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Wednesday, August 30th, 2017
Wednesday Worthy

Happy Hump Day! It’s brutally hot here in Southern California. In a piece of good news, I had my appointment at the pain clinic and they are recommending a series of three shots. If all the stars align, I may be able to get one of two of them before going to Florida in Oct, which would be very helpful. Now Wizard and I are debating if I should do the shots with just a local, or under anesthesia. I’m leaning toward just a local and Wizard is lobbying hard for IV anesthesia. I was surprise at how strongly he felt about this, but I’m still leaning toward a local :-) I just hope we can get this approved.

Today for Wednesday Worthy, I have a very important question for you all. But in order to arrive at a fully informed answer, you must first study these two pictures carefully.


Okay ready??? Here’s the question…chain or towel? I just can’t decide, although I think for me, the chain shot screams paranormal hero while the towel shot looks like a sexy contemporary. What do you think?

P.S. A shout out to Silver James for releasing Assassin’s Moon! And also, let’s keep Silver in our thoughts as she’s recovering from a mishap that she describes on her blog here. Get well soon, Silver!

Monday, August 28th, 2017
Weekend Roundup

This weekend was marked by concern for all the people in Texas dealing with massive flooding in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Both Wizard and I watched the devastation and felt so helpless. The one thing we can do is donate to the organization we believe does the most to help victims of disasters. But I wish I was there with a boat to help get people to safety.

Here in our area, we had another fire in the hills behind us spring up yesterday afternoon. This is the second one in just weeks, which doesn’t bode well for our fire seasons here. Once again, fire crews tackled it fast and hard, and by last night the fire appeared to be contained or out.  We’ll see in the morning.

In a bit of good news, I’m seeing some small improvement in my shoulder. I have two issues: One is scapula dyskinesis, which is supraspinatus muscle in my rotator cuff hitting bone when I move my arm a certain way. That’s what I’m working on with physical therapy, and I really like my therapist. I’m cautiously hopeful. The second issue is a pinched nerves, which I’m seeing a pain doctor for on Tuesday. I’m trying to keep an open mind about that and see how it goes. In the meantime, I still limiting my time at the computer to about 40 minutes to an hour.

All that said, I managed to write this weekend too! Justice and Liza are tired of waiting around for me to pull my act together physically. They have a love story to finish :-) Completing Savaged Devotion will not only be a testament to their love, but my stubbornness in writing this book despite my current challenges, LOL!

And finally, my clothes still seem tight. I gave this issue a great deal of thought while I was eating Pepperidge Farm Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies, but I didn’t come up with a solution. Maybe I need another cookie???

How was your weekend?

Friday, August 25th, 2017
Friday Five

Happy Friday! Let’s all list 5 random things about our week!

  1. Wizard has conceded that I am better at picking movies for us to watch on Amazon Prime or Netflix than he is. This is HUGE. Wizard is better than me at a lot of things, so I’m walking around with a stupid grin over this tiny achievement :-)
  2. When we were grocery shopping on Tuesday, I asked Wizard to help me get a leafy green vegetable into one of those thin plastic bags in the produce section of most stores. He’s stared at the vegetable suspiciously. “What is that?” he demanded (while helping me wrangle it into a plastic bag). “Kale,” I told him. He was scrunched up his nose. “I’m not eating that.” But I assured him that not only was he going to eat it but he’d like it. He adamantly assured me he would NOT. Last night, I made the Kale Chips sprinkled with parmesan. Wizard had three helpings. LOLOL!!!
  3. Wizard still has car fever, we just haven’t had time to follow-up. I imagine we’ll tackle that in September, but if not, we’re fine with our eight-year-old car until some time next year.
  4. We’re pretty much all set to go to Florida in October. I’m so looking forward to it. Although I really need to lose a few pounds before then, so my clothes are more comfortable. But it’s hard to be motivated when I’m on limited activity. Wizard is too smart to say a word about that!
  5. I saw a news story on Kitten Garten that made me smile. Someone donated a serious chunk of money to an animal shelter to provide a safe nursery for kittens too young to adopt and who need round the clock care. I love stories like that!

That’s my Friday Five. Now it’s your turn, I really want to hear five random things you’d like to share about your week!

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017
Wednesday Worthy

Happy Hump Day! Our Wednesday Worthy candidate is Christian Boeving showing off his military style:


Picture from

What do you think, is he worthy?

Monday, August 21st, 2017
Weekend Roundup

My weekend was average, nothing exciting to report yet. I’m working when I can but still limiting myself on the computer. Savaged Devotion is coming along slowly. How was your weekend?

Also today is the rare solar eclipse and will be visible here in the U.S. I’ll probably be at physical therapy or driving home when we can see it in California. What are you doing? Here’s a pretty picture of a solar eclipse from Depositphotos.

Happy Monday!

Friday, August 18th, 2017
Friday Five

Let’s do Friday Five where we talk about 5 random things from our week

  1. I’ve felt better the last two days than I did Tuesday as far as the headache! Yay! The rest is a constant battle, but we all just do the best we can one day at a time, right?
  2. Wizard thinks I’m the best wife ever :-) Last night, I made him homemade chicken nuggets. If you haven’t done it, trust me, it’s a messy, time-consuming process. It’s probably been three or four years since I last made them for him, partly because I try to feed Wizard a somewhat healthy diet. But he’s been asking for them, so I made them. Wizard was so excited, he may have eaten too much :-) Don’t feel sorry for him, I think he was secretly adding extra wine to my glass when I wasn’t looking to keep me happy while I was prepping and cooking. Now I’m dead tired as I’m writing this blog, which I think was part of his plan to keep me from working more tonight :-). Sneaky Wizard.
  3. Wizard also has a wicked bad case of car fever. The car we’re going to replace is eight years old–we keep our cars for a long time. We were originally going to wait a few more months, but it depends on how bad Wizard’s car fever gets, LOL!
  4. Wizard told me last night at dinner that he really misses Bailey. You know what I think? He’s softening toward the idea of getting a dog! It’ll take another six months or so, but maybe??? (And just so everyone knows, we’ll only get a dog if we’re both committed.)
  5. I’m making progress on Savaged Devotion! It’s slow and hard to measure because of my crazyass process, but the important  thing is I’m making progress, and Justice and Liza are pushing me to finish their story. Not only do they want their love validated, but there are characters in this story that really need to be taught a lesson!

Bonus Friday Five: I need the Wing Slayers to hush up and let me finish this book before I think about Eli and his desperate need to find his mate Savi, or how Ram and Ginny can get their happily ever after!

Okay that’s my Friday Five plus a bonus. Now it’s your turn! And I hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017
Wednesday Worthy

Today is a quickie. Yesterday dissolved into another frustrating day with the headaches, and I’m waiting for a call back to my doctors. Let’s talk about something else :-) So…

Is he worth talking about?

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