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Wednesday, November 7th, 2018
Post Surgery Update

Hi, I’m checking in. I’m writing this five days after the surgery, and I’m doing pretty well.

The surgery took over four hours. It had been projected to take two-and-a-half to three hours, so it definitely went long. There were a LOT of bone spurs pressing into my nerves. I believe the doctor told me there was one or more near my spine too, but I’m not totally sure. I was in recovery and some of that is a little blurring in my memory.

I came through the surgery fine, woke up able to talk, proving there was no damage to my voice. In an aside, I was so hot in recovery, the nurse had ice packs all around me. I really do have some weird reactions! It wasn’t a fever, I was just so hot, anyone near me could feel the heat radiating off me. Anyway, I stayed one night in the hospital, and the next day got up and walked with my physical therapist. The therapist was surprised, but honestly, I just wanted to go home and was willing to do whatever it took to get me there. My doctor released me and Wizard got me home by late afternoon.

I battled several days of nausea, which is just how I react to anesthesia. Now I’m over it and my appetite is improving. I’m on the absolute lowest dose of pain meds as I’d rather have pain than nausea. Otherwise, my throat is very sore, but getting better each day. My incision is bigger than we thought it would be, and it looks like someone cut my throat.

I know—gross.

But the incision is healing, and the scar will be what it will be.

We won’t know how the surgery works as far as my existing pain for a while. But I’m very confident that we stopped the progression. With that many bone spurs, it was just a matter of time before something really bad happened.

Another side effect of the surgery is that I have bruises all over my arms, my shoulder and my scalp. That’s from the nerve specialist—he had probes in my nerves to make sure the doctor didn’t hit something he shouldn’t. Apparently, he sent currents of electricity through those to test the nerves, and that would cause me to jerk on the table. That caused the places where the needles were placed to bruise, and I bruise easily. All that will heal so no big deal. I remember nothing about any of the surgery. The last thing I recall is being wheeled into the O.R. room, and the next thing I remember is being woken up in recovery.

Otherwise, I’m up and around, though I tire easily. Wizard and the boys are taking great care of me. I’m listening to Wizard because I only want to do this once. I’m resting all the freaking time. Reading a lot or watching TV. Oh and the doctor gave me a soft collar I can sleep in, or eat in, then I wear the big hard collar the rest of the time. After a few days, I’m used to it, and I know it’s there to protect my neck so that helps too. But when I wear the hard collar, you can see the incision and I want to spare you that, so no pictures.

So that’s how I’m doing, now I’d love to hear how all of you are doing. I may not respond, but I will absolutely read each and every comment. I’m not going to be posting regularly for a while yet, but will check in once a week or so.

Monday, January 30th, 2017
Weekend Roundup

It was an unexciting weekend her at Casa Recovery :-) Wizard is doing so much better now. He’s walking half the time unassisted, and when he’s tired he uses the walked for support. Two of the three boys came by and were very impressed by his progress. Wizard’s goal is to be fully recovered by his birthday at the beginning of April. That’s two months and knowing him, he’ll do it if it’s at all possible.

Special K brought Wizard some Crocs slip on shoes she hopes will be easier for him in the house, and best of all, she picked out a stack of magazines for him. The shoes are good, but he loves the magazines about his favorite things–cars, racing and sports. She knows exactly what he likes and that meant a lot to him.

Funniest thing I heard this weekend–a team of accountants holding a “fashion intervention” for someone they know. LOLOL!! Accountants giving fashion advice? Seriously? It cracked me up, but then, I’m pretty housebound lately so I’m easily amused.

I even got some writing done this weekend! I’m really trying to get, and keep, forward momentum on Savaged Vows. I want to write this book, the final book in the trilogy, Savaged Devotion, and at least one Wing Slayer Hunter book. They’re all big books so that’s really pushing it, but if I’m going to go for it, then I’ll GO FOR IT.  Small dreams make for small successes :-) Big dreams…well they can go either way, but I want to try because I miss the hunters and I want to give my fans the books they’re waiting (and waiting!) for.

I’m also getting The Sex on the Beach Book Club ready for re-release. It goes to the copy editor in a week, and I have about 130 more pages to clean up. It’s doable :-) The Sex on the Beach Book Club stars a kick ass private investigator heroines, and is for the readers who like a mystery whodunnit with their sexy, almost erotic, romance.

So that’s my weekend, how was yours?



Monday, March 2nd, 2015
Weekend Roundup!

So my weekend consisted of:


-Finally vacuuming out my closet and looking at all the shoes I can’t wear but wish I could.  This week my doctor proclaimed my bad ankle “warm and boggy.” Ugh. If you need that translated, it means a little swollen and ugly. Yay me. Which is why I’m stuck in boring shoes for now. Part of this may be from hurting it a few weeks ago. Time will tell.

-Trying a new place for breakfast Sunday morning. It was great, although Wizard picked a better breakfast than I did. So next time I’m ordering that!

-Me bugging Wizard for a dog.

-Wizard bugging me for a Mustang (the car, not the horse–I’d totally say yes to the horse!).

-And…I finished the draft for CAGED MAGIC! A little over 100,000 pages words at this point.  (Edited to correct typo: I  meant words but typed pages. Thanks Viki and B.E. for catching that.) 

