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Friday, May 25th, 2018
Friday Five

Okay I’m not quite back in the swing of things, but getting there. Here’s my 5:

  1. Donuts, what was I thinking??? Oh right, I felt sorry for Wizard and bought them to make him happy. Whatever, wearing pants is overrated right? (I’m giving myself through the long weekend, then begin weeding out most of the crap I’ve allowed to slip into my eating over the last couple months.)
  2. Baby Slayer Cute Alert! 
  3. Baby Slayer was out again on Wednesday. CPA Boy took the day off, and along with Special K, they came out to keep Wizard company. Wizard continues to heal well. Boredom is setting in, which is a great sign.
  4. There’s nothing on TV. It’s so frustrating! Most nights, I can’t read or do anything useful from the nerve pain & tinnitus, so I watch TV and feel my brain cells dying off. On the other hand, it’s a great motivator to get well, LOL!
  5. It’s Memorial Day weekend, but we don’t have plans since it hasn’t even been two weeks yet since Wizard’s surgery. I have the feeling I’m going to have my hands full just keeping him from overdoing it! I don’t mind though, if this last surgery works, it will all be worth it!

So that’s my Friday Five, now it’s your turn! Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!

Friday, May 11th, 2018
Friday Five

TGIF Again!! It’s time to share five random things about our week. I’ll go first :-)

1) I’ve been cooking and freezing a few meals. So far, I have spaghetti sauce and chicken cacciatore. Today I’m making 2 servings of enchiladas to freeze.

2) I’m doing the above because next week Wizard is having more back surgery. This one is a little more involved than the one he had last year, but if this works, it will be worth it.

3) Yesterday, despite #2, Wizard came in the house yesterday and said, “Witch, I need your help with something.”

I went outside and found the EXTENSION LADDER leaning up against the tall palm trees. Even more worrisome, this is on a freaking SLOPE. I narrow my eyes. “What do you think you’re doing?”

He held up big hedge clippers like it was obvious. “Trimming the tops of the trees. I need you to hold the ladder.”

I looked at the aluminum extension ladder precariously placed on the sloped yard and shook my head. “No. Absolutely not. You’ve lost your mind.”

Wizard frowned, studied the ladder and said, “You’re right.”

Of course I am. I breathed a sigh of relief.

Then Wizard went into the garage and reappeared with a small block of wood. “Let me put this under the ladder.” He wedged it under one leg of the ladder that didn’t sit flush in the grass BECAUSE THE YARD IS SLOPED!!! Then he said, “Now hold the ladder so I can get this done.”

“Have you lost your mind?” My voice rushed up the street, hit the hills at the top and bounce back in a screaming echo. “You’re not doing this!”

He stared at me. “Yes I am. The ladder is a little shaky though. Just hold it. And don’t worry, if I fall, I’m having surgery anyway.” I swear to you, that’s what he said! And then he smirked and added, “You know, like two for one deal.”

And before I could smack him, he started climbing the ladder. I had no choice but to grab and hold it.

He didn’t fall, but I’m still pissed. All these shenanigans cause him more pain too. What is WRONG with men? Is there medication to make them sane???

4a) This is Maggie yesterday on our morning walk. There were bunnies at the park, and she is staring at one in the bushes.

4b)  And this is Maggie’s expression after I tugged her away from the bunny, lifted her on a wide rock wall and tried to get her to pose for a picture: 

**In case you’re wondering why she has two collars on, the second one is a Martingale collar that I use for her safety when we hike. She’s never taken off on me or fought her collar, but if she did, she could possibly slip her regular collar and either get hurt or rush into danger. This collar prevents that, and she’s perfectly comfortable in it. I take it off when we’re finished walking.


Okay that’s my Friday Five, now it’s your turn to share yours!

Friday, April 27th, 2018
Friday Five

TGIF!! I hope everyone had a great week! It’s time to share five random things about our week. Here are mine:

1) So far, Wizard is recovering well from his surgery. It turned out to be a lot longer and more involved than originally expected, but that’s how these things can go. Fingers crossed that this time it works. Medicine is sometimes as much art and luck as it is science and skill.

2) Maggie is home! I missed her so much when she was at boarding, but it was nice not having to worry about her being alone. They are so sweet to her there.

3) Chocolate chunk cookies happened yesterday. **Hangs head in shame** I have no excuse except that baking is stress relief for me, even when I’m not feeling my best. I did freeze some of the cookies so I guess I could claim I was preparing for the future???

4) I just spent forty minutes on the phone with CPA Boy discussing diapers, sleep schedules and spitting up, and how Baby Slayer had the hiccups, then spit up and arced the flow so that it went over the collar of CPA Boy’s shirt and down his stomach. Um what happened to his college days when I heard stories of parties and crazy antics?

5) Oh and last night I made spaghetti with the big plan to freeze half the spaghetti sauce to use later. Last time I made spaghetti, I had this same plan and forgot when I was cleaning up. This time, Wizard reminded me, and I had the container set out next to the pan of cooling sauce…then while talking to CPA Boy on the phone (see #4) I was cleaning the kitchen and threw out the sauce. Sigh…Wizard is STILL laughing as I’m writing this blog.

