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Tuesday, April 17th, 2012
Chit Chat Today

Wizard is sick with a cold. Poor Wizard. And poor me :-) Nothing is worse than a man-cold!

Today you can find me over at Book Monster Reviews and Literal Addiction  to see reviews, an excerpt from FORBIDDEN MAGIC and we’re giving away a book, I think. Seriously I should know this, right?  Carla TELLS me, but here’s the thing, since she’s taken over my calendar, I stopped worrying about it. I just do what the calendar says.

Hmm, what if Carla puts something really evil on my calendar and I do it? Shhh, don’t tell her what kind of power she has over me! I don’t think she hangs out here at the blog, so we should be safe :-)

And lastly, I got all but Sutton’s trading cards yesterday. I love them! They are black background, so the printing on the back side can be hard to read for some eyes. But the fronts are so freaking gorgeous (to me!). Wizard is concerned about the backs of the cards…umm…how do I tell him that the info on the back isn’t really the point? It’s all about the pictures on the front?


Monday, April 16th, 2012
Wild Weekend Roundup!

Okay the weekend wasn’t that wild. I went to my RWA meeting and hung out with two good friends. Then I got home and could NOT believe it.

FORBIDDEN MAGIC broke the 100 mark barrier in rankings at Barnes & Noble.  In all my years of writing, I’ve never had that happen. And it just got bett3er and better as the weekend went on, going down as low as 47 as I’m writing this blog on Sunday evening.

Amazon Kindle started out really strong but N&N Nook surpassed it and the whole thing has been a wild ride.  Everyone told me that Kindle will significantly outsell NOOK, but as my doctor once told, “Nothing about you is normal.”  LOLOL!!!

Okay I’m going to get control here. I’m sure by this morning it’s all leveling out, and that’s okay. But I want to say a special thank you to all of you for your support and encouragement.  You all kept me going when it the road was rough. THANK YOU!

Yesterday I worked all day doing stuff like finally getting Ram’s interview done, sending updates for my website that will hopefully be done in a few days, doing a newsletter and various other things. My AA (Amazing Assistant) Carla is also keeping me hopping too.

Oh and I’m hoping my Romance Trading Cards featuring five of the Wing Slayer Hunters; Axel, Sutton, Phoenix, Key, and Ram arrive today or tomorrow. I am so excited to see them! I will do some contests here to win them once I have them :-)

So how was your weekend?

Thursday, April 12th, 2012
Want To Share With You All…

I spent all afternoon yesterday uploading FORBIDDEN MAGIC to the various sites; Kindle, Nook and Smashwords. It’s now in the “approval” stages.  It all looked correct in the previews I checked. Let’s hope the final versions are right.

I’ll give you guys links  to buy them tomorrow (Friday) if the novella is approved and up. And then on Sunday I plan to send out another newsletter with links, as well as the announcement I”m making here (below). If you haven’t already, you can join my newsletter if you like. There should be a spot to join “News from the Lyon’s Lair” on the right sidebar of this blog.

And this is what I wanted to share with you all first. I’m pricing the FORBIDDEN MAGIC E-Novella at 0.99 cents until May 1st. I’m doing that as a a thank you to all the readers who have hung in there with me, supported me and never lost faith.

Many of my advisers (I know, that sounds vaguely arrogant, but I went to a lot of people for advise on this venture!)  have strongly advised against this, they say I’m under-valuing my work. But they are missing the point, I do value my work, but I also value my readers. A lot.  I bounced this off Wizard, and he agreed with me.

So that’s the plan, the novella will be priced at .99 cents until May 1st.

Now all I need is a spell to make this novella sell tons!

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012
Dessert and Update on Projects.

I did something I never do last night.  Something wild and wicked. I am such a bad witch.

I ordered desert. Molten Chocolate Cake. YUM!!!

Wizard and I went out to dinner since Broken Leg Boy was at his girlfriend’s house. I had my normal chicken fajita, partly because I like it and partly because it helps me keep my weight where I want it.

But then Wizard asked a sneaky and devious question

“Do you want to get a (alcoholic) drink or dessert?”

I looked up from the dessert menu I was drooling over. “Is this a trick? We never order dessert.” We hardly ever order a drink either, but still…I was confused.

He grinned. “What can I say, you have a way with desserts. Choose.”

And I did–Chocolate Molten Cake. The two of us attacked that cake!

And so it’s official. When we first married, Wizard hardly ever ate dessert. But now I have fully and completely corrupted him. After all, it’s no fun being wicked alone :-) Although I must pay for being wicked tomorrow and cut down a bit.

Now for some updates on what I’m doing professionally.

Two of my author friends are reading Ram’s novella, FORBIDDEN MAGIC for story editing. One of them has said that she’s reading it now and it’s good. Well actually she said, “Jen, this is really good! You’re back!”  Which was super cool. For so long I was a little lost, but that’s another blog. I know her, and there will be revision suggestions, as well as suggestions from the other author-friend. Once I do that, I’ve lined up a copy editor and a format person as well. So far–it’s looking like April is doable.

I love this story.  Ram has so much depth to him, and it takes a really special woman to even begin to bring that out. And the heroine is different which makes it feel fresher to me. Both of them are special to me. And so are Linc and Eli, and all their stories are a bit interwoven. I can’t wait to get them all written.

And lastly, in between all this, I’m going back to work on the dragons. My synopsis is good, very solid (that’s according to my agent). But the chapters needed work. After all this time away, I looked it over yesterday and have a much clearer view, I think. Hopefully I can do that pretty quickly.

Of course, Broken Leg Boy comes first.  We’re entering a new phase now as he begins to working on walking. His recovery is long. More surgeries are very possible.  So we take each day as it comes and hope for the best.

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Happy Friday. We’re not having a Hunk Fail today.

I finished the first draft of Ram’s novella yesterday! It needs a solid revision,  but I’m so freaking happy to have gotten the draft done. It’s been tough trying to write this while taking care of Broken Leg Boy and dealing all the various stuff that goes along with that, insurance problems, appointments, visitors, just so many endless little things.

So to celebrate I’ve decided to reveal the blurb I’ll be using for FORBIDDEN MAGIC.  I’ve held off because, well, things may not go exactly as readers who read the end of SINFUL MAGIC expect. I worry about not meeting reader expectations, but what can I do? It’s Ram’s story, not mine :-)

Here it is: The blurb for FORBIDDEN MAGIC

Wing Slayer Hunter, Ram Virtos, must find his soul mirror witch and convince her to mate with him before his Thunderbird tattoo kills him. But while that witch might be able to save Ram’s life, it is the mysterious Ginny Stone who inflames his passion.

Ginny has been deeply fascinated by Ram for months, but dared not act on it or she’d be torn from her mortal life on earth and thrust into her dreaded destiny as a half-breed angel. But when her beloved brother’s soul is at stake, she must do the one thing she both fears and desires…

Take Ram to her bed.

And there you have it.

Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, February 7th, 2012
Cover Reveal!

Enough teasing already…

But first I must give credit. The cover artist is Patricia Schmitt.  She goes by Pickyme on FaceBook,  I encourage you all to click on the link and  go browse, look under photos and see her work. It’s amazing!

And now, THE COVER!

I’m thrilled with this cover, and gave my final approval yesterday. What do you all think?