk with her to the stage. We did, and she was grateful.

Then she went up the four steps to the stage and boom, it was like a switch flipped and she was calm and AWESOME.

After that, she stayed and signed every book, and spoke to every single person who was excited to meet her.

I don’t know anything more about her than my one experience, but I was so very impressed with her.

So how was your weekend?

Friday, September 18th, 2015
Happy Friday!

It’s a happy day for us because Bailey is here! I’ll take pictures this weekend. When we went to pick him up last night, Bailey was like:

Dog wants treats or he's going to Gramma's!

It was hilarious. He adores Middle Son and Girlfriend, and when they come to pick him up, he’ll be wild with excitement and won’t leave their sides. But he was thrilled to go with us last night. The funny thing was when Middle Son first got Bailey, the dog was devastated when he left him here, and would stand on the couch and stare out the window for hours. It was heartbreaking to see. But now Bailey’s totally at home here and plays or hangs out totally relaxed.

I’m also happy to be working on my new project when I can. But I’m not going to talk about that too much yet :-) And this weekend, I need to work on a re-edit of Forbidden Magic. I had my copy editor take a pass at that novella since it was the first book I self published and I think it could be cleaner. (Yes, I’m a little nuts like that but no one is surprised, right??)

So that’s my happy today. What is making you happy?

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015
Wednesday Worthy Abs & Question

I’m putting a little thought into this blog–how do you guys feel about Wednesday Worthy? Do you want me to continue or move onto something else? The options are:
1) Like, I stop by for a fun to brighten my day.

2)Meh, don’t really care. Or

3) Bores me, move on.

I buy most of the images so I’m wondering if I should continue.  Plus the selection, and my time spent searching for them, is limited.

Okay, now lets talk about abs. Not my abs, LOL! But hunky abs that probably only exist in touched up photos. Here are your three choices:

Candidate #1 Wall Guy


Candidate #2 Strip Tease Guy


Candidate #3 Dramatic Background Guy

Strong Athletic Man Fitness Model Torso showing six pack abs. isolated on black background

So which guy has the most worthy? And don’t forget to tell me your vote on Wednesday Worthy!


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