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Friday, May 17th, 2019
Friday Five

TGIF!!! This week feels incredibly short, like I woke up Monday, sneezed and suddenly it’s Friday. I guess maybe it’s just vacation hangover? I don’t know. So here’s five random things about my week:

  1. Turbo was here on Wednesday. We had way too much fun with him. And Turbo is a smart little guy who knows how to get Grandpa to give him potato chips. It was too cute. Wizard is a total pushover with Turbo. Okay, yeah, so am I, LOL!
  2. I will finally see my doctor Monday morning to get the shot for the tendonitis in my right elbow. It’s bugging the heck out of me right now. But the shot usually works within 24 hours.
  3. We ate too much on vacation and I’m sure I came home with a couple extra pounds. Plus I won’t be able to get to the gym until Wednesday due to other commitments. I know what I need to do…I just don’t wanna.
  4. Yesterday, I did a bunch of research for my book, and all I got for it is aggravation. To say that California sentencing laws are complex is a massive understatement. I could probably go to law school in less time than it’s taking me to sort this out.
  5. And this weekend we are celebrating Special K (my daughter-in-law, and Turbo’s mom)! She is graduating with her master’s degree in an I.T. related field. I am incredibly proud of her. She was just about half way through when Turbo was born, and despite having a newborn, she kept at it until she finished!

So that’s my week, now I’d love to hear about yours!

Friday, April 26th, 2019
Friday Five

TGIF. Time to share five random things about our week. Here’s mine:

  1. Turbo (my grandson) is sick with a mild ear infection :-(  He’ll be fine, of course. His parents take excellent care of him, but his grandma is sad for him. I wish I lived closer just so I pop over, hug him, then leave him to rest in his mom’s care.
  2. It’s hot here, and it’s slowing Maggie down. She hasn’t really wanted to go on a second daily walk in the heat. Our girl is getting a little older now. But she drinks plenty of water, eats fine, and plays in the backyard patrolling for lizards. Since I had planned to stop the second daily walk when it got hot anyway, it works out. Now Wizard and I have to negotiate morning walks :-)
  3. I saw my surgeon for another follow-up on Wednesday. It was 90% a great visit. I’m so thrilled that my latest x-ray is showing excellent healing. He was able to put three x-rays I’ve had since the surgery up side by side, and they showed very clear progression of growing bone. I can continue with all that I’m doing now, including the gym, and I can swim if I want to. He said wait three more months for more intense activity, and an example of that would be going in my son’s dune buggy in the desert (I specifically asked that). Which also means I can’t go ziplining in Hawaii :-) Okay I wasn’t going to, but one day, I’d like to try ziplining if my neck can take it. But back on topic: The one thing he’s not happy about is I still have some pain, probably about 30% of what I was having, which means I’ve had a 70% improvement on most days, which is pretty good, right? Of course, it’s his job to worry, and he wants to fix it perfectly. The problem is–my neck isn’t perfect. Two other disks have minor bulging (we knew this), I have some age-related arthritis, and in one place, my spine has a Z in it where it should be straight. All that, coupled with the two years of severely compressed nerves likely causing some permanent damage, is probably causing the pain. I can live with this. So the doctor and I negotiated–he agreed release me from further visits as long as I call him if I have any progression of symptoms. I happily agreed, and I will follow through if that happens. For now, I’m just pleased that my bones are healing so well and I’m living a better quality of life than I was.
  4. We’ve booked two tours for Hawaii. One is a Pearl Harbor Remembered Tour. Unfortunately, the dock to the Arizona Memorial is under repairs, but they’ve replaced that with a boat ride tour of the harbor to see the area. We can still go on the USS Missouri, and a few other things. Since my dad was a fighter pilot in WWII, this is something I really want to do. The second tour is a North Shore tour and I’m really excited about that one. One part of it I’m weirdly thrilled about is going to the Dole Pineapple Plantation. I think it’s going to be a fun trip!
  5. Wizard and I met a friend for dinner this week, which was really nice! Since it was happy hour, we ordered an appetizer and drinks. I tried a mint cucumber martini. I was a little hesitant at first, but the drink was small (yay–I’m a lightweight with mixed drinks, and super duper careful not to trigger a headache), and it was light and delicious. I was totally surprised. I also had a yummy steak salad. I only chose it because it was literally the lightest thing on the menu, and it turned out to be a fabulous choice. I’d go back just to eat that. Sometimes luck is on our side!

