Jennifer Lyon
Monday, June 14th, 2010

Mondays just keep coming back! Haven’t we fired these Mondays yet?

Bailey came over on Saturday and we played.  I thought that maybe Stuffed Puppy might have learned something about playing after watching Bailey.  So on Sunday, I gave Stuffed Puppy one of the bones that Bailey left at our house. And he took to it like  a champ!

I was so excited, I said, “Look Wizard, I think he’s chewing on the bone!”

Wizard said,  “It’s a big bone, it’ll keep him busy while we go to the movies.”

So Wizard and I went to see KILLERS.  (Funny movie!) Then we went home. I was so excited to see what Stuffed Puppy had done with the bone. Maybe he’s finally…doing something. Anything.  I ran in the house, and frowned.  Stuffed Puppy hadn’t moved. At all. See for yourself:

“Wizard, I’m telling you, there’s something wrong with that dog!”

Wizard smirked.  “I think he’s the perfect dog.”


So how was your weekend?

Thursday, June 10th, 2010
Sneak Peek…

This is a random, unedited, out-of-context, straight from the manuscript with the original mistakes, sneak peek from REDEEMING THE WIZARD in THE BEAST WITHIN ANTHOLOGY (out Sept 2010).

...He leaned closer, crowding her, and said, “You felt it, my frigid little mortal. You felt the sexual charge between us. You want to hate me, fine, but don’t lie to me. Or yourself.”

She sucked in a breath and refused to meet his eyes. “I don’t fall into instant lust. You did something, maybe bespelled with your wizard gaze. Probably same thing you do to all women when you want to get laid.”

She was really starting to piss him off. He never used magic to get sex, hell he hadn’t had to. Women vied for his attention, for the chance to have sex with a wizard. “Close your eyes.”

She pulled her eyebrows together. “Why?”

“You accused me of using magic to make you want me. I’m going to prove I didn’t.” He leaned his head to her ear, inhaling the scent of his shampoo on her. “Close your eyes, Mira. Then you won’t be able to see my eyes when I kiss you.”

He felt her slight shiver, then she jerked her head to the side, away from him. “I’m not—“

Pulling his head back, he watched the flush that warmed her cheeks and made her eyes sparkle. She licked her lips and he fought back a groan. Instead, he said, “Unless you’re willing to concede that you’re turned on by me.”

She closed her eyes, her shoulders tensed and her jaw rigid.

Gage cupped her chin and stroked his thumb over her lips. They were smooth, slightly damp and warm from her tongue. His balls tightened and his dick hardened. Her feminine scent of warm vanilla mixing with his soap and his shampoo from the shower was arousing as hell. Using his fingers, he stroked along the sensitive line of her jaw to her ear and down the curve of her neck. Then he leaned down and brushed his mouth over hers…

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

I’ve been reading more lately, well until I got a new prescriptions for my contacts last Friday. Since then I’ve had a headache and felt a bit off. Think I’m going to have to call my eye doctor on that today.

Anyway, I’ve read THE SECRET PASSION OF SIMON BLACKWELL by Samantha James.  I liked it, although I would like to have seen the heroine tested just a bit more.

FANGED AND FABULOUS by Michelle Rowen. This was a fun book, easy to pick up and put down as I had time.

CHASING PERFECT by Susan Mallery. I read that straight through and enjoyed it!

LION’S HEAT by Lora Leigh.  I found this book intense. Just…intense. I liked it but, umm, intense.

Okay–you’re turn! What are you all reading?

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

This is a really blurry picture of me. It was at a party about two months ago and I’m standing in a crowd when Wizard took the picture. I cropped it out everyone else ( for their own protection). And yep, that’s what I really look like.

Do you know why?

Look at the bottom left hand corner of the picture. See that blurry thing I’m holding? It’s a huge, massive piece of chocolate birthday cake.

I. Mean. Huge.

Easily 900 calories.

And I ate it! All of it! I’d probably have licked the plate except I knew Wizard would snap a picture.

Yep, I am a chocoholic. That’s my confession.

What’s yours?

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010
More Long Weekends!

I can’t believe it! I set this to post April 1st instead of June 1st! What  dumb witch! LOL! So now I’m late!

We should start a petition or something! We had a great weekend. Saturday we celebrated middle son’s birthday by hanging out at the pool. Birthday boy wanted tacos and lemon pound cake,  so that’s what I made. It was a blast! My sons were jumping in the pool and begging me to take pictures.

Since I have the stupid rule against showing my sons, here’s a picture of the pool when I MISSED the shot. If you look close, you’ll see a little yellow rubber duck getting tossed around. I don’t know why we have rubber ducks in the pool.

Bailey came over too which  was fun. But Wizard (the smart ass) took Bailey’s leash and hooked it up to stuffed puppy and dragged him all over the house, saying,  “Hey Witch, I’m walking your dog!!” The boys fell over laughing at that.

Not funny, Wizard! Okay, maybe I laughed. I wanted to get a picture but I was in the middle of something else.

Saturday I had coffee with Biker Witch (my sister), did a little work and read. So nice! Monday, Wizard and I went to the gym, hung out at the Jacuzzi then made a lobster dinner.

I really think we need more of these long weekends!

So how was your weekend?

Monday, May 31st, 2010
Happy Memorial Day!

Thank You to Those Who Serve and Who Have Served.

Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010


What? It’s a word! It is! Well is should be, that’s all I’m saying! It means: Here’s my random thoughts :-)

I finished DARK LIGHT  by Jayne Castle (Jayne Ann Krentz) and then I read THE SECRET PASSION OF SIMON BLACKWELL by Samantha James.

My reading slump appears to be over!

However, I do have a book to write so I can’t read as much as I’d like too.

Key’s book so full of highs and lows for me.  Every hump makes me think I’m home free, and then I stumble and fall again.  I know why I’m tangling up right now, it’s a matter of sorting out the plot threads. You know how when you dump all your necklaces into the jewelry box, then pull them out later and they are a big clump? That’s where I am right now.

I can do this! I know it. Just have to take a breath and figure it out. And maybe some plot threads need to be tossed.  Or something.  Sometimes, I think I should learn to destress like Bailey:

He just lays down on the carpet and goes to sleep. What a life! Of course,  if I did that, I’d immediately start thinking, “Hmm, maybe I should vacuum the carpet.” And then I’d start calculating how much it would cost to put in wood floors just so I wouldn’t have to vaccum. But then I’d wonder how do you clean wood floors? Would it be more work than vacuuming?

And if I put wood on the stairs instead of carpet, would Linc take bets on how long it would take before I slipped and fell down the stairs?

And that would bring me right back to worrying about the book.

What does Bailey think about when he sleeps? I bet he doesn’t worry about vacuuming the carpet!

How about you?  What’s your Randomosity for today?