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Monday, November 28th, 2022
Weekend Roundup

I’m back! It feels like 9 weeks since I’ve been here!

Thanksgiving went well. It was the usual chaos when all my kids are together, but that’s how holidays always go with us :-) Unfortunately, Biker Witch and her Biker Hubby couldn’t be there, but we all understood. All I can say though is these days, I couldn’t do it without all the help from my daughters-in-law! My middle daughter-in-law is an amazing cook so when she starts cooking, we get out of her way! And all the girls brought a lot of the food, which made it really easy on me. I made the turkey, potatoes and had three kinds of cookies in the freezer that I thawed out for various dietary needs. I had things on hand like whipped cream and ice cream for the pies and the girls pretty much did all the rest.

Friday we went to the car show which was in Los Angeles with CPA Boy, Special K and Turbo. Special K and Wizard both suffer from eternal car fever, so this was for them :-) We did, however, run into Officer Turbo:

They were letting kids sit on a one of their fleet of motorcycles. And they gave him a badge sticker — he was thrilled.

Saturday I tried to rest, which somehow included two walks because I’m so good at resting, LOL! My side was annoying me, but it was somewhat better yesterday.

Sunday…frustrating. My chairs came, YAY! (right after Thanksgiving, LOL). I checked everything but whether they reclined. So of course, I can’t get them to recline. It’s probably just that they are tight because they are pushback manual recliners. Wizard will look at them when he gets home (I’m writing thoi Sunday afternoon when he’s at a radio control car race). Otherwise, I love the pattern and I think we’ll be happy. If we can’t bet them to recline, the store will send someone out to check them.

Then yesterday my microwave shorted out, and the lighter on my cooktop stopped working (likely shorted too). I need to contact the housing people today and push to get that fixed ASAP. I use my microwave and stove a lot, so I’m sort of at a loss without them.

Today, we are on standby at the vet’s office — they are going to try to work Maggie in for a swollen lymph node. It’s one of those things that could be nothing, could be something like a bad or infected tooth that I just can’t see, or could be more concerning. Overall, Maggie is eating and acting normal which is good.

But that’s enough of me, how was your Thanksgiving and weekend?

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2022
Wednesday Story and Happy Thanksgiving!

On Tuesday, the two long hallway mirrors we’d ordered were finally delivered. Yay! We can get the pictures up before Thanksgiving! Hanging the mirrors was a little tricky as our long hallway has two sections on each side. We wanted to hang the mirrors side by side on one section.  After repeated measuring and remeasuring, we got the first one up in about an hour and a half. Progress! Finally we got the second one up, and realized it was a bit higher than the first one. Okay…we pulled out the measuring tape, and Wizard bent down to measure from the floor to the bottom of the mirrors to find exactly how much to move it when…

We found a crack in the bottom right corner of the second mirror! Both of us just stared at the crack in shock. We had scanned the mirrors looking for obviously cracks, but neither one of us looked that closely or we’d have found it. Picture us both slapping ourselves in frustration. Then we snapped out of it, and spent another hour taking the mirror down and repackaging it. And then more time the next day hauling it to a UPS store to return it (I didn’t want to store this mirror while waiting for a pickup during the holidays). Now we have one mirror hung and it looks, well, awkward and annoying. But the house is a work in progress and that’s okay.  It certainly wont affect Thanksgiving and it’ll give the kids one more thing to tease us about :-)

To everyone celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow I hope you have a warm and wonderful time with those you love!

Quick Programming Note: I’m guessing I won’t get a chance to post on Friday, but I’ll be back Monday.  

Monday, November 21st, 2022
The So Very Late Edition of Weekend Roundup

Hey! Sorry for the late blog! We had a later than usual night on Sunday, and the blog slipped my mind until the morning when I looked at my phone to see if the blog posted. That’s when I remembered I never wrote it, LOL! Then the morning made Monday-like demands, and here I am. Finally!

