Jennifer Lyon
Monday, June 5th, 2017
Weekend Roundup

I can’t believe it! Two more weeks until Savaged Dreams is released! Liza and Justice will go out into the world. One of the advance review (on Netgalley) says;

…holy shit this book was absolutely mesmerizing and there was no way on Earth I could put it down!! 

All the work, sweat, insomnia and gut cramping worry is worth it when I see an honest review like that! Savage Dreams is up for pre-order now, and book 2, Savaged Vows will be up for pre-order soon, probably in a week.

Book 3 is currently torturing me. But this is what happens when I have too many balls, and decided throw them all up in the air.

Then set the on fire.

Oh and did I mention the fiery balls are rigged them with an explosive device so if one of them hits the ground…


And there I am on the ground, staring up a  dozen flaming balls arcing toward me. And somehow I have to catch them all.  But you know, no pressure…Bwhahahaha!!!

Anyhow…in good news, tonight Wizard and I are meeting a friend at a wine bar for Martini Madness.

How was your weekend?

Friday, June 2nd, 2017
Happy Friday!

I saw my doctor yesterday for my arm/shoulder/neck pain…and it’s more specialists and increasing meds. Hello? I’m not going to just mask this with pills. We’re pretty sure it’s a pinched nerve, among other things. The x-rays showed some problems with my neck, but nothing in my arm and shoulder. So now I wait for more referrals.

I was frustrated when I got home. Wizard, however, had the solution.  Right after dinner, he left then returned with these:

Two extra-large Hershey’s chocolate bars. The man is crazy but in the absolute best way! He always knows how to cheer me up and make me laugh.

So what gesture cheers you up?

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017
Catching Up & Wednesday Worthy

Wizard and I had a really nice Memorial Day. We stayed home, indulged in a margarita in the Jacuzzi then cooked lobster together. The lobster came out perfect.

And now I’m back to panicking on book 3. It’s time to just type and remember what Nora Robert’s says:

Okay and here’s our Wednesday Worthy Candidate. I can’t remember if I posted him before or not (and if so, I think he’s worth reposting!)

So what do you think, is he worthy? And how was your weekend?

Monday, May 29th, 2017
A Day to Remember

Here in the U.S., Memorial Day is a day when we pause to honor our servicemen and women who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Thank you to the fallen. Your bravery humbles me.

Thank you to the families.  Your sacrifice breaks my heart.


Friday, May 26th, 2017
Happy Friday Five

Happy Friday! Time to share five random things about our week. Let’s do this!

  1. One of my sons and his wife are off to Tahiti. They REALLY deserve the vacation, but I’m surprised they forgot to take me. Kind of rude, right?
  2. And this is Jett, middle son’s puppy, at the RC (Radio Control) car track. Jett’s almost a year old and obviously totally into RC Car Racing. Or maybe he just wants to chase the cars on the track :-) 
  3. My shoulder sucks. I whined on FB so I’ll spare you all here.
  4. I’m getting some amazing feedback on Savaged Dreams (book 1) from early reviews,  and on Savaged Vows (book 2) from editors, but the final book Savaged Devotion book 3 is being a total nightmare to get started. True story, though: Wizard said, “There’s no way you can write a first draft in 6 to 8 weeks. And me? I said “Put on the coffee, dude, this is happening.” So I guess now I have to make it happen???? Damn. I’ll be writing but butt off despite this blasted shoulder/neck/arm thing.
  5. Tomorrow we’re heading out to Middle Son’s to celebrate his birthday.  I’m making lemon pound cake. I can’t wait–we always have fun with them.

Monday is Memorial Day in the U.S. so it’s a long weekend here. Whatever you’re doing this weekend, have a great one! But before you do, share your Friday Five.

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017
Wednesday Worthy

It’s been a tough week for various reasons, so let’s see if we can find something to cheer us up…

So what do you think?

Monday, May 22nd, 2017
What Do You Think?


I started my career in light, fun and sexy mysteries. I loved those books.

Then I wrote standalone romantic mysteries.  I loved those too.

Then I wrote paranormal. I LOVED those!!

Then I wrote the Plus One Chronicles and now the spin-off Savaged Illusions Series, OMG I love these books too.

And this is what happens when you have too many passions as an author.  We push ourselves as a writer, strive broaden our skills and hopefully improve our emotional depth. But we will lose some of our readers.

This is something I’ve struggled with all my career as a writer.

Here’s a marketing truism: If you find one genre and voice that you’re good at, and stick with that, then you will win the hearts of readers, and keep building. But if you follow your multiple passions to write in multiple genres, and you don’t write fast enough, then you will lose some readers and dilute your sales. For example, people who read only read paranormal aren’t going to read your contemporaries.

And here is another truism: Readers have the absolute right to choose which books they want to read. I don’t care if they loved your historical romance, they do not owe it to you to at least try your amazing fantasy. It’s the reader’s time and money, and they choose how they wish to spend those resources. Period.

So what does a writer do?

Tell me what YOU think?