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Monday, March 2nd, 2015
Weekend Roundup!

So my weekend consisted of:


-Finally vacuuming out my closet and looking at all the shoes I can’t wear but wish I could.  This week my doctor proclaimed my bad ankle “warm and boggy.” Ugh. If you need that translated, it means a little swollen and ugly. Yay me. Which is why I’m stuck in boring shoes for now. Part of this may be from hurting it a few weeks ago. Time will tell.

-Trying a new place for breakfast Sunday morning. It was great, although Wizard picked a better breakfast than I did. So next time I’m ordering that!

-Me bugging Wizard for a dog.

-Wizard bugging me for a Mustang (the car, not the horse–I’d totally say yes to the horse!).

-And…I finished the draft for CAGED MAGIC! A little over 100,000 pages words at this point.  (Edited to correct typo: I  meant words but typed pages. Thanks Viki and B.E. for catching that.) 

I danced and drank wine late Saturday when I finished that! I have a lot of clean up work to do before I send to it the editor, hopefully this week, but I actually completed the book!  It seems like it took forever, but the way this REALLY worked was that for two years, every time I tried to work on it, something came up and forced me to set the book aside. I probably wrote 300 pages of the book in the last two months and that’s pretty good for me :-)

Now whether its any good or not, I don’t know. We’ll see what the editor says once she gets it. I can’t think about that yet, I just want to fix a couple things and get it as clean as I can very quickly and send it off. Then I need to switch to line edits on EXPOSING THE HEIRESS (working title that will change) the next Once A Marine book.

Plus I have other stuff going on, but nothing fun to talk about yet.

So that was my weekend, how was yours?

Friday, February 27th, 2015
Happy Friday!

I’m working, closing in on the end of CAGED MAGIC! Then I have to get it in shape to send to the editor next week. But I wanted to stop in here and wish you all a Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015
Wednesday Worthy

Hey guys, I ended up spending time at the dentist learning that my baby tooth no longer is happy with me :-) Long story short–I have a consolidation with an oral surgeon in a week or two. But I’m not thinking about that (except when it wakes me up at 2:30 am every freaking night, LOL). Instead I’m thinking about this book, CAGED MAGIC, and these final scenes. Plus today I have to see my regular RA doc and discuss the tooth issues with him. But I just want to get this book DONE.

Okay the whiny portion of this blog is over! Let’s move onto Wednesday Worthy:

Portrait Of Handsome Man.


Okay sure, he does seem to get tangled up in his shirt, but other than that, is he worthy?

Monday, February 23rd, 2015
Weekend Roundup

I’m alive! But still in my writing cave. Not talking about the book right now,  just writing, hoping and praying. But yesterday, I got out for a while to hang out with author-friend Karin Tabke. I met her years ago through the Murder She Writes blog and it was so freaking awesome to see her again. We spent three hours just talking and I could have gone on forever.  I hope we can get together again soon.

So otherwise, I’m mostly working, but at night when I stop, my eyes have been tired so I don’t read. Instead, I’ve been watching tons of episodes of Dog Whisper with Caesar Milan. I’m pretty much overdosing on this because A) I love dogs, and B) It’s easy watching on my Kindle Fire and I can wind down. I don’t really have to think.

So…yesterday morning Wizard and I were talking about going to see his brother up north this year, and I said, “I heard you tell your brother on teh phone yesterday, ‘Yeah Jen works a lot but she enjoys it.'”

He gave me a confused look. “And the problem? You do enjoy it.”

“Not always, I can’t wait to be done. In fact, I’m going to quit.” I warmed up the idea so I could quit worrying about how I’m going to end this book, get it edited and to the editor in just a few days. Plus I have my next Once A Marine book to do line edits on one second after I send in CAGED MAGIC. Projects are stacking up and I’m feeling the pressure.

“Quit and do what?” Wizard asked. “Let’s face it, you don’t sit around and do nothing very well.”

