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Monday, May 21st, 2018
Weekend Roundup

Maggie got bitten by Royal Wedding Fever, and absolutely insisted we watch the wedding of Harry and Meghan. That dog is such a romantic! What???? That’s my story and I’m sticking to it :-) (It’s the excuse I used when CPA Boy came over and saw it on TV. CPA Boy seemed skeptical of my explanation, but I know you all believe me, right?)

In other weekend news:

–Wizard is doing much better, and this recovery so far, is easier that his first back surgery. That’s a little weird since this was a more complex surgery, but we’re happy.

–Baby Slayer came over!! He’s 9 weeks old, and cooing away and giving small smiles. He really cheered up Wizard, and I got to hold him almost the entire time he was at our house.

–Maggie loves Baby Slayer!

–Friday morning, Wizard ran a very slight (100 degrees) fever. This can be normal after surgery, particularly for Wizard. An hour after I gave him Tylenol, I asked him if there was anything he wanted, and he said brownies, so I made brownies. He really should have asked for the Mustang he’s wanted for our entire marriage, LOL!

–Yesterday, I took Maggie out for her afternoon walk. Everyone is warning me of rattle snakes, so I decided to avoid the field we always go to and stayed in the neighborhood. Out of nowhere, a small dog came after us. I was able to handle it and scare the dog off, but seriously,  people need to watch their damned dogs. I’m really fed up with idiots. This dog was running loose, no owner in sight anywhere. If I EVER have to hurt a dog, I’m going to be so pissed at the irresponsible owner. In good news, Maggie did exactly as I taught her, and stayed right at behind my left leg, letting me handle it. If she’d charged, it could have escalated the situation before I could defuse it and scare the dog off without hurting it.

–I just want to write again. But I’m staying positive. We’ve made huge progress in tackling Wizard’s issues, and it’s been a long two year road. I’m proud of him for continuing to fight for answers/solutions. We are doing the same for me. #NeverGiveUp!

So that’s my weekend, now I’d love to hear all about yours!

Friday, May 18th, 2018
Wizard is Complicated

Happy Friday! Before I start, Wizard is home and doing well after his surgery. He had a fairly significant back surgery. It’s his second in 18 months, and something we only chose to do after many tests and consultations. But it was necessary to try to relieve increasing nerve pain in his feet and legs.

But Wizard never does anything the easy way, and during the surgery, he had the rare complication of developing a spinal fluid leak. Fortunately, the surgeon caught and repaired it before he closed up. Unfortunately that required Wizard to stay in the hospital for another day. He had to lay flat on his back for 24 hours (he couldn’t get up for any reason), with nurses assessing him every hour. He had a long, miserable night, but once the 24 hour period was up, they began sitting him up to see if the repair held. Youngest Son (BLB) and I were there, and we held our breath, waiting to see if he developed the telltale headache, vomiting or other signs of a spinal fluid leak. If the repair didn’t hold, they’d have to take him back into surgery.

But Wizard was symptom free (other than pain from the surgery). In another hour, they had him out of bed and walking with the aid of a walker. And a couple of hours after that, we were able to take him home. Whew! That was a huge relief! We are very grateful for the excellent medical care he received.

It’s a little crazy, though, Wizard is two for two on rare complications. First he had a rare complication on his eye surgery that required a second surgery, and now this on his back surgery that landed him in the hospital for another day.

This obviously proves me right when I saw Wizard is complicated! :-)

So what’s new with you guys? How’s your week been? Any plans for the weekend?

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Monday, May 14th, 2018
Weekend Roundup

It was a great weekend! I had a wonderful Mother’s Day, although I really missed my mom. It’s been well over a decade since she passed, but this year I’ve missed her more…that’s just how it works with loss. So here’s a recap of my weekend:

–There was something I wanted to remember about Friday to share with you all, and I’ve forgotten :-)

–Saturday, Maggie went with me to pick up Biker Witch and take her out to see Baby Slayer. Okay so we arrive at CPA Boy’s house, and while Maggie is making the rounds with CPA Boy (Special K wasn’t there at that moment but came back a bit later) and BLB (Youngest Son who was there visiting his nephew) I thought I’d say hi to my grandson. Baby Slayer was laying on a pillow on the couch, happily kicking and cooing. I barely sat down to talk to him, when I was RUDELY PULLED AWAY FROM MY GRANDSON.

Shocking, right?

Biker Witch did it!! Then she sat down in my place and monopolized Baby Slayer!!!

