Jennifer Lyon
Wednesday, August 13th, 2014
Wednesday Worthy

I’m back! Kind of…the book will go in Thursday or Friday so I’m still working. I have it completed (it’s been a marathon!!!), but I’m going back through taking out my internal notes, fixing the timeline, smoothing out the writing, etc.  There will be revisions in my future, but that’s okay. In my experience, revisions always strengthen a book :-)

I’m hoping to be fully back on Friday to chat a bit more.

In the meantime, I have a Wednesday Worthy for you:


Handsome Man Posing

So what do you think, is he worthy?


Monday, August 4th, 2014
Blog Break

Hey guys! Okay this book is due a week from today (Monday August 4th). So I’m going to take the week off blogging, and then I’ll be back the following Wednesday, I think that’s August 13th.  I will checking in on FB here as  I can do that pretty quick and return to writing.

Hope you guys have a great week and we’ll catch up then!

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014
Wednesday Worthy

I’ll be apologizing all over the place between now and August 11th when I deliver this book. First up, I am so sorry I didn’t answer comments from Monday’s blog. I see them, I just didn’t get back here to answer.  I hate not answering because you all take the time to comment I LIKE to answer. But between now and August 11th…I simply suck :-)

I’m officially in The Crazed Zone.  Right at this second, the book is working, sort of magically starting to just work–although I’m afraid to jinx it by actually saying that. It’s so insane, that CPA boy emailed to ask about coming out on Saturday for my birthday. He knows and understands deadlines and told me it’s fine if I need to keep working. But I said, sure, come out and I’ll work around you.  I copied Wizard on that email so he knew about it too.

Wizard then CALLED me to double check and see if I could really handle that. That was one of my rare moments when I almost burst into tears. Wizard can drive me up a wall sometimes, but man when I need him to be there, HE IS THERE and he gets it. But I told him yes, I am going to handle it.  My kid wants to come out and spend some of my birthday with me, I’m going to appreciate that not tell him no. And Wizard understood that too.

So then, I get an email from Special K (CPA boy’s wife) and she said. “I’ll bring dinner, you just work.”

God I love her.

And Biker Witch is being mega amazing too. She even offered to pick up some medication and bring it to me yesterday.  I ended up not needing it, but you know, so nice to know people are there for you when you need them.

I’m going to owe everyone in the known universe :-)

This should have been a simple book to write, but man, it tripped me up all over the place. As BLB (youngest son) just pointed out to me, this will be my book-with-a-story someday.

Okay now for Wednesday Worthy. I have two –a guy’s image that I quickly bought and a super cool dog that B.E., posted on my FB page. Choose your worthiness!

Super sexy shirtless muscular macho man

happy frenchie!


















Which picture do you choose? (I choose the Happy Dog!)

Monday, July 28th, 2014
Weekend Roundup

I hate insomnia! However that was Saturday night, I’m pretty sure I slept Sunday night, but since I’m writing this Sunday before bed, I can’t be sure :-)

Friday I baked ALL day. In case you missed it on my FB pages, here’s two out of three different kinds of cookies that I made.

2 batches of cookies

The Kahlua Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches are really good, but Special K (Oldest Son’s wife) said they need more Kahlua so next time, I’ll add more. I usually stick to the recipe the first time I make something  then adjust once I see how they taste. I totally trust Special K’s opinion on all things Kahlua :-) The recipe link is here

My niece’s wedding shower was a beautiful event. I was impressed! One of my sister-in-laws, and a friend of the family hosted the shower. They think of all the little touches that would never occur to me. Snowy white table clothes with lovely center pieces made of netting and flowers, along with parting gifts for the guests. At my house, I can handle food, drinks and dessert…beyond that I’m a little challenged.

The wedding is next month!

Sunday morning, BLB (youngest son) came by. We made breakfast then I told him I had to work. Two hours later I actually started working.  We just end up talking, then I look up and am like, “Oh crap where’s the time gone!”

Back to work on the book! One way or another this book will go to my editor on August 11th.

How was your weekend?

Friday, July 25th, 2014
Happy Friday!

Here we are again at Friday!

Hey did you guys see the trailer for 50 Shades of Grey? Here’s the link  I think I just found the one movie I don’t want to go see with Wizard, LOL. So naturally I told him that then worried he’d be mad. He asked me why, and I said, “I don’t think you’ll enjoy the BMSD theme.”  Without missing a beat, he started naming off friends of mine he thought might enjoy going with me instead.  That amused me for some reason, probably because I expected him to get all alpha and say, “If you want to see the movie, I’ll take you.”  Which is his usual reaction. Now we’ll see what he says when the movie actually comes out. I’m not sure why I want to see it, I’m not usually into going to movies made out of books, but I just do!

So this weekend is my niece’s wedding shower. I’m STILL debating on cookies I’m going to make. I have the ingredients on hand for three different kinds: Meringue cookies, raspberry heart cookies (those are a pain) and Chocolate Kahlua sandwich cookies with Cafe au Lait centers. I will make one, two or all three depending on my level of craziness. There’s going to be a ton of dessert but I get a little carried away when I bake sometimes.

My book…umm…I’m writing. And praying. We shall see!

So what are your weekend plans?

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014
Wednesday Worthy

I’m still trying to talk Wizard into getting me a French bulldog for my birthday (it’s not until August).  One like Jiggy in HER TEMPORARY HERO. So he’s being super agreeable, saying things like “Sure witch, I saw one on sale the other day.”

I’m thinking, huh, I never see French bulldogs on sale so I asked, “And he’s just like Jiggy?”

“Exactly.” Then he sauntered off.

And that’s when I remembered–Wizard hasn’t read HER TEMPORARY HERO.  He’s lying to me! I’m not getting a French bulldog, dang it. At least not a living, breathing, REAL one.  Bummer!

I found this picture the other day.


Dog wants treats or he's going to Gramma's!


Sounds like my doggie-love Bailey–I always have treats for him here.

Now if you’re looking for a Wednesday Worthy hunk, it was SLIM pickings when I went searching for a picture to buy. This is the only one I could find:

Trained Body Wearing DemimIs he worthy?


Monday, July 21st, 2014
Weekend Roundup

Before I forget, you can check the blog tour and blog blast stops here if you want to enter for the grand prizes.

Okay–the weekend was awesome. Sunday especially. In the morning BLB (youngest son) came by, we had breakfast and hung out. Then in the afternoon we went out to see the house Middle Son  moved into. A hundred year old small house that is across the street from the beach. It’s a really cool house with a ton of charm! Bailey LOVES it. I don’t know how they did it all, but in one day they (Middle Son and his lovely girl friend) had then entire house unpacked and everything put away. While we were there we all went for a walk on the beach but I didn’t bring my phone to take pictures. Once we left there, we went to CPA Boy (oldest son) and Special K’s house for in dinner. It was casual and so much fun. All told, we traveled something like 120 miles but totally worth it. I also got in a couple hours work but mostly it was family and fun.

Once again, I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful messages about HER TEMPORARY HERO. I really had no clue the book would get this kind of response.  I was concerned that Logan’s issues were too real for romance. I love that people are connecting! Hope they feel the same way about Hunt in the next book. Hunt was a sniper in the Marines…not an easy job for a man raised in a family of artists. But that’s another book and we don’t need to worry about it yet :-)

Okay, now it’s your turn! How was your weekend?