Jennifer Lyon
Monday, June 24th, 2024
Weekend Roundup

It’s HOT!! Summer in here in So Cal! Wizard went racing yesterday out in the heat, but he was prepared and came home fine. I appreciate so much that he uses common sense. This kind of heat is dangerous.

My weekend was good. I finally had a couple days that moved at my pace, and I love that. I still did a lot, but I did it on my own timeline without feeling pressured. Plus I made cookies :-) Sunday I went to lunch with a friend I value so much. She’s still working, so we have to meet around schedules, but certain friendships are worth the effort. The only frustrating thing is…well let me back up a bit. I haven’t been feeling great, but I was determined to bring my A game to this lunch. Okay, it was more of a C+ game, but still.

Full makeup, did my hair, choose a cute outfit — black and white striped shirt, white pants, black sandals, and jewelry. I was set. I felt good. I met her at the restaurant. We sat down, ordered some sparkling water and dove into talking. And that’s when I had a sudden nosebleed. In a packed full restaurant. It was my one of my Big Dreads with my nosebleeds come true. I had tissue and eventually it stopped — after getting on my pants. It was, um, a prolific one. Sigh, I tried hard to get the blood out of the pants. It’s faded but still there. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Thankfully, my friend isn’t squeamish and was very helpful. But me and embarrassment got real close in those moments :-) And hopefully no one else saw it. Once that drama was over, we had lunch and a great time. In the scheme of things, it’s wasn’t a big deal.

So overall my weekend was a win – minus a pair of white pants :-)

How was your weekend?

Friday, June 21st, 2024
Friday Five

TGIF!! Let’s get right to sharing five random things about our week. Here’s mine:

  1. I finally bought some knives! They were on sale which always makes me happy. I think they’ll be fine for me.
  2. The receptionist at Maggie’s vet is my hero! I spent days with Chewy trying to sort out a prescription snafu with Maggie’s food. Basically we just needed a one bag of food and treats before she sees her vet for her annual exam and shots in August. But Chewy was doing things like approving the treats, but saying there was no prescription for the food. Then they sent me an email that the food was approved, but not the treats. Does that sound logical to you? I tried to explain this but customer service could not figure out anything and suggested I get a new prescription. I went in circles for days, and finally I took Maggie to her normal bi-monthly vet-tech appointment, and told the receptionist what was happening. I told her I’d happy cancel the chewy order, and order the food from them instead. But she wasn’t having it, and called Chewy. Within a couple hours, the problem was fixed, the food shipped and now I have it! Maggie won’t starve! In the receptionist’s words were: “They had 85 reasons why this snafu happened, and not one of them made any sense.”  I laughed in relief. It’s not me! I’m not the problem! I also thanked her profusely. (Maggie has prescription food to help prevent bladder stones).
  3. I also spent this week trying and failing repeatedly to get test results for my surgeon appointment next week. This would be hilarious if it were a skit on Saturday Night Live. At this point, I’m just going to trust the surgeon’s office has the report. They said they did, so all should be fine. Let’s hope so because I think my patience is running on empty :-)
  4. My Cilantro Plant is moody and probably looking to unalive himself. Well, actually, he’s actively trying to unalive himself. My other plants are all happy and well adjusted. But my favorite herb to use just has to be a delicate, moody, unpredictable creature. I may have to decide to NOT like cilantro in my food because I can’t take this heartbreak anymore :-) Or I suppose I could just buy it at the store as needed.
  5. This weekend, I’m seeing a friend for lunch! She just got back from Hawaii, so I can’t wait to hear about her trip with her family. It’s a total coincidence that she and I both went with our families about a month apart. We’d both booked the trips before we found out the other was going. Life is so weird sometimes!

That’s my five, now I’d love to hear yours. I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!

Wednesday, June 19th, 2024
Unexpected Company

I had a weird thing happen at Costco. It’s only weird because it hasn’t happened in a long time.

While checking out I noticed the checker’s name was Norma. All I thought at the time was, “Hmm, I haven’t seen that name in a long time.”

Then I went to the guy who checks the receipt on our way out to make sure we’re not stealing. (It’s so freaking annoying after just spending a big chunk on money). His name was Frank. Okay, well that’s a pretty common name.

I was freed from Costco, loaded my loot and jumped in the car. On the way home, two characters, Frank and Norma, popped into my head. I don’t know anything about them, except this is unlikely to be romance because those aren’t names I’d pick for a romance. I don’t even know what they’re doing except hanging around and making me ask a lot of questions.

So that was my unexpected, but welcome, company. I don’t expect anything to come of this pop in visit, but it sure was fun to let them keep me company as I drove home from Costco. We’ll see if they stick around nor not :-)

How’s your Wednesday going?

Monday, June 17th, 2024
Weekend Roundup

Oh look, Monday arrived right on time :-) So our weekend was good. Saturday I cleaned and prepped to have youngest and his wife over on Father’s Day. They are absolutely the easiest people to have over for dinner. So the cleaning and prep was most anxiety driven to keep myself busy while dealing with an insurance curveball in my treatment. Things will be fine, it’s just my inner control freak doesn’t like it, and I had to physically exhaust her to shut her up :-) And yet she still wakes me up in the night to uselessly fret. She needs drugs, LOLOL! The same inner control freak drove me crazy when I was writing, along with the characters waking me up to chat in the middle of night. I’m used to voices in my head :-)

Sunday (Father’s Day!), Wizard and I went out to breakfast to a place we haven’t been to since well before Covid, and really enjoyed it. I had a Mediterranean omelet with feta cheese. It was so good! That afternoon, youngest and his wife came over and we had a fun and relaxing time. We ate and laughed way too much :-) Maggie was exhausted when they left.

