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Friday, January 17th, 2020
Friday Five

TGIF! Okay let’s jump right into sharing five random things about our week. Here’s mine:

  1. Each morning, I’m trying to get up and do 5 to 10 minutes of stretching/strengthening before coffee, and then I write notes in my planner. I’ve only done it for a week, and who knows if I’ll keep it up. But it definitely brightens my mood, almost like a form of meditation. I’m making changes to create a more Can Do Attitude. It’s amazing how a little self-care will help creativity, but it’s not an instant fix.
  2. I hate using phrases like “self-care” that are so trendy and annoying, but I couldn’t think of a better one :-)
  3. I ordered my pans! I had a few discounts at Kohls and even Wizard was impressed. Not impressed enough to lift the Costco Moratorium though! (That’s a joke between us in case anyone thinks he’s somehow scolding me.)
  4. I struggled to write yesterday (and all week), but had a Whoa, this might be the right track moment just before I shut down. I intentionally stopped when I was “hooked” so I can return to it tomorrow with some enthusiasm (attitude!). I also worked on my characters Goal, Motivation, Conflict.  Whenever I am lost writing a book, I go back to what’s driving the characters, and in my view, that’s always Goal, Motivation, Conflict.  The book “GMC: Goal, Motivation, Conflict” by Debra Dixon is on my writer’s shelf. I keep very few physical books anymore, but that’s one I’ve retained.
  5. I had my Costco frozen fruit mixed in my oatmeal yesterday morning and it was delicious! It’s so nice to have a bag of whole frozen berries to pull out as needed. The next thing I want to try to make is Zoats — oatmeal with shredded zucchini in it. I don’t know why except I saw it on a video and I figure, why not? LOL!

That’s my five, now I’d love to hear yours!

Friday, January 10th, 2020
Friday Five

TGIF!! Let’s get right into sharing five random things about our week. Here are mine:

  1. We did our first Costco trip, and Yikes, that was an easy way to spend $$. But, hey, now I have enough kitchen trash bags to last a year or six :-) LOLOL! Costco is kind of fun now, but it’ll turn into just another chore soon.
  2. I’ve hated shopping for most of my life. Now, I like some shopping at discount stores and I don’t know why. It’s downright weird.
  3. I’m using my work calendar as a plotting-planner-motivational-thingie. This week, I used it to sketch out the plot and timeline. Wizard asked me why I don’t type it, and I told him that once I start typing, I tend to flesh things out too much and end up trying to write the book or get lost in details. Writing it in pencil bullet points that I can erase and change gives me permission to down on paper even if it’s wrong. The planner is working pretty well in that I now have a very rough outline.  That’s pretty much my accomplishment for this week–outlining plot and timeline in rough pencil strokes.  Next week is butt in chair, fingers to keyboard.
  4. I’m writing goals aside from writing in my planner too. Writing goals down gives them weight and meaning, not just random wishes. This is all part of my 2020 Attitude Adjustment.
  5. Today I’m getting my hair done, then meeting Biker Witch for coffee in the morning and I’ll write a little in the afternoon. Saturday, we are watching Turbo for a couple of hours again. Sunday begins my big butt in the chair, fingers on the keyboard plan. I won’t be able to do it more than four hours at a time, but that’s a good start! Physically I am doing better these days!

That’s my five, now I’d love to hear yours. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, January 3rd, 2020
Friday Five

It’s the 2020 edition of Friday Five! Let’s do it!

