Jennifer Lyon
Friday, June 19th, 2015
Happy Friday!

I know a lot of you are getting rain, but it’s been HOT here. Over a 100 every freaking day!

In other news, it only took me 3 different trips to a store on 3 separate days to get new towels, a rug and a toilet seat cover for the downstairs powder room. It’s a good thing I didn’t take up a career in Interior Design! Wizard, by the way, thinks this is hilarious. I can raise three boys and deal with a sick mom at the same time — all while writing a book, but I can’t seem to buy simple household items.

I’m also **trying** to rest a bit since I have a cold (mild) and my ankle is acting up. But resting is hard when there’s so much to be done!

Now for the important thing; Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

High key portrait in black and white, of a father lovingly embracing his newborn son

I got this photo from Bigstock because it reminds me of Wizard. He was the kind of dad that was always happy to get home from work and hang out with the kids. For a few weeks, our youngest son, BLB had some mild colic. Every night around dinner time, he’d cry. Wizard would come home from work, change and immediately take over. I’d tell him he didn’t have to, but he’d just say, “You need a break too.”  Then he’d hold BLB in his arms, walking around the house and outside, soothing him while playing with our two older boys and listening to their chatter about their days. It was so sweet and sexy and to this day, Wizard is still like that. When the kids need him, he’s there.

I wish all children had a father like that, but most especially boys so they could see what is true strength in a man.

Sunday, Wizard’s brother is visiting from out-of-state, and for sure Middle Son and his girlfriend will come over. I think BLB will be here too. CPA boy and Special K will be on a camping trip. We’ll see them soon. Oh and Bailey Dog is coming too, I think :-)

What are your plans for this weekend/Father’s Day?


Wednesday, June 17th, 2015
Wednesday Worthy

So is anyone else sweltering? It’s over a 100 degrees here, and next week we’re supposed to add humidity to the fun. I’m hearing from others that they are getting hit with the heat in their states too. I’m thankful for the air conditioning and the pool!

As many of you saw on my FB page, I sent Caged Magic off to the formatter. Yay!!  Now I’m trying not to think about it too much :-)

And…it’s time for our Wednesday Worthy Candidate:

Close-up portrait of a sexy handsome Caucasian young man, bearded and tanned, posing shirtless while looking aside, in a hot sunny day at the seaside

What do you think? Is he worthy?

Monday, June 15th, 2015
Advice to Myself & Weekend Roundup

I’m reading a book that uses the term “platonic”wrong. I mean it’s just wrong…like what the characters are doing is the opposite of platonic. I even looked it up in the urban dictionary to see if the word has taken on a new meaning in certain circles. Near as I can tell…nope. Normally this would be a reason for me to DNF (do not finish) the book. But I didn’t, which is pretty amazing because lately, I’ve had zero patience in my very limited reading time. My last couple months have been non-stop rounds of editing on two different books, literally getting hammered by content editors, copy editors, line editors and proofreaders on every single little thing (as is their job–I’m explaining my mindset, not complaining). So much so, that I’ve stopped Wizard in the middle of the story with editorial comments like, “You just used a dangling participle.”

He either ignores me and goes on with his story, or if he’s feeling brave, he’ll reply with something like, “Just checking to see if you’ve learned what a dangling participle is yet.”

“Not funny.”

“Can I finish my story?”

Being magnanimous, I of course, nod for him to go on. And he does, until I stop him again. “There was no subject in that last sentence.”

He sighs dramatically. “Are you sure? Maybe we should ask your editor since she manages to find all your sentences with missing subjects. How many did you have in Caged Magic?” He hands me a glass of wine. “Are you sure you know what a subject is?”

Okay, I’d be pissed and smack him, but I don’t want to spill the wine. So I take the glass and sip it. “Here’s a subject for you — brownies.”

He perks up. “What about them?”

This is just too easy. “I’m not going to have time to make brownies for a very long time.”

His face falls and I enjoy my wine-laced victory.

