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Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014
Wednesday Worthy

I’m still trying to talk Wizard into getting me a French bulldog for my birthday (it’s not until August).  One like Jiggy in HER TEMPORARY HERO. So he’s being super agreeable, saying things like “Sure witch, I saw one on sale the other day.”

I’m thinking, huh, I never see French bulldogs on sale so I asked, “And he’s just like Jiggy?”

“Exactly.” Then he sauntered off.

And that’s when I remembered–Wizard hasn’t read HER TEMPORARY HERO.  He’s lying to me! I’m not getting a French bulldog, dang it. At least not a living, breathing, REAL one.  Bummer!

I found this picture the other day.


Dog wants treats or he's going to Gramma's!


Sounds like my doggie-love Bailey–I always have treats for him here.

Now if you’re looking for a Wednesday Worthy hunk, it was SLIM pickings when I went searching for a picture to buy. This is the only one I could find:

Trained Body Wearing DemimIs he worthy?


Monday, July 21st, 2014
Weekend Roundup

Before I forget, you can check the blog tour and blog blast stops here if you want to enter for the grand prizes.

Okay–the weekend was awesome. Sunday especially. In the morning BLB (youngest son) came by, we had breakfast and hung out. Then in the afternoon we went out to see the house Middle Son  moved into. A hundred year old small house that is across the street from the beach. It’s a really cool house with a ton of charm! Bailey LOVES it. I don’t know how they did it all, but in one day they (Middle Son and his lovely girl friend) had then entire house unpacked and everything put away. While we were there we all went for a walk on the beach but I didn’t bring my phone to take pictures. Once we left there, we went to CPA Boy (oldest son) and Special K’s house for in dinner. It was casual and so much fun. All told, we traveled something like 120 miles but totally worth it. I also got in a couple hours work but mostly it was family and fun.

Once again, I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful messages about HER TEMPORARY HERO. I really had no clue the book would get this kind of response.  I was concerned that Logan’s issues were too real for romance. I love that people are connecting! Hope they feel the same way about Hunt in the next book. Hunt was a sniper in the Marines…not an easy job for a man raised in a family of artists. But that’s another book and we don’t need to worry about it yet :-)

Okay, now it’s your turn! How was your weekend?

Friday, July 18th, 2014
Happy Friday!

Summer is zooming by! Here it is the weekend already. Yay! And thank you all SO much for the tremendous support on HER TEMPORARY HERO.  It means so much to me. I truly appreciate it and never take it for granted. Thank you!

HER TEMPORARY HERO will be 99 cents for a few more days. I believe the price changes Monday, and then it’ll be $3.99.

The third book in the series, EXPOSING THE HEIRESS is coming along. Now that release week for HTH is ending, I’ll be able to concentrate. I want it done! I will love it more once it’s done :-)

And quite by accident, I stumbled on this pictures yesterday and bought it. And it’s my Friday gift to you all :-)

Handsome Man


So what are your plans for the weekend? Hope you all have a Happy Friday and Fabulous Weekend!


Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Crazy! I can’t catch my breath! I’m so frazzled, Biker Witch (my sister) sent me this picture:

Not without my coffee


Yep that looks like me! Thanks Biker Witch.

Now turning turning serious, the reader response to HER TEMPORARY HERO has been amazing and and I’m touched. Logan is very special to me. When I was little,  my dad would have occasional insomnia. It wasn’t until after he passed away that I learn his insomnia stemmed for a little bit of what we’d now call PTSD. My father was a fighter pilot in WWII and even in his later years, some of those memories haunted him.  That has stuck with me for years, so writing Logan Knight who is also dealing with PTSD was very important to me.  These men and women are not only heroic in serving our country, but in coming home and finding a way to live with their memories and experiences.  What I love about Logan is that he faces his PTSD and he’s trying to help others dealing with it as well.

So seeing readers respond to Logan (and to Becky too) means so much to me. I feel like I might have shown the struggle just a little bit. I’ll stop yammering on about it now!

I wanted to let you all know that today, Wednesday July 16ht from 12 to 4 pm EST is the FB Party celebrating the release of HER TEMPORARY HERO with guest authors, fun and prizes. The authors attending are Laura Wright, Avery Flynn, Maureen Child, Vanessa Kelly/V.K. Sykes, Rebecca Zanetti , Kate Carlisle, Katie Reus and Juliana Stone. If you’d like to attend, here’s the link

And lastly I couldn’t find a picture that looked enough like Logan and was sexy. However there’s a scene in the beginning of the book with Logan in a towel, so I pulled this one out:


So is he worthy?