So it was a good weekend. Friday night, I got the good news that my CT scan was clear other than a partially distended stomach which is not a big deal right now and not a surprise given all my symptoms. That news is a relief and pretty much tells us what the pain is likely from — which is a functional problem not an illness or something else more worrisome.

Saturday was chores and errands. Part of those errands was feeding my grand dog, Phoebe, her dinner while her parents were out. Boy did I get an earful when I went in the house. She met me at the door and told me exactly how her parents had left her alone! If I hadn’t showed up, she might have starved to death or had some other equally dramatic misfortune. This dog is 100% goofball Golden Retriever. She cracks me up. She’s also perfectly fine by herself. When I left, I am confident she slept until her parents got home then told them a story of how she’d had to fight off scary villains or forage for her own food like the abandoned dogs she once saw on a TV show. The one thing I’d love her to tell me is how she knows it’s me at the door??? She doesn’t even bark when I come over anymore, yet I’ve seen her bark fiercely when a “stranger” comes to the door. Can she smell me? Does she recognize my footsteps? She’s not at the window, so how does she know????

Sunday we got to see Turbo!! They came out late in the day and we had a great time. I took Turbo on a walk on a group of empty lots that have piles of dirt. His dad and I were trying to take him to a parked tractor, but Turbo was way too distracted by the piles of dirt. We did eventually make it to the tractor which he also enjoyed. When we finally got back to the house, grandpa took him out back for more playing in the dirt. But grandpa one-upped us by building a ramp down our hill for his monster trucks :-) I had no clue grandpa had saved wood for this project! I was highly amused.

And…guys…they brought us a housewarming gift! Wizard and I were beyond thrilled! This is like a dream come true. A Roomba!!! I know, I know. Other people dream of vacations or whatnot, but we have a robot vacuum! We would definitely not have bought it for ourselves and certainly never asked anyone else too, but they did it and we LOVE it! We hugely appreciate it too. Of course we’ll still vacuum and sweep, but this will help so much.

So it was a good weekend for us, how was yours?

Can you all believe it’s Thanksgiving weekend (if you’re here in the U.S.)???

Wednesday, November 16th, 2022
Cookies are Good Luck

Yesterday was one of those days. But I don’t want to get into life’s frustrations — we all have them, right? Instead, I’ll tell you a small win. I ran to a discount grocery store to buy some roasted, salted macadamia nuts for cookies. I found the nuts…but then I accidently stumbled across something else.

A cutting board!

We’ve been looking forever for a big cutting board to replace my old one that resembles an ancient crime scene. I couldn’t find one the right size or at a bearable cost. Yet on this day, I found a perfect sized, bamboo cutting board with the well around it (for drippings) for only $11.99! Sold!

Today the food grade mineral oil I need to condition the board should arrive and I’m weirdly excited about this cutting board :-) But you know what’s even better? I found this board while out buying ingredients to bake cookies. So what’s the moral of this story?

Clearly cookies are good luck! We all need more cookies in our lives!

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, November 14th, 2022
Weekend Roundup

This weekend was packed with errands. It was all small stuff at probably 10 different stores over a couple days. Because of our location, sometimes, those little errands can end up taking a ton of time because we have to go so far. I bought two “extravagant” item that’s going to irritate Wizard. One was another set of four wine glasses for $7.99, which is a steal. I probably won’t need them for Thanksgiving, but if I didn’t buy them, then for sure I’d need them. Also, I don’t want to brag, but I’m pretty good at breaking wine glasses while washing them. So that’s one “extravagant” purchase that will bug Wizard.

The second purchase is my one and only fall decoration. It’s late since we’re careering right into Christmas, but it was only $15.00!

I think he’s cute and I have a whole plan to make a table scape for Thanksgiving with him. I’ll have a second table and I’ll do something with that one too…I’ll know it when I see it :-) Of course, I’m using cheap paper tablecloths, so I don’t think Martha Stewart or any other decorating gurus are feeling threatened. Decorating is soooo not my forte. I’m just do what makes us happy.

