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Wednesday, December 7th, 2016
Accidental Wednesday Worthy

Let’s blame it on my cold :-) Actually my cold isn’t too bad so far. Monday I felt pretty crummy, but yesterday was better so maybe I’ll get off easy with just an average, run of the mill cold that clears up in a week. But last night when I was scanning the photo sites for a Wednesday Worthy Candidate, I stopped on our candidate below intending to enlarge the picture to get a better look…fumbled…and accidentally bought him.

Well I didn’t buy him, that would be wrong. I bought the rights to use the image of him :-) Anyway, here today’s candidate:

Handsome Muscular Shirtless Hunk Man Outdoor in City Setting, Sitting on the Ground. Showing Healthy Body While Looking Away to a Side

So what do you think? Is he worthy? Or shall we blame it on my cold?

Monday, December 5th, 2016
Weekend Roundup

Oh for the love puppies, my crappy Internet service once again dropped over night, so my post didn’t publish at 1am as schedule. Grrr…I have to do something about this service (and my antiquated cell phone) but I’ve been procrastinating for six months so why stop now?

Whoa…what a weekend. Friday and Saturday pretty much sucked, and Sunday was much better. Not going to get into all the stupid annoying stuff except to say I either have a mean allergy attack or a cold. I don’t have time for a cold, but who does? No one. If it is a cold, I’ll suck it up and deal :-)

Yesterday I think I finally figured out why I didn’t like my first chapter in Savaged Vows. I was doing the usual panic and worry, then I binge-watched Pitbulls and Parolees (because DOGS!!! I know you’ll all be so surprised to hear this, but I love dogs :-) ). On Sunday, I think I know how to fix it. Yay!! I’m sure getting my conscious mind off the chapter gave my subconscious mind more freedom to work out what was off.

This year, I’m toying with attempting to make a gingerbread house. This is just for fun since I probably won’t do a lot of other baking. So what does any self-respecting writer do when she’s thinking about to attempt a project? I ordered a book on gingerbread houses! I think I might be more excited about knowing a new book is on its way to me that anything else. I’m such a book-nerd sometimes.

In fun news, I’ve asked Anna to reveal the cover for Good, Bad and Sexy novella on FB this week. I’ll post the cover here too once she does.

So how was your weekend?


Friday, December 2nd, 2016
Friday Five

Let’s play Friday Five. I’m talking about random stuff in my week. I’ve been working a lot so the first three are about writing :-)

  1. I forgot how to write a book. I do this on almost every book I write and it’s ridiculous. And Wizard laughing at me doesn’t help. Okay I sort of deserved the laughter since I was standing in the family room and banging my head on a wall. What? I’m a Leo people, we are dramatic when we want to make a point and get a little sympathy :-) Also I was kind of hoping I’d knock myself out so I could stop thinking about how I’m in over my head, I don’t know what I’m doing…yada, yada, yada. Which by the way, is FEAR TALKING and total B.S. Fear is a roadblock to the first draft and I know better. But fear can be a sneaky little bitch who gets in our head and it takes an army to get rid of her. FYI, banging your head on the wall doesn’t get rid of fear, it just gives you a headache. But I Refuse to Let Fear Win. Ever.
  2. I was just ready to send everything off to my cover designer for the novella that I’m re-releasing in January 2017. My AAA (Awesome Assistant Anna) found the perfect image for my cover and I had everything I needed Monday night. But for some reason I resisted sending it off. Tuesday morning, I woke up with total clarity. I couldn’t re-publish the novella with the original title. Here’s the truth folks, I kind of hated the old title of You Give Love A Good Name. But I didn’t argue because the novella was in an anthology with a really strong title so the individual titles didn’t matter. And one thing I learned when I was with NY publishers was to pick my battles. But now I’m indie and so I spent days agonizing before deciding to go with the title of, Good, Bad & Sexy. But I still wasn’t sure until… (see #3)
  3. OMG! I just saw the mockup of the new cover with the title of Good, Bad & Sexy and I LOVE IT! It creates the exact “brand” of sexy fun I wanted for this book. A title is part of the three-pronged brand created from the cover, title and back cover copy that tells the reader what to expect from the book, and the original title wasn’t doing that. But Good, Bad & Sexy does ( I hope!).
  4. Now moving off the subject of writing. Six weeks ago I hired a house cleaner to help Wizard and me through this rough patch with his back and my work schedule. They come every two weeks and I think I’m going to start baking them cookies out of sheer gratitude. They are fast, efficient, nice and reasonably priced. I’m surprised how well it’s working out so far. And I’m going to hate to give them up down the road (unless we win lotto), but right now, they are a huge help.
  5. No he’s not mine! This is Tube Sock Steve. He’s a tiny dog that came into the veterinarian’s office where Youngest Son’s fiance works. He was homeless and badly injured. But that didn’t stop these heroes–they performed surgery and saved his life. Because he was so tiny, they had to make clothes for him out of socks to help keep him warm, and that’s how he earned the name Tube Sock Steve. But this story gets even better–they found Tube Sock Steve a new home where he’s a much loved part of the family (and he has a new name, LOL!). I just wanted to leave you guys with that story of real and loving heroes. dog-tube-sock-steve

