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Monday, July 4th, 2022
Happy 4th! & Weekend Roundup!

Happy 4th of July to everyone in the U.S.! I hope it’s a great day!

We had a good weekend for the most past. Friday wasn’t great — Biker Witch and I put our day out on hold because she had something come up. Then we had a “scheduled maintenance outage” for our electricity that ended up last 11 hours. In a 100 degree heat. Not fun.

Saturday was much better! We went to Youngest’s house for a mini pool party. That was so fun! It was great to see Turbo too, and of course, he loved the pool. He got Grandpa to take him in before anyone else got out there. I really enjoyed the day, and the girls and I were planning adventures. Who knows if we’ll do them, but it’s fun to talk about the possibilities. Especially now that Wizard and I have had our lives on hold for a while now with the house stuff, and now there’s an end in sight. It’s also nice to know the pool parties will continue even after we move (giving up our pool).

Sunday Maggie and I walked up to see if our house was dry walled yet. It is! And while I was in there, Maggie picked up a chicken bone. She spit it out as soon as I told her to — but eww! Someone didn’t clean up after their lunch. In any case, I was happy to see how much progress they made this week, but Maggie wasn’t happy about her leaving her prized chicken bone. She managed to get over her sadness when we got home and  I have her breakfast :-)

Today we plan to hang out at home, make ribs and apple pie. We won’t leave Maggie since fireworks scare her. If we want to go watch them, we’ll take her with us.

How was your weekend?

Wednesday, June 29th, 2022
Wednesday Update

Okay, so I expected mixed emotions and I got them :-) But overall we are happy. We sold our house, as you all probably know by now. It sold in 5 days, and we did a short escrow. So now we’re renters.

We’re still trying to let that sink in. Backstory here, Wizard and I both considered this our dream home. A lot of people might scoff at that, and that’s fine. I mean it’s not anything special, it’s not a mansion, it’s not by the beach, it’s not on a lake, but it was everything we wanted. We raised our kids here and one of the reasons we took so long to find another house is because we loved this one. We looked for years. I’m not sure our kids even believed us anymore that we would move, LOL. So we really did love this house for 26 years.

Most of the time :-) Nothing is perfect of course.

And now we’re letting it go. That’s a mental process. It’s also the right thing to do at the right time I think. Wizard and I are well and strong enough to put real effort into making the next house the home we want for this season in our life. And the people buying our house are a young couple for whom this house will be perfect for this season of their life. We truly want them to be as happy here as we have been. Hopefully we’ll meet them soon (the deal was made with relators, but now they are our landlords).

So we are renting until August 21st and **hopefully** our new home will be ready by then. It’s on track so fingers crossed. We are cutting it close, but this is the deal so we’ll figure it out if for some reason the house isn’t ready. This is something I’m putting in the “I can’t control when the house we be finished and signed off by the city so I’m not going to spend energy worrying about it now” category.

Today, Wizard and I are going to look at the slabs of granite we chose to approve it. It’s another thing I’m happy about, we have final approval on that. We can change it (supposedly) if we aren’t happy. Since granite is a natural stone, each slab varies. It’s nice to be moving forward so we don’t dwell on the past we’re letting go of. It’s time. And while the past always slips away, the memories will be ours forever.

So that’s my update. What’s the update in your life?

Monday, June 27th, 2022
Weekend Roundup

My weekend was good. Saturday morning we went out to see Middle Son and pick up the wine they bought for us on their trip. They travel more than us and will pick up whatever we request, then we pay them. So basically, we have a wine dealer, LOL!

Saturday night, I got to go visit Phoebe, one of my grand dogs. She’s the goofball golden retriever whom I’ve come to love very much. When I walked in the house, greeted me with typical golden retriever joy, and that is just priceless. I love that she knows and trusts me now. While I made her dinner, she sat right by my side making sure I did it right. Evidently I did because she wolfed it down. I spent, I don’t know, maybe 40 minutes with her and really enjoying hanging out with her.

