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Wednesday, September 20th, 2023
It’s The Little Things That Can Really Help

This week is just hard and probably going to get harder. I can’t really talk about that just now, instead I’m going to talk about the one positive thing that did happen (so far).

So I went into my doctor yesterday and told him that I could not get into the ENT until mid November. Then I showed him my throat (this all part of the previous nosebleeds I’ve had). My doctor was not pleased, but he did explain about the shortage of ENTs in our area. Then he told me to wait, went into his office and called the ENT’s office to tell them I needed to be seen sooner.

They wouldn’t even put me on a list to call in case there’s a cancellation. Not even with my doctor personally calling with his concerns. To make this even more upsetting, I’ve been at that ENT’s office a couple times before so I’m not a new patient.

My doctor then called two other ENT’s offices to see if they could get me in. They can’t see any new patients until January.

For the record, I could hear my doctor making these calls, so I know he how hard he tried and that made a frustrating situation better. I truly appreciate it. It may seem like a small thing, but when we’re a little worried, the small things really matter. It also helps that if I need advice, I can call this doctor and he’ll call me back to help as best he can.

Oh and also, my knee pain that I assumed was arthritis, he said it’s a sore ligament that will heal. So that’s two positive things :-) I can keep exercising as the knee tolerates it and not worry too much about it.

What’s a positive thing in your week?

Monday, September 18th, 2023
Weekend Roundup

It was the quiet weekend I craved :-)

Saturday, I lured Wizard into Home Depot to buy some outside Halloween decorations. To my surprise, he really got into it! He wanted the creepy stuff, the weirdo, LOL! But I was just happy that he was having fun. We haven’t set them up outside yet, and I have a vague plan to add a bit more, but whole money things is always a big buzzkill :-) We’ll see, because I’ve got ideas to enhance Wizard’s creepy theme!

Maggie went with us to Home Depot too. She always has fun there, but as we were checking out, she got to meet a huge (over 100 lbs) chocolate lab. That dog was super chill, so they did well meeting. And of course, I got to pet the lab. I love when dogs are well behaved and there’s no drama.

Sunday, Wizard went racing and I went to Kohls to buy towels, only I couldn’t find enough of any color I liked to buy. Wizard’s brother will be coming out in a couple weeks and will spend a couple nights here. I really need towels for the guest bathroom. I can order towels, but still, I wish stores would have stock when I need it. Also I need to actually pick a color scheme…so yeah…I’m half the problem :-)  But I distracted myself from the towel dilemma by buying some long sleeve winter shirts just in case we have another coldish winter.

How was your weekend?

Friday, September 15th, 2023
Friday Five

TGIF! It’s time to jump into sharing five random things about our week. Here’s mine:

  1. We went to see Wizard’s mom and took Maggie with us. His mom wasn’t feeling her best right now (she should be fine though), and Maggie definitely cheered her up. It’s just amazes me how much she enjoys Maggie since she wasn’t particularly a dog person before this time in her life. I’m just grateful Maggie can make her happy.
  2. We started Maggie on some meds this week to help her with her occasional bladder issues. We also have an x-ray scheduled for her for next Thursday. It’s a “drop off” appointment so I’ll drop her off a bit after 8am and they’ll call after they find time to shoot the x-ray. It’ll also be a good time and place to see how she does in a kennel when I’m not there. I can get her to go in her kennel at home (after her panic attacks in there), but I never close the door. At the vet’s office, they can give her a mild tranquilizer if she’s too panicked. It’ll be good for us to know how she does before we make any vacation plans.
  3. The weather has cooled a bit. That’s nice and gives me hope that fall will come. Wizard even got out and weeded the planters while I baked bread and cleaned inside. It’s not quite no A/C weather for us, but it’s not bad!
  4. I have to find a new hair person, and I’ve already procrastinated too long. I just don’t want to, LOL. But I guess I can manage this task…or grow into a gray witch. I mean…maybe? Once a year on Halloween, I’d be right on point! But I’ll probably suck it up and find someone to prevent that from happening yet.
  5. I don’t have firm plans for the weekend. We’ve been juggling some family stuff on Wizard’s side, plus appointments and life in general so I’m doing a wait and see on that. It wouldn’t object to a quiet weekend.

Mine are boring, but I’d really love to hear your five! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 13th, 2023
Wednesday Joy

So you know that moment at the end of the day when you just want to relax and maybe read? Yeah, I try that now and again, and this is what I get:

She might be an old lady now, but she still has puppy eyes, at least to me. How am I supposed to resist that? So yep, I pet her. Wizard laughs and tells me, “You wanted a dog.”