How was your weekend, and if you celebrated Father’s Day — how was that?

Friday, June 14th, 2024
Friday Five

TGIF! It’s been another fast week for me. Okay let’s jump into sharing five random things about our week.

  1. I’m fighting with my voicemail. It tells me my password is not valid. Then I got it two work for two days. Then back to not working. So frustrating! I’ve been to Verizon once, and of course, it worked while in the store. I asked them to take the password off, but they said they can’t and tried to upsale me another feature (for an additional monthly fee). I left. But last night, in desperation, I tried to add the new feature last night. So far it’s not working, but maybe it needs time…I dunno. I’ll probably be back at Verizon today.
  2. I got my hair cut, but am holding off on changing the color. I’m thinking about doing something that blends brown and gray, but I’m not committed yet. Plus other stuff is going on at the moment so we decided to just trim it up, and see how things go health wise first, then think about changing the color.
  3. Huge Kudos to Wizard for finding us Homeowners Insurance! Ours went up thousands (and I mean multiple thousands!) and many insurance companies have left the state, while the very few that remain refuse to insure us. I’m fully aware that many states are going though this, but since I live in California, I feel justified in adding that the state has contributed to it as well. (I try to only comment on the state that I live in :-) ) I will be sending the Insurance Commissioner some helpful information <insert as much sarcastic anger as possible into this comment>. I’m over it. While I love California for many reasons, it doesn’t make me blind to her faults.
  4. So this is a long story short: It looks like I’ll be having another surgery to remove at least part of my thyroid. The hope is to keep my thyroid function. It sure has been a crazy ride, but overall, I’m feeling good and everything will be fine. We’re waiting for authorization then we’ll schedule it. I’ve seen a lot of doctors, had a lot of tests, and the one that sounds the worst — a needle in my throat — was the easiest, quickest and the most informative! That cracks me up. Again, I will be fine. This is just something that needs to be taken care of.
  5. Sunday is Father’s Day and I want to wish all the dads out there a Happy Father’s Day! Oldest son is traveling, we just saw Middle last weekend, and I think Youngest and wife is coming over for dinner on Sunday — but that’s a loose and flexible plan. I’ll take Wizard to breakfast too. It’s a good day to celebrate dads and all they do!

That’s my five, now I’d love to hear yours! I hope everyone has a great weekend, and Happy Father’s Day to all the dads!

Wednesday, June 12th, 2024
Wednesday Brag

So, I don’t want to brag or anything, but I’ve kept a small tomato plant alive for like, two weeks now.  With real baby tomatoes on it! It’s snacking tomatoes type (I can’t remember the real name — but the grape-like tomatoes that grow well in a planter rather than that ground). I’m impressed. So far my basil, cilantro and thyme are doing well too — but to be fair, those are pretty easy.

I truly do not have a green thumb, so I’m always happy when I haven’t murdered plant life…at least not yet. Stay tuned though, LOL! This could turn into a Murder Mystery at any time. The mystery part being “How did she murder the innocent plants this time?”

What’s your Wednesday brag?

Monday, June 10th, 2024
Weekend Roundup

Crazy, LOL!! It was a very good weekend. But —

Friday, we did things I can’t remember during the day. Then that evening, Youngest, his wife and her mom came over. Maggie had the best time of her life getting everyone to talk to, and pet, her. However, I made Youngest mad when I said I think Maggie likes his mother-in-law better than him :-) He insisted she liked him the best. The whole conversation was ridiculous, LOL. Also Maggie is very spoiled.

Saturday morning, Youngest came over so he and Wizard could go register the car in his and his wife’s name. But when Youngest came to the door, Wizard rushed him out and Maggie didn’t get to see him. She did a round of Serious Mad and Sad in her bed after that. In that time, I baked a cake for Middle son. Then Youngest came back and Maggie’s joy almost exploded her heart. Youngest hung out and we talked which is always nice. That evening, we went to Middle’s house to celebrate his birthday, and from there we went to dinner and had a great time! We also viewed the baby’s nursery in progress, it’s going to be so pretty. We all talked way too much. Middle liked his lemon pound cake. His favorite cake is the easiest to make which was a bonus for me this year. But also — Middle is an amazing son and both Wizard and I just wanted him to know that. We got home around 9pm.

Sunday morning Wizard left around 7 am to go racing, and I left at 8 to get to Oldest’s house then we went to brunch, followed by going to see Turbo do some amazing bike riding on U shaped dirt hills. This boy had training wheels just a month or two ago and now he’s riding right into BMX territory! I also had to watch his dad on the same hills and that made me laugh. He’s still my son, LOL. No matter how successful he gets, Oldest loves nothing more than riding bikes with his son. Then we went back to the house and visited and finally I went home.

My voice was shot after that, but I didn’t care. We got to hang out with all three kids and families at different times in one weekend, and it was totally worth the price of all the driving and a cranky throat.

Today Wizard gets to stay home, while I’m trotting off to the dentist for a 9AM appt. I’m not complaining though. I had to suddenly cancel on them last time due to a last minute bloodwork snafu before my surgery, and the dentist managed to slot this appt in before I may have to do anything else of a medical nature. I really appreciate that kind of kindness and customer service.

How was your weekend?