Jennifer Lyon
Friday, August 7th, 2015
Happy Friday!

It’s a happy day for me as I plan to get back to working on a new story today! Even if I only get to work for a couple hours, I’m psyched and ready to tackle a fresh project! Now if only I could find the perfect inspiration…

frenchie on computer


Ha! I wish. He’s so cute! But even without the dog, I’m still excited to tackle this and hopefully write fast!

Before I get to do that, though, I have to go see another specialist for my ankle. I think it’s a waste of time, but I’ll do it and then I’m done. My ankle isn’t getting worse and I’m sick to death of going to doctors.

So getting back to writing today is my happy news, what about you? What’s putting the happy in your Friday?


Wednesday, August 5th, 2015
Wednesday Worthy

It’s been such a crazy few weeks! By now, everyone knows both CAGED MAGIC, the fifth book in the Wing Slayer Hunter series, and EXPOSING THE HEIRESS book three in Once A Marine have been released. Thank you all for the tremendous support! I couldn’t have done it without you! If anyone is looking for buy links, they are on the sidebar.

I’d like to do a quick shout out to my publisher, Entangled Publishing, for the beautiful release day flowers. It’s the first time ever a publisher has sent me flowers, so I was happy dancing.

Flowers from Entangled for EtH release day 1


For those who’ve been asking, we’re working to get the older Wing Slayer Hunter books reissued. The biggest time issue is getting them all proofread/edited and new covers. I’m estimating a month to six weeks to get them all done. I’ll let everyone know as soon as we have a timeline.

And because we’re all sick of promotion at this point, let’s move right onto Wednesday Worthy! This one is a rerun, let’s see if you remember him:

the very muscular sleeping sexy guy lying on black background naked torso

the very muscular sleeping sexy guy lying on black background naked torso

So what do you think — is he worthy?

Monday, August 3rd, 2015
Weekend Round Up & Exposing the Heiress

This cake is wicked decadent, it’s devils food with chocolate chips, a whipped gnache mousse center, chocolate frosting and more mousse on top. The only issue I had was my kitchen was too humid so the mousse wouldn’t whip up firm enough to make it pretty. Even the standard frosting was soft from the heat until it dawned on me to turn on the air conditioning, LOL! But it was good!

birthday cake 2015 birthday cake slice 2015

Wizard helped make the actual cake, and I did the rest because I like doing it. However, the kids brought ALL the food and cooked, and Wizard cleaned up.  Such a fun birthday and I think I’m getting too spoiled. And I need to stop eating! Especially since I haven’t been able to work out due to some physical limitations (nothing serious, just boring stuff). But I think it’s time to engage a little self control for a while.

I played the pool and jacuzzi with the kids — so much so that I ended up banging my side on a pool step. I may be a tad sore from that, but it was totally worth it :-)

And…tomorrow, August 4th, is release day for EXPOSING THE HEIRESS!!



I love these characters and hope others enjoy their story too!

So how was your weekend?

Friday, July 31st, 2015
Happy Friday!

So I asked Wizard, “Can you take some pictures of me signing books for my Brazil Publisher, Editora Charme?”

“Sure. What do you have in mind?”

So I showed him my corner office. “I don’t want to make a big deal out of this.” Shhh…don’t tell Wizard but sometimes he’s makes things INTO A FREAKING PRODUCTION. But he does take really good pictures so I’m trying to get what I want with the least amount of work.

“Hmm. What do you have in mind?”

So I showed him and the picture turn out like this:

Boring and cluttered. Crap. “Uhh…” Is all I can say. I mean I look okay for me…but the whole setting looks bland, fake and like I might be in prison.

Wizard does the big man sigh. “Going to listen to me now? Let me make a little bit of a production out of this?”

I’m backed in a corner because once again, Wizard is right, damn it. But I smiled and did what he told me because I already embarrassed myself.

And this is what we ended up with after Wizard did his magic, and then Veronica at the publisher did hers:

Promo modified to post


The moral of this story is…I got the last word in right here:


Sure I look fairly serious but I was saying something so wildly inappropriate Wizard almost dropped his camera laughing. Thankfully he wasn’t running the video or he’d have some wicked blackmail material to hold over me forever!

So this weekend — work, cleaning and on Sunday all the kids and their awesome girls are coming out. Even better, they are bringing dinner! Wizard and the girls (and Middle Son was very instrumental in this too!) arranged all this while I was in NY for my birthday, and I’m so touched and thrilled. It’ll be a fun pool day with margaritas, carne asada tacos, fruit, snacks and all the people I love so much including Bailey Dog! Plus I’ll make a cake but it may be plain old chocolate which is fine with me. And on the cake, someone else would make it or buy it if I asked, but I truly don’t mind. It’s super easy.

