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Monday, May 2nd, 2016
Weekend Roundup

I blinked and it’s Monday again. Wow! So my weekend–Friday Wizard and I went to the movies and saw Mother’s Day. It had a couple funny moments but I’d wait for it on Netflix. Not really a spectacular movie. Then we had an early dinner and I came home to a revision letter from my editor on Savaged Dreams. Okay guys, get ready with your I told you so’s. First, there’s a lot of work to do on the book, that’s a given. The reason I hire Sasha to edit my books is that she’s tough but all her comments and suggestions are truly about developing the story and telling it in the best way possible. So this is an 18 point revision letter, definitely not for the faint of heart :-) But, the best part is right up front in the letter when Sasha says: “First, I have to tell you…I think this has the potential to be the best book(s) we’ve worked on together. You have a really great story here, fascinating characters, dramatic back story for each character that’ll hook readers” I love that so much! Especially since Sasha says exactly what she means. She went on to talk about being excited to read the next two books, confirming my decision to make this a three book series. I struggled so much with that and now feel validated. Sasha is my toughest critic–exactly as she should be.

However, before I tackle that, I’m going to try to get a little more done on this novella. After my Month of Darkness where I just couldn’t write, I’m connecting to these characters and want to get a very, very rough draft done. Then when I go back to revise, I’ll know the heart of the book.

I’m not going to give any release dates yet, all this is taking time, and as usual, I’m giving it my all.

Now I’m going to touch on something else. Many of your might have seen Elizabeth York’s FB posts about a reader who was buying and returning her books to Amazon, then sent Elizabeth a message, essentially demanding free books. This kind of stuff happens. You can see the original post here and then it devolves into something uglier here . I’m sure all of us have crossed paths with people like this (NOT Elizabeth! I don’t even know her, but I hear she’s lovely. I mean the woman demanding free books), and it’s very sad. But what I wanted to say is that most readers are nothing like this, and for that I am profoundly grateful. So thank you guys just for being you! Your support means so much to me, and to every single author I know. 

And as a side note, I’m not signing petitions and getting into the battle about returns on Amazon. That is a whole separate issue. It’s my view that returns are a cost of doing business. We need to remember that most readers are not abusing the system. And that a few rotten apples will always abuse the system. That’s the simply reality. I’m not going to push to make things more difficult for the majority of readers who might return a book for a genuine reason. Additionally, Amazon is a business too. The run their business the way they see fit, just as I run mine as I see fit. There are people out there who strongly disagree with my choice to have two of my books available for free (at the time I’m posting this blog and subject to change at any time). But it’s my business, and I can choose my marketing strategies.

And I think that’s enough of my rambling for this Monday! So how was your weekend?


Friday, April 29th, 2016
Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! I’m making progress on my novella–although I really need to think of a title soon. And while I’m not breaking any speed records here, I’m happy for the progress. It’s nice to be moving forward.  Meanwhile, I’m waiting for the first editorial letter on Savaged Dreams. I have all the usual doubts, but so far I’m able to distract myself. I really feel like I’m (hopefully!) getting my groove back.

Today is three weeks on Weight Watchers and I’m doing fine. I like the program because it’s real food I can work into my daily life. I doing the online version, the meetings don’t interest me. So it’s really been fairly easy so far, but I obsessively read dessert recipes like this one (recipe here):


Do you think that’s weird? But come on, they look amazing! One day, I’ll make them! Maybe for Mother’s Day :-) I plan to indulge that weekend then go right back to the program.

As for this weekend, I think we’re going to the movies to see the new Mother’s Day Comedy. Otherwise it’ll be the usual. What are your plans?


Wednesday, April 27th, 2016
Wednesday Worthy

Eli from the Wing Slayer Hunter series is bugging me. For a while he was quiet, but now, he’s getting more urgent about finding his witch, Savina.

I explained, “Um dude, get in line! I have a novella and one and a half other books to write before I can write your story.”

“Don’t care. I need to find her.”

Sigh…we both have to wait. But it’s reaching such a critical point that I was dreaming about my current book and just when I thought I was going to get an answer I need, Eli dropped into the dream to nag me.  So rude!

Now let’s move onto Wednesday Worthy. Since we’re talking (sort of) about Wing Slayer Hunters…

iStock_000015820335Small For FB page

What do you think, is he worthy?

Monday, April 25th, 2016
Weekend Roundup

My weekend was not interesting at all. I cleaned, did some writing and dealt with a small stomach issue. But I’m back here on the blog :-)

After a herculean effort, I have this novella started, and at least partially plotted. This  latest writing snafu is 100% my fault. I want to blame it on stress and worry and all the usual things but the truth is a little more embarrassing: Arrogance. I was so sure I could do this that I didn’t do the pre-work necessary to write this novella. I believed I knew Ethan and Ana, who were secondary characters in The Plus One Chronicles.