But my long-winded point is that I’m deep in editing-picking-books-apart-mode. Yet this book has made a couple significant mistakes and I keep reading.


Because the sheer power of the author’s voice mixed with and engaging story keeps me reading! If a book has those elements, a couple mistakes here and there won’t ruin it for most readers.

That’s my advice to myself today :-) It’s time for me to let Caged Magic go and send it to the formatter, but I’m stressing that I’m missing something. I want this story to be good, but at this point, changing one word, or catching one overlooked mistake, won’t save a slow, boring or confusing plot or lackluster characters. Either the book has a compelling story and engaging voice, or it doesn’t.

Now we’ll see if I can actually let it go today!

I had a great weekend. We went to our friends daughter’s wedding and it was lovely!

How was your weekend?


Friday, June 12th, 2015
Happy Friday!


So yesterday I took my Rita Dress in to be hemmed. I tried this new place with a German Grandmotherly type of seamstress recommended to me by a friend. This lady knew WAY more about my dress than me. That was a very good sign, especially since I’m fashion challenged, and also, I can’t sew.

I tried on the dress and she began pinning it up. “These mermaid dresses are usually a couple inches off the ground.”

Oh cool, I have a mermaid dress. Wait…I need to focus on the length of the dress. “Umm, I want it longer.”

“Yeah? Okay but you need the the overskirt an inch off the ground to walk.  The underskirt will be shorter.

Oh come on, walking is totally overrated. Right? “I wanted it to skim the ground.”

“I show you.” She pins up the underskirt two inches. “This shows your shoes, and the overskirt (which is sheer) will be longer. Turn and look in mirror.”

Hmm. I look in the mirror and what I’m thinking comes right out my mouth. “I think I want it longer. Cuz, you know, I’m short.”

Grandma Seamstress sits back on her heels and gives me a stern look. “You think the dress dragging on the ground will make you look taller?”

Umm….Yes? But judging by her dubious tone, I’m guessing that was wrong.  At that point, I’m pretty sure I looked like this:

panicked baby


So I said, “I think I’ll just trust you.”

She nodded, re-pinned the underskirt a little longer and then got to work on the overskirt. And dang, what she showed me when she was finished looked pretty good, and much safer. Although I still looked a little like an overstuffed mermaid, but skinny is not in the cards for me right now.

I really liked the seamstress by the way. She really did ask me if I thought the dress dragging would make me look taller (and hearing someone say it out loud showed me exactly how stupid that is!), but she was super helpful, nice and clearly knew her stuff. And she loved my shoes, said they worked perfectly with the dress. Which is pretty funny since I got the shoes on a killer sale for around $30.00 :-) And those I can wear again over and over. The dress…well if you see a women hanging out at Starbucks in a mermaid dress — just know I’m trying to get my money’s worth. That’s not crazy, right?

This weekend, Wizard and I have a wedding. Otherwise, I’m mostly gathering up promo stuff and working on the behind the scenes stuff but nothing terribly stressful since my awesome team is totally on task for me and that’s helping me out a lot. By the way, when I say team, I mean people like my assistant Anna, my editor, my formatter, the graphic designer from Sweet ‘N Spicy Designs who just did an awesome title page logo for me, my proofreader, my cover designer — all of them help me in huge ways that make everything go smoother. I can’t express how much I value them. And Wizard! He’s pitched in so much over the last months so I could get both these books done.

What are your plans this weekend?

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015
Wednesday Worthy

It’s Hump Day! I’m in a good mood now that I have sent off Caged Magic to the proofreader. I worked four straight days on that puppy and was getting a tad obsession…making changes here and there…

Here and there? <<Wizard shouts in the background.>> You wouldn’t stop rewriting every damned word!

Ignore him, he’s cranky because I refused to make the brownie mix in the cupboard. I told him I was already too fat for my dress and frankly, he didn’t try hard enough to disagree.

