Jennifer Lyon
Monday, July 16th, 2018
Weekend Roundup

Saturday was fun! I went to Fashion Island in Newport Beach (It’s a very upscale area. and not my usual stomping grounds) to meet Middle Son’s finance and her mom for lunch and some shopping. Lunch was wonderful, although I think I talked too much :-)  I was just in a mood to overshare, I think, plus I can talk nonstop about my sons. But his fiance and her mom are both lovely, intelligent and fun women so they made me very comfortable. After that, we headed over to a store to do a little shopping for dresses for the moms. We didn’t find anything, but now I have a good idea what to Fiance would like, what her color palette is and how formal she’d like us to be, which should make finding a dress not too difficult. I enjoyed the day and am really excited about their wedding in October.

Saturday night, Maggie and I were upstairs watching our veterinarian shows while Wizard watched his sports channels when I heard Wizard talking, laughing and another voice I couldn’t quiet make out.  I’m thinking, oh shoot, did someone come over? Cause I’d washed my face, had my glasses on (I don’t care about that) and put on my PJ’s, (NO ONE NEEDS TO SEE THAT!) But nope, it wasn’t anyone in our house. It was Baby Slayer and his dad on Skype showing Grandpa that he could grab his toys and hold them all by himself.

LOLOL! Honestly, I was cracking up. Baby Slayer looked cute and happy and it’s a milestone for sure, but Wizard was really amusing me at his absolute excitement. He’s so smitten by that boy :-)

Sunday, I worked. I finally climbed out of the plot ditch. I’m in the scene I’ve been itching to write, but now I’m second guessing my decisions and driving myself crazy. Of course, this normal for me, and probably a good sign. At least I’m writing again!  However I’m limiting my writing hours, so I’ll have to finish that scene today. I may write on the wall over my desk TRUST YOURSELF AND QUIT SECOND GUESSING EVERY FREAKING DECISION! Just push through the last hundred or so pages, finish the book and fix it all later.

And lastly, I bought some bubbles to blow outside and see if Maggie will chase them. I saw a dog in the park doing it, and thought, well that looks like something Maggie would like. She loves chasing bugs that hop around, so it made sense to me. I came home all excited, took Maggie out back and blew some bubbles.

She hid behind me the entire time, totally confused by the alien beings floating around the backyard.

Yep, nailed it. Sigh.

That was my weekend, how was yours?

Friday, July 13th, 2018
Happy Friday Five!

And it’s time for Friday Five, where we list five random things about our week:

  1. I had lunch with a writer friend I hadn’t seen in a while on Wednesday. It was so nice to see her!
  2. Maggie threw up yesterday. I heard her make the gaggy sound, jumped up from the computer and and ran for the door to the backyard, shouting, “Come on Maggie! Come outside!” She got her within two inches of the tile floor…but not close enough. She’s fine, and my carpet will survive.
  3. Speaking of the computer, I’m writing. That’s all I’m going to say, I’m afraid to jinx this.
  4. Baby Slayer! 
  5. Middle son’s fiance invited me to have lunch, talk about their upcoming wedding and go shopping with her and her mom. I jumped at the chance, very pleased they thought of including me. And also, while I adore Baby Slayer more than all things chocolate or wine, the others in my family are just as important to me :-) Of course, I need to double check today to make sure she meant this Saturday as in tomorrow, and not next Saturday as in a week from now. Because I like to make myself crazy by second guessing myself. It’s a gift, LOL!

Ha look at that, I got through 5 things without once complaining about the heat! Now it’s your turn to share five random things about your week. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018
Wednesday Worthy

Happy Hump Day! Yesterday I finally found an acceptable candidate for Wednesday Worthy when the site I was using glitched out. Sigh. I got so many other things done yesterday that I decided not to let this irritate me, and went to my files to find a candidate.

I came up with the guy I consider to be Beach Vacation Hunk, but that’s me.

More important is what do YOU think? Is he worthy?

Monday, July 9th, 2018
Weekend Roundup

Dang it was hot! And it’s still hot today too. Summer is here.

