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Monday, August 15th, 2016
Weekend Roundup & Cliches

**Edited to add that I was actually further into the book I’m talking about below than I thought–so about nine chapters instead of two. Sorry! I just realized it when I listened to the book at the gym this morning. I also edited a few typos but I’m sure there are more :-)**

There was a weekend? I worked for most of it. I’m getting through my most troublesome part of the revision and pretty danged happy about that. I just stopped to dash off this blog.

Now let’s see if I have enough brain cells to articulate something I’m thinking about: Clichés.  Here’s a truth a lot of writers (me included!) don’t want to admit.

Clichés work.


They work when they are handled right.

I started listening to an audio version of a NYT bestselling author’s latest book. It’s getting rave reviews, and her rankings on books sales are awesome–so good, I easily think it’ll hit all the lists next week. I’m only two chapters into the story, but this baby is bursting with clichéd scenes for a romance.

Rich, powerful hero, check.

Struggling heroine, check.

Hero only wants a one night stand, check.

Heroine demands a real relationship, check.

Exhausted hero persuades heroine to have sex, then falls asleep waiting for her, check.

They sleep together that night with no sex, check.

Heroine has a gay friend who makes guy jealous at rich society party, check.

Hero sweeps heroine up in his arms at same party and whisks her away to his lair (uh bedroom) check.

Heroine ultimately refuses sex, she’s going to make him prove he wants more, check.

And we’re only a few freaking chapters in! I’m telling you guys, this book is exploding with so many clichés, they are oozing in rivers down my arms as I listen. Half of me is actually laughing in my head, like…ROTFLMAO. But..


Another part of me is captivated. Like…I’ll keep listening. I’ll drag my chocolate inspired ass to the gym this morning just to hear what happens next. Why???

Well clichés work…when they are in the hands of the right author. And this author? She can write a story. Even when my editorial brain is picking it apart, actually clutching her belly and roaring with laughter at yet another romance cliche, another part of me needs to know what happens to these characters. Why is the hero so damaged? Will the heroine with her abusive past find love with such a damaged man? And there’re the subtleties beneath the clichés. Another man (not the gay friend) is lurking deep in the shadows of this tale, and his story is not a cliché at all, making him stand out. Why’s he there? Is this going to be a torn between two lovers story? Or something else… And there’s a dark theme of past abuse crouched low and tense, waiting to spring.

I suspect this story is not going to be a typical romance, but starting off with all these cliches gives the reader a sense of safety and trust in the book and author. Clichés work because they are familiar. We know what it means when a man tucks a strand of a woman’s hair behind her ear–it’s intimate and caring. Wizard often pulls a strand of my hair off my cheek, but no other man touches me that way. It would set off my creep radar if they did. Clichés can be shortcuts at times, little familiar bread crumbs leading us into the real story.

And okay, this author uses a LOT of those cliché bread crumbs but she’s sprinkled in all these other fresh crumbs; great characters, beautiful writing, subtleties brewing beneath the surface that brush the staleness off those overused clichés and make me hold my breath as I listen wondering what twist is coming.

In the hands of the right author, clichés can work.

And that’s my deep and rambling thoughts this weekend, Otherwise, I’m buried in my revisions and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

How was your weekend?


Friday, August 12th, 2016
Friday Five

Another week just zoomed by! So lets play Friday Five–I’ll tell you all five random things about my week:

  1. The Baby Bargain is on sale for 99¢! I’m really happy to see that Entangled put it on sale, and it’s really taking off. Last night, it even got this coveted Best Seller tag on Amazon (see cover on the left with bright orange #1 Best Seller below it):Screenshot 2016-08-11 18.05.42
  2. I miss Bailey. This isn’t a surprise, and we’re all doing fine, but we sure miss that little guy! It’s getting much easier to talk about him now and reminisce about all our special memories with him. Wizard misses him too and made a huge folder of all our pictures. It’s a big folder, LOL! I shared the file with CPA Boy, who looked at them all and emailed me with, “He was very happy!  Gee you and Dad spoiled him in a lot of those pictures!” That made me laugh :-) Here’s one of my last pictures of our Bailey kicking back in the sun:Bailey in the sun 3 16
  3. My book, Savaged Dreams!! Guys I getting into it again! This revision is so far behind, but I’m working my butt off now. It’s never goes as fast as I want because I’m trying to make it the best I can, and I’m never, ever satisfied. I’m just about 2/3s into the revision, going through the usual obsession and worry, never sure if I’m hitting or missing the mark, but it feels so good to be back in the groove!
  4. The novella Savaged Surrender is waiting for revisions and I’m have a time crunch on that. So…pressure…but again, at least I want to write so it’s all good!
  5. Wizard and I went to see the movie BAD MOMS yesterday. It’s totally bad in the most hilarious way–if you like humor that is often crude with dose of exaggerated truth, then I recommend the movie. Both of us laughed and had a good time.

Okay that’s my Friday Five, now it’s your turn! Tell me any five random things you feel like sharing. I want to hear!

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016
Wednesday Worthy (& Another Stupid Jen Moment)

True Story.

