Jennifer Lyon
Friday, July 10th, 2020
Friday Five

Another week zoomed by! So here’s my Friday Five:

  1. I have a good chunk of my Wing Slayer Story Bible done. The one that needs the most work is the overall timeline, and that’s something I’ll have to backfill as I read through the series, and think of things. But at least I have a really good start to work from now.
  2. Today I’m going to pull out my short synopsis of the next two books, and make some notes. I already know that writing detailed outlines is just makes the hunters find ways to screw them up, so…maybe I can outsmart them? Sigh…probably not. They live to torture me. I’ll just have to go through my normal write, delete, swear, beg and bargain, and then rewrite everything twenty more times to get the stories written!
  3. Under the category of Things Wizard Has A Meltdown About. I could quite literally come home with something completely frivolous like an expensive purse, and he’d say, “You deserve it.” But yesterday I came home with some new 20 oz plastic tumblers that cost 79 cents each to replace our old ones.  He was AGHAST and said, “But I like these tumblers.” He actually held one up that he happened to be drinking tea out of like it was a trophy. I was super sympathetic when I laughed and told him to deal with the major life change and move on.  He did :-)
  4. I ended up with a UTI this week, and that slowed me down a bit. Annoying, but I got right into the doctor, and it should clear up. Once again, the doctor’s office had the whole Covid thing down, clearly taking reasonable precautions to protect themselves and the patients which I really appreciate.
  5. I haven’t killed my herbs plants! I don’t know if they’ll survive the hot, 100+, heat of summer, but I’m going to try! I’ll have to start actually using then in dishes soon.

That’s my five random things about my week, now I’d love to hear yours! Hope everyone has a healthy and happy weekend!

Wednesday, July 8th, 2020
Wednesday Picture

Yesterday, we got home from visiting Wizard’s mom (we are Covid-Careful), checked my messages and got a shock. A long time friend of mine had a serious heart attack. I’m truly shocked. However, she’s in the hospital getting treatment and we have every reason to be positive.

This news really rocked me a bit, so my post today is just a picture that makes me smile.

I love that little Frenchie face :-) (But not as much as I love my own beloved Maggie!)

How’s your Wednesday going?

Monday, July 6th, 2020
Weekend Roundup

I had a pretty decent weekend. Saturday, Turbo came over with his parents. It was a fun day of swimming, hamburgers and hot dogs.  Turbo and Maggie have such a cute relationship :-) They left early enough to be home with their dogs long before fireworks.

Saturday night I stayed up really late with Maggie from the fireworks. Our city normally has a big fireworks show over the lake every year. This year it was cancelled due to Covid. Many citizens were extremely upset and chose to create their own show despite it being illegal and extremely dangerous. It was a nightmare for the police and fire departments. One of our councilmen posted that at one point, they had more fires than fire engines. Meanwhile I, like most dog parents, stayed home with my dog. At least inside the house, she didn’t shake. She just stayed by my side until I told her it’s bedtime, and she ran in her kennel.  Maggie’s kennel is tucked back between a corner wall and my bookcase, with a mat on top, so it feels secure to her. She seemed fine in there for the rest of the night.

I didn’t sleep much. Sunday I was a zombie, but I did work on my Wing Slayer Hunter Story Bible. This is a HUGE project. I have a three ring binder notebook I keep everything in. I originally started all this on the computer, but between all the various files, computer changes and the fact that I often handwrote stuff because that’s how I plot and problem solve, it’s a huge mess. Many of my  handwritten notes and timelines have been lost, or more likely, accidentally tossed out. So I’m rebuilding all this, and I want it in one main computer file, and in the notebook. Then I can still handwrite in the notebook as I’m writing, and update the computer files as needed. All this work will payoff to do what I have planned.

And I’m rereading the series, so my world is pretty filled with magic, LOL!

That was my weekend, how was yours?



Friday, July 3rd, 2020
Friday Five

**Edited to add the picture I forgot. First my blog didn’t post as scheduled, then later realized I neglected upload the picture into my post. Facepalm, LOL! 

Happy Friday, the day before the Independence Day in the U.S.!