Saturday we went to see Baby Slayer, and he’s as adorable as always! But is it possible, my sweet dog Maggie, is slipping into a life of crime? Maggie never takes anything she’s not supposed to, except around Baby James. To date she has stolen his stuff giraffe twice, two pairs of his socks and this time it was his handmade stuffed pony.

Special K caught Maggie in the act!

I was playing with Baby Slayer and his pony. Maggie saw me and came over to investigate. I told her “No, this isn’t your toy.” Maggie went back to her blanket and watched like a perfect little princess.

When I was done, I put the pony away beneath Baby Slayer’s changing table and walked into the kitchen. I heard Special K called out, “Maggie no.” (She said it way sweeter than I would have!) and I turned to see Maggie drop the toy.

I walked up to Maggie and said, “Did you steal Baby Slayer’s toy?”

She swears she thought Baby Slayer dropped it and she was picking it up for him. No really, that’s how it happened! Honest, Mom!


Should I believe her? LOLOL!!

Overall my weekend was good, and included some writing (yay!). How was your weekend?

Friday, July 6th, 2018
Friday Five

Happy Friday, at least I think its Friday. Having a holiday midweek has thrown me way off! So here’s 5 random things from my week:

  1. The heat wave is back—ugh. My phone says it’s supposed to be 113 today.
  2. Because of the heat, I’m taking Maggie for her walk at 6:30ish in the morning and skipping the afternoon walk.
  3. We had Biker Witch and her hubby out for 4th of July and really had a great time. Sometimes it’s nice to keep it small and simple. The apple pie was good too :-)  That was the good part, the bad part was all the illegal fireworks.  It was frustrating because we took Maggie with us to see the city fireworks, and through those she laid at my feet. She was scared and shook a bit, but overall she handled it. We thought she’ll go home, relax and realize, Oh hey, that wasn’t so bad. But instead we pulled into what sounded like a war zone in out housing track. Okay I don’t actually know what a warzone sounds like but this was bad (like sonic booms). Still we got off easy compared to some pet owners. Maggie feels safe enough in her kennel, that that’s where she wants to be with no whining, crying or barking. A lot of animals react in mindless terror and can’t feel safe until it stops. Some end up injured or worse.
  4. My MRI was cancelled due to some insurance authorization snafu. I just shrugged, I’ll get it sorted out next week.
  5. We plan to go see Baby Slayer this weekend.  And I’m trying to work despite my pain level going up again. It is what it is.

That’s my Friday Five, now its your turn to share yours! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 4th, 2018

We’re celebrating a birthday in the U.S!

I added the Frenchie picture as a gentle reminder that many pets are utterly terrified of fireworks. If we own pets, we need to make sure they are secure and safe. We’ll see how Maggie does, we have a couple of people in our neighborhood who set off fireworks all night long. Which makes sleep nearly impossible for me because I worry about fire, and now I’ll worry Maggie will be upset too. Although, once she’s settled in her kennel, she usually feels safe and sleeps fine.

To celebrate, Wizard and I are having my sister and brother-in-law over for an early dinner, which gives me an excuse to make an apple pie :-) We may go watch the city fireworks once it’s dark, it just depends how tired we are then. What are you doing? Whatever it is, stay safe!

Monday, July 2nd, 2018
Weekend Roundup

Happy July! Can you believe it? July!!! How is this possible?

The picnic on Saturday was a lot of fun! Baby Slayer was the hit of the party (it was a work picnic for his dad and uncle) and Maggie was a really good girl. She did well with meeting new people and dogs. I think she had a crush on one little dog :-)

FYI I was NOT a baby hog! I waited a whole 20 minutes before I pounced on, I mean asked CPA Boy to hand over my grandson.  But not long after that, Youngest Son was completely unreasonable and demanded Uncle Time with Baby Slayer. Since we were in public, and it was his work picnic, I was sort of forced shamed into handing over Baby Slayer gracefully :-) Okay I really am kidding. I didn’t hog Baby Slayer, I have no reason to since his mom and dad give us so much access to him anytime we want. It’s pretty amazing.

I also reworked the troublesome parts of the book and hope I can finally move forward.  And I have an MRI of my cervical spine on Thursday. This is important to determine our next step in the endless saga. The last set of shots helped for a couple weeks, but is wearing off.

Okay that’s my weekend, how was yours?