Jennifer Lyon
Friday, October 23rd, 2015
Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!!

So what are you guys reading? I just finished THE AIR HE BREATHS by Brittainy Cherry. I loved that book until the last 25% where, for me, the story took a plot twist that (again just my opinion) was way too coincidental. But for others it totally worked. That book hit the top of iTunes bestseller list (I bought and read it BEFORE I knew that. I just liked the blurb and sample pages).  But despite not caring for that plot twist, I still love the book.

Next I’m going to give OWNED BY THE BAD BOY by Vanessa Waltz a try. It’s a dark romance, so I’m not sure if it’s my thing or not.

Today I’m writing and going to lunch with Biker Witch, then writing some more. This book is super challenging as far as the structure, but I love these characters. Just hope I can capture the story brewing in my head into words. Even though Wizard is “debating” with me, suggesting I should put this in the three book trilogy like I did the Plus One Chronicles, I really want to do it in one book. I just have to figure out how to make it work. I have a vision for this book launching a series–I’m going to stick to that if at all possible.

But man if I could have one wish today it’d be that I wrote faster.

This weekend will be more writing, and a bit of cleaning. I’ve also been working on pitching a workshop with a friend to RWA for next year.

So what are you guys reading?

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015
Brawny Wednesday

Okay it must be said, when it comes to pure brawn and toughness:


chris_hemsworth bonus

Chris Hemsworth owns it!!

Agree? Disagree?

Hope everyone has a great hump day!

Monday, October 19th, 2015
Soul Magic is Live! Plus Weekend Round Up

I’m all pumped up, but before I get to that, let’s take care of some business: The re-release of SOUL MAGIC is Live! You all know that I’m re-releasing the first four books in the Wing Slayer Hunter Series. Blood Magic, book 1 is already out, Soul Magic is out today, and Night Magic releases in two weeks then Sinful Magic two weeks after that.


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Now for the Weekend Roundup section of the blog: I had a great weekend. First, on Friday I admitted that I had a problem on the book I’m writing. I kept getting to about the 50 page mark and stalling. I knew I had a problem but I kept pushing through thinking I’d fix it later. That’s like trying to fix a problem with the foundation of your house AFTER you’ve built the house. Not smart or efficient and my subconscious knew this and kept putting on the brakes. After endless frustration I finally threw in the towel and stopped trying to force it. I decided to take the weekend to re-plot this section, which involves the first meeting of Justice and Lizabeth.

Saturday we got up early (Okay I’m always up–ask Wizard. Sleep eludes me.) And by 8am we were on the way to the auto show. Wizard and I talked about my book and brainstormed ideas, then I forced myself to drop it once got into the show.  I was doing this for Wizard and wanted to just have fun. We enjoyed looking at all the cars. Then we went downstairs to the “exotic level” and I found the car I wanted.

This picture is a bit blurry and I’ll explain way in a second.

Auto Show 2015 Maserati

This is a gorgeous Maserati. I told Wizard I loved it and stepped around two other men to take a picture as Wizard was telling me that the UK (United Kingdom) division of the company he retired from made the panels for the car. Just as I set up to take the picture, I heard Wizard call out two very familiar names. And I turned…

Standing between Wizard and me were two of the people he worked with from the UK!! Wizard has known them for years!! It was such a freaking coincidence. We were all so focused on the car, and talking about the panels being made in the UK, and here we were standing next to two of the people from that company! Anyway. I’d turned just as I snapped this pic, and didn’t take anymore because we ended up talking to the two men. It was so freaky to run into Wizard’s former colleagues like that. Even funnier we all had been standing there probably a full minute before noticing one another.

Anyway, we had a blast, then on the way out, I snapped some pictures from the Jeep area where Jeep employees were driving over obstacle course.  Then I sent the pics to BLB (Youngest son who has a Jeep) and said, “Hey I was out test driving Jeeps today.” He’s my least gullible kid so I knew he wouldn’t believe me. Here are a couple of the pics.

Auto Show 2015 Jeep blue

Auto Show 2015 Jeep red


HE TOTALLY BELIEVED ME!! Which is hilarious because I’m scared when he takes me dirt driving over hills half that size! I laughed so hard that I was still laughing when BLB stopped by to visit on Sunday :-)

And Sunday, one of the idea Wizard had suggested took root and grew. I did a bunch of research yesterday and am so happy! This fills in a lot of blanks, and if it works on paper as well as I think it will, then I can’t wait to get started writing it today!

So how was your weekend?


Friday, October 16th, 2015
Happy Friday

Happy Friday!! I don’t know how it’s Friday again! I can’t believe on Monday SOUL MAGIC re-releases! How is time going so fast?  I’m excited to see how all this plays out with re-releasing the series. But I’m trying to not get too caught up in the promo and watching sales to focus on my new book. However, the market has changed so drastically that it now takes a heck of a lot more work (and $$) to sell books. It’s an interesting dilemma. I’m spending a great deal of my time contacting retailers and talking to them, arranging (and paying!) for promo, then watching which promo works, which entails tracking sales to figure that out.