**NOTE** If you’re looking for an update on Wing Slayer Hunters, check out #2 :-)

Let’s move along to sharing five random things in our week:

  1. So as most of you probably know, I sent my book, SAVAGED DEVOTION, to my editor. I’m trying not to think about it because it’s out of my hands for now. But what I will share is that I cut nearly 70 pages and about 18 thousands words from my first draft. I am happy about that, and I suspect there’s more places I can cut and tighten.
  2. I am going to write more Wing Slayers Hunter books. This week, and probably next, I’ll be re-immersing myself in that world, and redoing my outlines and updating my bible that I desperately need to write these books. I want to write the next two books quickly, but one thing I know for sure, these books are hard to write. Very Hard. Well, all books are hard, but the world building in these books up that challenge significantly :-)
  3. My little herb experiment is a bit out of control. In the picture below, I now have red bell pepper, English thyme, curled parsley, sweet mint and basil! I repurposed the silver container and put succulents into it–that sits on my patio table, but I moved it here for the picture so it wouldn’t feel left out. Also, if the my red pepper grows, I will have to transplant and get it a support system for it. I even had to buy the table I have the plants on now until I can talk either Wizard or Youngest Son into building me the big plant holder table I want. Well, unless I kill them all, then we shall never speak of this little adventure again.
  4. I’m listening to INSIDE THE FIVE-SIDED BOX by Ash Carter (former Secretary of Defense) on my youngest son’s recommendation. I hesitated on this one because youngest reads books that should be marketed as miracle cures for insomnia :-) But he thought I’d enjoy learning about more about the pentagon and how things are run. He was right! I have a few other books lined up on my Kindle, but my physical reading is going to be focused on Wing Slayers for a couple weeks.
  5. I think Turbo is coming over for July 4th, but I haven’t verified that when I’m writing this blog. We are having serious Covid-19 spikes in CA  (as it is in many other states) and huge increases in hospitalizations, causing restrictions to tighten up again. Wziard and I were being careful anyway, as are Turbo’s parents, so for now, we are going to keep seeing them.

That’s my Friday Five, and now I’d love to hear yours. I hope you all  stay safe and well, and those of you in the U.S. have a great Fourth of July!

Wednesday, July 1st, 2020
Pick Your Smile

Which one makes you smile the most?

Baby Skunk

Baby Raccoon

Baby Albino Koala

Choose your smile for the day!

Monday, June 29th, 2020
Weekend Roundup

The weekend was good. I made Youngest his cookies, then went and hung out with him late Saturday afternoon. When I made Youngest’s cookies, I made a few small ones that I took to Turbo on Sunday. Wziard had somewhere else to go, so I got lots of Turbo time :-)

An aside here, when I went to see Youngest, I lost track of time, so I called Wizard when I left, hoping he’d thought to take the meat we were going to BBQ out of the fridge. But he was way ahead of me. He’d taken it out in plenty of time, and was putting it on the BBQ as I’d called. He also fed Maggie, emptied the dishwasher and set the table. All I had to do when I got home was cook up some rice and broccoli and dinner was done. I so appreciate being married to an adult. He figured I was enjoying myself, I’d be home soon since I was only 10 minutes away and he’d get things started.

I also finished my edit, and will do one more pass on the scenes that obsessive-compulsive revising disorder forced me to change when I was supposed to be just editing. Crossing my fingers I can finish that today and send it off.

The only downside is we’ve had higher than normal humidity for us, and that’s sapping my energy. I absolutely don’t feel sick, it’s just a combination of humidity and insomnia bugging my RA. It tends to vanish as fast as it appears as long as I stay on my meds, eat decent, exercise and watch my stress. Otherwise, it was a good weekend. How was yours?

Friday, June 26th, 2020
Friday Five

TGIF! Okay, jumping right into sharing five random things about our week:

  1. My book will be ready to send to my editor the beginning of next week. That’s the great news.
  2. However, she’s booked up and dealing with a major life change, so it’s going to be a while, possibly even months, before she can get to it. I’m not going to stress about it, I’ll send it to her next week and she’ll do it when she can. I feel she’s very important to the trilogy since she edited the first two books.
  3. Next week, I will pull out the Wing Slayers and see if it’s feasible to keep going with that series. I want to, but I also have to support myself :-) I think I can do it, but I’m going to really make sure before I fully commit.
  4. California is one of three states seriously spiking in Covid. It’s depressing as hell. We closed down early and hard, flattened the curve at a huge economic and emotional price. And then what do we do? We let a big dose of Stupid, along with her cousins, Foolishly Stubborn and Willfully Ignorant in to ruin it for everyone. Sigh.
  5. But it’s Friday! Sunday, I’m going to see my grandson. And I think today I might make some cookies, either shark cookies for Turbo, or special chocolate chip cookies for Youngest. Not sure which boy will win the cookie prize yet :-)

That’s my five, now I’d love to hear yours! I hope all of you have a fun and healthy weekend!