My brother-in-law is now in the right place that has the expertise to treat him and hopefully get him well soon. We are relieved about that. None of this has been easy for him, but he’s powering through.

So how was your weekend?

Wednesday, November 9th, 2022
A Story of Enduring Love

I wanted to share a story. Before Wizard and I got married, we were required by his church to go through their version of pre-martial counseling. What that turned out to be was several evenings with an older, and presumably successfully married, couple.

We were assigned a couple named Bill and Maureen.

At the time I was barely 20 and Wizard was 28. We knew everything already, of course. But we respectfully humored our “elders.” Over six weeks, Bill and Maureen graciously hosted us in their home and led us in discussions. They taught that a successful marriage was built on The Three C’s, which were communicate, communicate, communicate.

Wizard and I “graduated,” and while we truly liked them and found them quite interesting, we didn’t think we really needed any guidance. And yet, those “lessons” stuck with us over decades of our marriage. No matter how good or bad things got, we always remembered The Three C’s. We also kept in touch with Bill and Maureen, occassionally visiting them. Every year we’d get a Christmas card from them with updates about whatever adventure they’d had that year. They had a largish family, traveled when they could and seemed genuine in every way possible.

As each year passed, Wizard and I came to respect their advice, and appreciate their efforts with us, all the more. Without even realizing it, we were trying to follow their example.

Then the day before our anniversary this last weekend, we were both sitting in the garage on a break when I got a phone call. It was Bill and Maureen’s daughter sharing with us that her parents had passed away. I told their daughter how much of an impact they’d had on our lives, and she told me something truly startling: After 65 years of marriage, one of her parents passed, and one day later, the other passed. They hadn’t been sick at all.

And now they are together in eternity.

So when Wizard and I went to dinner to celebrate our anniversary, our waiter asked us the secret to a long marriage. Wizard and I looked at one another and answered, “Communicate, communicate, communicate.”

Then we raised our water glasses in a toast of gratitude to Bill and Maureen.

Monday, November 7th, 2022
Weekend Roundup

I’m mostly happy about the time change, and super sorry for those who hate it :-) Maggie is not as happy when she thinks her dinner is “late.” She does not believe in excuses like a time change. But we did an awesome marathon walk in the morning so she can deal with the “late” dinner.

The weekend was mixed. Our brother in law isn’t well right now and that’s a worry, though we do think he’ll be okay once the doctors find the right mix of treatment. And Turbo’s family is striving to become germ free, but man, they have had a battle. Turbo’s four and a half and in preschool, so this is totally normal but not fun. Still I think they are almost well and are planning to come out here next weekend! We video called with him yesterday and he’d had enough energy to run a marathon. Kids are amazing!

Yesterday was our 40 year anniversary. We went to a really nice dinner last night (I hope, I’m writing this before we go to dinner, but I expect it will be great). This year we are tentatively planning two trips as our celebration, but not locked in yet. We’re pretty focused on, and enjoying, doing on the house but we also really want to take some trips. We’ll see if life cooperates or we’ll adjust our plans.

Speaking of the house, I ordered two chairs, and hoping I made the right call because they are white. That’s crazy, right? I mean I got dark couches so I wouldn’t have to worry as much about wear, dog hair and dirt :-) But…obviously Crazy Jen got out of the locked closet and placed the order.

So these are my practical dark gray couches. (Ignore the arm of the old blue couch  in the front of the picture, those were given away to one of the construction workers.

And these are the 2 chairs I ordered that probably won’t come until after Thanksgiving:

I think will balance out the dark gray, and pull from the kitchen cabinets and granite. Plus we’ll use the couches more, and Maggie won’t be allowed on the chairs (Famous. Last. Words!). So maybe I’m not crazy?

It’ll be a LONG time before I can afford different tables, but I’m so happy that we will have plenty of seating. The chairs swivel which means they can turn to see the TV, and they recline. This week we are for sure, maybe, probably committing to getting the various retaining walls in the front, side and back, plus a lot of cement work.

So that was my long post about the weekend, now I’d love to hear about your weekend!

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