All that takes time away from writing my new book, which is not a good strategy. Especially since then next book is a sexy, emotional contemporary that is a stronger market. So I’m striving to find that balance.

The answer is in focus. Sheer focus. Honestly I think this is an area of weakness for some of us females as we are wired to be able to multi-task and often end up DISTRACTED. Or maybe that’s just me? Anyway, I’m really working on focusing on one thing at a time, but it’s… a work in progress. For me, focus means  concentrating on writing and staying off the internet. But of course, I find something I need to research, go online to Google and then the next thing I know, I’m answering email or looking at sales numbers and not writing.  I must focus! I can do this…

Maybe :-)

This weekend, I think Wizard and I are going to the auto show. Wizard loves cars, so we usually go every year and look around. He dreams of cars the same way I dream about French bulldogs <g> But I think right now, we have a better chance of getting a dog than a new car, LOL!

What are your weekend plans? And do you happen to have any tips on focusing and staying off the internet????

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015
Wednesday Worthy

So this guy shows up for Wednesday Worthy Tryouts (yes, I know, it’s a tough job, but I do it for all of you <g>) And all I can think of — is what is he planning to do with that chain????

Attractive hunky black male bodybuilder doing bodybuilding pose in gym with iron chains over shoulders

So now that I have your attention, do you think he’s worthy?

Monday, October 12th, 2015
Weekend Roundup

It turned out to be a whirlwind weekend. Saturday was awesome at my local RWA Chapter meeting. Deb Werksman, and editor for Sourcebooks, spoke in the morning. Her talk relied heavily on data, and what Sourcebooks can do for an author’s career. I liked her, and think Soucebooks is innovative and motivated.  In the afternoon Lauren Dane spoke–she was fresh, passionate and so funny. She warned right off the bat she was going to use some of “those words” while discussing writing hot sex scenes. But she did it so well, I didn’t see anyone taking offense.

Her overall point was that the sex scenes should be woven so deeply into the emotional fabric of your book, so that you literally can’t remove the sex scenes without ruining the book. Otherwise, why have them at all? I’ll recap what I remember, but I am paraphrasing from memory not quoting as I didn’t take notes:

–Make sure the sex scene has a purpose related to the theme of your book.

–Sex must change characters in some way: They learn something about themselves or their partner, one of them exposes secret or has an emotional revelation. Something that leads to character growth and touches on the theme of the book.

–Keep the scene concise, take out every extra word or action. For example, we don’t need a play by play of using protection when one mention will do the job. Unless the protection is part of the characterization in some way. She went off on a wickedly funny point about a possible latex allergy that had everyone snorting laughter.

–Dialogue. If the characters are talking, make sure they stay true to their character. So a former Marine isn’t likely to use silly names for parts of his anatomy. Language is important. On the other hand, a former Marine who never swears can be very interesting. Just make sure you know your characters and keep them true to themselves.

— Most people know what sex is, and most adults have sexual experience. Don’t make it so unrealistic that the reader is bored, rolling their eyes, or worrying about “chafing” The chafing comment created another burst of laughter. She had perfect delivery on that, LOL!

Those are just a few things. Lauren did a great job of outlining the intimate and very human connection of sex, and how if an author is going to have it in their books, make it significant and real, while staying true to who the characters are.

And now I must get more of her books just because I liked her. She also had a really cool Mac laptop that I am jealous of :-).

Saturday was a great day, I got to see a lot of friends and had a great time, but man, I came home exhausted. Then Sunday we celebrated Special K’s birthday and had more fun. All that was great, but the heat is getting to me and I think, most everyone else here in California.

Now I’m just begging for time to write.

Oh, and a week from today SOUL MAGIC releases!

How was your weekend?

Friday, October 9th, 2015
Happy Friday!

So I went shopping yesterday to find some clothes. Uh…have clothes suddenly shrunk due to global warming? No?? This is Wizard’s fault!! Ever since he retired, he’s been all, Let’s go to dinner! How about breakfast? I’ll buy donuts! Witch, you haven’t baked anything lately, make me some cookie? Or something I’ve heard over and over in the last year, Just eat it, we only live once.

Wizard did this!

And did he get fat??? Of course not.

Let’s talk about something else. This weekend is busy (and calorie laden). First I have my Romance Writer’s of America’s Chapter Birthday Bash. Lauren Dane is speaking. And even better, I get to see old friends–I’m happy about that. Then Sunday we are celebrating Special K’s (Oldest son’s wife) birthday. We’re going to dinner and she has requested lemon pound cake. And I’m hoping to write a blog (for Monday)  on the Business Side of Writing. It all depends if I get enough time to get my thoughts down in a coherent format.  Plus I want to work on my book.

That’s my weekend, what do you have planned? TGIF English Bulldog