That’s my week, now it’s your turn to share 5 things about your week. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, April 13th, 2018
Friday Five

Is it Friday? My days get scrambled, but I think it’s Friday…so that means it’s time to do our Friday Five! Here’s mine:

  1. I think we’re done with the redecorating for now. I wanted to do an update in my kitchen by painting my cupboards white. We got a quote and my budget screamed in agony. So I’m taking that as a no, LOL! We have a LOT of cupboards so there’s no way we’re doing them ourselves. (Don’t even think it Wizard! I can hear your brain considering it, but just stop now!) I still have a few little touches, like lamps, to finish in the living room, but those aren’t budget breakers so I’ll do those as I find the time.
  2. The next thing we have to tackle are new cell phones, and I’m scared to even start pricing those + a new plan. Wizard and I only have so many kidneys to sell to pay for these luxuries :-)
  3. The book! Yesterday, I was doing one of my favorite parts–going back and layering something in. It sounds small but feels huge. It was something that’s been bugging me about the book, and I finally found a way to address it. I love where this book is going (finally!).  Life should slow down enough to focus more consistently. (Fingers crossed that’s true!!!)
  4. Two random Maggie pics because even though I have a grandson, I still love her! 
  5. I think I’m seeing Baby Slayer this weekend. My plan is to make chicken enchiladas, take them out then watch Baby Slayer for a couple of hours while Special K gets some work done. At least that was the plan last time I checked, but I’ll call today to make sure that still works for them. They always tell me I can come anytime, but I’ve been trying to time it to give them a real break to sleep or get something done. There’s no tired like new parent tired!

Okay that’s my five, now I’d love to hear yours! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, April 6th, 2018
Friday Five

Time to list five random things around our week. Here are mine:

  1. Wizard and I went out to hang with Baby Slayer yesterday so Special K could take a nap and get in some work. Here’s my boy: 
  2. See that adorable baby? As soon as Wizard took off to go do some stuff and Special K went to rest, he got busy with a dirty (gross!) diaper. Then when I was changing the diaper, round two showed up. Um…I began juggling fast, but I had it under control…that’s when Baby Slayer peed all over me and himself. LOLOL!! Grandma initiation! I’m pretty sure his dad put him up to it :-) Overall we had a great day together.
  3. We took Maggie to her daycare/boarding since wouldn’t be home until late last night. For the first time, Maggie didn’t struggle to get to me when I left, instead as soon as I took her leash off and put her inside the gate to the daycare section, she trotted over to the owner to say hi. I was so happy!
  4. I’m trying to write!
  5. Wizard had a good birthday this week. We went to dinner, he had steak and lobster, and I had chicken. We really enjoyed it, but DAMN the menu print was impossible to read. Obviously I’m due to get my eyes checked. My eyes are bad, but well corrected with monovision contacts. They don’t correct as well in glasses. I need to make that appointment but there’s not a lot of spare time to go around

That’s my quick Friday five, now it’s your turn to share yours. Have a great weekend!

Friday, March 30th, 2018
Friday Five

Time to list five random things about our week!

  1. Wizard brought me home a solid chocolate Easter bunny last night! As soon as I’m done with this blog, I’m going to do serious damage to that bunny!
  2. We got the living room tables sanded down, and white washed. Both Wizard and I have happy so far. Today we’ll varnish then, let them dry then reassemble then and take pictures to show on Monday.
  3. My day with Baby Slayer on Wednesday was amazing! He’s such a good baby, and already making eye contact and engaging. When he hears his mom’s voice, he turns to find her. His dad is a total hands on daddy.
  4. Wizard and I ate dinner out on the patio yesterday. It was a perfect seventy-eight degrees, and we had fun together. Maggie loved it too (That’s right, Wizard, I saw that tiny piece of steak you dropped on the patio for her!).
  5. For everyone who celebrate–Happy Easter! We aren’t doing anything special this year, just being thankful for our family, Maggie, our son getting married this Oct. to a wonderful woman, and our beloved new grandson.

Now it’s your turn to list your Friday Five! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, March 23rd, 2018
Friday Five

Happy Friday! Okay so everything got crazy…again :-) I’ll try to come up from five things for Friday Five, but once again, I’m fried.

  1. So our grand baby. He had his pediatrician appt. Wednesday. Everything was great, until the blood work came back with some jaundice. His poor parents! Anyway, the baby is doing fabulous with the treatment. And this is a great example of why good prenatal and post-delivery care is vital. But it’s been a wild ride for over a week now and his poor parents really need a break. I may go out there today and help, or Special K’s mom may do it, which ever works out best for everyone. Either way, there’s plenty of help.
  2. Maggie’s been a trooper! I left her in her doggy daycare overnight on Monday, and they’ve said I can just drop her off as needed through all this. They said she just hangs out, walks around and plays with the other dogs. Yes we pay for this, but they are so good to her, it’s really one less thing to worry about. She’s safe and happy, and seems to understand that Wizard and I are coming back.
  3. Life is fabulous but man, it’s just non stop stuff. Wizard and I have other stuff going on, and we can’t quite catch our breaths with it all. Did I ever say that I was bored or something? Just asking…
  4. I made chocolate chunk cookies. Originally I was going to take them out to the new parents (and get some to my other two sons) but that all shifted with the baby needing some extra treatments (again, he’s doing great), so now I’m pretty much just scarfing them down.  Wizard is helping with that chore, LOL!
  5. What’s the last super-duper great, can’t put it down, book you read? I’ve finished one, that right ONE book, in something like three weeks (not counting audio books which I listen to in the car or while cleaning). I need a book that hooks me so hard I’ll blow off everything else to read.

So that’s my Friday Five, now it’s your turn to share yours!

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