Jennifer Lyon
Monday, October 19th, 2020
Weekend Roundup

I’m writing this Sunday afternoon while Turbo is outside playing with Wizard. Our weekend has been good so far. Turbo accepted his parents leaving with no problem. He’s been totally comfortable and having a great time. Here he is playing in the dirt.

Turbo’s grandpa has a bucket of dirt for him to play with :-) We sent pictures to his parents, and they are chill with it–or pretending to be. Turbo loves baths, so I don’t see a problem.

Once we recover on Tuesday then I’ll get to work on Eli’s opening scene in Primal Magic. I tried on Saturday, but Eli wasn’t feeling the scene I designed just for him. So…all is normal in the Wing Slayer Hunter world, LOL!

Today, we’ll probably take Turbo home late this afternoon, then come home and crash hard.

How was your weekend?

Friday, October 16th, 2020
Friday Five

TGIF! Let’s share five random things about our week. Here’s mine:

  1. I got my hair cut and colored yesterday. I’m very happy with the lady doing my hair while my regular hairdresser recovers from her seriously broken leg that required surgery. She’s still on crutches and not able to put weight on it, but she’s healing as expected so far. Man I feel for her!
  2. I haven’t heard back from my copy editor which means she hasn’t had a chance to start on SAVAGED DEVOTION yet. She had warned me up front this is a busy month for her, so I’m being patient. Since I’m not planning a big release, it’s all fine. Unless the books sucks, then…I’ll drink wine.
  3. I’m starting to write PRIMAL MAGIC. I’ve only worked with Savina’s (the heroine) opening scene so far, and I’m loving her. Tomorrow, Eli and I will chat, LOLOL! Also, Wizard’s been helping me plot and that’s been entertaining for us.
  4. The plan right now is for Turbo to come over Sunday morning and stay overnight until Monday evening. Of course, the plan is subject to change, but I’m looking forward to it if it works out. It will be exhausting, that kid is nonstop high energy and not always easy to get down at night, but he’s also bright, fun and the owns our hearts. If I don’t post Monday, I was just too distracted and tired to do it.
  5. Following on #4, I’m planning to have Turbo help me make make Youngest son’s special cookies, then lure Youngest and his wife over to help us with Turbo for a couple hours if they’re free :-). If they’re busy, they Turbo and I will have fun making a mess in the kitchen.

That’s my Friday Five, now I’d love to hear yours! And don’t forget, I may not be here Monday but I’ll be back Wednesday to catch up with you all. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 14th, 2020
Do You Believe in Ghosts or UFO’s?

Do you believe in UFO’s (Unidentified Flying Objects, which would presumably bring unidentified beings or creatures in the flying objects)?  What about ghosts?

I love hearing people’s opinions and thoughts even when they don’t match mine.

So my feeling on these things is pretty simple; they might exist, I don’t know. I heard my father’s voice twice after he passed away; once when I was in  danger, and the second time when my middle son was briefly in danger during his birth. Was it real or some kind of stress hallucination? For me, it doesn’t matter because in the moment I needed him, he was there. If it was some trick of my brain using my dad’s voice to get me to do what I had to, that’s okay because it just means that my dad’s love and influence lives on in me, and my brain knows that as well as my heart. But I also don’t discount that he could have reached across a void we don’t fully understand at a time I needed him. But I’m not sold on Hollywood’s version of ghosts roaming around causing trouble.

As for UFO’s I have no experience and rarely give it much thought.

FYI I started thinking about this because Wizard and I were discussing hypnosis at dinner, then it evolved…and of course, it got weird, LOL! Just another typical dinner in our house.

Monday, October 12th, 2020
Weekend Roundup

That was a fun weekend!

Friday was Special K’s birthday; we made ribs and chicken, shared a nice Malbec wine and had lemon pound cake.

Saturday was quiet and I had a blast working on pulling together plot threads for Primal Magic. I’m trying to corral all the characters and ideas into some kind of organized plot…and my characters are amused :-) I know that soon I’ll be in the trenches of the writing battle, so I’m cherishing the moment of remembering why writing is my passion.

Sunday we went to Middle Son’s camping site on the beach. He has a RV with a porch that faced the sand and water, and all of our family gathered there to enjoy BBQed hamburgers, the view and family time. Plus I got to hang out with their dogs, Jett and Hazel. Oh and I took Turbo over to the food stand to get a cookie because that’s what grandma’s do, LOL!