  1. We had a nice New Year’s Eve dinner. We also opened a bottle of good wine, and after half a glass, I had an allergy attack. It probably was a coincidence as it was late afternoon which is when my allergies can flare up. Or it could have been something in the wine that triggered it :-( Either way, I’m avoiding the remainder of that particular wine. Wizard is enjoying it while feeling vaguely guilty :-)
  2. I went to the gym Monday, worked out on the elliptical for a couple of miles and some light weights. My side was fine, so today I did a little more. It took about three hours for my side to ache. Honestly I thought my body and I had a deal that we would not act our age in 2020?
  3. After years and years of resisting, Wizard and I finally bought a Costco membership yesterday. This is our “test” year to see if we shop there enough to make it worth it. It was fun just walking around Costco warehouse yesterday–I could lose six months of my life in there!
  4. I’m going to have to buy a new set of pots and pans. It’s not cheap, but I cook a fair amount and use them. I have a new set sitting in my online shopping cart but can’t make myself actually buy them yet.
  5. I found a dermatologist on YouTube that I’ve been following lately. My skin has changing over the last year or two, and I’m reacting to products I’ve never had issues with in the past. Her advice is helping me deal with that. Her suggestions are easy, practical and helping me identify common irritants in skin care products that I hadn’t even realized could be a problem. I guess it’s pretty common to develop sensitivity to certain ingredients with prolonged use. The products she suggests are usually Target/Walmart prices which is a total win for me too.

Today we are seeing Wizard’s brother who is visiting from out of state. Saturday we’re babysitting Turbo. 2o20 did not get the memo about slowing life down a little. Anyway, that’s my five, now I’d love to hear yours! Have a great weekend!

Friday, December 20th, 2019
Friday Five

TGIF! Just a few more days to Christmas and then the end of the year is upon us. 2020 is knocking at the door. Okay, let’s move onto sharing five random things about our week.

  1. Last Friday, when I went to get my hair cut and colored, I told my hairdresser that, “Maybe we should cut my hair short because I’m getting older.” She laughed in my face. Her reaction really was priceless and unexpected, LOL! I am getting older and it’s showing, but I normally don’t obsess about this stuff, so I think that’s what caught her by surprise. However, she managed to regain control of herself enough to sincerely ask me if I really, truly wanted my hair short. I didn’t know what I wanted, and after some discussion, we decided to do a deep trim and shape to regain some body. Then…and this made me laugh–she told me to go back to work writing and I won’t obsess so much about my hair. Point for my hairdresser! 
  2. And following up on #2, I believe 2020 will be my comeback year for writing!
  3. Going to the gym on Wednesday was a mistake with my sore side (the one I somehow bruised on the center console in the car when I leaned over to get something off the passenger seat floor). Despite my goal to go twice a week on top of walking Maggie, I will have to skip today. I want it healed! This stupid freak injury is slowing this whole exercise plan I’ve made. Real Life is always amused by my plans and plots, LOL.
  4. I’m pretty much ready for Christmas. This week has been pretty quiet, next week will be busy and fun.
  5. Turbo and his parents may come over this weekend, and if I’m super lucky, I’ll get to hear Turbo say “Grandma” to me. Hmm, maybe I should bake him a sugar cookie bear to bribe encourage him?

So that was my five random things about my week, now I’d love to hear yours! I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!


Friday, December 6th, 2019
Friday Five

TGIF! Can you believe we’re 6 days into December? It seems like it should be about March :-) Okay, let’s jump into our Friday Five, where we share five random things about our week.

  1. Although I normally don’t get into the whole New Year’s Resolution thing, this year, I’m jumping on the bandwagon. I’m as healed as I’m going to get, and I want to focus on exercise and writing.
  2. This week, Biker Witch and I went out and had a girl’s day out together. Then she had the nerve to go on a trip without me. Rude! :-)
  3. We’ve decorated the house, ordered and picked up my Christmas cards, updated and printed the labels for the cards, and I got a small start on Christmas shopping. One thing I love this year is our family–Wizard, myself, our sons and wives, are doing a secret santa thing. We each get one name to buy for so everyone gets a gift, but since it’s just one person to focus on instead of eight, it’s a lot less stress and expense. Special K set it up, including a way to post gift suggestions. I’m already hoping this is our new  tradition.
  4. I got my new glasses, and I’m really happy with the frames. I chose them so fast, I was worried if I’d like them or not. And glasses aren’t cheap! But I was super happy when I picked them up. Wizard really likes them too. It was hilarious when he tried on my glasses, and for the gazillionth time, told me my vision is bad. No kidding. But my contacts make my life much easier, and my glasses do the job when I take my contacts out, so that’s something to be very grateful for. Many people have it much worse.
  5. Maggie’s Christmas gift is coming tomorrow, but I’m worried I won’t have the self-control to wait until Christmas to give it to her. I’m already planning to get her something else too, LOL!

