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Monday, October 30th, 2017
Weekend Roundup

Sorry for missing Friday’s post. It was nine o’clock at night on Thursday when I remembered. Wizard and I were watching a movie, and I couldn’t get myself up off the couch to do it :-)

We found out on Thursday that our grand baby due in March will be a boy! We didn’t care if the baby was a boy or girl, but it’s a lot of fun to find out the sex so we can shop. Special K is planning a “Nursery Assembly Day” in December to begin getting the baby’s room ready. It’s just for fun and to get some free labor, LOL. Not only is my daughter-in-law smart, she’s also sweet enough to include us in everything with this child. Wizard and I are so lucky that our boys chose such great women!

Maggie is doing well. She was a little star over the weekend. First biker witch (my sister) and her biker hubby came over on Thursday. Maggie is very friendly at first, but after a while, she can get a little anxious and stick close to me. We are working on building her confidence little by little. Saturday, Youngest son (BLB) surprised us by coming over and staying most of the day. Then CPA Boy and Special K came over in the late afternoon for dinner and to meet Maggie. She was pretty spoiled and exhausted by the end of the night. We had around three or four nonstop days, so Sunday was kickback for all of us, including Maggie.

Maggie has slept two nights in a row in her kennel with no barking or whining. She doesn’t want to go in, but once I get her in there, she lies down and sleeps. We will see how she does tonight–which when you read this will be last night since I’m writing this Sunday afternoon :-) As Youngest (BLB) pointed out, the difference in just a week’s time between the first time he saw her and Saturday, is significant. Yesterday she was even going out back by herself for a few minutes at a time. It sounds small, but it’s important steps for her.

I’m not talking about writing a lot right now, but I will. Life has been freaking insane this year as many of you know, and now we’re very worried about a family member. He’s still going through testing, and we should learn more this week. Right now it looks pretty damn scary but there’s always hope until there’s not. Whatever happens, we’ll deal with it because life doesn’t give us a choice.

One thing I’m happy about this week is that I see my new doctor (GP) on Wednesday. He’ll be overseeing all my care, including my specialists. I’m very hopeful we can sort of my physical problems! My nerve pain isn’t too bad right now with very limited computer time so that’s also helped. The ringing in my ears is up and down with occasional  headaches, although I’m getting better at recognizing and managing them.

So that’s my weekend, how was yours?

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017
Wednesday Worthy

Oh man it’s hot here! How can it be the end of October and yet it was 105 here yesterday??

Okay, here’s our Wednesday Worthy candidate:

So what do you think, is he worthy?

Monday, October 23rd, 2017
Weekend Roundup

I really want off the Life Sucks train. We had a shock this weekend, but it’s not about me, Wizard, the kids or our foster dog, Maggie. Now let’s talk about something fun.

Maggie got presents! Youngest Son and his lovely fiance came over and look at the doggie shirt and two toys Fiance brought Maggie!

It’s hot here right now, so I only had the little shirt on Maggie for a few minutes, but how cute–and true, LOL–is that! And look at the bright, fun toys. Maggie’s still unsure of toys, yet she played with both of these.

And it other amusing news, so Maggie is timid and having some separation anxiety from me. This is all pretty normal for a shelter dog, but Maggie is also starting to really show her intelligence. Sunday morning, Wizard and I both left to do different things, and we left Maggie out of the kennel. We’re doing this slowly as, so far, she hasn’t chewed on the wrong things or done anything destruction. Now really quick I need to mention that in a week I’ve established a pretty clear routine with Maggie. When I’m going to take her for a walk, I put on my old Reeboks. I always wear those same shoes. I pointed out to Wizard that once I put my shoes on, she gets excited and noses her leash that is hanging over the coat closet door handle.

Smart girl.

So Wizard and I headed off to our separate things. I got home first and Maggie showed some stress-panting and clearly had been a bit anxious. This is just something she’s going to need to work through and understand we’re coming back. But I wondered what I’d find in the house. I really wish I’d taken pictures but I didn’t think of it. Here’s what she did.