That’s not true. I am fantastic at being lazy and unproductive.  However I had a backup plan. “I’m going to quit and start a new career training dogs.” For which I am completely unqualified but I hate letting details ruin my fantasy.

Without missing a beat, Wizard said, “Go right ahead. Set up your business online.”

“How am I going to train dogs online?” That’s just stupid. And I know he’s just humoring me so I started up the stairs to do something or other, done with the conversation.

Wizard used his oh-so-patient voice.”You set up your business online to get clients.”

I stopped at the top of the stairs and stared down at him. “Oh, that makes more sense.” It’s almost like he’s taking me seriously.

“You can call it Cleopatra.”

“What?” I mean has he been thinking about this? I was kidding about training dogs, I don’t even have a dog. But I was curious. “Why would I call it Cleopatra?”

“Because the name Caesar is taken.” (Caesar Milan from Dog Whisperer)

I walked right into that one. Sigh.

So how was your weekend?

Monday, February 16th, 2015
Weekend Roundup

Busy weekend! Valentine’s Day was okay, we went to breakfast and then made a lobster dinner together, but Wizard had a cold and I hate it when he doesn’t feel great. I sent him to bed early.  I also released the cover for CAGED MAGIC on FB. I f you haven’t seen it, here it is:


Sunday we celebrated BLB’s (youngest son) birthday, although his actual birthday is today. Here’s his traditional candy cake:

Birthday Cake BLB 2015

This year, I kept it simple since I’m a fiend working on CAGED MAGIC.  Plus juggling a gazillion things including uploading the new covers and files for Plus One Chronicles which took hours.

But you know what I did for myself this weekend? No it wasn’t see FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, darn it! Although I want to see it and we’ll probably go today. Speaking of Fifty Shades of Grey movie (yes I’m digressing because my brain is fried and stewing panic juice), I asked BLB’s girl friend if she’d seen the movie?

Girlfriend said, “No. But I want too.”

I’m like, “Wizard and I are probably going Monday.” Then I studied her for a second (and dang, she’s so cute! Seriously adorable, but I love her anyway) and then grinned. “So how weird would it be for you to go with your boyfriend’s parents?”

We all laughed hysterically.  She said she’d only go with us if Wizard and I sat in the front and she sat waayyyy in the back by an exit. So…probably not :-) (And no, none of us are particularly skittish, it’s just crossing that weird line of OMG my boyfriend’s parents!)

So what did I do for myself? I bought this book!

Dying Embers

DYING EMBERS by our very own B. E. Sanderson! I’m excited to read this as soon as I turn in the book I’m writing to my editor! I’m thrilled and please that after a a lot of hard work and worry, B.E. has published her first book! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS B.E.! I always knew this day would come for you and I’m proud of you!

So that was my weekend, how was yours?

Friday, February 13th, 2015
Happy Friday and Valentine’s Day!

I’m fine, no really, I’m fine. Wait is that Wizard standing behind me, shaking his head no and laughing? Okay, maybe I’m a tad…crazed :-) Wednesday night, I was so upset I told Wizard I refused to discuss the book. I worked till eight oclock, then came downstairs and tried not to think about it.

Thursday morning, I was getting some coffee and Wizard was heating some water for tea and asked me something stupid like, “How’s it going?” I launched into a description of the hybrid half-demon half-human that spawned his demon side in a fiery explosion in Vegas but now he’s hibernating and they all know he’s going to wake, they have to find him before that happens. Oh and by the way humans think this is a terrorist attack because human’s can’t porcess what really happened.

Wizard nodded although I think his eye was twitching. But I didn’t want to bug him about it, so I went on with, “And they have to find the baby, but the heroine, Risa’s a witch so she can do it right?”

“Right?” He started eyeing the wine on the counter which is odd because it was only about 10 in the morning. Kind of early, doncha think? But I didn’t want to nag. “So,” I continued, “she can see her daughter.”

“She can? Isn’t she missing?”

“Of course, with her third eye.”

