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Tuesday, March 8th, 2011
Question of the Day

Two weeks until the release of NIGHT MAGIC! There’s a new review over at Fresh Fiction if you’re at all interested.

Now onto my question: How dark is too dark in romance? Even dark, edgy paranormal?

For me, dark works when it drives the emotional conflicts of the character. Dark backstory that tortures the hero or heroine works.  I love watching the hero end up protecting the very one he thinks he should harm or hate. That kind of dark works for me.

Killing off bad guys doesn’t bother me.

But if the hero is so tortured that he intentionally and cruelly physically  hurts the heroine , or people she cares about, that’s a little darker than I want to go. (NOT talking any kind of bondage etc. that the heroine agrees too).  No matter how the author redeems this character,  I’ve stopped believing in the romance.

So what to you all think?  Is there a line in romance where it’s just too dark for you?

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011
Question of the Day

Yesterday totally got away from me, so I’m doing a cheater blog today. Just a question:

What is your favorite cookie?

Everyone knows I’m a chocoholic, but I’d say my absolute favorite is Chocolate (chunks of chocolate!) chip.

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011
Reading Craving

I’ve been reading category and suddenly needed a sexier read. I get a specific craving every now and again like that–historic, erotic, vampires, non-romance, mystery, suspense–all kinds of reading cravings. This time, it was for something hot and sexy. So I downloaded a Lora Leigh book–can’t get much sexier than that! And you know what I’m realizing?

It’s not the sex that keeps me reading.

It’s the emotion.

She’s digs into the heart of her characters and makes the reader feel their deep, secret need to be loved. Not just the heroines, but the heroes too. And somehow, it works. They men don’t come across as wimpy.


And that is all, because I must go back to the book and see if the characters get their hearts broken or their dreams fulfilled!

Now for my question:  What’s your reader craving?

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011
Favorite Hero Names

Roarke! Ha I said it first! Roarke is one of my all time favorite hero names!  I love the “In Death” Series by JD Robb and if I could only figure out how to get rid of Eve, Roarke would be mine! All mine!

Unfortunately, Eve can and will kick my butt.

Anyway, where was I? Oh hero names! In my books (both Lyon and Apodaca), I think my some of my favorite hero names are Axel, Phoenix, Ram, Gabe and Nick. That’s just what I can remember off hand.

For a new proposal, I’m thinking Sloane.

So my question of the day: What hero names are your favorite (and YES! I do steal! If you put them here and the name resonates with me, I will steal it!).

Thursday, January 6th, 2011
My Late Excuse, and A Question!

My Internet was down last night, so I couldn’t get on to post a blog.  The Internet worked fine while Wizard was online playing around.

Trolls are out to get me!

Anyway while Wizard was playing I was WORKING on copy edits for SINFUL MAGIC. These are the strangest set of copy edits I’ve ever had. On the upside, they are very light and therefore pretty easy.  But some of the queries make me laugh.

Which brings me to a question: Do you think the first time the hero and heroine make love, it should be in a bed? Or does it matter?

Okay, I have to down a cauldron of coffee and get to work!

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