Sunday, I didn’t do much. I had some plans but a cranky stomach overruled that. It’s my own fault for doing things like stressing and eating anything besides white rice and Jello :-) But I’m fine now. By yesterday afternoon I felt better and spent an hour in the pool while Maggie tried to coax a lizard out from it’s hiding place. The lizard refused to budge.

On the cookie front, I made the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies last Friday and then when I baked them, I REMEMEBERED I DIDN’T LIKE THE RECIPE! I don’t like the texture or the way they bake. I purposely tossed out the recipe so I wouldn’t use it again, then when I got a craving, I forgot I disliked it and searched out the same freaking recipe on my go-to baking site. I’m shaking my head at myself. Why???? I guess I just don’t make oatmeal cookies much. Wizard likes them, and we eat them, but still…I’m mad about it. I have an oatmeal pumpkin recipe that I sometimes use when I looking for a healthier operation, and I REALLY wish I’d made those instead. They’d have been a much in my opinion.

So that was my weekend (well most of it, I’ll share more later this week), how was yours?

Tuesday, June 21st, 2022
Wednesday Reading

I tried to write a blog about character flaws, and failed. LOLOL!! Okay I didn’t fail, but I didn’t give myself enough time to flesh it out and I deleted it. Instead I’ll tell you this: I’m reading a series (recommended by Silver James!) Shelly Laurenston’s Honey Badger Shifter Romance Series. I’m on book 2. It’s a fun series. But aside from humor, Shelly writes excellent flawed characters. She transforms the flaws into powerful traits that makes the characters lovable and has readers rooting for them.

If you enjoy funny paranormal romances and want to see a skilled author create flaws characters whose flaws are part of what makes them lovable, check out this series!

So what are you reading?

Monday, June 20th, 2022
Weekend Roundup

Pretty good weekend. Wizard had a nice Father’s Day. We went to breakfast, then youngest brought over pizza for a late lunch and I made an Oreo cake. When they left, Maggie and Wizard were both wiped out :-)  For Maggie it was from playing, for Wizard it was the cake, LOL. We skipped dinner after all that. Oldest and Middle called. Considering they both had just gotten home after planned vacations, a call was great. Also, Middle and his wife took the time out of their vacation to go do a little wine shopping for us, which we apricated since we can’t get up to wine country right now. Oldest and his family were on a cruise to Alaska, and Turbo had both his first plane ride and ship experience. He did pretty well on the plane, and he loved the ship.

I hope all the dads had a great Father’s Day. Though I lost my father at 13, his love and wisdom have lived on as a guiding light in my life. For my kids, their dad is the same guiding force, one that will live on for all their days. A father who is invested in their child fosters is a special and lasting relationship. I hope each dad had at a moment, if not an entire day, of feeling valued and recognized on Father’s Day.

How was your weekend?

Wednesday, June 15th, 2022
Technology is Fabulous and Annoying!

We got a new computer, and all was working until we asked the printer to scan something. That’s when the printer realized the computer has been updated and pitched a royal tantrum, blaming the router, the internet, the network and a witch hunt. But it was the printer, and we knew it was because old technology rarely plays nice with new technology. It’s like an unwritten rule of the tech gods laughing at us mere mortals trying to make it all work.

Sigh, so Wizard and I bought a new printer. Because of course we needed it ASAP to scan a document. I researched a printer, then Wizard looked at it and we both decided to go buy it. We were on our game…or so we thought. It wasn’t until we were hooking up the printer that we realized it didn’t have the ability to fax. It’s an All in One except for fax because who even uses fax anymore?

Dinosaurs and bureaucracies, that’s who. In other words, Wizard and I forgot about the fax function because we rarely ever use it, but wanted it just in case we need it. So we took back the first printer and bought another.  For more money of course, because…technology eats money for breakfast and washes it down with mortal tears.

But the new printer worked!

But the bowsers…oh the browser. So I noticed that Wizard kept accidentally opening my email instead of his. Weird, but I chalked it up to stress and assumed he was opening the wrong browser. Then I watched him open his Facebook only my Facebook account came up. I couldn’t blame that on stress as I saw it happen with my own eyes. So I took over and checked, and yep, his browser was signing him out and auto signing me in, then transferring my data.

