Jennifer Lyon
Wednesday, May 14th, 2014
Wednesday Worthy

I’m working! Trying so hard to beat the crap out of this book. My goal is simple– take out everything I wouldn’t want to read, but leave enough to keep the story working.  So easy to say…so hard to do :-)

Now I have a Totally Random Rant:

I have an HMO insurance, and we’ve been spending weeks now trying to get a medication I’ve been on filled. For this particular medication, I am forced to go to the Insurance Mail Order Pharmacy. They keep saying they need Pre-Certification, and my RA doc (who writes the prescriptions) keeps giving it too them.

Then this month the insurance pharmacy refused to refill it saying they didn’t have the Pre-Certification.

Crap-On-A-Stick  So I go to my RA doc, and they give them the paperwork AGAIN. A week later the insurance pharmacy still won’t fill it and the office calls to ask them why not.

“Oh, we need that from the primary care physician.”

REALLY?? This has been going on since Freaking January, and NOW you tell us that? After we’ve been submitting and resubmitting the paperwork

And of course,there’s a problem. My primary care–not well known form their “care.” Sigh, I have an appointment with them a week from Friday to beg them to do it. As it is, I’m on some emergency medication my RA doc was able to get for me, and we’re crossing our fingers it works.

This is what my year has been like–not bad, just so, so, soooo frustrating. This is just one example of at least a dozen super frustrating-major-time-suck issues. And much of the reason why this poor book is taking me twice as long to write as it normally would.

I know…in the scheme of things this is minor. I’m fine, and whatever happens, we’ll manage it. I’m just ranting. And now I’ll return you to your regularly schedule blog…

Here’s our Wednesday Worthy Candidate for today (I put himn on FB last week, but I don’t *think* I posted him here.

handsome muscular man

So what do you think, is he worthy?

Monday, May 12th, 2014
Weekend Roundup!

The weekend was fine, I’m diving into EXPOSING THE HEIRESS, tightening it up before I finish writing it.

Mother’s Day was nice and quiet. Usually it’s kind of madhouse so this was nice. Oh last week Wizard says,

“Mother’s Day is coming up. Should we order flowers or do something for my mom?”

I looked up from the computer. “Already done. They’ll be delivered Saturday.”

Dead silence. Wizard’s just standing there.

So I frowned, getting kind of worried that he’d had something else in mind. “Everything okay?”

“Yep.” He grinned at me. “Mother’s Day is taken care of. Damn I’m good.” And he strolled off.

I think he might have been serious. Men! Of course his mother called to thank us, and talked to ME because she knows better. And I thanked her for Wizard. Seriously–that woman gave me one of the four greatest gifts of my life–Wizard. (The other three are my boys).

I’m going into my writing cave to conquer this book and I have to write a speech for June, so I might be rather scarce over the next five weeks. But I usually miss you all and HAVE to check in :-)

How was your weekend and Mother’s Day?

Friday, May 9th, 2014
Happy Friday and Mother’s Day!

I sent my 2nd pass edits off for COWBOY MARINE last night!  (Note: title is changing, should have new title next week, and the book comes out in July).  We had to cut about 7K words. My editor did the major cutting, then my job was to clean it all up and make it work. That was challenge as I had to pull out minor plot threads and still keep the flow of the story–no idea if I’ve succeeded. Another editor will read it before it even goes to copy editing (Entangled does a LOT of editing, which is a good thing), so I should know soon.

I need to get back to EXPOSING THE HEIRESS right away. But first, I’m going to try to go to the gym and then run some errands.  I’ll start back in on that book this afternoon.

Wizard and I need a vacation. He may go with me to Florida in the fall (a small conference) but I’m thinking we should do a weekend away this summer.  I won’t take “real” time off if  we’re at home. I think it’d be good for us just to take a weekend somewhere Any suggestions?

And this weekend is…

Mother's Day Concept-- Purple tulips with card on white backgrou

I hope all the Moms out there have a fantastic Mother’s Day!


Wednesday, May 7th, 2014
Wednesday Worthy BUSTED!

I can’t believe this…so I was planning my normal post for a Wednesday Worthy Hunk Candidate when the blog gets raided!

By this guy…

Handsome Muscular Policeman Posing.

He swears he’s a cop and he’s investigating the blog.

Should I believe him???


Monday, May 5th, 2014
Weekend Roundup

The weekend was busy with work. I got line edits for COWBOY MARINE (title is changing) and that’s going to take up this week. They need to be done ASAP.  My poor work-in-progress keeps getting put on hold, and I so want to get Hunt and Alyssa’s story right–it’s nagging me incessantly. This book changed so much from my original plot, but I really like the friends-to-lovers thing they have going.  There’s also a Runaway Bride, Blackmail and I always seem to have a tortured hero in there too.

But right now, I need to get this line edits/revisions done. What’s really nice is the both editors who’ve worked on this book really like it. I’m relieved to hear that!  (You should hear poor Wizard when I tell him this–he can’t fathom why I’m always surprised, but I truly am.).

We did go look at a new housing track that we’d been waiting to open–but the one story house there just isn’t for us.  It’s always fun to look at new houses. It’s almost a hobby now. But it looks like we’ll be staying here for a while. 

How was your weekend?



Friday, May 2nd, 2014
Happy Friday and News!

I hope this blog posts at the correct time. The server is doing some maintenance over night so it may be delayed. If the blog shows up late, that’s why. For once it’s not my fault, LOL

And here’s my news: I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve sold the Brazilian Portuguese rights for THE PROPOSITION (book 1 of The Plus One Chronicles) to Editora Charme Publisher in Brazil. I’m really excited about it! The editor there contacted me, and then we were half way through negotiations when my Internet crashed. Thankfully I was able to email the editor through my phone and let her know. She was very understanding and patient. We just concluded and signed the deal yesterday.

Between this deal and the German one, Kat and Sloane are turning into world travelers :-) I can honestly say that I never imagined this happening when I sat down to write these books. All I cared about was finding the best way to tell their story that meant so much to me.

My weekend will be all work. Real Life keeps infringing on my writing time, and I know edits for THE COWBOY MARINE  (I just got work that we’ll be changing the title) are coming my way soon. On top of that, Ryan and I are still working on the audio for POSSESSION. We’re almost there, though!

What are you doing this weekend?

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014
I’m Back! And Wednesday Worthy!

Whew, that was NOT fun. A week with major internet problems, and making my way though the customer service roadblocks to get a technician out here to help.  We got it back up and running Monday night…fingers crossed that it holds.  Enough of that, we really don’t want to relive it :-)

But I missed you all! I hope everyone is safe after those tornadoes.

Wizard was home on Monday, after a long day we decided to take a break (escaped the madness!) and go to the movies. We saw THE OTHER WOMAN, and it was hilarious. Toward the end, I laughed so hard, I lost my breath. If you like women getting revenge on cheating guy humor, see this movie! 

I lost writing time with all the issues, but I’m on track…mostly. It didn’t help that BLB and Bailey showed up unexpectedly to stay the weekend (Bailey belongs to Middle Son–but Middle Son was traveling so asked his brother to help –this is too convoluted to even explain, LOL!)  The CPA and Special K came over after they did a Mud Run thing…and it was pretty much a full house. I love the kids hanging out, so I can’t complain about that.

Now let’s move onto out candidate for Wednesday Worthy–maybe  a guy who can do some heavy lifting around here:

Back Of Muscular Construction Worker Shirtless In Building Site

So what do you think? And how’ve you been while I was MIA?