  1. Pulled the leash off the door handle of the closet. ONLY the pink leash that I use on her, not the black slip lead that came from the shelter with her that Wizard uses. I found it laying on the ground.
  2. In my bedroom, I found she’d take my old Reeboks out of the closet, through the dressing area and dropped them by the door of the bedroom.

Neither the leash or the shoes were chewed. I can only surmise the Maggie wanted to be with me and knew she’d need her leash and my shoes to do it. I’m just guessing…but it was weird. I couldn’t find anything else moved. Clearly she had some plan.

Today will be a long day at a funeral. I’m just going to keep trying on my book when I can work :-)

So how was your weekend?

Friday, October 20th, 2017
Friday Five

It’s like I should have this on repeat–where does the time go? This was another supersonic week! I can’t even keep up this crazy year. Let’s do our Friday Five:

  1. Yesterday Wizard was gone, and Maggie and I did a little work. Well one of us worked and one of us did this… 
  2. Maggie’s back to complaining for a while when she goes into her kennel for the night. She appears safe and fine, so we’re trying a few different things to help her adjust but otherwise we’re ignoring it and she eventually goes to sleep. Trust me, the dog is very smart, and not above trying to get her way in some things. Overall though she’s a really good girl. I’m taking her on one to two miles walks and she’s just trots along at my side. So far, she hasn’t had any accidents, doesn’t chew on the wrong things and tries hard to please us.
  3. I’m going to ask everyone to bear with me. Things are going to get a little worse with me health wise as I switch doctors over the next month and try to get all the meds and specialist changed, then I expect it to get better. But I want you all to know that I’m working on Savaged Devotion and will get back up to speed soon.
  4. For a while I wasn’t really reading books due to the distractions of life, plus I was using audio books to drown out the ringing in my ears. But…I started one of Laurann Dohner’s News Species series that I really enjoy and I’m hooked. Oddly enough…that’s helping me streamline my plot on SAVAGED DEVOTION. These two books aren’t anything alike, but reading other people’s work just tends to help me step out of my own way I think :-)
  5. This weekend will be low-key I hope. Another family member is ill, so we’re a little concerned about that. Otherwise, we may have a visitor or two to see Maggie and I’ll work as much as I can. Monday will be long as we’re going to a funeral that’s quite a distance away.

Okay that’s my Friday Five, now it’s your turn to share yours! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 18th, 2017
Wednesday Worthy

So Monday we bought a car. I was hoping it’d take two hours, but it took between three and four hours. Most of that time was sitting around waiting for finance to pull all the paperwork together. Anyway, the good news is we bought a white Toyota Camry S.E. and so far, we really like it. We traded in our older Lexus. We’ve had two Lexuses and kept them for about 8 to 9 years on average. We’ll see if this car lasts that long!

Sunday and yesterday I really dug into reading through my book, and I’m thinking about it over night before I clean it up and ask for help from a critique partner. I see the problem, but I need an outside opinion to get my back on track to finish it. It’d be even better if I could get my physical problems cleared up but I have to go through the process of changing doctors so all that’s on hold for a month. It’s frustrating in the short-term but will be better in the long-term.

Okay onto Wednesday Worthy. Here’s today’s candidate:

What do you think, is he worthy?

Monday, October 16th, 2017
Weekend Roundup

Oh Maggie! So this is our new foster pup. We name her Maggie. Wizard decided we should pick her up Friday rather than Monday:

Everything was going great until the Saturday night when she decided she didn’t want to be in her kennel and barked for a LONG time. It was probably about a half hour after I checked her (in case she was sick or had to go to the bathroom, and because I’m soft like that), but felt like YEARS. I thought Wizard was going to lose his temper. He hasn’t so far, but we’re both tired :-) Maggie will figure this out.