So do you guys have a Friday Five you want to share? Or any Friday thoughts? Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Wednesday, November 30th, 2016
Wednesday Worthy


Hope everyone is having a Happy Wednesday!

Today we have two pictures of the same candidate:

Portrait of thoughtful muscular male near window in daylight.

He appears to be a gymnast judging by the various photos of him on Depositphotos. Here’s another picture to show you his strength (as much as we can ever really tell in a photograph):

Full body portrait of athletic gymnast exercising on stationary rings in a tunnel.

So do you think he’s worthy?

Monday, November 28th, 2016
Weekend Roundup

Anyone else eat too much?? Or was it just me? I’m still eating too much. But Thanksgiving was wonderful. Special K cooked her first ever T-Day dinner and it turned out awesome. We had four dogs there with us:


This is Smart Cookie waiting for the party to start.


This is Corky after a big meal and too much playing.


This is Max looking for me. He hung out with me most of Thanksgiving, and after I left, he missed me :-)


This is Jett waiting to go to the party! He was so excited to play with his cousins, Cookie, Corky and Max. They had a blast together. FYI, Jett is getting huge!

The only downside is Wizard’s back (he has a severely herniated disc). It’s been a rough few days for him but he just keeps dealing with it the best he can. Friday we had plans to go to lunch with friends visiting from out-of-state. Wizard was going to power through that for me (it’s more my friends) but I finally strongly suggested he stay home. Surprisingly, he agreed (which is why I know he hurt more than he was admitting) and he slept for a few hours. My friend’s husband ended up doing the same thing–so just us girls got together and had fun. It was great to see her and made me wish all over again she still lived here. Although we keep in touch all the time online which I’m thankful for.

By last night, Wizard was feeling better. All the rest has dialed his pain back to a more tolerable level.

I worked a lot this weekend too. I’m going through my usual chapter one struggle on Savaged Vows and planning my release schedule for 2017. I’m going to finally re-released two of my favorite books. One is You Give Love A Good Name, which is a novella from the Sun, Sand and Sex Anthology I was in. Out of all my books, that one was the most fun to write! And the other book is Sex on the Beach Book Club. So I’m getting those ready around frantically working on Savaged Vows. It’s going to be an exciting year if I can stay on track!

So how was your Thanksgiving and your weekend?

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016
Happy Thanksgiving!

vector illustration of Happy Thanksgiving wallpaper background

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. I’m taking the rest of the week off from the blog and will be back Monday, November 28th. Stay safe and have a great weekend!

Monday, November 21st, 2016
Weekend Roundup

Yep there was a weekend, and I took most of it off from writing. That part was awesome! I even had time to read a whole book :-)

So Friday my editor got back to me on the synopsis for books two and three in the Savaged Trilogy, and she was overall pleased with them. She only found four issue, three of them easily fixable, and one to think about at the end of the last book. Now I’m so glad I took the time to plot these two books out in synopsis format! It’s going to really help me write them.

Saturday I decided to tackle some clothes shopping. I have two words for that idea Epic Fail. I spent hours coming a mall and an outlet center and just couldn’t find anything, or if I did find something, then they didn’t have my size. But I got home in the afternoon, finished up a little bit of work, dived into reading a book, and soon I no longer cared about my failed shopping attempt.

Sunday we went to an early Thanksgiving at Wizard’s brother’s house and had a great time visiting with family.

How was your weekend?


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