So what was I talking about? OH! So, yeah, I finally realized that I’m was incapable of doing a straight read through of the manuscript to make sure nothing weird worked it’s way into the pages because I kept revising. So…I pried if out of my slightly resistant hands…

Slightly???? <<Wizard yells helpfully>> It took the freaking jaws of life!  

Yeah, see if I make him brownies now. Men! Anyway after much careful thought and consideration…okay fine! I gave in, realized the book will never be perfect and sent it off to the proofreader before I rewrote the entire thing again. But if she finds a disaster in there (trust me–it’s possible with all the revising and reformatting things because Microsoft word can be annoying at times), Wizard will NEVER get brownies, that’s all I’m saying :-)

So enough of all that. Let’s move on to our Hump Day Hunk! What do you think of this candidate?

masculine man portrait staring at the camera isolated over a black background

Is he worthy?

Monday, June 8th, 2015
Weekend Roundup & The Dress

A working weekend for me, but a good one! My final edits came back from my editor on Friday and she was very pleased. The best part is when she said working on Caged Magic made her want to read the rest of the Wing Slayer Hunter series :-) . I have a professional proofreader and formatting all lined up, I just need to finished the edits, do a last read through to get the book as clean as possible, then it’s off to the proofreader.

After all this time and worry, and the whining, LOL! It’s really going to happen, Linc and Risa story will be released to the world…or at least whoever buys the book.

Should I mention how crazy it is to have back-to-back releases? It’s going to be a wild summer! Even better, Caged Magic will be released July 20th and I’ll  flying to NY July 22nd. I won’t have much internet access on my flying days right in the middle of the blog tour, but Anna’s going to help me out there (plus she’s arranging the blog tour) and we’ll figure it out. Then I’ll catch up once I’m in my hotel. That conference will be a whirlwind.

I fly home the 26th, then on August 4th, Exposing the Heiress will release with more promo and blog tours. Bwhahaha!! It’ll be fun and crazy but these are some pretty good problems to have so I’m not complaining :-)

Okay enough about all that. I’m just a little excited and a lot scared, hoping readers like Caged Magic and Exposing the Heiress.

Shifting subjects, here’s a snapshot of the dress I’m wearing for the RITA’s. It looks tiny here because of the way it’s hanging, but trust me I don’t look tiny in it. I wish I did! The color looks a little prettier in person.

dress for rita



Here’s the shoes. I kept it simple and they were on sale:

Shoes for Rita Dress

Ok your turn! How was your weekend?

Friday, June 5th, 2015
Happy Friday and My Reading Experience

Happy Friday!

I had the chance to reader COWGIRL’S LITTLE SECRET by our own Silver James, and really enjoyed the secret baby plot. It was the perfect book to read as I was decompressing from deadline craziness.

I have so many books I want to read, I’m like a deer in the headlights and freeze when I try to pick one.

But I heard about a just released book and had read it. I bought it and started it, and wow, I LOVED that book…right up until the big reveal in about the last 5% and all of a sudden I’m like:

Whoa Dog

and my brain is screaming:



and it took me a whole day to recover:

Say when BritWit-Drinking-wine


So…first I want to say this again, I really loved this book up to this point, and I think I’ll be preordering the next book once I fully recover.


This is a dark, erotic and often psychological book about a rape survivor who is struggling with her rape fantasies. So yeah…not for everyone. I had no problem with that, I liked the heroine and her journey, and the romance — and I loved the hero Jonah. Until the moment the author took his backstory one step too far for me.  As an author I know how hard it is to find that right balance, and I know some of my books have crossed that line for some readers. This book really served to remind me how emotionally involved we readers can get, and how important that line is.

The last book that did that to me at this level was MISERY by Stephen King. If you’ve read it or seen the movie (I so did NOT see that movie!) it’s the hobbling scene. That was the one step too far for me, but I could NOT stop reading.

So has a book ever done this to any of you?

Hope you all have a great weekend!