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Friday, October 30th, 2015
Happy Friday & Happy Halloween!

Happy Friday! Tomorrow is Halloween. We’re not doing much, just hanging out at home and giving out candy. We tend to get a lot of kids, and one of us **ME** gives out handfuls. So I bought six bags of candy. That should do it.

Wizard always whines that I’m giving out too much and there won’t be any left for him.  I bite my tongue to keep from yelling at him for being naturally thin, I mean it’s not nice to judge, right? Then I start giving out two handfuls. Because seriously, he’ll eat twelve candy bars and not gain a pound. I’ll lick one piece and gain weight. And then he’ll be all nice and understanding about me gaining weight…so you see why I have to give out ALLLLL the candy, right?

So I have this worked out perfectly. Six bags, factoring in the times he gives out candy one piece at a time, and the remaining times I get to the door first, and give out handfuls. Yep, if my calculations are right, we’ll be candy free by the end of the night.

And then this happened yesterday:

Wizard came up to me: “Hey, don’t you need some medicine picked up?”

Shoot I’d forgotten. I look up from playing on Facebook writing , “Oh that’s right. I’ll go get in later.”

Wizard grabs his keys and wallet. “I’ll go get it for you now.”

He’s awfully enthusiastic. So I asked, “Are you going out to do other errands?”

“No.” He smiles at me. “But you’re busy so I’ll go.” He kisses me and leaves before I can say anything else. So I shrug and go back to procrastinating on Facebook writing.

A little while later Wizard walks in carrying a plastic bag. A big one. “Um,” I squint my eyes. “You bought candy!”

He gleefully pulled out two more bags on Halloween candy. “I was there getting your medication and it was on sale. I mean I had to buy it. It was an awesome deal.”

“We had six bags!”

“Now we have eight. And we’ll have left overs.” He’s practically singing this.

I glare at him. “You used my medication as an excuse to buy more candy!”

“Yep.” He dropped his hands on my desk, getting right in my face. “If I tie you you up on Halloween night, you won’t be able to give out all my candy.”

I laughed.  Wizard can be pretty funny.

He stared back, that wicked ass glint in his eye. Then he stood up and sauntered off to put his candy away.

Wait…he was kidding about tying me up, right? RIGHT???

Whether you’re celebrating Halloween or not, hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015
Wednesday Worthy

I’m finally putting the novella, Forbidden Magic, into print so that all the Wing Slayer Hunter books will be available in that format. I got my proof copy the other day,  took a look and told Wizard, “Good the back copy looks okay. I had that uneasy feeling that I’d missed something.”

“Here let me see.” He took it from me before I could answer.

“Uh Jen….”

Sure enough, Wizard found a missing word.  And this is why I don’t ever see myself as being an editor. I’m pretty good at critiquing, reading pages for content and brainstorming for a few friends. But editing? Not so much. My brain just fixes typos as I read.  And I’m worse with my own work. But Wizard caught it, so I had it fixed and re-uploaded the cover. All should be fine.

Now this is the part where I skip over talking about the book I’m writing  and distract you with some Man Candy :-) Here’s our Wednesday Worthy Candidate:

Healthy muscular young man after a workout on dark background.Fitness man holding a green towel against dark background.Strong Athletic Man Fitness Model Torso showing abs. holding towel.

What do you think? Is he worthy?

Monday, October 26th, 2015
Sad Time for Romance & Weekend Roundup

Last week sucked in the Romance Community.

The romance community is, generally, the most supportive community I’ve ever been involved in. Authors go above and beyond to help other authors. When Dean Koontz came to speak to my local RWA chapter back when I was co-president, he told us that was impressed by how  we supported and celebrated one another’s successes. That was truly one of my proudest moments as co-president.

And then last week, the romance community felt betrayed by one of our own with an alleged plagiarism.  I actually found out about it in a few days before the news went public in a private group but said nothing because the victim was doing her due diligence. But the news broke last week, and others covered this story very well. If you like to see, you can link here, here and here.

As I write this blog, I haven’t seen any response by the alleged plagiarist, but she’s removed the books for various places like Amazon.

It’s awful for the authors caught up in this, but it’s also awful for the readers who feel duped and betrayed. Most of us strive so hard to create a bond with our readers, we would never do this. NEVER! You all know how hard I struggled to write a book, and I promise you, it’s pretty much the same for other genuine writers. But no matter how desperate I’ve felt, how backed in a corner with a deadline looming and readers waiting…I was never tempted to steal someone else’s words.

It’s so very sad.

And yet, the flip side of this is that romance authors are banding together and doing everything we can to help the alleged victims and to reach any readers. Most of us on this blog may not read MM romance, but I want you to all be aware. And to know that the authors I know, and myself, all care way too much about our characters, and about you–our readers–to ever do this.

Now onto Weekend Roundup. I had a great lunch with Biker Witch on Friday and spent the weekend doing some writing and cleaning.

Oh and one more week until NIGHT MAGIC comes out! Once all the books are out and have a chance to reach an audience, I plan to do a blog on it. The risk, the strategies I used and the results, and making tough decisions when you’re both an artist and a business woman.

How was your weekend?

Friday, October 23rd, 2015
Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!!

So what are you guys reading? I just finished THE AIR HE BREATHS by Brittainy Cherry. I loved that book until the last 25% where, for me, the story took a plot twist that (again just my opinion) was way too coincidental. But for others it totally worked. That book hit the top of iTunes bestseller list (I bought and read it BEFORE I knew that. I just liked the blurb and sample pages).  But despite not caring for that plot twist, I still love the book.