I forgot ( and this is such an amateur mistake) that I knew Ethan and Ana from KAT AND SLOANE’S point of view, not their own! So for instance, Sloane is seven or eight years older than Ethan, and comes for a background just as dark and difficult. To him, Ethan’s “a kid” who needs his guidance, and in Sloane’s world Ethan is normal. But Ethan’s view of himself is entirely different, which is what is important for this story. His self view will influence every decision he makes. The same thing with Ana. So I needed to really discover who these characters are in their own minds and to each other.

Amateur mistake born of arrogance. I’m not proud of it, but there it is!

And also, I have major trouble spelling amateur and give spellcheck a migraine :-)

Now it’s your turn! How was your weekend?


Monday, April 18th, 2016
Taking A Break

My weekend was good but I’m sinking in work right now, and desperately trying to get my head around too many projects. As a result, I’m going to take a week off the blog. I’ll really miss you guys! Please come back Monday, April 25th!

Have a great week!

Friday, April 15th, 2016
Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! I’m rerunning this post from 2012 because I noticed I really need a pedicure, and that made me this of this story. Probably because anytime I try to do a pedicure myself–Wizard laughs at me :-) So here it is:

I decided I should give myself a pedicure. Sometimes, I get lucky, and it turns out okay.

This was not one of those nights.

So I go upstairs, do all the pre work, then gather up my stuff and sit on the floor in front of the TV. And I start polishing.

Wizard, and I don’t know how he does it, will sense when I have been rendered a “captive audience.” It’s freaky how finely tuned this sense of this is. He had been out in his garage for a while, not bothering me. But once I have polish on and can’t move until it dries?

Wizard appears in the room. “What are you doing, Witch?”

I narrow my eyes and say,  “I’m mixing chemicals that will kill you. Run while you can.”

He’s not the least bit worried.  He tilts his head. “Why don’t you just go get a pedicure?”

“Shut up.” I can soooo do this. I can. Really. I used to decorate cakes, damn it. Okay not professionally, but still, I wasn’t embarrassed by my cakes. I can do this!

Wizard totally ignores my outburst and goes on, “Are you making yourself pretty?” Then he starts walking around the room singing “Prettyyyy Girrllls” in the creepiest Wizard voice possible.

I cave in and do the worst possible thing.  I laugh. I can’t help it. Wizard is so not creepy, and when he does that voice, it sends me into fits of giggles every freaking time.

But then he starts to leave, and I sigh in relief. He’s done and I can have some peace.

And then he spots this:

It’s sitting on my upstairs desk. I have no clue what it is–but Biker Witch gave it to me.  Probably because she’s in cohoots with Wizard to DRIVE ME INSANE.


Well Wizard’s face lit up when he sees this. He picks it up, them LOOMS over me.  “Say, Whoo Hoo.”

“No. Leave me alone. I want to watch TV.”

“You have to say Woo Hoo. Then I throw this to you. That’s the game, I saw it on a TV show.”

I swear to you I Am Not Making This Up. I can’t get up and escape because…hello, wet toes. Dark grape polish. Light carpet. I am trapped.

So I say Woo Hoo.  And he throws that weird ass thing at me. I catch it before it attacks me.

Then he stands there sing-songing Woo Hoo! And won’t leave until I throw it back.

I seriously had to play this game while trapped on the floor with wet toes until he was done torturing me.

Finally, he puts the stupid ass thing down and said,  “Fork out the money for a pedicure you cheap witch,” and leaves, laughing all the way down the stairs. Why? Why does this amuse him so much?And he’s wrong, because I can so do a pedicure if I try!

So finally my toes dry, I go downstairs and he’s like totally NORMAL for awhile. Then I look at my toes. Damn it.  I stomp upstairs totally pissed because my toes aren’t right at all and I take off the stupid polish.

I’ll probably pay for a pedicure as soon as I’m done sulking.  I can’t even blame Wizard, he didn’t touch my toes. He’s totally responsible for making me insane, but not the poor polish job. Heck, he didn’t even say “I told you so.”

If you actually made it through this story–all true because yes, we are that boring–have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016
Wednesday Worthy Cage Fight

I can’t seem to shake The Blah’s lately. Does that ever happen to you guys? It’s been weeks now, and it’s sucking out my motivation to write and making me second guess every idea. But enough of that, like most things,  it will pass. So to amuse myself, and hopefully you, I’ve arranged a little Cage Fight for Wednesday Worthy. And here we go!

Fighter Number #1 is armed with a whip and a serious frown. 

(I think he might have a man-crush on a character from a certain well-known “fifty” novel–or is that just me?)

Handsome guy topless with jeans unbuttoned playfully holding a whip BDSM. The picture in the studio on a background window.

Fighter Number Two brings his towel and death glare to the match. 

(Anyone else wonder if he’s hiding a weapon under that towel? What? *looks around innocently* I’m just asking.)

Man in red towel

Man in red towel

Time to lay down your bet–who do you think will win?

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