I danced and drank wine late Saturday when I finished that! I have a lot of clean up work to do before I send to it the editor, hopefully this week, but I actually completed the book!  It seems like it took forever, but the way this REALLY worked was that for two years, every time I tried to work on it, something came up and forced me to set the book aside. I probably wrote 300 pages of the book in the last two months and that’s pretty good for me :-)

Now whether its any good or not, I don’t know. We’ll see what the editor says once she gets it. I can’t think about that yet, I just want to fix a couple things and get it as clean as I can very quickly and send it off. Then I need to switch to line edits on EXPOSING THE HEIRESS (working title that will change) the next Once A Marine book.

Plus I have other stuff going on, but nothing fun to talk about yet.

So that was my weekend, how was yours?

Friday, February 27th, 2015
Happy Friday!

I’m working, closing in on the end of CAGED MAGIC! Then I have to get it in shape to send to the editor next week. But I wanted to stop in here and wish you all a Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015
Wednesday Worthy

Hey guys, I ended up spending time at the dentist learning that my baby tooth no longer is happy with me :-) Long story short–I have a consolidation with an oral surgeon in a week or two. But I’m not thinking about that (except when it wakes me up at 2:30 am every freaking night, LOL). Instead I’m thinking about this book, CAGED MAGIC, and these final scenes. Plus today I have to see my regular RA doc and discuss the tooth issues with him. But I just want to get this book DONE.

Okay the whiny portion of this blog is over! Let’s move onto Wednesday Worthy:

Portrait Of Handsome Man.


Okay sure, he does seem to get tangled up in his shirt, but other than that, is he worthy?

Monday, February 23rd, 2015
Weekend Roundup

I’m alive! But still in my writing cave. Not talking about the book right now,  just writing, hoping and praying. But yesterday, I got out for a while to hang out with author-friend Karin Tabke. I met her years ago through the Murder She Writes blog and it was so freaking awesome to see her again. We spent three hours just talking and I could have gone on forever.  I hope we can get together again soon.

So otherwise, I’m mostly working, but at night when I stop, my eyes have been tired so I don’t read. Instead, I’ve been watching tons of episodes of Dog Whisper with Caesar Milan. I’m pretty much overdosing on this because A) I love dogs, and B) It’s easy watching on my Kindle Fire and I can wind down. I don’t really have to think.

So…yesterday morning Wizard and I were talking about going to see his brother up north this year, and I said, “I heard you tell your brother on teh phone yesterday, ‘Yeah Jen works a lot but she enjoys it.'”

He gave me a confused look. “And the problem? You do enjoy it.”

“Not always, I can’t wait to be done. In fact, I’m going to quit.” I warmed up the idea so I could quit worrying about how I’m going to end this book, get it edited and to the editor in just a few days. Plus I have my next Once A Marine book to do line edits on one second after I send in CAGED MAGIC. Projects are stacking up and I’m feeling the pressure.

“Quit and do what?” Wizard asked. “Let’s face it, you don’t sit around and do nothing very well.”

That’s not true. I am fantastic at being lazy and unproductive.  However I had a backup plan. “I’m going to quit and start a new career training dogs.” For which I am completely unqualified but I hate letting details ruin my fantasy.

Without missing a beat, Wizard said, “Go right ahead. Set up your business online.”

“How am I going to train dogs online?” That’s just stupid. And I know he’s just humoring me so I started up the stairs to do something or other, done with the conversation.

Wizard used his oh-so-patient voice.”You set up your business online to get clients.”

I stopped at the top of the stairs and stared down at him. “Oh, that makes more sense.” It’s almost like he’s taking me seriously.

“You can call it Cleopatra.”

“What?” I mean has he been thinking about this? I was kidding about training dogs, I don’t even have a dog. But I was curious. “Why would I call it Cleopatra?”

“Because the name Caesar is taken.” (Caesar Milan from Dog Whisperer)

I walked right into that one. Sigh.

So how was your weekend?

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015
Wednesday Worthy and Wizard’s Commentary on 50 Shades

So…Wizard and I saw Fifty Shade of Grey. I’m not going to give my opinion again because I’ve said it in a few places, and who really cares what I think? I just support writers hitting mega success. But I know you all care what Wizard thinks, right? No worries I asked him for you!

We’ll just skip over his opinion of Dakota Johnson because I think you all can guess that :-) I mean come on, hot, cute naked girl? Last time I checked, Wizard had red blood laced with testosterone running in his veins.

So I asked Wizard, “What did you think of Christian Grey in the movie?” I SWEAR I’M NOT MAKING THIS UP.

He looked at me and said, “I’m Batman.”

Only he said it like this audio clip:

Okay, now I’ve heard a ton of commentary abut Fifty Shades but this is new.  Confused, I’m asked the obvious,  “WHAT????”

Wizard explained, “That Christian guy just kept showing up out of nowhere rescuing Ana. Every time I was waiting for him to say,  “I’m Batman.”

I laughed so hard. Where the heck does he come up with this stuff? BATMAN??? Now all I can hear is “I’m Batman” over and over and I laughed the rest of the day. Every time Wizard walked by me, I was like, “Say it again!”

So that is Wizard’s rather unique commentary on Fifty Shades of Grey.

And now, of course, Batman is on my mind, which naturally makes me think of Christian Bale. So guess who is our hunk candidate today?

Christian Bale BatmanWhat do you think, is he worthy?

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