Monday, July 14th, 2014
Release Day!

I had a good weekend, just crazy busy as usual. It’s been really exciting to gear up for the release of HTH, but man I wish I was done with this book I’m working on. I’m getting there, just slow with constant interruptions.  You know who is NOT interrupting me? Wizard! He says I’m his Retirement Plan.  Yeah, he’s Mr. Romance, LOLOL!

So before I get to the promo portion of this blog, how was your weekend? I always want to know!

And now for the PROMO:

HER TEMPORARY HERO releases today!  It will be 99 cents for one week only!

Her Temporary Hero

Kindle  /  Nook  /  iBooks  /  Kobo

And there are TWO blog tours going on. The first is Entangled Blot tour set up by Sizzling PR 


7/14 ~ Toot’s Book Reviews ~ Interview, Promo 
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7/15 ~ Talking Books Blog ~ Promo 
7/15 ~ Book Nook Nuts ~ Promo 
7/16 ~ What Is That Book About ~ Promo 
7/16 ~ First Page to the Last ~ Review
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7/18 ~ Becky on Books ~ Promo , Review
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7/23 ~ Viviana, Enchantress Of Books ~ Review
7/24 ~ Books-n-Kisses ~ Promo 
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7/25 ~ Reading Between the Wines Book Club ~Promo
7/25 ~ You Gotta Read Reviews ~  Promo

And this second one is set up by Carla at Book Monster Promotions

TOUR BUTTON_Jennifer Apodaca_HerTemporaryHero_Blast

Jennifer Apodaca’s HER TEMPORARY HERO Book Blast  7/14 – 7/27 

7/14       Shayna Renee’s Spicy Reads


7/15       Book Monster Reviews


7/16       Eclipse Reviews


7/17       Karen Swart


7/18       Vampires, Werewolves, & Fairies, Oh My


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7/24       Mythical B0oks


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7/25       Literary Nook


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7/26       The Reading Cafe


7/26       Kristina’s Books & More


7/27       The Lusty Literate


7/27       The Snarkology

Friday, July 11th, 2014
Happy Friday!

It’s Friday? How did that happen?

Okay so…Monday is the release of HER TEMPORARY HERO! I’m excited but somehow, I’ve forgotten all the work and anxiety involved in the release of a book.  Carla (my assistant) and I’ve been working on promo, including a FB Party next Wednesday (the 16th) and other stuff.  But both have Verizon and are having the same internet issues even though we’re on opposite coasts. Sending files and pictures that we’re working on back and forth is a time-consuming challenge  when our internet connection keeps dropping .

This weekend I want to go to my RWA Meeting, but I just don’t know if I can get away.

Now a random aside: Wizard was reading the paper and out of the blue said,  “Someone’s birthday is coming up.”

I ignored him because I don’t care.  By summertime, I’m birthday-ed out.

“Do you want a blender?”

“What?” I stopped reading. “Why would I want a blender? I have a blender.”

He laughed. “I have your attention now.”

Every year Wizard gripes because I don’t know what I want. So this year I decided to surprise him. “Fine. I want a French bulldog and I want to name him Frankie Frenchmiester Apodaca.”

Wizard stared. “That’s a stupid name and we’re not getting a dog.”

“No its not a stupid. I’m a writer and I would know.” I grinned at him. “This year I know what I want, am I getting my French bulldog?”

He tilted his head, and I can see the wicked filling his eyes. “I don’t know, have you been good?”

“Yes.” (What? Sometimes I’m good.)

“Reaalllyyyy?” Wizard asks, dragging  it out. “Is your book done, Witch?”

I shut my kindle and stomped off to the computer. I don’t know I talk to him. Seriously. He’s so annoying.  And Franking Fenchmiester Apodaca is an awesome name.

So what are your plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014
Wednesday Worthy

My air conditioner is fixed! Man it was brutal without air in the 100 plus degree weather. It turned out to be an easy fix and I’m so grateful!

I’m still working away on the book and gearing up for the release of HER TEMPORARY HERO. And dealing with the same old internet troubles. I don’t know what’s up with Verizon. Once I turn in this book I need to look into other options.

Here’s our candidate for Wednesday Worthy:

Handsome man posing


So what do you think?

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