Later, when I recovered from being pushed around by my sister, I’d just sat down to hold baby Slayer when BLB demanded “MY TURN” and he took him from me too.

Here’s the weird thing, people are calling me a baby hog, and telling me that I have to share my grand baby. It’s so very strange…BECAUSE I DON’T WANNA SHARE! LOLOL!!  At least Special K understands because her mom (Baby Slayers other grandma) is the same!

–On Sunday, Wizard took me to breakfast, and gave me a beautiful necklace that I didn’t expect or deserve. Then Middle Son called and we talked forever about this and that, making me happy. After that, Wizard and I headed out to visit his mom. I’d like to say here that my mother-in-law has always been a wonderful grandmother, but now that I’ve become a grandmother too, I have even more love, admiration and respect for her. We had a great day seeing family, and Baby Slayer and his parents came by too.

And, once again, I was forced to share my grand baby :-)  Nope, still don’t like sharing (I’m kidding! Mostly.)

How was your weekend?

**NOTE: Due to Wizard’s surgery this week, I probably won’t be able to post on Wednesday, but will hopefully be back on Friday. Thank you for all the positive thoughts! I’m sure all will go well, and we’re going to have a lot of help from our sons, daughter-in-law, and two fiances (whom we already think of as daughters too), Biker Witch and Biker Hubby. 

Friday, May 11th, 2018
Friday Five

TGIF Again!! It’s time to share five random things about our week. I’ll go first :-)

1) I’ve been cooking and freezing a few meals. So far, I have spaghetti sauce and chicken cacciatore. Today I’m making 2 servings of enchiladas to freeze.

2) I’m doing the above because next week Wizard is having more back surgery. This one is a little more involved than the one he had last year, but if this works, it will be worth it.

3) Yesterday, despite #2, Wizard came in the house yesterday and said, “Witch, I need your help with something.”

I went outside and found the EXTENSION LADDER leaning up against the tall palm trees. Even more worrisome, this is on a freaking SLOPE. I narrow my eyes. “What do you think you’re doing?”

He held up big hedge clippers like it was obvious. “Trimming the tops of the trees. I need you to hold the ladder.”

I looked at the aluminum extension ladder precariously placed on the sloped yard and shook my head. “No. Absolutely not. You’ve lost your mind.”

Wizard frowned, studied the ladder and said, “You’re right.”

Of course I am. I breathed a sigh of relief.

Then Wizard went into the garage and reappeared with a small block of wood. “Let me put this under the ladder.” He wedged it under one leg of the ladder that didn’t sit flush in the grass BECAUSE THE YARD IS SLOPED!!! Then he said, “Now hold the ladder so I can get this done.”

“Have you lost your mind?” My voice rushed up the street, hit the hills at the top and bounce back in a screaming echo. “You’re not doing this!”

He stared at me. “Yes I am. The ladder is a little shaky though. Just hold it. And don’t worry, if I fall, I’m having surgery anyway.” I swear to you, that’s what he said! And then he smirked and added, “You know, like two for one deal.”

And before I could smack him, he started climbing the ladder. I had no choice but to grab and hold it.

He didn’t fall, but I’m still pissed. All these shenanigans cause him more pain too. What is WRONG with men? Is there medication to make them sane???

4a) This is Maggie yesterday on our morning walk. There were bunnies at the park, and she is staring at one in the bushes.

4b)  And this is Maggie’s expression after I tugged her away from the bunny, lifted her on a wide rock wall and tried to get her to pose for a picture: 

**In case you’re wondering why she has two collars on, the second one is a Martingale collar that I use for her safety when we hike. She’s never taken off on me or fought her collar, but if she did, she could possibly slip her regular collar and either get hurt or rush into danger. This collar prevents that, and she’s perfectly comfortable in it. I take it off when we’re finished walking.


Okay that’s my Friday Five, now it’s your turn to share yours!

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018
Wednesday Worthy

A quick update before we get to Wednesday Worthy. I got the results back from my brainscan, and despite Biker Witch’s snort of disbelief, my brain is normal!

Yeah, Wizard choked a little too.  In fact, he demanded to see a copy of the report, and HA! I have proof that I am normal! Well my brain is anyway.

Okay, serious face here, I am enormously relieved and grateful. There is no evidence of tumors lurking around my auditory nerves and creating the havoc going on in my head. The ENT doctor agreed that all, or at least most, of the symptoms are likely coming from my bulging cervical discs and nerve compression. So my next surgical injection date is June 7th, and that will be a series of 6 to 8 injections into the cervical facet joints.