Yes I did and even with the challenges and expenses of her aging now, I never regret getting this sweet girl.

Maggie is my Wednesday Joy, what or who is yours?

Monday, September 11th, 2023
Weekend Roundup

We have the refrigerator! So far we’re happy with it :-) It came 5pm Friday, and that I was day I was glad to see end, LOL. Hopefully we’re set for another couple decades (although I’m told they don’t last that long anymore). Here’s to no more fridge shopping for us!

Saturday was good — well for me and Maggie. Youngest son and Wizard dug a trench and connect the rain gutter downspout to the underground drainage pipe in 100 degree heat. Youngest did the most of the digging, but Wizard was out there working too. Maggie got to go out there and supervise once in a while and she loved watching them. That night we made dinner for youngest (his wife is on a trip with her mom) and the next day I took cookies over to him, and a toy for Phoebe (their dog).

Sunday was quieter and nice, except that it was a bit rainy here and humid so I didn’t go see Turbo play T-ball. I had to laugh though, he wanted me to call him in the morning before his game and I did expecting to hear all about his upcoming game. Nope, he wanted to tell me about jumping in the deep end of a 9 foot pool and swimming to the side. That kid loves swimming! When I asked him about playing baseball, I got one word answers. That’s fair, though, he hasn’t had enough experience yet to know if he likes it.

Humidity feels like an unwanted houseguest around here. Just leave already. But otherwise, it’s a new week with new opportunities!

How was your weekend?

Wednesday, September 6th, 2023
Wednesday Whining

If anyone wants to see Wizard and I going in pointless circles, you all should watch us refrigerator shopping. It’s a stupid waste of time as it’s impossible to get all we want in one refrigerator because Wizard wants a ton of ice available through the door (for legitimate reasons), and the only way to do that is by taking up shelf space.

I found one where I’m willing to give up the space, but he doesn’t like that one, and is protesting based on door shelf space. I’m like…dude what do you want?

It’s become an insane quest to find a refrigerator that has defied the laws of physics. And sanity. We shopped until we were too sore to continue yesterday.

Sigh. But we must order it today if we want the sale prices, so maybe we can stop the madness and just pick one out. Ultimately I think we’re getting the one that only has water through the door, and an ice maker on the bottom that’s easy to access and should give him enough ice. But at this point, I’d buy anything, even an ice chest,  just to make the pain stop :-)

How’s your week going?

Monday, September 4th, 2023
Weekend Roundup

Happy Labor Day to those celebrating in the U.S.! I hope you’re having a great day off!

Our weekend was good and Maggie’s was amazing because she got to see so many of her favorite people :-) We had a really good time Thursday night with youngest and his wife celebrating her birthday. Maggie was thrilled when they came back over our house for cake. She wore herself out with her silliness.

Saturday evening Turbo and his parents came over. My big news is I scored with some gifts I had for Turbo! Last weekend when I saw him, I listened carefully to his latest interest in a show called Batwheels, and got him some Batwheels toys. I earned all kinds of hugs and kisses for that! His parents went to dinner, and we built a race track that covered most of the house, then went outside and raced monster trucks and finally ended up playing in dirt (of course!). Oh and Maggie and Turbo had a bunch of races. Maggie lost a few of those by default because she saw a lizard or grasshopper :-) But she won other races when she stayed focused.

When Turbo’s parents got home, we tried to hide from them in the backyard, but Maggie showed them where we were hiding — she is NOT good at that game. I mean she didn’t even try, she ran to them full of happy wiggles and led them straight to us. Sigh…

Then we tried to plan a family vacation for next year…we could make a reality show out of our family planning vacations. Although no one has flipped over a table yet! We agree on a location and time, but it’s the smaller things that create the hilarity. So I’m just over here trying to remind someone who lives in my house (not me!) they can’t get their way on every detail. And they can’t control which hotel our adult children choose to stay in. My daughter-in-law at one point said, “We’ll pay for your hotel room if you stay in our choice of hotel.”  At which point my son choked and splurted out his coffee in surprise at this new twist and expense. I laughed until I cried. Then, Wizard countered with, “No I’ll pay for your room at our hotel…”

That’s when I started drinking wine. Because daughter-in-law and Wizard? They both like to win and we tease the heck out of them about it. Those two kept upping the stakes in ludicrous ways. Seriously, no one was mad and there’s even a chance we might successfully plan and execute a family vacation. Stay tuned…and maybe bring some popcorn to the next installment of “Will they go on vacation? And if they do, will they survive several days together on an island?”

Sunday we debated refrigerators. It was boring but necessary stuff. We’ll probably buy one today or this week or at least before our current one dies. Maybe!

How was your weekend?

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