Jennifer Lyon
Monday, November 10th, 2014
The Proposition in Portuguese!

Despite my headache, I’m thrilled to share the cover for THE PROPOSITION in Portuguese from my Brazilian publisher Editora Charme:

The Proposition cover

This is one of my favorite covers ever. It’s up for preorder here  and will release on December 10, 2014!

Also coming in December is the German version from Egmont LYX. They are releasing The Plus One Chronicles in two books instead of three.

nurbeidir-189x300 Book One Cover


And the preorder link for that is

Hope everyone has a great day!

Monday, November 10th, 2014
Weekend Roundup

I’m late, sorry! Saturday was okay,  but I didn’t feel well yesterday and still have a headache today. How about your weekend?

Friday, November 7th, 2014
Happy Friday!

Man I think I’m still full. Yesterday was our anniversary, so we went out to dinner. It was sooo good! Then Wizard insisted we order dessert. So we ordered chocolate cake to split (they have great lobster, but their dessert menu is limited). Anyway, I’m still full.

And I’m going to the gym today. I am! Maybe…

So yesterday I put a Happy Anniversary to Wizard post up on my personal FB page. Special K (CPA boy’s wife) saw it instantly. But Wizard hadn’t seen it yet and had no idea.

His phone dings a text and Wizard says, “I bet it’s Middle Son about going radio control car racing on Sat.” Then he looked at his phone and let out an exclamation of surprise. “It’s Special K. Hmm, that’s unusual in the middle of the day. Wonder what she wants?”

“I don’t know, read it.” And I totally did this completely believable innocent expression:

When did this new dog get here


Wizard was too excited to read Special K’s text to pay attention to me. He read it out loud, “Hey Dad, you should get Mom a French bulldog for your anniversary. Mom would love it so much.”  Wizard is totally baffled, sort of like this:

Dog is baffled

He turned to me. “How does Special K know it’s our anniversary?”

I know,you’re all thinking, “Um, duh, she’s married to your son. Surely he knows and told her. But nope, the kids don’t remember our anniversary because we’ve never made it a big deal with them. We’ve always chosen to do something special for the two of us, even if it’s just dinner out together. So Wizard is puzzled. Then the light went on and he turned suspicious eyes on me. “What did you do?”

I burst out laughing. “I’m not telling, but I tagged you on FB.”

He found it instantly, I posted an old picture from out wedding from so very long ago. Our wedding pics are pretty bad, but he was still entertained by it. And evidently so was Special K., LOL! And for the record he texted her back that he got me a horse, not a dog. A Mustang.  He means the car. Which is a joke because I didn’t get a dog, horse or car. But I did have a great day and dinner with Wizard so I’m happy. (And for the record, we agreed on no gifts.)

This will be a working weekend for me. I  love this story, but I’m feeling around for the best way to tell it. It just takes time and focus. What are your plans?

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014
Wednesday Worthy

I’m debating doing an occasional post about what I’ve learned as a writer, but I’m wondering if any of you really want to hear that? Speak up and let me know; yes, no or only once in a while. There’s no wrong answer :-)

Now let’s move onto out Wednesday Worthy Candidate.


Full length of muscular young man standing at balcony doorway


What do you think? Is he worthy?

Monday, November 3rd, 2014
Weekend Roundup

Hey guys! We went through eight (8!!!) bags of candy for Halloween. The adorable little (and big) monsters cleaned us out. And I learned something new about myself — I love Twix bars. How have I been missing out on this delightful treats? Cookie, caramel and chocolate all in one? This is a deadly combination for me. I might as well pull the solid crisco fat out of the pantry and layer it directly on my thighs.

And I absolutely refuse to discuss the Strawberry Beignet I ate on Sunday when I was out with Biker Witch. That was not my fault, but part of my “try new things” plan. Of course, this plan doesn’t include new exercise, LOL! Okay I do plan on increasing my exercise as soon as I’m physically able :-)

Anyway, Halloween was good here and hope it was great for all of you.

Now lets talk about reading. I’m reading PRISONER by Annika Martin and I’m so sucked in. The things is, I should NOT like this book. It’s a dubious consent book, but the psychology of the heroine’s attraction and growing attachment to her kidnapper rings true to me.  So while reading this, I’m having this internal dialogue with myself about how I shouldn’t like this book, yet I keep reading. As a writer, I think it’s freaking awesome. A writer who is essentially capturing my attention against my will.