Enough of that, let’s leap ahead to Wednesday Worthy. I found this guy pondering the whole #Cockygate thread going on Twitter, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t realize it’s an author getting a dubious trademark on a commonly used word, rather than a reference to anatomy. But don’t blame him, for anyone who’s not a writer, or following authors on social media, there’s no reason they would know :-)

So what do you think, is he worthy?

Monday, May 7th, 2018
Weekend Roundup + Rant

It was a good weekend, but there’s no way I can get everything crammed into this blog in the short time I have to write it, so I’ll  recap with–we had a good weekend. We saw Baby Slayer and he’s getting bigger, stronger, faster and amazing!! Here’s the picture I posted on my FB of him (he’s 7 weeks old):

Now taking off my Grandma Hat and dusting off my Author Hat: If you’ve ventured anywhere romanceland online over the weekend, you’ve probably heard that latest uproar. I oftentimes avoid social media pile ons, but I consider this a potentially serious threat to authors. My recap is this: A self published author has trademarked the word “Cocky” that appears in her series title, thereby (supposedly) preventing other authors from using the word in their titles. And she’s sending takedown notices to authors who’ve used “Cocky” in their published single book titles.

**NOTE: I am not a lawyer, I don’t play one on TV and this is not legal advice**

However, I’m an author who’s been around a long time, and I’m calling this a cheap-ass, attention-grabbing, bullying move. If it’s not and I’m wrong, I’ll happily admit it. But from where I stand, that’s what it looks like. The word “Cocky” has been appearing in titles for quite awhile now BEFORE she used it, and it’s a commonly used word in romance. It’s my opinion (and only an opinion) that it should never have passed the trademark threshold, but that’s not something I’m not at all qualified to judge, so whatever.

However I’ve been a human being for decades now, and I’m not seeing much humanity in her actions of sending authors cease and decease letters with a threat to sue, and then reporting them to Amazon, as the authors involved claimed has happened (see copy of takedown letter here). That does not show class, integrity or good business sense.

Again I could be wrong.

But I’m not wrong about this: If something like this happens to you as an author in the romance world, reach out to your fellow authors. We will try to help you if we can. That’s exactly what is happening with this latest uproar that has the (unfortunate in my view) name of “#Cockygate” on Twitter. You can also read more about it here  and a more legal explanation here of Trademark here

Also if you’ve been targeted for using “cocky” in a book title, Romance Writers of America would like to hear from you. They are working with an IP attorney to clarify this issue, and hopefully resolve it. Contact Carol Ritter

What I want you all to take away from this bears repeating: IF SOMETHING LIKE THIS HAPPENS TO YOU, ASK FOR HELP! The romance community has its faults, but when we pull together to help authors we feel are being treated unfairly, we are powerful and relentless. You’re not alone. We may not be able to give you an instant fix, but we can be there to support and help you.  I’ve reached out in my career and received help, and I believe I’ve helped others.

So, as you may know, I’ve been very quiet on most social media lately, and in fact, this blog is where I engage the most. But even though writing is a struggle for me with my cervical spine issues right now, I still care passionately about all my fellow authors. I respect their hard work and right to make a living. So here I am speaking out :-)

Okay, stepping off my soapbox now. How was your weekend? As always, I really want to know!

Friday, May 4th, 2018
Friday Five

TGIF Again! Okay time for some randomness! I’ll list five random things about my week, and then it’s your turn to do the same :-)

  1. On Wednesday, it was so cold I had long sleeves and a jacket on to walk Maggie. On Thursday, it was so hot, I wore shorts and a tank for our afternoon walk. And by dinner time, both Wizard and I had sinus headaches…because the weather is psychotic.
  2. We had a scheduled power outage from 2am to 5am Thursday morning. Both Wizard and I woke up the second the power went off and didn’t sleep.  There’s no logical reason for this, but our brains both decided we should be awake and so we were.
  3. I made tacos last night for dinner, and I fried Wizard’s taco shells the way he likes them even though they are good for him. Bad Jen. But how can I say no when I know he loves them fried??
  4. Maggie doesn’t have a watch, but she knows when it’s time for her morning walk around 8am, and her afternoon walk around 3pm. She’s sits and stares at me if I’m working.
  5. And…Wizard’s eyes surgery appears to have worked this time! And both he and his surgeon are happy. I’m so happy for him.

That’s my randomness, now it’s time to share yours! I hope everyone has a great weekend.

P.S., I get to see Baby Slayer this weekend!

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