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Monday, June 13th, 2016
Weekend Roundup

Several things in the news lately have really gotten to me and I just wrote a long rant-blog about Every Choice Matters. Then I decided to spare you all my rambling and deleted it. Right now the important thing is to offer our support to those who need it rather than ranting. So I’m going to say this: My heart truly goes out to all who are suffering from the terror attack in Orlando Florida early Sunday morning. I can’t even comprehend that kind of hatred. For all of you in that area, I hope you and your loved ones are safe.

Otherwise my weekend was good. I did my first pass revision on the novella and am pretty happy with it at this moment. As I did my read through, I kept telling Wizard things like: “This is holding together. Who knew that after all the deleting, rewriting, and sleepless nights of agony, I might actually pull this off?”

Wizard did this super-patient, long-suffering look. “That would be everyone but you.”

Ha. Funny. I, of course, had an answer. “Maybe I’m wrong and my editor will hate it.”

For some reason, Wizard seemed to think that was a good time to pour some wine. And turn up the TV really loud. Men!

So now I’m doing another editing pass because I can’t help myself :-) But by next week I should be back to working on Savaged Dreams.

So how was your weekend?



Friday, June 10th, 2016
Happy Friday!

It’s Friday and I have a draft for Ethan and Ana’s novella! My second draft typically goes very faster, mostly just revising, bringing the writing up to par and checking on consistency. I really want to cut and tighten as well, getting it below 40K words if I can. But having the draft done feels pretty good right now. I even have a couple of title ideas too, and once I make a final decision, I’ll tackle the cover.

Then I can get backed to Savaged Dreams, get that revised and sent back to my  editor, and then finish writing the second book, Savaged Vows (I currently have it about half-written). I’ve been working hard this year, but so far, there’s nothing for readers to see and I know that’s a disappointment. But I promise, I am writing! I’ve had a few unexpected roadblocks, including some chronic fatigue and aches that slowed me down, but I’m working on resolving that. And after all that, I’ll write the next Wing Slayer Hunter book, Primal Magic.

So that’s my happy for this Friday. What’s yours? And do you have any big plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, June 8th, 2016
Wednesday Worthy

I’m so close but still not done with the draft of the novella, partly because I forgot some appointments, and yesterday I took a couple hours off to go see the movie Me Before You. Both Wizard and I liked it. I’m currently about three quarters of the way through listening to the audio version of the book and love it. Of course the movie had to cut out a lot and tighten some aspects to make it fit a shorter, visual format, but overall, I thought they did a good job.

Let’s move onto Wednesday Worthy. Here’s the candidate:

Muscular and sexy torso of young man with perfect abs

What do you think? Is he worthy?


Monday, June 6th, 2016
Weekend Roundup

I’m getting close to the end of this novella! I hoped to be done this weekend, but I ended up cutting another huge chunk and rewriting…until I ended up like this:

icing hand and wrist.

FYI I’m not hurt, just sore from too much time typing. No sympathy required, all writers go through aches and pains when we spend too much time at the computer and are a little too invested in the story. A half hour of icing it was a huge help!

I’ll be done with the draft in two days, then get it all cleaned up and probably beg some innocent beta reader out there to take a look at it for me before I send it to my editor. And you know…finally come up with a title :-)

Aside from that, the story of my weekend is IT’S TOO HOT! And fires are breaking out in So Cal which is always worrisome, especially since we didn’t get the rain we’d hoped for this year. But it’s cooling down a bit now so that should help.

So that’s my weekend, how was yours?

Friday, June 3rd, 2016
Happy Friday

I’m so behind! But the book is going better and so I just keep typing away. Now let’s change the subject and play Random Friday Five where we list five things that occur to us. Here’s mine:

  1. I hate insomnia. HATE IT  This week has been exceptionally bad and I doubt I’ve had six hours sleep in the last four nights (I wrote this Thursday night, so I may have slept last night).
  2. Today I have a mammogram schedule for this afternoon. Somehow I haven’t had one in three years. Bad, very bad. So I’m taking care of this TODAY. If there’s something you’ve been putting off, make the call today and get it taken care of, okay? We all need to find the time to take care of ourselves.
  3. We had a power outage yesterday that caught Wizard and I both surprised. We were walking around like confused zombies, and finally had to actually talk to each other. We discovered we liked it…until the power came back on :-)
  4. One of my friends got a new puppy and keeps posting pictures. How am I supposed to work when there are puppy pictures for me to look at?
  5. It’s HOT here, already hitting triple digits. I’m so not ready!

Okay that’s my Random Friday Five. Your turn! Share anything you want. And have a great weekend!


Wednesday, June 1st, 2016
Wednesday Worthy

It’s that time of the week! So today we’re debating between a smooth head:

Classic portrait of a sexy muscular shirtless man outdoors in sepia tones


Or a full head of hair:

handsome young muscular man posing shirtless while showing of his muscles

Which would you choose?

P.S. How can it be June 1st???

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