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Monday, October 20th, 2014
Weekend Roundup!

So my big news–I cleaned out my closet! LOL, ok it’s not big news, but I purged three bags; one is trash and two are for the charity truck. I’m so happy to get that project done! Otherwise, I had a great time at my meeting. I already mentioned on FB that The Plus One Chronicles won first place in the Erotic Romance category of Book Buyer’s Best contest for the Orange County Chapter of RWA. This was super awesome because that’s my “home chapter” where I began as a total newbie, wanna-be-writer. So many people from that chapter have helped me along with the way and I am forever grateful.

Also, the two other finalists in that category are winners in my view. As honored as I am to win, the truth is it could have been any one of us. They are both wonderfully talented authors. That said, I’m trying to convince Wizard that since Plus One Chronicles did win, I should get a French Bulldog puppy next year.  He rolled him eyes and refused to answer that comment (I put it on his FB page) so far. We’ll see, I think I’m wearing him down, LOL!

Okay, moving on…now I get to focus on the Wing Slayers for a while!  At the meeting (it was actually a big birthday meeting held in a hotel) few people came up to me to tell he how excited they are that I’m continuing the Wing Slayers. That always fills me with equal parts of joy and terror. I’m so happy to give back to the readers who’ve stuck with me plus I love the hunters and witches, but I’m always concerned the stories will let them down. Isn’t it great how I can emotionally multitask :-)

In other news…I’m leaving Wednesday for Florida for the NINC Conference! This is an industry focused conference, so I’ll let you all know if I hear any interesting tidbits.

Oh and I really need to stop baking! I made chocolate chunk cookies on Friday that I can’t leave alone. Bad Witch!

Okay, your turn! How as your weekend?

Friday, October 17th, 2014
Happy Friday!

I totally forgot to post on Wednesday! So sorry. I blame Wizard confusing the heck out of me by being home All The Time! Well that, and I had my head down, completely focused on revising EXPOSING THE HEIRESS, which I finished and sent off yesterday.  Now I’m getting ready for the NINC (Novelists Inc) conference that will be in Florida next week. I’m looking forward to that, but also hoping I can get a little writing on Linc’s book (CAGED MAGIC) done too.  I want so much to move forward on that story, it’s driving me crazy.

I have another book/series bugging the crap out of me too. I’m determinedly ignoring that until I can get to it.

Let’s not even talk about the joys of switching over the health insurance. We’re going with Cobra, and it was supposed to be a seamless transition, bwhahaha!! Not. Anyway that’s been a challenge and time suck, but its straightened out, at least for the time being. Then I saw my RA doc, who is more worried about me handling the travel and walking at the conference that I am.  And while it amuses me, I’m also seriously appreciate that he looks out for me and has for many years now. I’ve been very fortunate.

This weekend, I may go to my RWA chapter meeting (I’ve had a mild sinus/allergy thing, so it depends on that) and just getting stuff ready for conference.

I’ll post on Monday and maybe Wednesday before I leave. Wizard is being hilarious, planning his Junk Food Holiday while I’m gone. Although he’s concerned he won’t be able to figure out how to make coffee or turn on the oven…yeah, three college degrees and he can’t operate a coffeemaker? Really? (He’ll figure it out, I’m pretty sure he’s done it before!)

So what are you doing this weekend?

Monday, October 13th, 2014
Weekend Roundup

Oh yay, it’s Monday. But the weekend was fantastic. I worked of course.

dog on computer

Since this book will likely be moved to a sexier line, most of my editors notes are versions of. “Can we get five sex scenes?” Umm, sure thing. I’m on it. And by the way, Wizard thinks this is hilarious. He’s making all kinds of comments that the Blog Police have forbidden me from repeating here.  In all seriousness, the sex must work with the emotional arc to have any real value…I hope I’m doing that but I can’t really tell right now.

But I took two huge breaks this weekend. Late Saturday afternoon we went to see GONE GIRL and we both really liked it. Lots of twists and surprises (I didn’t read the book and I’m glad I didn’t. It was fun to be surprised), then went out to dinner. Sunday afternoon we went over CPA Boy and Special K’s for her birthday. It was so easy and fun; pizza, cupcakes, and tons of fun with the two pups. Wizard took his Asus Transformer computer tablet thingie, and he and Special K had their heads together over that, working on something or other–I think they were setting up Nexflix. Everyone is surprised at how much he’s done on it already. Wizard LOVES that tablet.