In a funny twist, Maggie is good as gold in the day, except she’s way more attached to me than Wizard. I’d say that’s pretty normal for a shelter dog, especially since I tend to take care of her. That will even out as she gains in confidence. She’s great on a leash, so far she never chews on the wrong things, she seems potty trained and she’s sweet as pie. I took her to Petsmart with me to buy her a new leash, and she charmed everyone there–dogs and people alike. They should be here around 10:30 tonight, LOL! Seriously, she was a very good girl there.

But we are having a battle of wills about where she sleeps!

I’m trying to read through the 350 pages I have on the manuscript for SAVAGED DEVOTION because I know there’s something off in there, something I’m sure I can fix once I find it, then go onto writing the end. Plus I want to clean up a some chapters for a critique partner.  I’m trying hard it’s just slow going with all the medical crap and Maggie :-)

In other news, we went to Special K’s birthday party over the weekend and she’s looks great four to five months pregnant. CPA Boy got her a diamond heartbeat necklace for her birthday and it was stunning. It has a tiny diamond in the center of another diamond that beats (glitters) like a baby’s heartbeat. I’d never heard of it before this, but it was really pretty. We also got to see Middle Son’s finance’s gorgeous engagement ring. Middle Son picked the perfect ring! He also planned a lovely proposal. I’m really proud of him and excited for them both.

I’m working today, and Special K is taking a break from her school work (she’s gone back to school for her masters degree in an IT related field while pregnant!) to come meet Maggie. That will be fun.

So that was some of my weekend, how was yours?

Friday, October 13th, 2017
Happy Friday Five

It’s that time again to list our five random things about our week!

  1. I’ve hit the wall last night. I came home from the NINC conference energized, but life is running fast and hard this week and not letting me catch my breath or concentrate on writing. Today, I have an early morning appointment then I’m getting back to writing!
  2. We met three potential foster dogs on Wednesday. Our first choice is a sweet little chihuahua mix (she’s a little bigger than an average chihuahua, curious and submissive with new people), and if all goes well, we’ll pick her up next week. Right now, her name is Nana but I just can’t call her by that name as it’s what my kids call Wizard’s mom. So I’m going to ask if I can change her name to Maggie–she looks like a Maggie. Although I’d be happy with almost any other name besides Nana. I didn’t take pictures like I should have because I really wanted to focus on the dogs not photo ops :-). If by chance she’s adopted over the weekend, then we’ll probably take the second choice, an eight year old laid back Pomeranian named Larry. He came across as a pretty mellow guy. We also met a scared little terrier that really tugged on both Wizard and my hearts. This dog has been seriously neglected or abused and afraid to let anyone touch him. It’s heartbreaking. I hate anyone who intentionally abuses an animal that way. I want everyone to be assured though, the shelter staff really care about this little dog. They have him in a kennel with two little friends that he loves to play with, and they have a trainer coming in to see if he can work with him. We’re keeping the little terrier in mind, but we don’t want to take him out of the place he feels safe unless we’re reasonably confident we can help him. And for sure, I’ll take pictures when we pick up our foster pup!
  3. We had a sudden death in our extended family this week :-( It’s always sad, and I wish I could spare my sister-in-law, brother-in-law and nieces the pain of losing a beloved father and grandfather, but unfortunately, I can’t. I hate when people we love hurt, but all we can do is be there for them.
  4. In good news, we’re going to a birthday party for my daughter-in-law, Special K, this weekend. That’s the reason I put off picking up our foster pup until next week–I didn’t want to leave her a really long stretch of time the first few days home. I can’t wait to see how Special K is showing in her pregnancy, and I’ll get to see Middle Son’s fiance’s ring in person :-) Middle Son is very proud of choosing that ring (and I’m proud of him for choosing a great girl!).
  5. I’m so sluggish from poor eating and lack of exercise, but I can do small things to change that. Getting a foster pup will help me get more active too.  It’s a win-win!

Okay that’s my Friday Five. Now it’s your turn to share your Friday Five.

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