So that’s my long-winded five. Saturday we’re going on a secret mission having to do with one of our kids :-) I’ll tell you more in a week or so, once things are more certain. And now I’d love to hear five things about your week!! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, April 19th, 2019
Friday Five

TGIF! The weeks and months are racing by! I’m totally shocked that Sunday is Easter! Okay here’s five random things about my week:

  1. I ordered a dress for Youngest Son’s wedding in November. I’m excited for the wedding obviously! But I also wanted to get an early start after I had such a hard time finding a dress for Middle Son’s wedding. Shall we start betting how many dresses I’ll buy and return this time? LOL!!
  2. I booked Maggie at boarding for our Hawaii Vacay. They recognized me as “Maggie’s Mom” as soon as I walked in, which made me laugh. They were so nice, telling me Maggie does great there, and she’s one of the dogs they let “roam” the facility the most because she’s good and gets along with all the other dogs. That reassured me. Then she said, “And we all know she pees when we pick her up.” Umm…true. Maggie submissive pees, but I forget about it because she doesn’t do it at home, or with me at all, anymore. But with anyone else, yeah, she will if she’s unsure. But they’re used to all kinds of dogs with all kind of quirks, and just roll with it. Family has offered to take Maggie too, including my awesome sister, Biker Witch, and we thought about it. But we decided to keep her on the routine she knows, which is going to boarding. She always seems to have fun there.
  3. Today is CPA Boy’s birthday and we’re going out tonight to visit. We’ll pick up dinner, and I’m making cupcakes. I’m also taking Turbo a very small, age appropriate, Easter basket. CPA Boy just doesn’t get to be the center of attention anymore, even when it’s his birthday! That’s what he gets for giving me an amazing grandson :-)
  4. Middle Son and his wife are coming home from their Tahiti vacation/honeymoon today. From our family messaging loop, they appear to be having a great time! They deserved a special trip after going through some tough times.
  5. Short Girl Problems: So I had bought some shorts on sale, and I was very proud of that. I bought longer shorts than I’ve worn in the past since time is marching on, and I’m doing the world a huge favor :-). But I’m also short…so all that money I saved? I’m spending it on having the shorts hemmed.

Okay so that’s my five. We didn’t make any big plans for Easter. The weekend is looking pretty quiet, so I may FINALLY try to work. Now I’d love to hear five random things about your week! Hope everyone has a great weekend, and Happy Easter!

Friday, April 12th, 2019
Friday Five

TGIF! It’s time to share 5 random things about our week.

  1. The poppies, also known as the Super Bloom, have been declared dead! The city has been spreading the word, and the L.A. Times wrote a tongue-in-cheek obituary piece that I found amusing. I think my favorite line is the first two clauses in this sentence: In lieu of sending flowers, as that would be horrifically insensitive, Super Bloom enthusiasts are encouraged to donate to their favorite Lake Elsinore charity, or maybe just send a nice thank-you note to city leaders. There will still be some people who come hike the trail into the hills, and that’s fine–heck I want to hike the trail with Maggie some morning. We are just crossing our fingers that it won’t be massive crowds that the city isn’t prepared to handle.
  2. I’ve been to the gym on average about twice a week. If I make it there today, it’ll be three times which is my goal. Although, I’m pretty happy with twice a week right now as I slowly regain some upper body strength. Plus I walk every day too.
  3. I finally gave in from endless brick-and-mortar store shopping, and ordered three pairs of jeans and three pairs of shorts online. Four out of six items fit me, which isn’t too bad of odds. I’m going to return the two pairs of pants today, and once again, try some old-fashion shopping in the actual store. But I’m not holding out much hope of finding anything. My experience is usually: If I like it–they won’t have my size, or they’ll be something wrong with it.
  4. We went to see our grandson, Turbo, yesterday. It takes most of the day, but it’s always worth it! His daddy ordered him some washable crayons that showed up while we were there. Turbo loved the crayons, and carried two around with him while we went on walks and toddler-exploring outside. Then once back inside the house, he discovered he could put the two crayons in one of the dog dishes–and Mommy was so busy on a phone call (we were watching him so she could make the call), that she didn’t notice and stop him. Grandma and Grandpa let him play with the clean dog dish and two crayons. Best Day Ever for Turbo! They are so easily amused at this age, LOL! (FYI, Grandpa secretly checked with Mommy, and she said it was fine, she’d just wash his hands before he ate lunch. What a good Mommy!)
  5.  Maggie swears she’s not getting gray. Um….

So that’s my Friday Five. Now I’d love to hear yours!! I hope everyone has a super-fabulous weekend!