That’s some weird stuff, yeah?

Technology! Okay so here’s what’s happening: I use Google Chrome and Wizard uses Microsoft Edge. We like using two different browsers as it keeps everything separate and it works for us. But Microsoft Edge has updated to Chromium which is the same open-source software that Google Chrome uses. So now, my Chrome and Microsoft Edge think they are the same browser (simplest way I know to explain it.) And since I synced up my Chrome across my devices, it’s absorbing Microsoft Edge into that. In short, Chrome is deleting Wizard off Microsoft Edge and replacing all his stuff with mine.

It’s like a Sci Fi Movie.

I’m working on solutions, but if the ones I’m trying don’t fix it, then I’ll have to change my browser. Wizard is handling enough things right now, and I adapt faster to changes online than he does. But seriously, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, could you two not foresee this problem? Really?

Maybe today I will win this battle! Or not.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, June 13th, 2022
Weekend Roundup

Happy Monday! It was a whirlwind of a weekend! Our house is under contract with a very short escrow. So this Saturday was the inspection. I guessed that the new buyer would want to bring family out to show off the house they were buying (which they did!), so Wizard and I cleaned as if showing the house, took Maggie and were gone before 9am. When we got back, we had both Middle Son and his wife coming out, plus a notary for another set of endless documents. We got the notary done, then took the kids over to see the house. And after that we all went out to dinner and just hung out. And Kudos to Middle Son and his wife for braving nightmare traffic due to some road closures to get out here. Wizard and I truly appreciated their effort.

Once they left, Wizard and I were exhausted from two weeks of nonstop cleaning, showing, going through offers, etc.

Sunday, Wizard was able to go racing, and I had a nice morning of a long walk with Maggie, a yoga practice, then as I was finishing getting ready to go see my sister, the fire department knocked on my door. Okay, it was a single firefighter, but it sounded more dramatic to say it was the fire department :-)  We had literally just put in a request to have a fire inspection because we live in a fire zone a day or two before and they already showed up! But actually it was pure luck because he was inspecting a house up the street that sold weeks ago. The firefighter told me that if he hadn’t been able to work our house in on this stop, we’d have had to wait another month which would have delayed escrow. This is a California new requirement for the sale of the house.

Can I just say that it’s ridiculous that our firefighters are having to do this?  Our fire crews here are invaluable and need to be available instantly, not off doing inspections that some city employee could be trained to do. Our house is fine, because we fully understand the fire danger and don’t invite fiery disasters with dead brush or debris.

Also,  a little humor. When the firefighter was at my door, I was figuring out if I should let him go through the house to the back or not. So I asked him, “Are you really a firefighter?” LOLOL! I didn’t think a bad guy would say “No, I’m a serial killer trying to get in your house.” But this guy answered, “Ill show you my badge and I don’t need to come inside your house, just walk around the outside of it.”  That was the correct response. So I had him come through the house because Maggie was in the backyard and I didn’t want him to scare her. :-)  And yes, he was in a uniform, but I was looking for the right body language. Plus he knew we’d submitted the form through our escrow company less than 48 hours ago. All that said, my question of “Are you really a firefighter,” still sounds dumb, LOL. He took it in stride through. As it turns out, he’s married and has an 18 year old daughter, so he fully understand I was evaluating my safety.

Once that was done and signed off, I went to the new HomeGoods store with Biker Witch and we had lunch. I got to catch up on her Hawaii trip. I’m jealous in all the good ways! But I also LOVE that she got spend a week with her daughter.

When I got home, youngest son was in our driveway getting ready to leave. He saw me coming, and hung out with me for an hour or two. I love when he stops by so I’m glad I caught him before he left.

It was a really good weekend. I’m sure this week will be busy and spring-loaded with some small stresses here and there, but soon, if all goes well, we will be renters here in this home until our new home is ready! And so far, that is still on track for early August.

How was your weekend?

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