Next I’m going to give OWNED BY THE BAD BOY by Vanessa Waltz a try. It’s a dark romance, so I’m not sure if it’s my thing or not.

Today I’m writing and going to lunch with Biker Witch, then writing some more. This book is super challenging as far as the structure, but I love these characters. Just hope I can capture the story brewing in my head into words. Even though Wizard is “debating” with me, suggesting I should put this in the three book trilogy like I did the Plus One Chronicles, I really want to do it in one book. I just have to figure out how to make it work. I have a vision for this book launching a series–I’m going to stick to that if at all possible.

But man if I could have one wish today it’d be that I wrote faster.

This weekend will be more writing, and a bit of cleaning. I’ve also been working on pitching a workshop with a friend to RWA for next year.

So what are you guys reading?

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015
Brawny Wednesday

Okay it must be said, when it comes to pure brawn and toughness:


chris_hemsworth bonus

Chris Hemsworth owns it!!

Agree? Disagree?

Hope everyone has a great hump day!

Monday, October 19th, 2015
Soul Magic is Live! Plus Weekend Round Up

I’m all pumped up, but before I get to that, let’s take care of some business: The re-release of SOUL MAGIC is Live! You all know that I’m re-releasing the first four books in the Wing Slayer Hunter Series. Blood Magic, book 1 is already out, Soul Magic is out today, and Night Magic releases in two weeks then Sinful Magic two weeks after that.


Kindle / Nook / iBooks / Kobo / Google Play

Now for the Weekend Roundup section of the blog: I had a great weekend. First, on Friday I admitted that I had a problem on the book I’m writing. I kept getting to about the 50 page mark and stalling. I knew I had a problem but I kept pushing through thinking I’d fix it later. That’s like trying to fix a problem with the foundation of your house AFTER you’ve built the house. Not smart or efficient and my subconscious knew this and kept putting on the brakes. After endless frustration I finally threw in the towel and stopped trying to force it. I decided to take the weekend to re-plot this section, which involves the first meeting of Justice and Lizabeth.

Saturday we got up early (Okay I’m always up–ask Wizard. Sleep eludes me.) And by 8am we were on the way to the auto show. Wizard and I talked about my book and brainstormed ideas, then I forced myself to drop it once got into the show.  I was doing this for Wizard and wanted to just have fun. We enjoyed looking at all the cars. Then we went downstairs to the “exotic level” and I found the car I wanted.

This picture is a bit blurry and I’ll explain way in a second.

Auto Show 2015 Maserati

This is a gorgeous Maserati. I told Wizard I loved it and stepped around two other men to take a picture as Wizard was telling me that the UK (United Kingdom) division of the company he retired from made the panels for the car. Just as I set up to take the picture, I heard Wizard call out two very familiar names. And I turned…

Standing between Wizard and me were two of the people he worked with from the UK!! Wizard has known them for years!! It was such a freaking coincidence. We were all so focused on the car, and talking about the panels being made in the UK, and here we were standing next to two of the people from that company! Anyway. I’d turned just as I snapped this pic, and didn’t take anymore because we ended up talking to the two men. It was so freaky to run into Wizard’s former colleagues like that. Even funnier we all had been standing there probably a full minute before noticing one another.

Anyway, we had a blast, then on the way out, I snapped some pictures from the Jeep area where Jeep employees were driving over obstacle course.  Then I sent the pics to BLB (Youngest son who has a Jeep) and said, “Hey I was out test driving Jeeps today.” He’s my least gullible kid so I knew he wouldn’t believe me. Here are a couple of the pics.

Auto Show 2015 Jeep blue

Auto Show 2015 Jeep red


HE TOTALLY BELIEVED ME!! Which is hilarious because I’m scared when he takes me dirt driving over hills half that size! I laughed so hard that I was still laughing when BLB stopped by to visit on Sunday :-)

And Sunday, one of the idea Wizard had suggested took root and grew. I did a bunch of research yesterday and am so happy! This fills in a lot of blanks, and if it works on paper as well as I think it will, then I can’t wait to get started writing it today!

So how was your weekend?


Friday, October 16th, 2015
Happy Friday

Happy Friday!! I don’t know how it’s Friday again! I can’t believe on Monday SOUL MAGIC re-releases! How is time going so fast?  I’m excited to see how all this plays out with re-releasing the series. But I’m trying to not get too caught up in the promo and watching sales to focus on my new book. However, the market has changed so drastically that it now takes a heck of a lot more work (and $$) to sell books. It’s an interesting dilemma. I’m spending a great deal of my time contacting retailers and talking to them, arranging (and paying!) for promo, then watching which promo works, which entails tracking sales to figure that out.

All that takes time away from writing my new book, which is not a good strategy. Especially since then next book is a sexy, emotional contemporary that is a stronger market. So I’m striving to find that balance.

The answer is in focus. Sheer focus. Honestly I think this is an area of weakness for some of us females as we are wired to be able to multi-task and often end up DISTRACTED. Or maybe that’s just me? Anyway, I’m really working on focusing on one thing at a time, but it’s… a work in progress. For me, focus means  concentrating on writing and staying off the internet. But of course, I find something I need to research, go online to Google and then the next thing I know, I’m answering email or looking at sales numbers and not writing.  I must focus! I can do this…

Maybe :-)

This weekend, I think Wizard and I are going to the auto show. Wizard loves cars, so we usually go every year and look around. He dreams of cars the same way I dream about French bulldogs <g> But I think right now, we have a better chance of getting a dog than a new car, LOL!

What are your weekend plans? And do you happen to have any tips on focusing and staying off the internet????

Have a great weekend!!

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