Just like when I read MISERY by Stephen King years ago. OMG that book terrified me and yet I couldn’t stop reading.

Does this ever happen to you guys? Do you get sucked into a book almost against your will?

And how was your Halloween and weekend?

Friday, October 31st, 2014
Happy Friday & Halloween!

I’m back to work on the Wing Slayers and loving it even if my writing time is limited lately!

For all those who participate, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! This year it totally snuck (Wrong tense? Is snuck even a word? Can you all tell I’ve been working long hours today and totally wiped out?)  up on me. For fun, I thought we’d have a little Halloween Costume Contest. I asked the Wing Slayer Hunters if they’d model for us, but they pitched a total fit about having to put on costumes.

MEN! Such whiners.

But then I found volunteers totally willing to model costumes! Okay, up first is Candidate Number 1 modeling a very trendy Halloween Hat but he’s sad as no one is giving him treats. I’m on it, heading to my cupboard right now to get him a super yummy bacon treat. I think he deserves at least two treats for rocking this hat!

Cute puppy wearing a Halloween witch hat.

“Wait!” Phoenix yells out. “No one told me there’d be bacon!”

“Too late, dude. You had your chance. The bacon treats are all for the models!” Okay, so where was I? Oh yeah, Candidate number 2: He happily volunteered to be a witch or wizard, but I  think he tricked the cat into getting into the cauldron. Hmm, do we deduct points for meanness? Or add points for out-smarting a cat since that doesn’t happen very often?

Halloween Witch


And now for Candidate number 3.  This guy has just been waiting for an excuse to wear his spiffy new tux. But he got so tired putting it on, he had to take a nap. Not only is he styling his tux, but he’s totally got the whole nap thing mastered.

cute puppy - dogue de bordeaux puppy wearing tuxedo laying down

“I have a tux. Hell I have four tuxes.” Linc shouted out. “I could have modeled a tux. Do you have any more bacon?”

Ignore Linc. He’s just mad because Candidate Number 3 wears a tux better than him. Linc is a little vain. Let’s move onto Candidate Number 4: This little guy is super cool as Devil Dog. He could steal my heart any day, what about yours?

Bad Puppy

So there you have it, our four Halloween Costume Contest Candidates. Who is your choice of a winner?

Hope you all have a great Halloween and a terrific weekend!



Wednesday, October 29th, 2014
I’m Back and Wednesday Worthy

Hey! I missed all of you while I was in Florida. It was an amazing conference that had excellent workshops, opportunities to brainstorm, see old friends and make new ones.  It was interesting how many of us are juggling to manage our careers, yet thrilled to be doing it.  I haven’t transcribed my notes yet, but I’m hoping to do that this week and get an outline of key things I learned. But I won’t bore you guys with a bunch of recaps.

I got crazy lucky with an amazing room and a slider overlooking the ocean. It was stunning.

Last view from room before leaving

It was so gorgeous. See those blue chairs? Those are collapsed cabanas, two of my friends and I took an afternoon off and hung out there in those for a couple hours. Total relaxation! The water was really warm, and we saw some dolphins playing out there. Seriously, I lucked out with the view from my room–usually when I travel I have a view of the dumpsters or parking lot :-). I turned on the TV only ONCE just to make sure it worked, the rest of the time I listened to the waves while I worked on some notes, email with my Brazilian editor, caught up on social media or one morning when I had time, I even did a tiny amount of writing. I’d love to have stayed there another week to write non-stop but real life demanded my presence. Plus I missed Wizard.

In other news, Wizard figured out how to make coffee all by himself! He did great on his own. He’s having no problem filling his time so far since he retired. He even tried to vacuum for me, but he only managed to do the upstairs because the power went out.

At least that’s his story, LOL! He swears the power really went out.

Okay enough of all that.  I have a Wednesday Worthy Candidate for you:

Fine art sepia toned portrait of a beautiful muscular shirtless


What do you think, is he worthy? And now it’s YOUR turn, how have you all been while I was away? I really want to know!