Yesterday I was bragging to Wizard about all I got done. It went something like this: “I got up at 5:15 to work, then we went grocery shopping, put all the groceries away, found my missing hair brush (don’t ask, even I can’t figure it out why I put it where I did), made a personalized cyber birthday card for my sister-in-law, cleared some email and…” I help up an addressed and stamped thank you card, “I’m taking this card for your mom out to the mailbox right now. It’s barely 9:30 in the morning!”

Then I turned and walked straight into a wall.

Same wall that’s been in our house for 20 years.

I can’t make this stuff up.

Wizard was honest-to-God trying NOT to laugh while choking on the words, “Are you okay? Man that’s gonna bruise your arm and shoulder.”

Sigh…I’m perfectly fine, my neck just twinges the tiniest bit and I probably won’t even bruise. But seriously, that wall moved and ruined my moment of triumph!

So today’s Wednesday Worth Candidate is a rerun in honor of the fact that I really want to punch that wall.

Muscled Boxer Wearing Red Strap On Wrist

What do you think, is he worthy? And are you laughing at me too?

Monday, August 8th, 2016
Weekend Roundup

I had a good weekend finishing up my embarrassingly long birthday celebration :-) Saturday CPA Boy, his wife (Special K) and their niece and nephew came out for marathon swimming and cupcakes. I shared this on one of my FB pages, but I’m going to be it here too. Special K’s amazing niece made this fresh flower arrangement for me:

birthday flowers 2016

They are so gorgeous! And so is Trisha (pictured on the left) :-)  I was so touched and impressed.

Sunday I worked, but took a break to see Youngest Son, his girlfriend and Roxy (their dog). And with that all the celebrating is done! Now I just have to stop eating crap and I’m hitting the gym today.

I’m really excited to tell you guy that I have covers for the Savaged Trilogy! I met with my cover designer at RWA Conference in San Diego, and we discussed all three covers, plus a logo for the band and series. I just got the final versions on Friday and I’m thrilled! (So is Wizard who somehow got involved in the process and loves the covers, especially the one for the first book, Savaged Dreams). I can’t share them yet, I have to finish this revision and get everything back on track. But I’m finally moving along!

It’s a relief to have so many other things cleared up so I can work again. I’ll keep you all updated.

Now it’s your turn, how was your weekend?

Friday, August 5th, 2016
Happy Friday!

I have a true reason to be happy! This isn’t books news, but it’s part of why I got so behind–yesterday I got the medical all clear on a serious situation that’s been going on for almost two months. It took a couple hours of testing yesterday but they finally determined I’m clear and fine. Wizard and I are both extremely grateful and happy. When we got home after finishing the tests and getting the news, Wizard opened a bottle of our “special” wine to celebrate. We never drink that wine (because it’s expensive and we’re cheap), so I knew he was relieved :-)

After a couple tough months (especially losing Bailey), August is looking up. Honestly it feels like dark clouds that have been hanging over us for a while now are breaking up. Or maybe that’s the wine talking, LOL!

So now it’s your turn. What makes you happy today or this week?

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016
Wednesday Worthy

I don’t know how life got so busy writing time so scarce and frustrating! It’ll slow down next week to a normal pace. In the meantime we have this guy because I’m feeling artistic…

What? Come on a male torso on a black background is totally artistic :-)

Muscular male torso on black background

So what do you think? Is this guy worthy?

Monday, August 1st, 2016
Weekend Roundup

It’s a brand new month! I’m so over July–the month was on crack or something. A few incredible highs and too many wicked lows. I’d kick it in the butt on the way out the door, but I’d probably break my toe.

Oh wait, I already did that, LOL! FYI, the toe is healing fine. Did I mention that Wizard has a herniated disc in his back? We got home from San Diego on Sunday, and Monday morning Wizard woke up in serious pain.

Um…possibly from dragging my suitcase up the stairs, but let’s not get crazy and blame me. It’s much more fun to blame July. His back problems led to a round of doctor visits, x-rays, MRIs and now we’re waiting for referrals for more specialists.

Did I mention I’m over July?

But now it’s August! I’m hoping we all have a great month.

So this weekend. On Saturday, Middle Son and his girlfriend came out to celebrate my birthday (my actual birthday is tomorrow). There were tough moments, of course as Bailey was Middle Son’s dog, and for the last three years, Middle son’s girlfriend has been Bailey’s mom (seriously, she took amazing and loving care of him when he needed it most). But to my surprise, they wanted to come anyway. And it turned out to be a good day, quiet with just the four of us, and I think we all needed that. We talked, swam and BBQed. They brought four flavors of mini cakes from a special bakery by their house: Chocolate, Lemon, Lemon Raspberry and Red Velvet. We split them up so we all got a slice of each.

birthday mini cakes from G & A 1

Wizard’s taking me out tomorrow night, I’m seeing Biker Witch on Wednesday, and CPA Boy is coming out next weekend–because apparently we’re going to drag my birthday out over a week, LOL! If it were up to me, I’d have cancelled my birthday this year, but no one listens to me and I love them all for it.

Sunday I wrote. Man this book is killer hard to revise. I can’t tell if I’m totally screwing it up, or maybe, just maybe making it better. But I’m in it to win it now :-) This is the time to have blind faith, keep working and believe.

How was your weekend?

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