Oh and today, Biker Witch (my sister) and I are meeting for lunch just to catch up on each other’s lives.

So what are you all doing?

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015
Wednesday Worthy

I just realized yesterday that Exposing the Heiress comes out NEXT TUESDAY (August 4th)!! I don’t know where time is going! So crazy! There’s been some good advance reviews and excitement, which is super cool. Entangled’s marketing department is also excited — which is a good sign too. But I have to laugh as both Anna and I were caught a little by surprise yesterday when we realized the release is one week away. Fortunately, most of what we need to do is done…so yay for being prepared!

On the Wing Slayer Hunter Series–Blood Magic is at an editor for an in-depth proofreading, and Anna and I spent some serious time looking at hunk photos to figure out what I wanted for the new covers of all four of the original books BLOOD MAGIC, SOUL MAGIC, NIGHT MAGIC & SINFUL MAGIC. We finally settled on the pics and I sent all that to the cover artist.

And now I’m working on getting the NIGHT MAGIC (Phoenix’s book) in shape for the editor.

Confused? Yeah, so am I. All this is taking way too much time that I wish was spent writing, but it’ll be worth it to get all the books re-issued for readers. Then I can get to the book I’m dying to write!

But for our Wednesday Worthy, since Phoenix from NIGHT MAGIC is on my mind as I clean up the scanned file of his book, I decided to pull out the older pic we used for him a few years ago (but not for the new cover as this image has been used a lot on covers lately):

Phoenix Torq  iStock_000016698054SmallSo what do you think? Is he worthy?

P.S. If you haven’t checked out the CAGED MAGIC blog tour, here’s the link.


Monday, July 27th, 2015
Weekend Round up!

I’m back from NY! And just barely functioning! I’m writing this Sunday night after flying all day, so I’m exhausted. I don’t have a great picture of my RITA dress, just a cell phone snap shot:

RITA Award Ceremony 2015

I had such a good time, and the whole experience was amazing. The winner of the RITA was Jill Shalvis for her book ONCE IN A MILLION. She gave a gracious and funny speech. Jill is always lovely and charming, and it was fun to watch her win!


I also spent some time with Silver James:

Me and Silver James

And she helped me with my current book, thanks Silver!

I had a little video of the view from my window of the skyscrapers and Times Square, but I’m just too tired to get it to upload correctly to my blog. But my friend, Marianne and I went walking on Times Square and stopped in shock. There are two women on Times Square wearing only thongs,body paint feathers in their hair. We had full frontal views but I was so stunned, it took me too long to get my phone out to get a good shot — this is all I have. Look close.

Time Square girls

It was hilarious! But I missed you all! And thank you guys for being so supportive!

So how was your weekend?

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015
Wednesday Worthy

My flight is at 6:25 am and I’m off to NY. But a couple days ago, Wizard said, “So do you have a back up RITA Dress?”

I was like…”WHAT?”

“You know, in case something happens?”

I’m in the kitchen, staring at him like he morphed into a demon and was eating all my chocolate. “What’s going to happen? Is this because you think I’m too fat for the dress?” Okay my voice may have pitched up to a tad hysterical. My thoughts were spinning with regret and worry. Plus I need to point out that this was right before CAGED MAGIC came out and I may have been a tad stressed.

He rolled his eyes. “I think you look hot in the dress. Calm down. I just mean, what if you spill wine on it? Or something random happens.”

Now I’m picturing the straps breaking and OMG A WARDROBE MALFUNCTION!

Wizard peered closely at me. “Are you okay?”

Is he freaking kidding me? I’m practically hyperventilating until I realized how ridiculous this is. It’s just a dress. So I snapped upright, pretended that I was walking up stairs to a stage, thanked everyone for the lovely award and added, “You all can see how graceful I am by the big red wine stain on my dress, any bets on if I make it down these stairs?” Then I grinned at Wizard. “And that’s how it’s done. If I were to win and if something happened to the dress.”

Wizard cracked up. “That’s my Witch.”

Seriously. I was freaking out over a dress. Life is way to short for that! Nothing will happen, but if it does, I’ll figure it out. Unless it’s a wardrobe malfunction…LOLOL!

I’ll try to check in on Friday and post a few conference pics if I have them (I forget to take pictures).

A quick reminder, you can follow the CAGED MAGIC blog tour here.

So while I’m gone, is this guy worthy enough to keep you all entertained?

Muscular man bodybuilder. Man posing on a black background, shows his muscles. Bodybuilding, posing, black background, muscles - the concept of bodybuilding. Article about bodybuilding.

Muscular man bodybuilder. Man posing on a black background, shows his muscles. Bodybuilding, posing, black background, muscles – the concept of bodybuilding. Article about bodybuilding.