“Of course.” Wizard is now holding the bottle of wine. Hello? It’s still only 10 am. Okay closer to 10:15 now because maybe I’ve been talking for a few minutes. But Wizard’s retired, maybe I shouldn’t judge? I decide to distract him and go on,  “But the hybrid will wake and when he does, it’s going to be hellish. They must find where he’s hibernating before that…REALLY?” I snap as I see him reach into the cupboard where the wine glasses are. “Are you really going to drink wine at 10 am?”

Slowly, Wizard turned around holding a mug. “I’m making tea. Remember? That’s why I’m standing here at the stove with the kettle of boiling water?”

“Oh.” I um…

After pouring his water over the tea bag, Wizard peered at me. “When was the last time you slept?”

“I slept.” For a couple hours. “But we’re not talking about sleeping, we’re talking about CAGED MAGIC. This all makes sense right?”


I gaped at him. “You really followed that? Honestly?”

He laughed. “I’ve between married to you long enough to know the right answer.”

True, he has. And he spent a good couple hours researching possible vacations. He swears if he books something it’ll be for both of us, not just him. I want to believe that…and also believe that I can really get this book written in some coherent fashion.

So…if you read all that, you deserve a little Valentine’s gift, so here you go!

Sport Fitness

Have a great weekend and Happy Valentine’s Day!


Monday, February 2nd, 2015
Weekend Roundup

Okay so who watched the Superbowl? Wizard turned it on when he got home from racing and I saw some of the half time show. But I was tired and a little achy from…well even I can’t even make this stuff up:

So some of you may have seen on FB where I mentioned that last Tuesday night I was coming down the stairs, missed a step, hit my bad ankle and twisted it. It was a MINOR twist. I limped for a couple days, and then just had to be careful not to pivot on it. It didn’t even bruise and was healing fast. Just a minor twist. I wouldn’t even call it sprained.

Then Saturday morning I’m coming down the stairs and thinking/worrying/stressing about the book (why can’t writing be easy???) and then shifted my thoughts to, Hmm, my ankle’s pretty good now, I bet I can clean the bathrooms…

BOOM The very next step I slipped again. In front of Wizard.

Cue the explosion from Wizard. I mean for about thirty seconds, he lost it, yelling that we were moving to a one story house. As in PACK UP THE HOUSE RIGHT THIS SECOND WE’RE MOVING.

Okay…as soon as I got upset he calmed down instantly. Aside from terminal embarrassment I was okay.

We decided against moving :-)

So Wizard went off to do something with middle son and I decided I should try putting on on shoes (I hadn’t been wearing then to rest my ankle)  I went upstairs and got my shoes, and came down stairs fine. See? All good. I learned my lesson to pay attention to what I’m doing.

So I’m sitting on my chair at my desk, and I bend over to adjust my shoe where it’s tied close to my ankle…THE DESK CHAIR ON ROLLERS SLIDES OUT FROM UNDER ME AND I FALL ON MY ASS.

I swear I can’t make this up. That has never happened. NEVER. I’ve worked at this desk since 2002! I’m sat on the floor, laughing so hard, I had tears. Because…seriously? Who does that? I’m not even particularly uncoordinated. I can balance on one foot in yoga poses, but I can’t sit in a chair and adjust my shoe?

I told Wizard when he came home and held my breath. I wasn’t sure if he’d lose his temper or fall over laughing. He tried, really tried to keep a straight face but within two seconds he was laughing.

I told BLB (Youngest Son) the next day when he stopped by. Same thing, he laughed too. Plus they could both see I was moving around fine.

Feel free to laugh too. I have a few minor sore muscles that kicked in about 2am Sunday morning but by the time you guys read this, I’ll probably feel much better.  However I am wondering: Do they sell seat belts for desk chairs?

Otherwise my weekend was busy juggling some projects,  and I am going right into panic mode on CAGED MAGIC (we all knew it would happens. And I’m pretty sure that has something to do with my suddenly clumsiness).

How was your weekend?

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