It really was a great weekend, and now it’s time to work. Our week here in Southern California is supposed to be in the 100’s and I’m not looking forward to that.

How was your weekend?

Friday, October 9th, 2020
Friday Five

TGIF! It’s time to share five random things about our week:

  1. Monday, Biker Witch and I had a great time going to lunch on the terrace of a winery. We did our best to be Covid safe, and since it was a Monday, not many people were around, which helps. We also got dessert, she chose cheesecake and I had a slab of chocolate cake. It took me 3 days to eat that cake, but I’m not a quitter! FYI, Biker Witch is supposed to be my older sister, but she’s not doing it right. Seriously. She doesn’t look her age! It’s just wrong. Worse, she not sharing her anti-aging magic secrets with me!
  2. Anyone else ever feel chronically tired? Just ask for the old woman trying to commandeer my body this week :-)
  3. I cleared a bunch of files on my computer, then I checked my trashbin and it had well over 3,000 files!
  4. I started reworking my PRIMAL MAGIC synopsis (Wing Slayer Hunter book) and it’s already driving me crazy, LOL! I really want to do this synopsis to get a working idea of the story so I can massively screw it up as I write it. I’m a rebel that way. But doing this is making me excited to write the book!
  5. Weekend plans are confusing right now. Today is Special K’s birthday, and the original plan was for them to come over to visit and have a birthday dinner. But Turbo wasn’t feeling well the other night…and now it’s a waiting game. Then Sunday we may visit Middle, his wife and their two dogs at a campground, but they just lost a beloved dog in her family so I’m not sure if they’re still going camping. We’re all in a weird wait-and-see mode…but the weekend will happen and I’m staying flexible. (My daughter-in-law and her family will be okay, they’re just sad to say goodbye to their beloved dog, and grateful for the years of love and joy he brought them.)

So that’s my five, now I’d love to hear yours! I hope everyone has a healthy and fun weekend!

Wednesday, October 7th, 2020
Wednesday Smile!

What make you smile today?

A box full of puppies?

A pig with shoes?

Or a cowboy?


Happy Wednseday!

Monday, October 5th, 2020
Weekend Roundup

We had a stay-at-home weekend, which is nice. I got two main things done; a draft of the blurb for Savaged Devotion, and I did a newsletter. Wow, can I just say, I miss Anna (my assistant) :-) It took me forever to navigate my newsletter site. Then I had to figure out a logo. I’ll have a better one done later, right now, I just did a placeholder that is okay for now. I’m working through my fast growing list of things to accomplish. Once I get this stuff a little more under control, I’ll start writing PRIMAL MAGIC. Being an eternal optimist, I’m hoping to write a quick and dirty first draft, but the realist in my rolls her eyes at my foolish dreams.

Maggie went to the vet on Saturday. She loves going in the car! With Covid-19, our animal care hospital asks the customers stay in the car, then they come out wearing masks and take them inside. Since the vet tech is also Youngest Son’s wife, Maggie was thrilled to go with her. She trotted off and didn’t even bother looking back. Overall Maggie’s healthy and in good shape, but she’s gained a pound in the last year and is just a tad over her optimal weight. When her awesome vet told me that (she came out to the car since we’re also friends) I looked at Maggie and laughed. “Like mother like daughter. Time for diets!” She didn’t care, she just wagged her tail. Honestly, I’m happy the vet and my daughter-in-law take such good care of Maggie, and tell me things I can do now to prevent problems later.

But Wizard’s reaction when I told him was hilarious. “Are they calling her FAT? What? Do they think she should be stick thin like a model? Maggie’s not fat! She’s fine!”

I snort-laughed so hard, it’s a wonder my eyes didn’t pop out. I finally convinced him that it was more of a gentle reminder to keep taking good care of Maggie so she doesn’t continue gaining weight and develop painful and expensive health problems that reduce her quality of life. I finally convinced him it’s important for us to be on top of this.

Today is Biker Witch’s birthday! We have plans to go to lunch at a winery where they have a big outdoor shaded terrace. It should be reasonably Covid-safe, and I’m happy to take the risk to see my sister. I miss her!

So that’s my weekend, how was yours?