Friday, April 5th, 2019
Friday Five

Happy Friday! It’s time to share five random things about our week, here’s mine:

  1. Yesterday was Wizard’s birthday. We went to a steak and lobster dinner. The lobster was amazing! We had a great time together.
  2. Yesterday on my walk with Maggie, I fell. Sigh…I’m fine. I was winding around the edge of the mostly dry creek bed, and stepped on a soft spot that gave way. I slid, and hit my left arm and shoulder, but it wasn’t full impact since it was a sliding-fall. And thankfully, I didn’t hit a rock! I imagine I’ll be a bit sore today but I don’t think I did any damage except to my pride.
  3. Allergy season is here :-(  Even Maggie sneezes a couple of times on our walks. Benadryl is my new friend. I’ve never had allergies this bad.
  4. Maggie stood like this for five minutes because she believed there was a lizard hiding in that plant. I wish I could concentrate on my book like she does on finding lizards!
  5. This weekend we’re going to Middle Son’s house to continue celebrating Wizard’s birthday.

That’s my Friday 5, now I’d love to hear yours! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, March 29th, 2019
Friday Five

TGIF! Okay I have a glass of wine (I’m writing this at Wine O’Clock on Thursday evening), and it’s time to share 5 random things about our week. Here’s mine:

  1. It’s crazy how busy I am NOT writing. Next week, I really do want to get back to the book! This week has been filled with normal life stuff, plus getting ready for a bridal shower this weekend for my nephew’s finance.  It’s a couple hours away from my house, but celebrating these important life moments are worth the drive.
  2. We went to visit our grandson, Turbo, on Wednesday, and I took zero pictures :-(. Bad Grandma! Aside from that, we had so much fun with Turbo. He’s all toddler now, and into everything, but still easy enough to distract. Hmm…that sounds like my brain, is it possible I have Toddler Brain?
  3. I will never understand how parents can kill their children. We’ve had a rash of those cases in So Cal lately, from babies to preteens. It’s just horrifying and heartbreaking. What made me think of it today is that we have blue ribbons tied around various places all over town for an 8 year old boy missing in a nearby community. The hope was that the boy would be found alive. Sadly, the police announced today, that while they haven’t actually found the boy yet, they have enough evidence to charge the dad with murder, and the mother with child endangerment. I will never understand it. Ever.
  4. Wizard and I watched a movie (on Amazon Prime, and I believe it’s also on Netflix) called, Walk. Ride. Rodeo.  based on the true story of nineteen-year-old champion rodeo rider Amberley Snyder who was paralyzed in an accident and her fight to ride again. Amberley Snyder, along with her sister, starred in the movie and did her own stunts. Wizard and I were both moved and inspired by this movie/story.
  5. I also listened to a nonfiction audiobook called BAD BLOOD, Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup by John Carreyrou. This is part of the synopsis on Amazon: The full inside story of the breathtaking rise and shocking collapse of Theranos, the one-time multibillion-dollar biotech startup founded by Elizabeth Holmes—now the subject of the HBO documentary The Inventor—by the prize-winning journalist who first broke the story and pursued it to the end.  It’s an interesting book if you’re interested in how multi-million dollar scams like this happen. Unlike parents killing children, I can logically grasp how this happens, and the book laid it out very well. But it still makes me sick that people not only lie and cheat, but risk people’s lives. For those of us who write fiction, this kind of story can be very interesting in developing characters.

That’s my five random things for the week, and now I’d love to hear yours! I hope everyone has a great week!

Friday, March 22nd, 2019
Friday Five

TGIF! I don’t know where the week went–all I heard was the whoosh of time passing and suddenly, it’s Friday! Okay here’s 5 random things about my week:

  1. Our little city has gained worldwide fame for the poppy craze. There’s even shots from satellite picture space, LOL! (See the picture.)  All the orange are the poppies in the canyon that is just a couple of miles from my house.  So this weekend, I’m staying home.
  2. The last two days have rained, and there’s still diehards trying to see the poppies. Um…they only bloom in sunlight :-) But truly I understand it, this is a rare beauty and people want to experience it.
  3. My book is a battlefield as big as the Poppy Apocalypse. Not kidding. I’m so freaking annoyed and tired of this. Also, Wine Is My Friend. 
  4. I’ve been on a semi-diet for a day and a half. Still not skinny. Sad :-(
  5. My dog, Maggie, is an amazing gift! Maybe to others, she’s just a dog, but to me, she’s special. She brings Wizard and I love, loyalty and laughter that we would never have known without her. And she reminds me to be grateful each and every day. Maggie was worth waiting for (most of you know how long I waited to have a dog of my own!), and I’ll treasure her for all the days we have with her.

Okay so that’s my Friday Five, and now I’d love to hear yours! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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