Then Sunday night I’m back at the computer working. It’s taken me a while to figure out what I wanted to do to realign this book, but now I’m hooked and working! The changes are almost done, then I’ll clean it up and send it off.

So how was your weekend?

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014
Wednesday Worthy

We’ve survived one week of Wizard’s retirement! That’s a good sign, yes? Of course it helps that Wizard now has a new best friend.

Wizards's Transformer

This is an Asus Transformer-it’s both a small laptop and a tablet. The three boys and their girls got it for Wizard as a retirement gift.  He spent several days learning and setting it up. He’s in love! This little beauty is doing double duty–keeping him entertained AND off my desktop. Wizard had a tendency to wait for me to get up and go do something like laundry, then I come back and he’s at my desk. That makes me insane and I end up pacing and sighing waiting for him to get off my computer. But now he has A.T. keeping him totally entertained!

On my end of things, I’m back to revising Exposing the Heiress. I’ll get it done this week I hope. It’s pretty funny actually, my editor loved the book, but there’s been some debate about which line it will fit in. This is the story of my writing career, LOL! But it’s all fine now, I think.

I could’t find a new Wing Slayer Worthy Candidate tonight so I brought back an oldie:

Young man and panther

I think the panther is totally worthy! What do you think?

Monday, October 6th, 2014
Weekend Roundup!

Friday took one of this weird turns that left me yelling out, “PLOT TWIST!”   What this means is that my editor asked me to stopped revising Exposing The Heiress until we get a gltich sorted out, probably today or tomorrow, I hope. Everything will be fine, it’s just, well, one of those unexpected plot twists :-) When I have a clearer picture, then I’ll tell you all more.

See how fun my job is? Sometimes I’m so confused, LOL!

The weekend was really nice. Biker Witch and I had a great time the mall, including a lot of chocolate cake to celebrate her birthday.

Wizard is so happy to be retired, but I think we’re both trying to actually get our heads around the fact that he really is retired now.  I’d say where in the honeymoon faze right now, not really getting on each other’s nerves. In a couple weeks, I think we’ll be in the You’re Breathing My Air stage :-)

Okay I have the final cover for CAGED MAGIC but I can’t show it. Blame Carla (my assistant). She’s cooking up some cover reveal for either the holidays or New Years or something. I showed her the cover, then got this insanely excited email back rattling off all these ideas…and I’m like. “Carla, switch to decaf, dude!”

She laughed, and said she was wired. No kidding!! But I love her enthusiasm. She’s a huge WSH fan, so I’m not complaining. But no way am I reading that email again–promo always scares me. I just get out of her way and let her do her thing, then she bullies me into doing whatever it is I need to to. It’s a crazy process but it works for us. The point of this is, it’s totally Carla’s fault we’ve got the cover on lockdown, LOL!

And while I’m waiting for Exposing her Heiress to get sorted out, I’m going back to work on the Wing Slayers.

So how was your weekend?

Friday, October 3rd, 2014
Happy Friday!

This is a quick post to wish you all a happy Friday and a good weekend! I’m deep in revisions but I’m taking a break on Sunday to go hang out with Biker Witch (my sister). What are your plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014
Wednesday Worthy

The FB Party last night was fun but FB was being strange,  and even the guests were having issues. It was still fun, and man I was wiped out after that! Carla is holding the contests open for another twenty four hours so if you want to go enter into any of the contests, link here .  Once again, I am so touched by all the support. I even had a private message by a well-known author telling me how much she loved the Plus One Chronicles. As wonderful as that is, it’s the fans that are out there so tirelessly spreading the work that truly take my breath away and make me incredibly grateful.

In other news…Today is the first day of Wizard’s retirement. Since I’m actually writing this blog last night (hmm…that doesn’t sound right!), I’m not sure how it’s going yet.  But we are both ready for this. Stay tuned, I’m sure there will be some stories, LOL!

But for now, since OUTLANDER is so popular and I’m totally missing out because I don’t have Starz or whatever that show is on (although I read the books), I chose this picture for our Wednesday Worthy Candidate:

handsome highlander

What do you think? Is he worthy?


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