That’s my five random things, and now I’d love to hear yours! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, November 22nd, 2019
Friday Five

TGIF! And here we go sharing five random things about our week:

  1. Next week is Thanksgiving! It’s at my house this year, with a mid-sized guest list of all my three sons, their wives, Turbo, Biker Witch, Biker Hubby and two large dogs. There are more people who may come, and we’ll love it if they do. I’m very grateful to have a lot of help of help this year, which will make it so much more fun!
  2. I got several things done this week, including my mammogram, which is usually a big hassle, but this one was pretty easy. Today I’m tackling the eye appointment I pushed way back until after Youngest’s wedding. My eyes are pretty bad. I’m hoping  I can keep wearing my mono-vision contacts since I see better in those than my glasses, however it’s possible I’ve passed the point of being able to do that. We’ll see how it goes. I’m really happy to get these routine things done and checked off my list.
  3. My washing machine that had declared itself the I’ll-Spin-When-I-Feel-Like-It-Machine has been behaving 85 to 90% of the time. I don’t care why it’s behaving, I’ll take the win for now. And trust me, I’ve been washing a TON of stuff in the last few weeks.
  4. We had rain! Real rain! We started the week well over 90 degrees, and ended it pretty danged cold for this part of California. Wizard and I both enjoyed the rain. Maggie tolerated it :-)
  5. We are seeing Turbo tomorrow, and going to the Long Beach Aquarium to see all the fish and sharks. It’s pretty small and a good place for young children so I’m really looking forward to it! By the way, Turbo is 20 months old now. He’ll be 2 years old next March. Time is flying!

That’s my Friday Five and now I’d love to hear yours. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Friday, November 15th, 2019
Friday Five

TGIF! Time to share five random things about our week. Here’s mine:

  1. We had another heartbreaking school shooting yesterday in California. We are desperately sad and angry, as I imagine most people feel about these horrible and completely pointless tragedies. The poor families and survivors have had their lives shattered in a few moments of terror, and for what? I can’t even pretend to understand. Some days, I really like fictional worlds better than the one we live in.
  2. We went to see the new movie Midway, and really liked it.
  3. I wrote a tad yesterday, desperately trying something to fix problems. Moving a scene around might do it…or not…who knows! What I do know for sure, is I need to get mean about writing time if I want to get back to the job I still love :-)
  4. So on Wednesday, I told Wizard I was expecting a package from Amazon. Naturally he asked me what it was, and I told him a blue pumpkin. I think he just heard “pumpkin”. When it arrived and I opened it, he was so confused. “It’s blue.” So I explained it was for the Thanksgiving table to go with some other, smaller pumpkins and burlap leaves I’d already bought. His next question was, “But why blue?” I pointed to my kitchen “fall” towels that have pumpkins on it, including a blue one and said, “It has to match. I can’t possibly host Thanksgiving if my table decorations don’t match the towels.” He’s been with me enough years to guess I was yanking his chain :-) He just smiled blandly and asked if I needed anything else. Some days, he has the whole husband-of-a-crazy-writer thing totally nailed. “Nope,” I replied, “I’m good. I mean I have a plastic blue pumpkin, what else could I want?” I was pretty serious about that–my blue pumpkin makes me happy, LOL!
  5. I’m not sure what I’m doing this weekend. I may see a kid or grandkid, on the other hand, I wouldn’t mind actually working either. Although Wizard seems to keep coming up with ways to distract me from work too. But back to the weekend…no firm plans yet so anything could happen!

So that’s my five random things, now I’d love to hear yours! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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