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Friday, July 14th, 2017
Friday Five

Happy Friday! Let’s do five random things about our week.

  1. Tuesday morning Wizard and I went grocery shopping. After loading the bags into the trunk of our car, we noticed all the windows were down, the sunroof open and the car unlocked. The car had been fully closed up and locked when we went inside. Nothing inside the car was missing or disturbed. We were totally baffled for about forty minute, kicking around ideas, but mostly worrying about an electronic short in our eight year old car. Then it dawned on Wizard. There’s a button on our electronic key fob that if you press and hold down will unlock the doors and open all the windows to cool off the car. We’d completely forgotten about that function. Wizard had his keys in his pocket, and our best guess is that while unloading groceries,  he leaned against the trunk and somehow held down that button.
  2. People who are NOT handicapped and park in handicapped spaces piss me off. I don’t care if it’s only for “two minutes.” People who leave their animals or kids in boiling hot cars piss me off even more.
  3. Speaking of pets, at CPA Boy’s work picnic last week, a family came in with 2 dogs in a carriage. Special K and I watched for about five minutes then we couldn’t stand it. We went over and introduced ourselves to a really nice lady and told her we wanted to meet her dogs. Yeah…we did that, LOL! The lady was really cool about our weirdness and happily let us meet and pet their dogs. They were two sweet pups. One was 13 years old, and so that’s why they had they carriage. Even better? They’d only adopted the 13 year old the previous year when she was 12.
  4. I had to run to Target yesterday for boring stuff like paper towels and came home with these Oops! But at least I remembered the paper towels.
  5. I’ll be working all weekend, desperately trying to get this book into words arranged in an order that make sense. I’m so far behind, but I trying not to think about that.  Besides, I like a challenge, right? Bwhahahaha!!

Okay it’s your turn! Tell me five random things about your week!

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017
So I Lost a Hunk…

A week ago, I found a really hot actor who could be a rock star, and would be perfect for Wednesday Worthy. I gently coaxed him into my hunk files…and then I slammed the door and locked him in.

Okay, I’m kidding. That would be abduction or kidnapping or something illegal and wrong. I copied, pasted, and wrote down the actor’s name and where I found the pic so I could show you all and credit the source. Then I went back to working on my book all smug and proud of myself because I was ahead for a change.

Last night, I was trying to work, when I remembered, Oh right,  I need to do my blog post. But no problem, I have the hunk for Wednesday Worthy! I opened my hunk file…and he was gone!


I looked everywhere for him, but alas, he made a clean getaway.

And that’s how I lost a hunk :-(  Also it’s my excuse for not posting a Wednesday Worthy hunk today.  Sorry!

Hope everyone has a Happy Wednesday!

P.S. If anyone finds my missing rock star hunk, or the words I need to write my book, please contact me ASAP.



Monday, July 10th, 2017
Weekend Roundup

OMG it’s so HOT!! On Saturday, we went to a picnic at CPA Boy’s work to celebrate his boss’s birthday. It was one of the best work picnics we’ve been to, and we had a great time. CPA Boy and Youngest Son, BLB, work with an awesome group of people. And I’d like to also add that Middle Son and his awesome Girlfriend came because they are supportive and just as wonderful. I was so proud to show off all three of my boys <insert preening mom moment here>. But as luck would have it, we had record-breaking heat that day, and by the time Wizard and I got home, we were exhausted. I was falling asleep at 8:45. The heat is supposed to get a little better this week.

Sunday, I worked. I’ve put so much pressure on myself, I’m trying to stop it and let the story flow. Yesterday was better, and fingers crossed that I’m getting out of my own way here and letting the characters tell the story.  It’s when I try to control the story I get into trouble :-) I still have no idea if I’m going to make my deadline. All I need for my editor is a rough draft. I’m still a long ways from that, but I think I have a shot if the rest of this month cooperates.

In my break time, I went onto a website with the sneaky idea to book a quick trip to Vegas for my birthday and surprise Wizard. Yes I know that sounds weird to surprise Wizard for my birthday, but he wouldn’t have to worry about getting me a gift (unless he wants to get me a French bulldog, or any dog!) and I’d have a trip to look forward to after turning in this book, so it’s a win-win. I found some nice deals…until I realized every single one of them had “resort fees” not included in the advertised price. I was ticked. I hate false advertising with a passion :-(

That was my weekend. How about yours?

Friday, July 7th, 2017
Happy Friday Five

Five random things about my week:

  1. I had to go to the DMV and renew my driver’s license. That’s place was packed! You couldn’t move with out inappropriate body contact, and definitely not the fun kind. But I had an appointment, so I was only there about a half hour and then I escaped.
  2. After a major glitch, I finally got my MRI approved and scheduled in another week and a half. This neck shoulder thing is controlling my life. Just getting the MRI approved was a major battle I really don’t have time for.
  3. I forgot how to write a book.
  4. I’m excited for Savaged Vows to release in a couple weeks.
  5. The heat sucks!

Your turn to share five random things about your week. And everyone have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017
Rock Star Worthy

Howdy! Hope everyone in the U.S. had a great 4th of July! Sorry I skipped Monday, but I’m probably going to be a bit of a flake through July as I wrestle with SAVAGED DEVOTION.

Since two quick things about my weekend.

  1. Jett’s 1st birthday was a huge success! Jett loves to play with other dogs, and he got to have four other dogs over. His three cousins, and one of his best friends. Plus there was doggy cake. That was one happy pup. Everyone had a blast except Wizard who tolerated the event because he loves us :-) And seriously, guys, we TORTURED Wizard. We convinced him that Jett’s birthday started a trend of celebrating every dog’s birthday PLUS a separate Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day. Like I said, Wizard loves us all and put up with our teasing. I posted this picture all over on my FB page, but if you missed it, here’s Jett with one of his best friend’s, a pug name Molly. And yep, they are smooching. They played hard and then cuddled and kissed. It really was too danged cute.
  2. And the 2nd thing is a slight rant. So Saturday I went to lunch with a friend, and we ordered dessert. I ordered a chocolate fudge cake that I love. The waiter decided to make a thing about how big this piece of cake was, and how most of their customers can’t eat it all, and did I realize how BIG the cake is, and was I sure I wanted it? Um well, I ordered the damned cake, so yes, I wanted it. In fact I’d been looking forward to it through a really crappy week and now I had to argue with a waiter over it. Seriously? My friend ordered a lemon mascarpone cake and he didn’t question her choice. Anyway I finally got my cake. Of course,  I couldn’t eat it all, and took the remainder home to enjoy in two more sittings. But I want to know–do you guys think I’m overreacting (entirely possible as my week was stressful!) or was that weird and uncalled for?

I also wanted to mention that the family member who had surgery last week to remove a tumor near her brain is home! It’s not an easy recovery, but she’s doing as well as can be expected. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. It really means alot to us!

Okay let’s get a little wild here and change Wednesday Worthy to Rock Star Worthy, because I’m current panicking, I mean writing about rock stars in the final book of  my Savaged Illusions Trilogy. (The first book in the series, SAVAGED DREAMS is out now, and SAVAGED VOWS is up for pre-order!) Our contender today is:

Ben Dahlause From Entertainment site

I think if we throw a few tats on him, he could pass as a drummer or a bassist. But the important thing is what do YOU think? Is he rock star worthy?

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